There Are More Male Geniuses, But There Are Also More Male Retards

Women are basically just as smart as men, but there are more men at the extremes of both retardation and genius. We’ve got a wider spread. Our intelligence manspreads just like our bodies. Blame it on that damned Y chromosome.

Men traditionally had IQ’s that averaged ~4 points higher than women, but that’s not a large spread. You won’t even notice it much.

But maybe that was what was behind the dingbat woman, airhead blonde and dumb bitch stereotypes. Yes ladies, we do call you dumb bitches when the occasional misogynistic wave hits us. We also call you something else. The first word is lame and the second word begins with a c. Putting on your thinking caps, ladies. You can figure it out. DB’s and LC’s. That’s what we call you when there are none of you around and we feel disgusted with your antics. All men feel this way. Even men who love women do. They just experience a lot less misogyny than your average man. The sexes are very different, so different that the variations drive each sex nuts.

Men also tend to think women are idiots. It’s a common complaint and once again, nearly all men feel this way. I told that to a female friend and nearly ducked after said it, anticipating a return cannon shot of quotidian feminist outrage. Instead she shrugged her shoulders and laughed, “Oh that’s nothing,” she said. “Women think men are idiots too.” Well, there you have it. It looks like we’re even then. Each sex thinks the opposite sex is moronic. Like most things, it all equals out in the end.

But as the French say, “Viva la differance!” Sure women are nutty, but as one friend put it to me, “Would  you rather have a world where all the women acted like men?” That would clearly be disastrous. I wouldn’t want to live in a world like that. The best alternative is to keep women exactly as they are and embrace them warts and all. It’s called radical acceptance and it works for lots of things. Just get it into your head that this is just how women are, and they probably can’t help it anyway, and get to the point where you just accept that and are OK with it and it doesn’t bother you anymore.

At any rate, I have met no shortage of smart and even very smart women in my life. They’re everywhere, so it’s not real hard to find them.  I always figured men and women had the same scores because that is how it always seemed.

Oddly, tests in the past few years have shown that women are now completely matching men in intelligence. Their IQ’s are now statistically exactly the same as ours. Actually, they are beating us by .2 points, but that’s a trivial distance that won’t even be noticeable. What happened is that modern women are exposed to so much technology and weird gadgetry everywhere they look that they are actually getting smarter. Yes, women now are smarter in visuospatial tasks than previous generations.


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6 responses to “There Are More Male Geniuses, But There Are Also More Male Retards

  1. Frito Pendejo

    But success in life up to within the last generation of 200,000 years of our species really depended upon killing your opponents in battle, in recent history, stealing your neighbors livestock & also his land as well, the kind of skills the depended on raw strength & combativeness, which women have always lacked. But now in our post-industrial age, the skills needed to succeed in life now depend on so-called soft skills as it were. But women are still drawn to alpha males, no matter what age.

  2. Beaver

    Working with many women and/or being raised by just a woman often breeds misogyny. Career women seem unhappy in a way, especially with no man and kids. I sometimes feel women lose most of their positive attributes with age, whereas men gradually improve and gain depth over time.

  3. TRASH Jr.

    This is glaringly obvious anecdotally 🙂

  4. SED

    Have you noticed serial killers are mostly men. Obviously they’re nut jobs.

  5. Commenting

    Weirdly doesn’t show up in any of the Romanian standardization samples

    By the way Richard Lynn is the one who argues that males have a higher IQ by 4 points. It has never been the mainstream position in psychology

  6. Patty

    Help? Can anyone here let me know how to obtain a “Password” to view Roberts latest Delphi articles? Is there a way to become a member. I’ve searched this site and can’t find where to do so. Any help is appreciated. Thank You in advance.

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