Possible Major Break in the Delphi Murders Case

Update: Most of the red hot discussion about this case has moved over to the private fora where we can discuss people’s full names, addresses, phone numbers, you name it – you can accuse anyone of anything, and you don’t have to worry about the threat of a defamation or libel lawsuit. Furthermore, the fora are rigorously policed to keep out trolls, spies and other disruptors. None of your comments will appear on Internet search engines, you can say anything you want under any name you want without leaving a permanent record on the Net.

There are many photos on the private forum and a huge amount of information on the case. Furthermore, much of this information is highly pertinent to the case, but we have not released it on the open net yet due to fears that we might harm the investigation. All of our material has been turned over to LE, and my understanding is that LE monitor the private fora. At this moment, we have ~150-200 Websleuths working on the case.

Link to private fora.


I am getting tired of saying this over and over, but most of the material below is made up of rumors and my own opinions and theories. None of that is represented as fact. Furthermore, I am not using rumors as reliable sources as has been alleged. I never said they were reliable sources. How reliable is a rumor? That’s for you to determine, but in general a rumor is not considered to be a reliable source, and they are not treated as such below. 

Also when I say I am 100% sure of something, that means that I am 100% sure of it in my own mind. All of us are 100% sure of all sorts of things we cannot prove. That’s the nature of the human condition. We simply assume many things are facts until proven otherwise. Now many of these things that I was completely certain of were later proven to be wrong. Such is the case with many other things people become certain of in their own mind. Once again, when I say I am sure or certain or 100% certain, it means only that I am sure in my own mind. I am not stating that any of these things are facts. They are simply my convictions. Any of all of these firmly held beliefs of mine about this case could possibly will later prove to be false.

The only thing that is represented as fact are statements sourced from LE or the media. If you have issues with rumors, theories, opinions. etc., just quit reading right now and save yourself the heartache. 


I thought I made this one thing perfectly clear as Richard Nixon used to say:

I have no sources whatsoever among the families of the girls.

I have no sources whatsoever in LE, local or otherwise. 

There ya go.

What I do have is sources close to the families. These people generally live in Delphi and the surrounding region. So that makes my rumors even more hearsay. I’m not even talking to the families. I am talking to people who talk to the families!

Of course I have no LE sources. I thought I made that clear. Never have. Yes, I have talked to some of them, but of course they didn’t tell me a thing. A couple of times they told me that a certain person was a POI or that a certain person had been cleared with an airtight alibi. I suppose they don’t mind giving out that information. But other than that, they don’t tell me jack. It’s hard enough to even get them to call you back. I think if I asked them if my name was Robert Lindsay, they would say, “I am sorry, but I cannot comment on matters relating to an ongoing investigation.” That’s how bad it is.

So what do I have? Once again, I have sources who are close to LE. They get their information from LE, then they talk to me. So once again this is even more hearsay, as I am not even talking to LE but to the people who are talking to LE.

I really wish people would quit claiming I have LE or family sources. I just don’t. If you think I have these sources, just quit reading my stuff right now and go away. You will not be missed!

NOTE TO COMMENTERS 3: The lies never end. The latest is “Lindsay takes other people’s theories and claims they are his own.” Of course I don’t. This website is nothing but a compendium of rumors from all over the Net regarding this crime. I go through the rumors and try to rank them on a scale of weak to strong. I compare them against other rumors to see which one is better. All sorts of theories have been flying around since day one. I report those too.

The theories are really just more rumors. I’d say the vast majority of the rumor theories reported here were thought up by other people. I find most of my theories on other sites about this crime. That’s how it works, you know. You get theories about the crime from others. Yes, you use your own theories and you use other people’s theories. I really do not have time to down through the list of theories and say where I got them from. I have come up with a few of my own, but even with those, I guess someone else thought of them first. Also a lot of the theories here are also the result of constant brainstorming I do with my fellow sleuths.

In the past few days, no less than three online discussions of the Delphi murders have been shut down. The first one was a thread on he vast thread on Websleuths that was taken down due to “no significant developments in the case.” It is quite unusual for Websleuths to lock down a huge thread like that. Next, a Topix thread which ran to over 200 pages went down. Then a large thread on the murders on Reddit was taken down. Only administrators can take down Reddit threads. All three threads went down on Friday around the same time.

So why were three huge Delphi threads taken down at three large websites all around the same time?

It doesn’t make sense unless LE asked them to take it down.

In addition, people who monitor police scanners say all of Carroll County LE activity today has been removed from the scanner. That’s quite unusual.

Also a person has posted on social media that a friend of theirs works for the FBI, and the agent told the poster on Saturday that he was leaving for Indiana on work business.

All of this implies a possible major break in the case.

Meanwhile, we at Beyond Highbrow feel that we identified the man on the bridge a few weeks ago. We have since assembled quite a bit of good albeit circumstantial evidence against this POI. Whether there is enough against this man to justify a warrant, much less an arrest, God forbid charges, I have no idea.

First of all, we believe that the Delphi Killer may be a serial killer. We believe that the Delphi killings may not have been his first murders. He may have committed up to five or more murders before then, possibly in a short period of time.

We have reason to believe that another person may have been involved in the crime and helped the man on the bridge. We do not know his role in the crime, and we have no idea who is, but we believe there may be a second suspect in this crime.

We now have a lot of good details about what happened in the crime, but we are not releasing those right now as they are rather gruesome. Perhaps in a later post. However, we can release some details. Much of what was said was done to the girls has turned out to be bad rumors. We are finally getting information straight from people who found the bodies, so this is probably more reliable.

The theory that Abbie was speared with a stake is completely up for grabs. That may be a bad rumor.

We are still trying to confirm the story of whether or not Abbie was pregnant. At the moment we are unable to confirm this rumor. But we are also unable to say it is not true. This rumor is completely up in the air then. Maybe it is true, and maybe it is not.

We believe that an initial, the letter K, was carved or burned into the chest of one of the girls. It may also have been written all over the crime scene. In that case, the crime scene was not the area where the bodies were found. There is talk of a kill site somewhere other than where the bodies were left, but we do not know where it is.

We are unable to confirm the rumor that the Mears barn was used in the crime. Perhaps it was, perhaps it wasn’t.

We believe that the entire crime was over in an hour and was recorded on Libby’s audiotape.

We believe that most of the 40 minute tape is boring, consisting of footfalls in the forest and muffled voices conversing. There’s not much to hear.

We no longer believe that a second vehicle was used in the crime or that the girls were placed in a vehicle after the “Down the hill” order was given.

