Link to the Private Post on the Delphi Murders

This is a link to the private, password protected post on the Delphi Murders. I am sticking this to the front page. To see the newest posts, scroll past this post to the posts immediately below it.


We are mostly on the newer thread now, but the previous thread also has a lot of good information in the post.


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148 responses to “Link to the Private Post on the Delphi Murders

  1. greeneyedpea

    I don’t have any “posts immediately below it” showing. Where?

  2. greeneyedpea

    Found it in the email where it says “here”. Not on this page though. Thanks!

  3. Katheryn

    Could you message me password for post…thanks

  4. nicole

    Could you please send me the password, too?

  5. Indianahikerchick

    Can I please have the password? Thank you

  6. PNN

    Hi Robert, I appreciate you. May I get password? thanks

  7. Ali

    Please send me the password. Thanks!

  8. Katheryn

    Could you please send me the password…Thanks

  9. S

    I greatly appreciate your continued work on this case. Could I also get the password? Thank you in advance.

  10. RJ

    Are we meant to comment here for the password or email you directly? Emailing you seems to be the most direct and less work in your part but I am seeing all these comments so I am confused. And must we donate for the password?

  11. Angela

    May I have a password please?

  12. Lynn Howard

    Would you please send me a password?
    Thank you.

  13. I wonder

    Enjoy your writing. May I have the password, please.
    Think of this case daily.
    Best wishes,
    I Wonder

  14. Janice2017

    My first and only post – I, too, find your site interesting and catch up with reading the comments whenever I can. I’m definitely more of a “lurker” with no prior comments. Please send a password so that I can read the Delphi comments. I live in Indianapolis, IN. Thank you.

  15. Looptyloo

    Robert before you let anymore new in. We need to talk in group 1st. We know some of these lamas from Facebook groups keep it classy not trashy!!!

  16. Coco Van

    Im so alone. Some one let me in.

  17. Kim

    Please send password. Very interested.

  18. Good Evening, Robert.

    I sent you a private email; which maybe Barb knows the answer. In addition, I submitted a donation; not sure how long it takes for you to receive.

    Thank you in advance.

  19. Boilergirl

    Password please

    • Looptyloo

      Robert please let everyone know that if they want a password then you deserve a donation period!! That will keep out the greedy lurkers and keep our blog awesome like it is now. Love ya Robert

  20. Looptyloo

    The damage eric has done is so crazy, that when I google his name, IB’s name comes up as well…for no reason other than what he has posted everywhere

  21. Katheryn

    I love reading your blogs Robert and I too know what its like to live off of very little as I receive a small check once a month myself. Wish I could donate more. I donated 10.00 today and will send what I can each month there after. Send the password when you get time. Thanks

    • Oh thank you so much, Katheryn! It’s comments like this that make me feel so good. I get hate mail and hate comments every day and a lot of incoming links are just full of haters. So it’s nice to hear from people who actually like me as a respite from all of that.


  22. Ruth Ann Akers

    Just donated Robert! I’ve never posted, but follow and read all your posts and the comments. I cannot wait for the password. DO NOT pay any attention to the haters…if they don’t want to donate….let them find something else to read! Thank you!

  23. Thank you, Robert! I tried to post a comment, but I don’t see it. Obviously, I am more of a reader than a contributor. 🙂 I just donated and cannot wait to get the password. I live in Indiana, not far from Delphi and have followed this heartbreaking story since day 1. Do NOT pay any attention to the haters…if they don’t want to contribute…let them read somewhere else!

  24. Ellen

    Would you please provide me with the password. Thank you!

  25. Maggie Langille

    Password please!
    I’ve been waiting and watching patiently for some more updates!!!

  26. Hi Robert: I have been following your Delphi blog for a while now. Enjoy your other blogs as well. Donated today….how do I get a password?

  27. Michy

    Longtime lurker and love your blog so password please!

  28. Laura

    Donated $10
    May I please have the password to join in the discussion.
    Thank you,

  29. Funny how one of your other current blogs is about high intelligence people struggling to do simple things. I consider myself pretty intelligent but have yet to figure out how to donate to receive password! Grrrrrr. Clearly new at this….

  30. Cathie

    Hello Robert,
    I have finally sent you a donation, I had a few problems with PayPal however, I sent you $20.00 CAN which is about $15 US. Please email the password.
    Kind regards

  31. April

    Man ! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Fine, I’m sending you $10 lol

  32. April

    Password whenever you have time Robert . Thank you ! P.s love your style or writing . 🙌🏻🔥

  33. April

    Hey, you …. Sorry to keep writing on here. I haven’t seen the password yet , and well, I’m impatient lol

  34. You have to donate, babydoll. I don’t care how charming and beautiful you are, you still gotta fork it kiddo. Sorry, I’m a hardass, honey.

  35. amanda

    Are we sure that BG doesn’t have on a camo ball cap with a bent bill?

  36. Jack

    Robert, may I have the password please?

