Rumors, Facts and My Delphi Updates: Clearing Up Some Lies

Also, are we 100% certain about the details of the crime scene (e.g. cause of death, condition of the bodies, etc)? LE has not released those details to the public. I know other commenters say they know things with 100% certainty, but that simply is not true at this point. Inaccurate rumors, false accusations, and mistaken identities have led us down some bizarre paths and away from the truth. All I am saying is that any claims of having factual knowledge about this crime should be taken with a grain of salt.

I would say that we can quote a number of things in pretty complete confidence. Obviously both girls had their throats cut, either by garroting or knife. I would say that the throat-cutting was certainly fatal to Libby, and we are not sure about Abbie. Libby was almost decapitated by the attack, which to me implies garroting. Both of the girls were either nude or semi-nude. Libby had defensive wounds all over her body. Libby had material under nails. Dirt, blood or flesh, no one seems to know. Dirt at the very least. Libby surely died earlier than Abbie, but maybe not by a lot.

The stake theory has not been proven and may not even be true. We are trying to verify that theory as best we can write now because there are people stating it was false.

The Abbie was pregnant theory has not been proven either and it may be just a rumor.

The common theory about the girls dying on different days may not be true.

The mutilation or sexual mutilation theory may not be true.

Let me clarify. The only things that are verified are statements of LE and the media. Everything else is rumor with a capital R. It is true that I regard a number of the rumors as simply true, but that doesn’t mean they are true, OK? It simply means that they are true as far as I am concerned. In my opinion, they are true.

There are even some things where I say I am 100% certain that something is true. A statement of opinion, not fact. I do not know about the rest of you, but I like to be right or wrong about things in daily life. I do not want to walk around being some uncertain scientists with everything in my quotidian existence. I cannot count the number of times I was 100% certain of things that later turned out to be wrong. I had simply decided that my mind was made up about the truth of some matter. But that didn’t mean it was true! It just meant it was true in my mind, or true as far as I was concerned!

Absolutely take anything stated as rumor in my posts with a grain of salt as small or huge as you like. Or you are free to form your own OPINION of the my matter where you agree with me that something is true or you even feel as certain about something as I do. You may feel to varying degrees that I am wrong and full of crap. Or of course you can always be a pure scientist and just say you don’t know.

“Lindsay represents rumors as fact” is one of the biggest lies out there about me. It’s just not true and I am really getting sick and tired of all these people lying about me all the time. I am about this far from hitting someone. These people talking like this better hope they never meet me in real life is all I have to say.


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24 responses to “Rumors, Facts and My Delphi Updates: Clearing Up Some Lies

  1. Boilergirl

    I know it’s necessary that you have to repeat this over and over. I find it ridiculous the ignorant people who cant understand that you are speaking for yourself and your ideas are based on your own theories, rumors and credible witnesses. You say this over and over. Please ignore the ignorant Robert. Keep it classy and keep the rumors and new ideas and theories coming.

    • I am getting so tired of repeating this. How many times do I have to repeat this?

      Now you see why people like me think most humans are borderline retards. It’s thinking like this. To me, this sort of thinking is borderline retarded.

  2. Carol

    Hey, “retards” is word of the week here!

    I can take credit for that by mentioning “trumptard” just prior to all the retard posts.

    Fun fact: many Snapchat Murder websleuths happen to be trumptards.

    Why is that, do you think, Robert?

  3. Carol

    Robert, also…are you aware someone is posting with your name over on the Delphi Topix forum?

    What a cesspool that place is. Zero wit to be found over there. It’s as if every poster is barbarino.

    I much prefer your blog because at least there are a few posters with brains.

    But yeah, someone is trolling over there using the name Robert Lindsay.

    • Barbarino

      Jesus God Carol….You’re annoying like a pesky little fly! Should I break out the fly-strip now or later? DO NOT use my handle again… just be a good little fly and buzz off!!! AND furthermore, hate to call you out Carol but that’s a lie!!!! I have’nt been on Topix, but you sure as hell need to go back there!!

      • Looptyloo

        Here’s something I found on Eric from 1996.

        Logansport Man Listed In Good Condition After Shooting

        A Logansport man was listed in good condition this morning at Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, after suffering a gunshot wound to the head Saturday morning. Leroy Battering, 37, of 417 1/2 S. Fifth St. Apt. 2, was shot in his apartment with a .22-caliber rifle, according to police. Battering, his roommate Phyllis McKay, 44, and Eric J. Alter, 31, of 417 1/2 S. Fifth St. Apt. 4, had been drinking when the shooting occurred at about 7:30 a.m., police said. Alter was arrested on charges of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon resulting in serious bodily injury and public intoxication. Battering got out his rifle and he and Alter fired rounds inside the apartment, police said. One of the shots Alter fired, struck Battering, penetrating his skull, fragmenting and then exiting the skull, police said. The bullet was recovered from the stove, police said. After the shooting, Alter fled the scene and McKay ran to a neighboring apartment, where the resident called the police. Alter was apprehended near the Wabash River, south of the residence.

        • Kate

          Does he or any of the other characters that people have put on the site have a tattoo on their neck?

    • Barbarino

      You must’ve gotten bored with that kiddie book you were reading…. Trumptard?? You seem to have some screws loose….. Why would you bring up politics in a murder discussion when it has zero to do with anything?? Please just go and take your meds and stay sedated, ok?

    • Mer

      There is a significant difference between the posts on topix and this blog. Topix has named everyone under the sun as a suspect. The site doesn’t explore the crime very well. It is mostly a lot of hostile back and forth between posters. This site has been different. It has mostly stayed above insults and angry posts.
      Politics aren’t a factor. The community reading the Delphi portion of Robert’s blog are a diverse group of people from all over the country. We don’t have to agree on everything–it would be horrible if we did.
      We are all here looking for the answer to who killed these girls. That is our only commonality. We run the gamut of political views–and diversity is a good thing.

  4. Tracy

    Angie Housman, 9 years old, murder in 1993. This happened less than 5 miles from where I live. The case remains unsolved.

  5. Charlotte

    Does anyone have access to drivers license records in Florida, showing photo ID?

  6. Charlotte

    My suspect fits profile. Resembles bridge guy. I need a second opinion.

  7. Barbarino

    You can always submit a tip to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office or call the tip-line….LE will do the rest, Ma’am…

  8. Shirley

    Do you think the Delphi killer was Eric Alter?? I do. Are the police/FBI still checking him out?

    • I cannot comment on that.

      The FBI is currently investigating him in Michigan. The agent’s name is Flynn, and he recently interviewed this man. I have verified that this occurred also. In addition, this man states that he was brought in for questioning by the FBI a week ago. They managed to sweat a DNA sample out of him. They are currently looking at the DNA and doing a voice analysis of him. I have not been able to verify that, but I don’t see why anyone would lie about that. The ISP is also currently investigating him. I believe the man doing that is named Detective Smith. Both the FBI and the ISP are currently stating that this man is a Person of Interest in the Delphi Murders.

      You really need to join our forum if you want more information on this crime.

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