We are uncertain whether the girls were removed from the forest, taken elsewhere, and then returned by being dragged down a trail in the early AM. Perhaps it happened that way, perhaps it did not.

We believe that there was definitely a sexual aspect to this crime, but we will not go into it now as it is rather lurid. Perhaps later.

We believe that one girl’s throat was cut with something sharp, either a knife or a garrot, and her head was nearly decapitated. This girl was found nude with her upper body covered with forest litter as if the killer was trying to conceal her. She also had the letter initial carved into her chest.

We believe that the other girl was killed by stab wounds to the heart and to a vein in her throat. Death would have been quite swift. This girl was dressed, possibly after she was killed. She was also posed.

We believe the killer is a White man between the ages of 50-55 who is local to the surrounding area but not a Delphi resident. We believe he grew up in Delphi near the crime scene and that is how he knew it so well. We believe he may be Amish but was shunned by the community, so he became a shunned Amish. We believe he may have ridden horses a lot when he was younger. We also feel that he has deep ties to the local Amish community.

In order to bolster our case against our POI, we have assembled a lot of photographic and even some video evidence to bolster our case, in addition to many witness statements. The photos and videos are over a four year period and they are all dated.

We believe we were in communication with the killer for a while. We believe that the killer inserted himself into the investigation in a huge way and even posted on a number of Delphi murders forums under different names.

We believe we know the vehicle that was used in the case, and we have obtained several photographs of that vehicle with the POI next to it that were shot in Delphi on the morning of February 13 about eight hours before the crime. The woman who took the photos was suspicious of the man, and this why the photos were taken. Although the witness believes it another person, she is not certain who it is. She thinks he comes from the north, and his name is one of four names. We do not agree with the witness. We believe that the man in that photo may be the man on the bridge, and we definitely believe the car photographed was the car used in the crime.

We believe that the vehicle used in the case was a late model white Dodge Dart with paper plates. We think it was a rental car. The vehicle was observed at the crime scene around the time of the crime and also photographed in Delphi eight hours before the crime.

We also believe that LE did not retain Libby’s phone. The killer took her phone and disposed of it. We believe that the phone may be in the gravel pit lake on the Mears property 1/2 mile from the crime scene. We think he threw the phone into the lake. We believe the lake should be drained, or they should have a dive team go down there to look for that phone. If LE won’t do it, maybe the Mears should drain the lake themselves.

We also suspect that the Delphi Killer may have been involved in the arson killings of four Black girls in Flora, Indiana several months before. The fire was originally thought to be accidental, but it was later stated that it might have been arson. We believe it was an arson fire.

We also are very concerned for the safety of Karena McClerkin, an 18 year old Black girl who went missing in October 2016 from Kokomo, Indiana not too far from Delphi or Flora. As of February 5, we believe she was still alive but was being kept prisoner somewhere against her will. However, by March 23, the news about her got much darker. We fear that she may be dead, and the only reason she is still called missing is because her body has not been found yet. We believe this due to witness statements we have obtained regarding her imprisonment and fate. We also feel that the Delphi Killer, in addition to being involved in the Flora Fire, may have killed Karena McClerkin.

We would love more than anything to be wrong about the fate of Ms. McClerkin, and we have no solid evidence of whether she is dead or alive, but the things we have been hearing are not good. Let’s hope they are just bad rumors.

The motives for the Delphi murders are not known, nor is the motive for the Flora Fire known, although racism is a possibility. If Ms. McClerkin is a victim, we have no motive in that case either.

But we feel that one man, the Delphi Killer, may be responsible for up to seven homicides in the area around Kokomo, Indiana in a four month period. This would make him quite a prolific serial killer.

A few other things.

The killer smokes cigarillos, and is in fact smoking one in the photo.

We also have photos of our POI on 2-12 the day before the crime and on 2-14 the day after the crime. The photos may be significant to the case.

The killer is left-handed.

We know a lot of other things that we should not discuss right now because we are trying to be sensitive to the investigation.

Of course we have asked LE to look at all of our evidence.


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294 responses to “Possible Major Break in the Delphi Murders Case

  1. Katheryn

    This is awesome news if it turns out to be what everyone is hoping for..

  2. Lisa

    I pray you’re right.

  3. Robert, well written summary; thanks for the significant effort in staying on this case. I hope LE is, in fact, finally making a move.

    On behalf of all of us who have been with you on this since the beginning I’m making another contribution to support your site and hard work. Thanks,

    • Thank you so much Analyst! Actually we all did it, not just me. Two heads are better than one, and we may have 30 people here working on this case. It’s like a whole huge office devoted to the case.

      • Looptyloo

        Robert this has been fun! It’s like we are playing a game of virtual clue! All bringing evidence to the table. Thanks for including me

  4. Shirley Jean

    I hope justice will be served finally.

  5. Jen

    Thanks for keeping us updated, Rob!

  6. Looptyloo

    I found something interesting. Remember the YouTube video Eric made comparing BG’s voice to IB’s voice? Well, he made that video under the name Eugene Lewellen. Come to find out, Eugene Lewellen is a real person. In fact, he and Eric were involved in some kind of dispute that ultimately went to court. I wonder if Eugene knows Eric made an accusatory video under his name?

    I have no idea if Eric is the murderer, but there’s no question he is using the deaths of Libby and Abby to air personal grievances. He obviously holds unhealthy grudges and is extremely vindictive.


    • Loopty, did you watch that video where Alter is encouraging his son in acts,of rage. It is very disturbing to see a father encouraging that and filming his son (look at Eric’s shadow around 4min). Also, he has added a public threat to Robert (that Roberts going to get hit with 7 iron also) the YouTube video info.


    • Reminds me of string of Eric’s IMs where he explained how some attorney who let him down (his attorney?) was the target of Alters efforts to have him disbarred. Alter said that on the night before the attorney’s disbarment hearing (based on Eric’s evidence) in IN the attorney’s house burned down killing the attorney….

  7. Mags89

    Thank you for this update!!!
    It fires me up and gives a glimmer of hope for justice being served for the girls!

  8. Wow!! We can only hope! Also want to comment on the closeup picture of EA on the day after the muders. Looks all yellowish around his mouth and facial hair….much like one would look after chain smoking. He looks very unkempt.

    I still think the white “thing” around usub on the bridge is a GoPro, but do hope I am wrong.

    • I think that’s an amazing observation. I’m unfamiliar with GoPro’s; however decided to look into them, and that’s truly incredible. I think your right!

    • Jen

      I also noticed in the day after picture that you can’t see EA’s outer jacket at all (it’s cropped out?) but the collar of his hoodie (or whatever it is coming up around his neck) looks like it could be the same color as whatever is under BG’s jacket and up around his neck.

