New Vehicle of Interest in the Delphi Murders Case


I am getting tired of saying this over and over, but most of the material below is made up of rumors and my own opinions and theories. None of that is represented as fact. Furthermore, I am not using rumors as reliable sources as has been alleged. I never said they were reliable sources. How reliable is a rumor? That’s for you to determine, but in general a rumor is not considered to be a reliable source, and they are not treated as such below. 

Also when I say I am 100% sure of something, that means that I am 100% sure of it in my own mind. All of us are 100% sure of all sorts of things we cannot prove. That’s the nature of the human condition. We simply assume many things are facts until proven otherwise. Now many of these things that I was completely certain of were later proven to be wrong. Such is the case with many other things people become certain of in their own mind. Once again, when I say I am sure or certain or 100% certain, it means only that I am sure in my own mind. I am not stating that any of these things are facts. They are simply my convictions. Any of all of these firmly held beliefs of mine about this case could possibly will later prove to be false.

The only thing that is represented as fact are statements sourced from LE or the media. If you have issues with rumors, theories, opinions. etc., just quit reading right now and save yourself the heartache. 


I have no sources whatsoever in LE, local or otherwise. 

There ya go.

Most of my family sources are simply sources close to the families. These people generally live in Delphi and the surrounding region. So that makes my rumors even more hearsay. I’m mostly not even talking to the families. I am talking to people who are talking to the families!

Of course I have no LE sources. I thought I made that clear. Never have. Yes, I have talked to some of them, but of course they didn’t tell me a thing. A couple of times they told me that a certain person was a POI or that a certain person had been cleared with an airtight alibi. I suppose they don’t mind giving out that information. But other than that, they don’t tell me jack. It’s hard enough to even get them to call you back. I think if I asked them if my name was Robert Lindsay, they would say, “I am sorry, but I cannot comment on matters relating to an ongoing investigation.” That’s how bad it is.

So what do I have? Once again, I have sources who are close to LE. They get their information from LE, then they talk to me. So once again this is even more hearsay, as I am not even talking to LE but to the people who are talking to LE.

I really wish people would quit claiming I have LE sources. I just don’t. If you think I have these sources, just quit reading my stuff right now and go away. You will not be missed!

NOTE TO COMMENTERS 3: The lies never end. The latest is “Lindsay takes other people’s theories and claims they are his own.” Of course I don’t. This website is nothing but a compendium of rumors from all over the Net regarding this crime. I go through the rumors and try to rank them on a scale of weak to strong. I compare them against other rumors to see which one is better. All sorts of theories have been flying around since day one. I report those too.

The theories are really just more rumors. I’d say the vast majority of the rumor theories reported here were thought up by other people. I find most of my theories on other sites about this crime. That’s how it works, you know. You get theories about the crime from others. Yes, you use your own theories and you use other people’s theories. I really do not have time to down through the list of theories and say where I got them from. I have come up with a few of my own, but even with those, I guess someone else thought of them first. Also a lot of the theories here are also the result of constant brainstorming I do with my fellow sleuths.

Most of the real action now is taking place over at the private password-protected threads, where a vast amount of mostly unreleased photos, videos and data is stored and discussed. Instructions for joining those threads are here.

A number of suspect vehicles have been suggested to be connected to these murders. I will list them.

Make/Model                               Status 

Red Ford Mustang                         Unknown
Black car                                Unknown, dubious
White van                                Unknown, dubious
Red truck                                Unknown, dubious
Light colored coupe                      Unknown, may not exist
1970's grey Mercedes Benz                Exists, cleared
Late model Dodge Dart with paper plates  Suspect vehicle, VOI

After considering a number of vehicles for months without conclusive evidence of involvement, we* now feel that we have a Vehicle of Interest in the last vehicle, the late model Dodge Dart with paper plates.

None of the other vehicles have gone much of anywhere. The light colored coupe is said to be visible in the photo of Abbie on the bridge. However, the car is very hard to make out in the photo, and many say it does not even exist. If it does exist, it would be a suspect vehicle, as it was on the south side of the bridge parked on a little used access road.

As part of a dead theory about a botched abortion of one girl by relatives of the boy who may have impregnated her, we looked at a family called the S family. We did this erroneously as we had the wrong name of Abbie’s boyfriend. BS Junior is a former boyfriend of Abbie’s who is now just a friend, but we thought he was the current boyfriend. He was supposed to meet the girls that day and that in itself is quite interesting. I do not believe that BS Junior was involved in any way in the crime.

We considered BS Senior as part of this theory for a while. He is very large and looks pretty tough. In one photo he has a knife sheathed to his belt and air of menace about him. He weights a good 280 pounds. BS Senior has a minor criminal record. BS Senior put his silver Mercedes Benz up for sale very soon after the crime along with such strange items as a claw hammer, shoes, etc. My sources in Delphi felt that his putting that car up for sale so soon after the murders was very suspicious, hence BS Senior became a suspect in their theory. There is some other interesting possible evidence involving BS Senior I will not go into now.

