Your Brain Is a Muscle, So Exercise It

Tracy: Well, my IQ is supposedly 129, and I don’t feel smart. As a matter of fact I feel quite the opposite.

Hmm. I do not know what to say to this woman. Does she realize that she is in the top 3% of the population?! Is she aware that she’s smart enough to get a PhD, MD or law degree if she applies herself sufficiently?

That means she is smarter than 97% of the people around her. Isn’t that incredible? She ought to be proud. We should be proud of any talents we have whether inborn or developed. There’s nothing wrong with winning the race for most laudable or lucrative talents.

If I was to tell this woman anything, I would say exercise your brain. The brain is a muscle. It works better the more you exercise it. It’s like anything else that way.


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2 responses to “Your Brain Is a Muscle, So Exercise It

  1. Jason Y

    You could use the same argument for people with a lower IQ, if they use their brain they will do better than some smart guy who never uses his brain. I mean, really, if Jim Morrison is frying his brain with LSD and booze, then I’m sure he’s doing worse than Forrest Gump at the University.

  2. Jason Y

    Again, the culture makes a big difference, take some NAM or poor white out of a really intellectually repressive culture and surely he will learn more. That’s what cultural liberals have been saying all along and they’re correct.

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