    • kopees

      Where are you finding these pictures of EA? I have been searching and can’t find them.

  9. PaulC

    Has it been speculated that EA may have had an issue with Libertys father? Possibly snitched on him or an issue in prison? Both have served lots of time the last 10 or so years and both are involved with substance abuse in the Delphi area.

  10. james r delp

    When I saw the POI’s photo I noticed that he has a body build and height that is indistinguishable from my own (I am 63 and my face is quite different than his). I am 5′ 11″ tall and I weigh 215 lbs. Why has law enforcement never used this guy’s photos to determine his approximate height and weight? Using live models like me posing at the Monon Bridge could give them a fairly accurate estimate.

  11. Hi Robert, I love 30 minutes from kokomo and work at GM in Kokomo. I am curious about several of your comments or theories because I am not hearing the same things your saying. I could be wrong or not paying attention so I thought I’d check with you.

    What has happened recently with the missing girl from kokomo that has led you to say she is possibly dead?

    I have never heard anyone say the for in Flora was possibly arson? When did this rumor surface?

    I don’t mean either of these comments as if I am questioning you, just curious.

    Now to challenge your theories… You mention a late model Dodge dart that was possibly a rebuttal with passport plates? First of all no one would Trent a late model Dodge dart. Not a rental company or a consumer. Second, I have rented a hundred cars and never had a paper plate. Third, if there was a one in a million chance this did happen… Why wouldn’t the police look into it. They surely would be able to track down the suspect rather quickly.

    I also question the validity of your sources. I won’t say you just make stuff up but how do you know people aren’t feeding you a line. I realize rumors are your basis but at what point do you stop repeating every theory you come across as believeable? I understand you just later say that you have dismissed but get a grip on these theories.

    Last question, if LE had asked other sites not to post… Why haven’t they asked you?

  12. curlbopp

    Will you please look into the murder of Faith Hedgepeth out of North Carolina. Journalist Thomas Gaspoaroli has covered the case extensively and has information about the case online. Gaspo
    Sep 24, 2016 – Posted by Gaspo – Tom Gasparoli at 9:28 AM 14 comments: · Email ThisBlogThis! … The murder of Faith Hedgepeth was not the perfect crime.
    There is also case out of North Little Rock Arkansas; The brutal randomness of Samantha Olson’s murder | Cover Stories …
    Feb 27, 2014 – In August 2013, Samantha Olson was shot to death at the intersection of JFK and McCain in North Little Rock. … A few shots, reportedly from a pickup truck heading down McCain Boulevard in the opposite direction. … It’s hard to imagine a worse place to kill someone than the intersection … Your thoughts on these cases would be much appreciated. Thanks…

  13. James Campbell

    Do my comments show up? I had some questions that never posted

  14. PaulC

    Anyone uncover that he shot his friend “accidentaly” in the head? Dude has a checkered past.

  15. Nancy Grace

    I think it is likely the sites were closed down because Crime Con was in Indianapolis, with Nancy Grace speaking about the Delphi murders. Police probably did not want all the sleuths from that Convention going up to Delphi. http://wishtv.com/2017/06/10/nancy-grace-talks-delphi-murders-at-crime-con/

  16. Jen

    I am losing hope that there will ever be an arrest in this case…😔

  17. james r delp

    You can see on the photo of the POI that he is wearing baggy blue jeans, especially by a crease near his ankle. I’m 63 and that’s definitely not my generation. That fashion came out in about 1996 and only teenagers adopted it. As those teenagers grew older they kept wearing them but older men never accepted them. If our POI was 17 in 1996, then he would be only 38 today. I think this guy’s maximum age is 38 rather than 50. Law enforcement needs to get a better handle on which ages of men today wear those jeans.

  18. Katheryn

    If you notice EA is wearing the exact same jeans in his pic. Does anyone know how old EA is? I am thinking mid 40’s. BG appears to be in this range. Mid to late 40’s.

  19. Lauren J

    Man. If those are the details that you can release for lack of being gruesome, I am terrified of what you’re holding back.

    • Yes, I ended up writing most (but not all) of the facts anyway. The unreleased stuff was sexual. This was DEFINITELY a sexual crime, no doubt about it.

      • Jen

        Did you get new info Rob????

        • Yes Abbie was sexually assaulted, whether while still alive or when dead, I am not sure. I have the details, but I do not want to release them here. Maybe in the private forum. Every time I write about the sexual aspect of this crime, I get called names like creep, pedo, pedophile, sex offender. It’s really annoying. I am just describing the facts of what happened to the victims in this murder case.

          I am sick and tired of being called creepy too. Creepy guys are weird and scary looking and can’t get women, right? Well, I am the opposite. I am pretty harmless and women and girls have always liked me since I turned 18. Females like me. I don’t scare them off or anything like that.

        • Meg

          Hey don’t let anyone over on Topix get you down. I’m embarrassed to breathing the same air as those people.

        • Boy, they ALL hate me over there. Not even one person over there likes me one bit.

  20. Oinge

    What do you think the significance of the letter “K”.may be?

    • No idea! Maybe Aryan Brotherhood.

      • Joyce


        What about the discussion several several posts back in regards to the “Aryan Brotherhood” and Libby’s father giving info to LE about “AB”, and in turn “AB” involved EA to “take care of his daughter” (Libby) for leaking information as a payback? I felt that was the most logical reason for the crime to date.

        • Yes I am just not believing the AB link right now. So hard to see this as an AB hit, especially with the sexual assault involved. And YES there was a sexual assault in this crime.

        • Jen

          So what DE said in the text message about there not being sexual assault except maybe to Libby wasn’t true?

        • Right. Abbie was definitely assaulted. I will not go into details here, but if you want to come to the private forum, I can talk to you about it.

    • With all of the other murders, what letters were left on the victims? What do you think; he is trying to spell out?

  21. Michael Lynn

    Where might have find more info on Ivan B. I’ve scarcely heard anything about him but that he was also involved in the search party and was the one who found the bodies and that his DNA was present thereon. After enhancing the photo of BG to see more facial detail there seems to be almost a perfect match with I.B. facial features. The cheeks, dimples, right eye, eye bags, etc. This case needs solved.

    • Most of us have given up on this man. Another man appeared to be trying to frame IB as a result of a personal vendetta with him. You can sleuth IB out all you want, but most of us have given up on him.

      Also apparently he was not in the search party, did not find the bodies and did not touch them with his DNA.

  22. Steven g

    So DNA was recovered, this is confirmed?