He was on our radar too until the theory of his motive – stopping an unwanted pregnancy – was blown to smithereens. With no motive, it is hard to imagine why MS and BS Senior would do such a crime. They do not seem to be the types of men who would rape and murder teenage girls for kicks. After a lot of kibbutzing with each other, we decided to drop BS Senior and MS as POI’s. If BS Senior is dumped as a POI, his putting the vehicle up for sale right after the crime, while interesting, is probably just a coincidence. And now we are not even sure that a light-colored coupe was used in the crime. With no motive, BS Senior’s vehicle and presumably the other items such as the claw hammer and the shoes and the fact that they were put up for sale soon after the murders are not relevant to the crime.

I believe that BS Senior and MS are innocent of the murders of Abbie Williams and Liberty German.

I will elaborate on our clearing them in a post coming hopefully soon. It should have photos, etc. Persons of the S family may now please stop threatening to sue me for libel. BS Junior, a mere boy of 13, was never suspected by anyone anyway. In my opinion, the whole family is off the hook mostly due to a lack of motive, as the original theory of their motive burned up.


I believe the girls were ordered down the hill by the killer. When they got to the bottom of the hill, an altercation took place. I believe he beat them with his pistol. This is the part in the tape where the girls suddenly start screaming.

Subdued by the pistol blows, the girls were tied up and placed in a vehicle parked on the little used road on the south side of the bridge. This is a former access road for bridge workers. Bridge Guy possibly had the help of another man who may have participated in the crime. The girls were probably bundled into the trunk. The vehicle was rapidly driven out that road and onto several other roads until it got to the north side of the bridge, where it turned into the Mears property and drove into the Mears barn, the kill site. The Mears in the house nearest that barn were gone that day, and the killers may well have known that. Ron Logan was also gone that afternoon, and the killers may well have known that too.

Finally, a Vehicle of Interest

There would have had to have been two vehicles used. The White Dart with paper plates may be Bridge Guy’s vehicle. It was seen parked at the trailhead at the exact time Bridge Guy was accosting the girls on the bridge. Although we cannot prove that Bridge Guy arrived in that vehicle, I believe that this late model Dart with paper plates should certainly be seen as a vehicle of interest. LE has not mentioned anything about this vehicle, but I believe they should. Even if they don’t, others should be watching and jogging their memories about such a vehicle.

*We refers to the hive mind consisting of me and my fellow sleuths who work on this case with me. We bounce ideas off of each other all the time, and almost all of my theories are in part their theories too. It’s a group effort of putting a number of brains together to solve a problem, and it seems to work well. Similarly, statements such as “we are clearing them” simply means that our group no longer considers these people suspects. We can’t clear anyone; only LE can do that. It just means that they are cleared in our minds.

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  1. M E

    Hello Robert, do you have an email address I can send you this picture where I think there are white paint stains on the bridge guys’ jeans ? I’m just not sure it will allow me to upload a picture in a comment 🙂

    Also not sure if it matters or if it’s been talked about. But I noticed it and haven’t read about it anywhere so I wanted to pipe up.


  2. sandra

    Robert,has anyone bothered to check and see if they have a park ranger or maintenance that worked that day.

    • Not sure, thanks for this!

    • lee

      also need to check if some one in the last year etc has bought a police scanner. they are small like cell phones now so killer could track where
      LE was. Some relative must know him and is hiding details of his character. they are thinking of themselves and not the lives of these brave girls that had to pay the ultimate price. the photo is more than enough for a relative to come forward. look at the republican killer relatives that know he had domestic violence issues yet it took the law to find details. relatives, friends acting like he was some stand up guy on his beliefs. the adopted kids paint a true story. any relative needs to get to the law and let them get this killer. he will kill again. relatives are just as guilty if they hide and not get involved

  3. Sun

    “He was supposed to meet the girls that day and that in itself is quite interesting.”

    We are not accusing any of these young men of anything, agreed.

    Wouldn’t a potential motive exist in a scenario where an ex-boyfriend is scheduled to meet a pregnant ex-girlfriend – who has a current boyfriend –
    at a remote location, the ex-boyfriend doesn’t show up, and the ex-girlfriend is murdered after a forced abortion attempt turned murder? Theoretically?

    Was the misunderstanding about the current boyfriend your main reason for discarding Ss as POIs? You said you would provide an S update… maybe that will provide answers.

  4. Looptyloo

    Why are people so quick to jump on “I’m going to sue you for libel/slander” bandwagon? Do they not realize this blog is no different the conspiracy theories? They have millions of those everywhere regarding any subject you can think of!!
    I just chuckle every time someone throws that threat out there.

  5. Katheryn

    I have a question that I haven’t seen addressed by anyone thus far. My question is why would someone abduct 2 girls, take them to a barn not that far away and after murdering them, then take them to the river? Why go to all that trouble when he or they could have just left them in the barn and took off without risk of being seen and caught. I would really love to hear your theory on this one. He or they wanted them to be found, but would they not have been discovered in the barn by the owners? I am really stumped on this one, and would love to hear your theory as to why..Thanks

    • Chipscat

      I love this question and really want to hear possible explanations.