    • Hi Jack,

      We are now requiring minimum $10 donation to keep the spies and trolls out of the private forum. You will also be allowed to comment on all posts on the main site forever. If this is a hardship for you, let me know and we will see what we can work out. Most people are just paying the fee without problems.

      Thanks in advance.

      • Looptyloo

        Robert get your money stop being a softey or I’m going to have to be your agent if you keep caving to women! You will never make any money!!

  37. Chris

    Do I have to notify you by email that I made the donation or is it something that when you get notified of a donation, you then send me the password?

    • Mail would be nice, but I will also get a notification, but sometimes it does not come in until some hours after you donate. Up to 12 hours later. Just make the donation and come and talk to me. I can go look in PayPal and see if you did or not. That is the best way.

  38. I posted the video of the go-pro above replying to coco van…..hope that isn’t Eric Alter as someone in an earlier post mentioned.

  39. I had the date wrong earlier when I thought it was shortly before the murders. The date of the video: 2/10/2016

  40. Joyce Wagner

    Just donated. Keep up the good work. Please email password. Thanks so much!

  41. Does anyone have that pic. of the person behind the tree ? I saw it once scary!!!!

  42. Cathie

    Eric Alter seems to really fancy himself also it appears that he favours wearing hats and hoodies. The pink gear not too sure about, I guess he is trying to make a statement.

  43. Cathie

    Has it been confirmed that Eric was in Indiana Feb 13, 2017? Thank you.

  44. Kylo Jenn

    Hi! I just donated! Can I please have the password when you get a moment! Thanks!

  45. JennyM

    Donated, Robert. Thank you!

  46. Jennifer

    Password please

  47. This was just posted a short while ago on Reddit. Apparently this young lady has attempted to call in a tip but when she mentioned stepfather they hung up on her!!

  48. I am interested in hearing your opinions/thoughts on the above information/links that I just posted!!

  49. Hi, donated… I look forward to password -) .

  50. Cathie

    EA’s FB…changed his profile pic a few mins ago, is this his son? Pic from Jan 2016. Thanks.
    If you go to his FB, have a look at his most recent posts. He is pissed off!

  51. Does anyone have access to the information that was removed from Reddit regarding the stepfather being a serial killer? If so, would you share? Thanks!

  52. Marla

    Just donated $10 from my .gmail account (as a longtime solo female hiker who has been watching this case with horror).

  53. Hi Robert – Love your blog and I sent in a donation a couple of days ago – how long does it take to receive a password?

  54. Theresa Minarik

    Could I please get a password or sign up for a account?

  55. Donated. May I please have the password?

  56. Carly Morgan

    I just sent my info. I have followed you on this case from the very beginning. Like so many others the Delphi murders have shaken me to my core. I think about these poor girls and their families and it weighs extremely heavy on my heart. Sometimes to the point that I can’t sleep at night knowing such an evil sick monster is still out there. This case has to be solved and your ongoing efforts to make that happen I am so grateful for. You’re perseverance in this case despite the comments of idiotic people is admirable. Keep digging!!! I grew up in Indiana and these kind of things just don’t happen here.

    • Hi, this is how you do it.

      We are now requiring minimum $10 donation to keep the spies and trolls out of the private forum. You will also be allowed to comment on all posts on the main site forever.

      If this is a hardship for you, let me know and we will see what we can work out. Most people are just paying the fee without problems.

      Thanks in advance.

      • carcar17

        Thank you for responding to my many inquiries on the private post! So sorry there were multiple… this story has a way of taking over and I just have to know more. I will be sure to donate as you’ve worked too hard to accept anything less!

        • Sure it’s just fine, hun!

          Looking forward to your donation, and thank you very much of course!

        • Although it looks cute Robert, take care as it may be another ploy by that scoundrel E.A.!! 🙂

        • carcar17

          In no way a ploy kim3… I had a feeling I would be called out for something like that… since I am so new to most of you that have been involved posting and working hard from the beginning. Definitely not E.A. tho, that I promise.

        • A ploy? Nah. Not sure what you mean. She is cute though, that’s for damn sure!


        • Kim

          I was joking; welcome Carly!! Sometimes a little levity helps with the frustration of four months with no one being apprehended for this crime despite the video and audio that Libby obtained.

          I now carry pepper spray when walking my dogs and I remain very sad for these girls families. But welcome to you, we are all very glad you are joining us! 🙂

        • carcar17

          Well thank you!

  57. Carly Morgan

    Can you please give me the info necessary to get a password to receive access to the private posts?

  58. Charlene Godard

    Has there been any more info on the Delphi murders?

    • All of the action is on the private threads.

      • Charlene Godard

        Hi Robert
        Thanks for your reply. Would like to send you a donation as soon as I get money on the 3rd. The Delphi story is unbelievably compelling. My heart aches for the girls and their families. I hope they get this case solved soon. Thank you for your work.

  59. Carlos Lam

    Just donated! Password, please.

  60. Craig

    I follow the link ‘here’ above, but the post doesn’t have any new comments. Is there another updated post? I have the password.

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