  23. Let’s put it this way. The killer left his semen in or on one of the girl’s bodies, ok? I would assume that you would give you some nice DNA.

  24. Lori

    We need a sticky to the protected post.

    I say take heart everyone and lets see this thing solved. I have faith!

  25. Hi Robert,

    1st off – thank you for your diligence and involvement. So many ppl are emotionally involved in this case, as it presents the horrifying tragedy of 2 beautiful and innocent souls, and the mystery of all the “why’s?” are daunting! That being said, I have decided to (at this point) spin off your perspectives and motives to view, consider, or add thoughts from 1 last angle (of probable/likely possibilities).

    This crime was about money. A lot of money. A lot of greedy, evil ppl. This crime was methodically planned down to the precise geographical correspondence (ex: DOT-Z1). Like ‘find my phone w/in 2 ft. or the guys you see surveying in bright vests w/ tripods…kind of accuracy! The scene itself, with ‘K’ and other posing factors, was the work of a professional. Their job is to THROW OFF INVESTIGATORS. I would be asking, “Where is semen collected, kept, incubated, preserved?” With such obvious meticulous measures, would a killer leave such OUT IN THE OPEN evidence? No. Also, it appears as if there is an obvious “set someone up” feature that can’t be dismissed or denied. Quite obvious…really.

    With the best of the best involved, rest assured his days of freedom are NO MORE SOON, and we will find comfort in knowing that a lot of grieving loved ones will also receive MUCH AWAITED closure…BECAUSE OF OUR HERO******* MS. LIBERTY******. I promise. Let’s just say, that in a certain way I OWE HER THE WORLD!!!

    p.s. If your reading this KILLER(s) “K” MAN…your plan was really brilliant. JUST NOT BRILLIANT ENOUGH. YOU SLACKER!!! LOSER!! GO TO HELL AND DO NOT PASS GO OR COLLECT! “GOTCHA!!”

    • Thank you so much for this!

      The semen was found ON the body of one of the girls. Semen cells die when they are exposed to air for very long and they would have died overnight. I think this means that there is no DNA.

      • Meg

        No there is still a lot of DNA even if the sperm dies. Lol

        • I understand the POI featured on the protected posts refused to give a DNA sample. Perhaps a semen sample could be obtained?? He looks like the kind of sleaze ball who’s always looking for that opportunity.

        • Meg

          Analyst, if LE wants a DNA sample it will be much easier than that. I’m talking cigarette butt, coffee lid, big gulp straw, fork at a fast food place…. hell he might even make their day and spit on the ground while clearing his throat.

        • Agreed Meg, was just going with Roberts semen theme. They could also probably scrape plenty off his boat;

          Lord knows what he is doing in his boat under all those bridges (in his pics). 😦

        • Meg

          Yes but the same DNA found in your semen is also in your saliva. So we don’t have to worry about making the creep cum 🙂

        • Mer


          You go get that semen sample. Report back when your mission is accomplished.

        • Ha, Mer…. glad to see,you’re catching up,on your reading of Roberts blog!! But, No Thanks, Alter and his friend Medhaug are Not my type.

          That gets me thinking…. what are the chances those two,acted together? You have PROOF they are in communication!! 🙂

          Regarding Alters fall guy, I saw on M. Stroubs YouTube discussion that IB was arrested and held,some,time back, Alter and he are still top 2 POIs in my book. Maybe Alters will win out here…. get IB charged while he collects $235k and gets a new white Maserati??

        • IB had nothing to do with this crime. I am quite sure of that. How does Mer have proof that Mr. X and our POIE are in communication with each other?

        • Robert. remember, Mer said that Alter forwarded a message he had sent to Medhaug showing the latter Mer’s pic with his children. It was one of E.A.s many threats against people since the murders. I think it’s why Mer has been so scarce, intimidation by E.A.

        • Who says it got to Medhaug?

    • Joyce

      Lori: “This crime was about money. A lot of money”
      Hi Lori, Are you talking about drug money?

      • This crime is not drug related. This crime was planned for many months. The killer or killers is not from area. Two different states. The person or people who initiated this crime still reside in backyard of crime ground. The killer went on ‘dry run’ day prior. They were led by ‘the local’ at that time. There were 2 (two) BG’S. The paper temp tags were placed on vehicle purposely & temporarily to be ‘reported’ as such. (It’s very hard to memorize the 10-digit temp tags) This was a rental. Sex was not main motivation. Knives were used. Several. Abby was not suppose to die. Faces were disguised, well. Theatrical well. Photos were actually considered as part of plan. NOT voice videos! Overdressed for weather was preparation for where they were going. Cold. Dark. & deter true weight factor. Private property involvement assured minimal investigation, bought crucial (decomposing) time & guaranteed an eventual cold case scenario. BUT DIDNT!! OPPOSITE OCCURRENCE!!! I’d feel safe betting he hasn’t SHIT right since….or will ever. He will NOT strike again. THIS IS A PROMISE. THIS MUCH….I KNOW.

        • Jen

          Wow…this is very detailed. Have you talked to the FBI? What was the money part? Do you know who these people are???

        • Jen

          Is this just a theory? Or you know this is really how it happened? Sorry, I’m just confused…

        • Looptyloo

          I hope u are not a psychic. How do you know this information?

        • I am not able to comment further. I will give certain details as allowed & w/in strick perimeter.
          I feel the public is owed a better concept & understanding of what Libby gave us & her precious life for. She is the hero. They both were very heroic. The love pouring out signifies their legacy. My legacy as well. Due time. In due time there will be understanding. God Bless

        • Meg

          Lori WTF are you talking about

        • Looptyloo

          Quack quack 🦆

        • Cory Besch

          What a bunch of malarky. Please. We’re not ALL idiots here.

        • Bo

          How can you promise that he or they will not strike again? How do you know?

        • Joe

          So they knew months in advance that the girls would just happen to be off that day? It was pretty much a random day due to unused school snow days. Private property involvement to guarantee a cold case? I don’t think leaving bodies only a half mile away from where the girls were last scene is very bright idea if you were going for a cold case scenario. Like no one would think to look there? And you say “HE” will not strike again.. I thought you said their were TWO BG’s?? So one won’t strike again, but one might? I think your full of crap.

        • Meg

          Lori. 🖕🏼


        • Let’s act intelligent. Am I LE? FBI? A DOCTOR in Kansas? You don’t know. Maybe I’m someone who knows through someone, WHO this is. Or an excellent guesser??

          I’ve never partook in anything like this & I was going to give a family name, but w/ your judgement & rude welcoming will leave it at that.

          I will see you on Nancy.

