A Lot of Liberals and Leftists Hate Criminals Too You Know

Carol: Hey, “retards” is word of the week here! I can take credit for that by mentioning “Trumptard” just prior to all the retard posts. Fun fact: many Snapchat Murder websleuths happen to be Trumptards. Why is that do you think, Robert?

In part it is because they are from that Godforsaken hillbilly red state. The whole state seems to have been hit by a Retard Virus if you ask me. The people in that state are not very educated. Their college graduation rate I believe is only 11%, and that is on the low end of US states. They seem to cultivate ignorance in that place and most people seem to be aggressively or even belligerently ignorant. They are actually arrogant and defiant about their ignorance.

I do not know what we are going to do about states like that. I want to say they are beyond hope, but that is probably not true. My Mom said that state has been conservative forever somehow, but that is probably not true. However, the state has been conservative for a very long time. 50-60 years ago, they commonly elected Democrats, but that’s not the case anymore. I imagine the Reagan Democrats were very big here as they were throughout the Rust Belt. All of this may be because this state was heavily populated by White Southerners, especially people from Appalachia moving north maybe for jobs and such a the same time many Blacks were moving north from for the same reason in the mid 20th Century. There were a lot of industrial jobs up there that attracted Southerners looking for work.

Web sleuths tend to be rightwingers. That is because they have the Cop Personality and they really hate criminals.It’s too bad and I think it shows how we on the Left have screwed up. If you hate criminals so much you want to be a detective, you cannot possibly be a liberal or on the Left. Because you know the Left is soft on crime, they are bleeding hearts and they want to set all the criminals free and let them all out early. It’s sad. I hate criminals and I actually think like a cop (more like a detective) and I am on the Left.

These people don’t get it. Go back to Stalin’s USSR, Mao’s China, Ho’s Vietnam, or Castro’s Cuba and try to commit some common crime. I mean like theft. God forbid burglary. Or God help you some violent crime.

The Commie regimes were absolutely vicious in their treatment of street criminals, and even worse towards violent criminals. Were they anti-cop? Hell, they were damned Police STATES for Chrissakes. They were practically run by cops.

True some liberals are bleeding hearts and have been associated with some sentence reduction, but actually that has been much exaggerated. A lot so-called bleeding heart-ism was just common sense like opposition to the death penalty.

I think we need to bring back the idea that a lot of us liberals really hate criminals too, violent ones especially. Or that it would be OK to be a detective or even a street cop and vote Democrat. Cops used to vote Democrat back East at least until 1980 or so. Or maybe it started in the 1960’s. They were often White ethnics who saw themselves properly as members of the working class so they voted for the party of the working class White ethnics, the Democrats.


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10 responses to “A Lot of Liberals and Leftists Hate Criminals Too You Know

  1. Jason Y

    Ep-gah’s a military man. No, he’s really this pimply faced teenager who lives in his mom’s basement. 😆 However, what about his claim of achievements in the military? No, it’s just from watching Colors too many times on cable.

  2. Jason Y

    Right, of course, Communist regimes were police states. HA HA, That’s the irony. The right always calls softies Commies, indicating they must be bleeding hearts. But that’s just a bunch of American political BS.

  3. bob arnold

    I’M a common sense guy and tell it like i see. Johf Kennedy would rool over in hisgrave if he saw hat happened to hisparty. Let’s BE TRUTHFUL THEDemocrat party no longerexists. IT’S DEAD. Just change their name to the LIBERAL party. Therepublican party Regan would ROLL OVER in his GRAVE. Let justCall them The party of of confliction.

    • Hi Bob, you cannot put down liberals or leftwingers from a rightwing point of view on here. We simply do not allow it. No pro-Republican, pro-Libertarian or pro-rightwing comments with some exceptions.

      You can post socially conservative comments as long as you do not make them partisan. You may also post racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, bla bla bla comments on here. We would rather you not, but I am not going to ban on it. Most bigots do not stick around long on this site anyway.

      We are socialists here. This is a socialist blog.

      And I do ban on that too.

      And that’s right. We do not allow freedom of speech here and we do practice censorship, I agree.

      Thanks for your cooperation.

    • Tulio

      I think you could better argue that Eisenhower and Reagan would be rolling over in their grave at the thought of Trump in the White House.

      That Republicans hate Democrats so much is a testament to how far right the GOP has drifted. By international standards the Democratic Party would be a center right party. A centrist party at the most. Certainly no further than center left. The Green party is the only true leftist party we have in America. The post-Bush Jr GOP looks more like LePen’s National Front or the John Birch Society than the party of Reagan. Dems vs GOP is basically a choice between centrist and far right.

  4. Jason Y

    Communist regimes are bleeding heart with the exception of gay rights and crime – which sounds reasonable to me.

  5. Robert god damn it’s been a while since I’ve been on this site. But I think this is the perfect video for the whole liberal race realism you were striving for. It also explains the whole regression to the mean phenomenon perfectly.

    • Will check it out. But you have to donate, Tangy. New policy is all regular commenters have to donate. Minimum $10 and you can’t commenter here forever or as long as this site stays up. If that’s a hardship, contact me and we will see if we can work something out.

      Thanks for your cooperation.

    • I have been saying this for pretty much forever. Thanks for the video.

  6. Tulio

    Robert, I’m not sure how you feel about capital punishment but this is one area I strongly disagree with liberals. I think murderers should be executed. I understand the concerns that some may be falsely accused, but I think we can certainly do it in cases where guilt is undeniable, such as that neo-nazi that just stabbed those people to death in Oregon yesterday. There’s no chance of sending an innocent man to his death here. He should be executed.

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