CP Story from High School

One of the players in the Delphi murders drama has been a young man named CP. Like so many people including yours truly,  he was briefly considered a possible suspect in the killings. I never thought  much of this theory. We quickly learned that he had a rock solid alibi for the time of the murders, as he was at Subaru at work. Along with his father, he was present at the search for the girls at 5:30 PM. He may have been part of the family group that came back at midnight and searched until 2:30 AM. Hence there is no way whatsoever that he could have been involved in this mess.

I will not go over the theory of why people thought he might be involved in the crime or any other criminal matters regarding CP. Other than a string of drunk driving offenses, there is no good hard evidence that he has ever committed a serious offense.

Some people are still suspicious of him and today I was sent a story he wrote back in high school where he turns into a murderous monster,  apparently to show that he had some homicidal fantasies or potential at least. People can investigate this P family all they wish. As far as I am concerned, they are all innocent.

Which leads us to a story that CP wrote in high school about him transforming into a murderous monster. I thought it was going to be some dark, disturbing stuff, but really it wasn’t. I really was not expecting much from this story and I was getting ready to cringe. I figured CP was a dumb redneck like the rest of  them.

Cody’s story here.

Boy was I wrong!

This is a fine little piece of writing! And my pet peeves, poor grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. are mostly absent. He needs a bit of a light edit, but not much and good writers I work with a lot need about as much of an edit as he does.

I was stunned that this is a very good story! CP can actually spin a fine little tale and his writing style shows skill and smoothness. He kept the narrative going well and didn’t flash back and forth between tenses.

CP can actually write quite well, especially for a high school kid! What do you know.  I never thought he had it in him.

I have no idea how smart he is, but if he is intelligent enough to write well and construct this nice tight little tail, he’s as smart as he needs to be, and that’s all that matters in this world.

A lot of people out there are nice writers just waiting to unleash their potential.

A tip of the hat to CP of Delphi, Indiana for a job well done.

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  1. Tom

    Well done Rob!!!

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