        • Lori, please, shake it off and fill the rest of us in a little more. I don’t believe in anyone attacking a person over their opinion/take on this case and a good deal of what you say sounds plausible.

          Can you get to the protected post site and leave a bit more info there??

          There are many of us who have children or grandchildren and are quite worried about the safety of children in that area this summer!!

        • Joyce

          “Abby was not suppose to die.”
          Hi Lori: WOW! Thank you for replying. Sounds EXTREMELY complicated.
          You did not say that ” The girls were not supposed die” only that Abby, was
          to not supposed to die. Does that mean that Libby was a possible target or her family connected somehow?

      • Cory Besch

        Lori is just an attention-seeker, using the brutal murders of two teenaged girls as an opportunity to bait people on with zero actual information to offer on the case. This happened often over on websleuths and am guessing it’s spilling over here now that WS shut the Delphi thread down.

    • Cathie

      Money, lots? How so?

    • Debra

      Yes RL was the guy who was possibly being set up. Why else would you take the bodies back to his land? To try and set him up. That makes sense except that anybody who killed someone would obviously not leave the bodies on their own land. So in my opinion this was a big mistake on the killers part. It is obvious and has been for a long time that they have tried to make RL the scapegoat.

      • Mr. Logan has a reverse mortgage on his property. One of the stipulations, is to live on the property. If you do not live there for twelve consecutive months, you have to repay the loan or sell the property. Mr. Logan stated this in court. Who is the potential buyer for his property? He plotted your crime.

        • Debra

          Someone who obviously wanted RL land because they knew it was valuable including the creek and what’s in it. I assume RL may own a large portion of the creek as well? I may be way off base with this but what do you think Connie. ?

    • Michael Lynn

      These aren’t true facts. Clearly you are just inflated in your mind presenting only your imaginations. Many here don’t need “in due time” understanding to know this but if they be otherwise minded very well, maybe you have a blog for them?

  26. Jon Charles

    Thanks for the info Robert. I share your frustration. Most of these people’s imagination gets the best of them. Therein lies the problem. Till we get the facts, there’s no use speculating. Interesting information though. Catching the ‘right’ person or persons responsible is all that matters! By the way I’m from out of state and know no one associated with families or LE. Thanks again for your hard work!

  27. heather poats

    Seems more of this happening. Somebody knows this creep. Why aren’t they talking. I watch golf and can tell who the golfer is from far away on TV by his body shape.

    • It’s worse than that. We already know who the killer is. There’s no debate about that. We have told LE many times, but he is still walking around free as a bird. Even worse, he is threatening to kill and hurt everyone who is pointing the finger at him. It is a really messed up situation. They need to put this guy away on something – anything. As it is, he is a menace.

  28. Judy

    I post on TOPIX, and I like you Robert.

  29. james r delp

    Robert, I also thank you for your diligence in this case. This guy needs to be caught not only for justice for Libby and Abby but also because if he gets away with this now, he’s bound to strike again. I think you already have a specific suspect in mind and this guy happens to be 5′ 8″ tall, 170 pounds, and is 50 years old so you quickly dismissed my speculation that he is 5′ 11″ tall, 215 pounds, and is 38 years old. I am a big guy (not fat) and his photos look just like photos of me when someone is uphill from me and photographing me from that higher position as Libby apparently was. Also, unlike you, I am a Midwesterner and I don’t see men around here older than 40 wearing those baggy blue jeans. I stand my ground. I think LE needs to do some actual research into these two topics.

    • VGLAnte

      I believe I also fit the build of the BG in the photo. I’m 5’11.5″ and 225 lbs. My age is 49 and I think he looks a bit younger than me based on what I see as his hair color and the fullness of his face.

      I do not believe these are good reasons to discount other options, but I do believe it takes much more than a hunch to accuse one particular person and stop searching.

      We need real proof…DNA and the whole package…to satisfy the magnitude of this case.

      I still think it is a local with some very personal reason for committing a crime like this. I can see it being someone intimate with the area that has left if the barn is subtracted as the kill site.

      Keep it coming folks…we are getting closer!!

      • VGLAnte

        I too walk with a limp on my right side due to some bone plates and screws in my foot, I often carry a gun holstered on my right side, and I am an outdoorsman.

        I’m also right handed and there is no way in hell you’re getting me on that bridge.

        My point is…we have been through countless accusations in regards to this case and they all seemed reasonable at the time, but none have turned out to be IT!!

        I’m glad we are all searching, but we need some concrete evidence to be making accusations. Imho

  30. VINCE

    James T. Hodgkinson Hodgkinson was a 66-year-old man from Belleville, Illinois, which is in the southern part of the state near St. Louis, NBC News reported, citing federal law enforcement officials

  31. Cathie

    Robert, it is very difficult to man this blog, I realise this and you are owed lots! Several crazy folks out there end up doing more harm than good. Lori’s post is an example, is she speaking truths or…just more BS? I honestly can’t understand why one dangles a carrot and then leaves us in suspense. Wow, pay the10 bucks and friggin tell us something that at least you think is real or at least useful. Just pisses me off.

    • Cathie

      We all are aware of what Libby did, taking the pic of BG, this is not anyone’s Glory. I refer to Lori’s comment.
      Thank God, Libby did! Otherwise, we would be really at a loss.
      I still feel that LE knows the Perp/Perps and is just waiting for that tidbit of info that nails the case.

      • Lori

        This Lori Dyer person could be EA.

        • Hoolie

          If its not an imposter, lori dyer is definitely a local. Tax preparer, accountant for local firm, treasurer for country club. Google.

        • Looptyloo

          It’s probably EA using a local’s name! He seems to be good at that

        • Nietsnie

          LD story = bullshit.
          Why would someone boast on here, rather than just call in the tip and collect the reward?
          And being a local, she would become a target for retaliation.

          The clues do deserve examined. This was the first mention of “ATV”, said one BG was wearing a “blue ATV suit”.

          Do we know of any POI’s who have an ATV. I’m assuming this means All Terrain Vehicle.

          LD, why don’t you just explain it in full to us here… give initials if you have to.

        • Hoolie, is that the same country club that the POI on protected post (E.A.) lived at and was at videotaping his son having fits of rage and attacking things with golf clubs??

        • Hoolie

          Analyst, not sure. I didn’t see the “fits of rage” video. She is the treasurer for the Carroll County Country Club if that helps.

  32. J.Mo

    Wow, thank you for this summary. I don’t have time to follow this case but now and again I search for an update and tonight I found your blog. I hope the breakthrough is soon and the families find some comfort in the killer(s) being stopped.

