Carly Simon, “Nobody Does It Better”

The soundtrack to the great Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me, done by the great Carly Simon. Carly was very big back in the 1970’s. You’re So Vain was an excellent song. It was said to have been written about Warren Beatty, which whom she had an affair.

The song was composed by the great Marvin Hamlisch, written by Carole Bayer Sager, and performed by Carly.

From 1977!

All time great track by Carly from a great movie! This is some great music. Love that great piano.


Nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, you’re the best

I wasn’t lookin’ but somehow you found me
It tried to hide from your love light
But like heaven above me
The spy who loved me
Is keepin’ all my secrets safe tonight

And nobody does it better
Though sometimes I wish someone could
Nobody does it quite the way you do
Why’d you have to be so good?

The way that you hold me
Whenever you hold me
There’s some kind of magic inside you
That keeps me from runnin’
But just keep it comin’
How’d you learn to do the things you do?

Oh, and nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, baby, darlin’, you’re the best

Baby you’re the best
Darlin’, you’re the best
Baby you’re the best
Oh, oh, oh…


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20 responses to “Carly Simon, “Nobody Does It Better”

  1. Coco Van

    Yes!! I love Carly Simon, her music is also featured in “Dick” the Nixon film with Kirsten Dunst….hilarious film. I love soft rock!!!

    • Sun

      Agreed Coco. An underappreciated genre of beautiful chord progressions and harmonies. Anyone have other particular soft rock/easy listening favorites? May I suggest “Reminiscing” by the Little River Band.

      • Coco Van

        I love America’s self titled album. Great listening!!! I love “lady” by little river band. And the eagles “new kid in town” and ” i can’t tell you why”
        A favorite for harmonies is “cherish” by the association. Which is the era before these songs, but a precursor anyhow.
        Carly is amazing…” I know nothing stays the same, but if you’re willing to play tbe game it will be coming around again…..”
        And of course elton john, Fleetwood mac. Sigh, such great music. Most now is pure junk.
        Any others you adore Sun? Or anyone else?

        • Alpha Unit

          The Eagles’ “Peaceful Easy Feeling.”

          I’ve got a peaceful easy feeling
          And I know you won’t let me down
          ‘Cause I’m already standing
          On the ground

          Isn’t that lovely?

        • Sun

          Gordon Lightfoot, “Sundown”, “If You Could Read My Mind”. “Edmund Fitzgerald” is maybe not easy listening but amazing. Since we’re in a safe space… John Denver! Chuck Mangione!?

          That era’s songs are hard to remember because there were so many one hit wonders, and the light radio stations (and radio) are going away… Pandora doesn’t fill in the gap. But when you are reminded of one you say “yes that’s right!!”.

          C’mon, who else has a great one we can’t remember…

  2. Sun

    Spent a few months in Brazil in 1994… Everyone was listening to Carly Simon’s Greatest Hits Live, which was years after it came out. Guess it took awhile to get there. They also liked America’s Greatest Hits which apparently took even longer to get there. And Sade and Pet Shop Boys. Interesting how particular strains of popular culture appeal uniquely to other cultures. An unexpected but pleasant summer music-wise.

  3. Coco Van

    Yes Alpha, great stuff.

  4. Kim2

    Simon had a bad stutter and started to do music as a way to help get over the condition. Had a harder time getting over james taylor. Cool and talented lady!

  5. jason voorhees

    RIP Roger Moore

    To me, he was James Bond. Cynical, sarcastic, dry….Nobody did it better than Roger.

  6. jason voorhees

    The shot of Roger Moore’s long chin set in an expression of “I’m late for the London train to work” expression as the parachute opened behind him was probably how I will always remember the song.

    Indeed RIP Roger Moore.

    As Bond nobody did it better.

  7. jason voorhees

    The parachute off the cliff was a reminder of action films of pre-digital when a stunt man got coked-to-the-kills and actually did something daring like Bond’s boat jump in Live and Let Die.

    The irony is digital actually looks more real than the coked-up stunt man risking life and limb.

    But Sir “The Chin” Roger Moore justified it with his dry British charm.

  8. Sun

    “Summer Breeze”, Seals and Crofts. “If You Leave Me Now”, Chicago.

    If you are too young to know these, Google them and listen on YouTube. You will not regret it. There is no excuse not to know them. We had to just hope they’d come on the radio.

    • Sun

      My grandfather similarly gave recommendations about his era and it was such a gift. If you’re in west/northwest central Indiana a la Delphi, tune into WAXI (104.9). Or for a similar experience, listen to the Glen Miller channel on Pandora and thumbs-down all the Sinatra and Bennett songs. Ahh Glen Miller!!!! I got a gal…. in K-a-l-a-m-a-z-o-o!!

  9. Carly<3

    Since we’re discussing ’70s soft rock, I have to throw in “Magnet and Steel” by Walter Egan(featuring Stevie Nicks). My friends and I were goofing around playing music a few nights ago, and that song randomly came up. Love it.

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