  33. James Abernethy

    Robert, you mentioned having some privy pics of POI on 2-12-17, 2-14-17. And they’ve been turned over to LE for review in the investigation. Do you also encrypt this evidence in some sort of secured database(s) for long term retrieval purposes in case of the inevitable (hacking, LE mismanagement, info /evidence specifics being fused through time, bungled, tampered with, ect.)? Like the Zodiac, an eventual book offer may become opertune to facilitating/expediting the information of case in the credible sleuth’s possession. Of course the Zodiac killer case was already long cold by time Robert G.’s book hit the stands, I wonder what help a compiled book in the info age released within say 2 years of the crime could do for yet unanswered questions surrounding the small Oracle sanctioned town of Delphi? Even if the case is solved within that timeframe the author could still objectify certain points to the way certain info paths were flowing during this time & how the credible peices were able to permeate the frost of dreaded forensicholics not withstanding all the several interest’s.

    • We have retained copies of all of those photos. They have not been turned over to LE. We gave them access to our private forum via url’s and passwords. Hopefully they accessed our information because we have built a good circumstantial case against Eric Alter.

  34. VGLante

    I see that the State Police have over the investigation of the fire that killed 4 young girls in Flora. I guess they are closely watching a few persons of interest. They say that the people responsible know who they are and know they are being watched.

  35. AH

    Has this thread gone cold? The two comment threads I’ve been following on this case haven’t had a comment in several days.
    I hope the discussion continues. Thanks for everyone’s hard work sleuthing on this case. I think it makes a difference.

  36. Mr. Robert,
    I donated under my full name. May I have the password? Thanks in advance.

  37. Just me

    I have my password but don’t see any posts since June 16 on the private page.

  38. MB

    I don’t understand how the crime could be over in an hour. The girls were abducted before 3 pm on 2/13 and Abby’s date of death is 2/14. Doesn’t make sense.

  39. Hi Robert, I have been following this with interest from New Zealand. I would be very grateful if you could provide the passport to the closed area.

    • Thank you Greg!

      We are now requiring minimum $10 donation to keep the spies and trolls out of the private forum. You will also be allowed to comment on all posts on the main site forever.

      If this is a hardship for you, let me know and we will see what we can work out. Most people are just paying the fee without problems.

      Thanks in advance. Hoping to see you in the private forum.


      • mrscooter

        Hi Robert, I am an invalid beneficiary due to PTSD, depression and persistent hallucinations. My doctor put me on a permanent govt. medical benefit 8 odd years ago. I’ll see if I have $10 left over when I get my next payment. Looking forward to joining in. I admire your work, though I might not agree with everything you write. 🙂 Cheers Greg

  40. Suki

    Any thoughts on the guy from Brazil (IN) who was arrested yesterday at Lake Sullivan for posing as a conservation officer? He approached several teens who were fishing, and followed two girls who were walking to the restrooms. He was armed and reportedly showing off a gun in his waistband. A parent confronted him and the gatekeepers notified law enforcement.

  41. Suki

    Hi Winston – Sure. Go to the WTHR news station website (Channel 13 in Indianapolis) and type “Brazil man arrested” or “Lake Sullivan arrest” into the search bar. It’s not on the home page now, but it should be the first story that comes up for either of those searches.

  42. Winston84

    Thanks Suki, it looks the entire left side of face is either swollen or misshaped, especially beneath bottom lip area. That or his got chew in his mouth.

    • Joyce

      Nope! I do not see the resemblance at all to the man arrested at Lake Sullivan and BG. BG has a gray beard and mustash and smaller features.

  43. George Jolly

    I beleive it’s EA. Resemblance, criminal background, involved in some aspect with illicit drugs.

  44. Steve John

    Hi Robert. Please could I have the new password to the third thread. Thanks in advance.

  45. Craig Flynn

    The composite sketch the ISP just released is not the man on the bridge! I gave the lead ISP detective on the case cleared up enough pictures to tell who it was and what he had on him. I have no clue where they are going with this.

    • Lyn

      Well the bridge guy pics were always too blurry for me to get much facial feature perspective, especially the upper face. Every time someone would do an enhancement I thought the eyes were close set, the cheekbones prominent, a weak chin, thin lips, and kind of a jowl thing going on. I thought I saw salt and pepper facial hair. Can you share your cleared up pics and more of your opinion? The sketch actually looks remarkably like a couple of poi-s that have been mentioned here and other places, but I would not have got that face from the bg pics.

      • Craig F

        I was asked by the detective not to share them.

        But I had stayed home from work sick on a Monday a while back. I had been praying for a way to help the families of the victims. I went back to bed and had a dream that I was working with the FBI on clearing up the pics. When I woke up I went to my PC and typed in clearing blurry pictures and a free program came up. I figured it was a virus or a malware so I closed it.

        I typed in my parameters again expecting a list, but the same free program came up. Thinking that someone was trying to tell me something, I downloaded it. I worked on the pic, and it cleared up some, but I could not save it unless I bought the full version. So I bought it, and after I saved the cleaned up pic, I brought it back up in the program, and I saw all the clearing controls reset allowing me to do it again. I did the same thing two more times, and could not believe my eyes! I sent it to the tip email, and not hearing anything, I went to my local sheriff, showed them, and they called the Carroll County Sheriff and told them.

        A couple of months went by, and they were still begging for tips, so I left work early, took my PC, went to the state police post and met with the lead detective on the case. He took all my info and asked why I was there. I told him about the dream and how everything happened and who I believed was the man on the bridge. He asked me do you know him? I said no (My PC was booting up at the time). He again asked me a little more pronounced, “Why do you think he was the man,” then the enhanced picture came up. He said, “I don’t normally do this, but here is my email address. Send me everything you have and anything else you find!

        After I got home I started working on other areas of the photos and found old time cuffs hanging from his belt and a sword sheathed sticking up on his left side of his back. I found a bottle of something in a holder on his right hip. I am guessing chloroform. I can see the screw-on lid on the bottle and a label. No words; just a symbol. I found a recording camera near his right ear like cops or hunters wear.

        This pic they put out is not the guy on the bridge. Also on the pic with one of the girls on the bridge that’s not a car below left it is a white pickup.

        • Lyn

          Well, that’s very interesting, to say the least. I understand why you can’t share the pics, but that is disappointing for me! You say that you knew who he was when you cleared the photos- so was it a person of interest that has been mentioned in the case, a registered sex offender, or someone who would be known to people who have been studying this case? Or someone the girls knew? Can you tell that much? Can you give a description of the facial features in a general way? How are they different than the recently released sketch? Do you think the person was not obese but just had on an oversized coat filled with various items? What do you think the age range of BG is? Can you tell what the photo program you used was? Thank you.

        • Craig F

          I know people will think I’m lieing but I’m not.
          Det Russell is who I talked to.
          I would love to share them but I don’t want to possibly ruin the case.
          I just wonder if the pic released is to make someone cimfortable enough to make a mistake.

        • Jen

          Would also be interesting to know why the detective asked you not to share them. I know LE asked people not share the sketch someone made immediately after the murders because they didn’t feel it was accurate, but if your cleaned up pics are more detailed, then you’d think they’d want to show the public so he could be identified sooner. Also doesn’t make sense to me why they would share a sketch now that looks nothing like what they believe he looks like from your cleaned up photos. Or why FBI/LE wouldn’t already have knowledge and utilization of this program? Although nothing about this case or what LE has shared has made much sense anyway.

    • Winston84

      Hi Craig. Would you be able to get onto Robert’s Protected. Site #3 and post those photos? You can email him for a password. Because it is a protected, private site, there isn’t any threat of libel issues. Greatly appreciate it, man!

      • Lyn

        Craig, I don’t think you are lying. I asked those questions because I thought you might give out more specific information that would be of interest without going against what you were told not to share.

        • Craig F

          I can share the program after the case is solved.
          I told det russell that this was not about the money. If I was the one that helped I only wanted enough to pay my house off and my medical bills and the rest to go back to the abby and libby softball park fund.

        • Lyn

          OK, I see that you can’t share the program name. Can you describe the facial features and age range or give hints at least as to who you think BG is? There are people who have turned in suspect names to LE who still talk about who their poi is.

  46. Lyn

    Jen, I never understood why the FBI especially did not have/use technology to make the bridge photos clearer from the start.

    • Craig F

      The fact that I stumbled onto saving the pic and realizing I could do it again was all from the lords help.

      • Winston84

        I am so glad you paid attention to your dream. Question is what do you do now with this photo? And how far do you take thus information? Maybe FBI directly instead of local detectives.

        Wow Craig, this is huge .be the squeaky wheel!!

        • Craig F

          I called the FBI line and was told to send them to the tip line.
          I also told them not to look at the pics in windows photo viewer because they are to pixelated. I said to use the program and high def big screen led tv.

    • Craig F

      The ISP have everything I foud on the photo.
      Det russell told me they had gotten over 10,000 pics at the time I talked to him and none were any help.

    • Craig F

      I told them what program I used and how it happened so they could duplicate it to see if I was lieing.

      • Jen

        Craig, are you able to share with us the name of the program you used? I don’t see how telling us that could harm the case in any way. Just curious, not because I don’t believe you. Thank you!

      • autumnblaze

        Yeah, sharing the program name would sure validate your claim and would not implicate you in any crime. I’m looking to fix some old pics of mine. Thanks so much! How much does it cost?

        • autumnblaze

          Actually I have a friend that does this for a living that I haven’t spoke to in years. I never thought to ask her! I’m friends with her on FB. I’m sure she would know! I’m going to go ask her now! Thanks for the tip, Craig!!!

        • Craig F

          Your welcome!

      • Barbarino

        Your story sounds “fishy” and smells to high heavens
        Let’s get this straight here…You want everyone to believe that you’ve miraculously enhanced the photo of BG, but it’s really not BG… and made it so clear someone can identify??
        I’d almost bet LE laughed in hysterics, why would anyone in their right mind believe you??
        Last but not least, your story makes no sense…
        And if it makes no sense, then it’s probably not true!
        Go push your nonsense somewhere else, loony tune!

      • Winston84

        Craig. It doesn’t make sense that you cannot reveal the name of the program until after the case is solved. Seems like you would want your results to be repeated, which would add to the validity of your efforts.

        • George Jolly

          Because he’s lying.

        • Lyn

          Perhaps LE would prefer not to have people putting enhanced photos out saying they are BG “cleaned up” and now of interest to ISP but why should they care if the name of the program is put out there?

        • Craig F

          I understand why you feel that way but there is a good reason fir it.

    • Jen

      I agree, Lyn. Seems like technology is so advanced these days that a distant/fuzzy picture shouldn’t be beyond its capabilities to clear up. Doesn’t make any sense.

      • Lyn

        Yeah, we have clear pics of Pluto, but nothing better for BG.


        • Jen

          We can also find a stolen NFL jersey that’s taken out of the country within days but months later can’t locate a murderer even with video, audio, a picture, and probably DNA. Really frustrating.

      • Craig F

        If Robert Lindsay wants to come and see the pics for himself I will be glad to show him!
        I don’t lie! Not in my nature!
        Robert knows how to contact me.

        • George Jolly

          Use your double secret computer software and beam them straight into Robert’s cerebral cortex. You’re clearly being deceitful, it doesn’t take a murder detective to figure that out. The “lord” led you to all this? Give me a break.

        • Craig F

          George your anything but jolly! Lol
          It sounds like you don’t believe in god?
          If you have even looked in the bible it is full of people seeing things in their dreams that the Lord showed them!
          Faith is a belief in something you can’t see.
          The way things happened to me came from God! Faith!

        • Craig F

          So if Robert does come and see the pics and says every word I said was true! What then George?

        • autumnblaze

          Do you live close to Robert? My friend laughed her arse off. Sounds like someone wants to get Robert alone imo!

        • Astro

          Craig- Are you able to tell what kind of truck it is? Some were saying it was a white Mustang.

        • Craig F

          From what I could tell the nose of the truck was out of the picture. Just the driver door and window and back window no club cab. The back looked as if there was a camo tarp on it.

        • Hi Craig.

          First of all, thank you very much for coming to my site with this information. I feel you might be onto something here. Is there any way I can see these photos of yours of the suspect Bridge Guy? You said you were willing to show the pics to me.

          I apologize for the behavior of some of my commenters here. Things get overheated and everyone is so excited and emotional due to this terrible crime?

          Everyone, please, lay off Craig. I think he may be onto something big here,

          How do I go about seeing these photos you have? I am absolutely intrigued.

        • Craig F

          Robert I live within a 50 mile area from Delphi. I work at purdue university in west lafayette indiana as a mason. Been there 30 years.
          If you would like to see the pics email me off of this page. I will be glad to show you all of the pictures of the perp. You will see and recognize who it is the minute you see it!

        • Mer

          Craig, you can get Robert’s email from this page. Look under contact. Please email the enhanced image to Robert, and he will post. I take it you enhanced the photo of BG that was not zoomed in?

        • Craig F

          I can’t. I gave my word.

        • Craig F

          Thanks for the info! I sent him a pic showing shackels hanging in front of his right pocket and a bottle in a pouch hanging on his right hip. I am guessing it is chloroform.

  47. Lyn

    Yes, Jen, and the girl’s bodies were found so quickly, so most evidence should be in tact/not degraded as in some cases when deceased are found months later. The FBI was in it so early too which I thought would make things go much faster and smoother.

    • Craig F

      But I won’t email them. You have to see them in person to believe them I can show you exactly how it happened that I stumbled on the process or as I believe was guided to help!

      • Craig F

        I ment email me away from this page.

        • Craig F

          Is this all about money for everyone? Or justice for the two souls lost? I believe God wants justice!!!!!!

        • J

          Craig, I think all of us here want to see justice.
          I just can not imagine LE releasing a sketch not even close to the suspect’s appearance. I think that’s why it took them as long as it did, they wanted it to be right.

  48. autumnblaze

    This is incredibly interesting!

    • autumnblaze

      It changes the whole story as where the girls ended up and where BG was in the pic! Makes total sense to me!

      • autumnblaze

        I may be completely misunderstanding this. I always assumed bridge guy was coming towards them. Unless I’m mistaken, this would put bridge guy behind them the entire time and then they turn around and take a pic of him at the end of the south side of the bridge. Why just not run? Also, could there be another person hiding at the end of the bridge where they could catch them by surprise?

        • Astro

          Yes…..possibly someone at the bottom of the hill? BG’s accomplice?

        • Craig F

          I believe his helper was hiding on the other side.

        • autumnblaze

          According to people familiar with the terrain, there is no where around the end of the bridge where anyone could easily closily his. That is shown on video.

  49. Lyn

    Craig, is the person you believe it to be currently in custody/incarcerated?

  50. sloop864

    I still think the land owner has to be involved. He looks just like BG. Why are people so sure it’s not him??

  51. Mer

    I have no idea who Craig is talking about. The originally released images are poor. Don’t you think that enhancing the photo would change the image and maybe lead to the wrong suspect?

    • Winston84

      That’s a good point, Mer. I don’t do computer image manipulations, so I never thought about that.

      And I’m also curious about the white pickup truck with a cameo tarp. Wouldn’t that draw attention to its presence? Seems like BG would drive an inconspicuous vehicle, something nondescript? I’ve never hunted, so that may be a popular sight in delphi, IDK.

      • Craig F

        The only enhancing I did was sharpen the pic as much as the program would let me. Then worked on the lighting and shadows to bring things into perspective.

    • I have a close family member who’s a radiologist. I’ve been tempted to ask him about this but I’m certain he will agree with the numerous previous explanations that the FBI image is already ‘over pixilated’, ie. magnified to the point where features and detail are lost due to lack of digital information in between grains (pixels). With all due respect to Craig, I believe that is why he’s unable to name the software.

  52. autumnblaze

    Someone is using my screenname on another site and I know who you are and you have and are still harassing me. I will be calling the police on you tomorrow if it is not taken down by noon. I will also include other evidence I have on you! Be wise and don’t mess with a daughter of a high ranking police officer and a long line of other family members in the same field and even higher up….Especially when they live in your own backyard!!!

  53. Craig F

    Before deciding to tell all of you this it was by accident that I found this site. Thats the only reason I even knew about the vehicel on the path.
    My name is Craig! Like I said to George jolly I do not lie!

  54. Mer

    I just tried this with Lunapic. It did not enhance the photo

  55. Barbarino

    One says mustache is brown, one says white…Which color is it?

    • Craig F

      Because of the camera used, the distance from the perp, the bright sunlight, the shadows from the tilt of the head and the camo ball cap. Work with dimming the sunlight and lighten the shadows.

      • Lyn

        Which BG photo did you use, the one on the right or the left?

        • Craig F

          The right. The left is to grainy.
          I tried to copy and paste on my iphone but it won’t let me.
          I wanted to share the shackles and a bottle in a pouch on his right hip
          I am guessing is chloroform.

    • Craig F

      On the BG

      • Lyn

        There are two pictures of BG that I know of. Did you work on both or one?

        • Craig F

          Yep the straight up standing one I could only bring in the right eye and glasses and the mole under the eye.
          I sent that to them to.

        • autumnblaze

          I have been working on this since yesterday! I believe I have found your program! I have to say I am absolutely shocked!!!! WTH! How could this have been ignored?! This case could have been solved!!!

        • autumnblaze

          Forgive me, I thought you were a nutcase! My deepest apologies!

        • Craig F

          That’s ok😁!
          Srry went camping for the weekend. If you could email me I wanted to explain why I was keeping the program name quiet.

        • Craig F

          I was replying to you autumnblaze

        • Okie

          There is a 3rd photo. It was actually the first one released. I don’t know how to post it here though.

        • Craig F

          There was a third one taken at close range at an upward angel as the girls were going down the hill but it could not be cleaned up.

  56. Lyn

    OK, thank you. When I manipulate settings certain ways after major sharpening of the pic on the right, I can get something that looks like a white mustache and kind of like sunglasses or round bugs eyes, lol. The other one has the bugs eye look that is more elongated and a dark mustache and some dark and light maybe around the chin. This is Adobe Photoshop and a few minutes time. To get the clarity you speak of from those pics is pretty amazing. I think it’s beyond what I can do.

    I’m not sure how you add a pic from an iphone. I hope you can, somehow.

  57. Looptyloo

    I’m getting lost. Where is everyone posting at?

  58. Most of the discussion has moved over to the private fora.

  59. Russell

    Has anyone found the possibly direct connection to EA and Libby? I have a website from 2009 that seems to be a pretty strange coincidence.

  60. Nicole Dicenzi

    Hello, I have never posted to a site like this before … this case has me glued. And I love this site… how would I go about joining the private forum?

    • In order to access the private forum, we are requiring the purchase/gift of a minimum $10 subscription/donation to keep the spies and trolls out of the private forums. After you donate, you will also be allowed to comment on all posts on the main site forever. Donations are not limited to $10. You may donate more, and quite a few people have.

      If this is a hardship for you, let me know, and we will see what we can work out. Most people are simply paying the fee without problems.

      Thanks in advance.


      • Looptyloo

        Robert STOP taking hardships!! All the scholarships are out. $1/day for 10 days will get you in the private chat. Stop working for free robert. And even trolls can give you the “I am poor story”
        $10 for everyone period:):)

  61. Stew620

    I did pay last night,

  62. Joyce

    Just made a another donation Robert!
    Thank you so much.

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