    • Lori

      Maybe they were moved to wash the evidence off in the river and to further confuse those searching for them.

    • Henry

      The majority of the time, a body is moved to avoid detection. Maybe the killers can be linked to the barn in some way.
      A more interesting question is why did they want a quick find of the bodies?

    • rexstout

      I wondered the same thing. I’m new here so I also want to to know why people theorize that they were taken elsewhere to be murdered.

      • Katheryn

        My theory is that whoever did this knows the owners and no doubt very well..the person or persons knew rl and m’s would not be home..they or he did not want anyone looking into that family..could be a work hand…close friend or either instance they did not want that family looked the girls were taken across the road and through rl’s gate and to the river..where it was hoped that where they were found would be considered the crime scene. It was to draw attention away…and wasn’t rl’s hate locked? If so..someone else had a key..but who?

        • Katheryn

          I meant gate locked

        • Mer

          RL’s gate at the SW corner of the cemetery was not locked at the time of the crime. A chain and lock were placed on the gate a week or so before Easter.

        • anonymous

          Perhaps the baby’s daddy was an illegal. Most of them would kill, rather than pay child support. Happens all the time in Texas. Especially now, that we are enforcing our laws,

    • Nietsnie

      It is what it is

      We have left to work with

    • Heisenberg

      My theory about the barn (it’s really just “a” theory…I’m generally as baffled about the “take-them-there-and-then-bring-them-back” procedure as you are) is that the barn was a Plan B. Whether a planned Plan B or an impromptu Plan B I cannot say. But, perhaps something happened after “down the hill” necessitating the Plan B, the most likely thing being some kind of altercation, about which Robert has alluded.

      But that’s just a theory. And it’s half-baked at best.

    • connie

      The site where the victims were sexually assaulted and killed would potentially have more biological evidence than a dump site. The killer may have believed the kill site would not be connected to the victims and therefore would not be processed by law enforcement. Hopefully this is the case. There could be a wealth of evidence at the site if the killer didn’t expect it to be discovered and connected to the victims.

    • connie

      Returning the victims to the original site may have added to the thrill. It would have made him feel smarter than everyone else.

  6. cp

    Interesting that CP is adopted. Does MP have any bio kids or are they all adopted?

  7. The Bad Guy

    Stumped is a good word to describe investigators working this case.I have close friends in Delphi who say Leazenby is still at his desk scratching his head, doesn’t have a clue. He swore up, down and all around Carroll County that Ronald Logan was their man….which he turned out to be not. The Feds biggest mistake was packing up and leaving town, thinking the corrupt bodunk Sheriff’s office could solve this one. These girls may never see justice due to an incompetent police dept. and secrecy within the community.

    • CP

      The community was perfectly fine when the blame falsely landed on RL. Now that people are wondering about others in Delphi and surrounding areas, they are going nuts. Just look at the way BH reacted.

      Shifty town and LE that wants someone like RL to take the blame. Lots of covering up going on and an incompetent LE. Leazenby is probably more worried where his next piece of pie or cake comes from.

    • SED

      Higher power in control

  8. D

    Nice…..I think you might have something in the ball park of being factual regarding the vehicle…I think you are dead on regarding them being transported in a vehicle…Then type vehicle would be something that wouldn’t stick out likens sore thumb…anything old and rusty would be accurate…I think

    • SED

      tinted windows would help

    • sdflowergirl

      When I first heard Libby’s phone was “pinging all over town”, my first thought was it was in a vehicle, but why and how, I wondered. Was she de-phoned and someone was to get rid of it? I don’t know how a phone could ping in more than one spot if it were stationary at one location. My thought was it was hidden or left in the trunk on purpose or accident with or without the girls as the driver drove around watching the search.

      If they were all in the trunk together, phone and girls, well…then they weren’t in the barn as soon as is everyone is thinking. What really happened “down the hill”? This was the taped off area. Maybe the killers drove around with them, figuring out what to do. Just my .02.

  9. I used to live very near where all this happened, so I remain hopeful the murders will be solved. I have three notions that I believe to be true.
    1) I think who did this is local (the accent from “down the hill” is very Carroll County. Even if the person moved away, that accent will remain. A professional linguist in dialects could lend more to that, and a voice print is really like DNA as to the person that said those words; 2) They do have DNA, but do not seem to have a match. It has been done in the past that DNA samples can be taken from both males and females of all ages (especially in a small area like this is) — not to find the killer — but to find familiar similarity to narrow the search. If the killer(s) has family members in the area, the DNA would raise the flag and it narrows the pool of possibles; finally 3) if the car has been identified as a strong possibility in belonging to the killer, if there was a paper plate, there will be a record of that. Dealers have paper plates, and this is an old car. Finding paper plates issued to cars in the ares can be tracked, especially for used cars — this could have been taken off another car, so make, model, year, description may not be accurate to the paper plate. Just finding who has had paper plates issued before and near that time before Feb 13 may deliver a name that could an “ahah” moment. Sometimes crimes are solved when small pieces of information come together. No one has really spoken to this, but since this case was so horrid, and the national attention it has had — your killer may no longer be alive. I one read an estimation that people that take their own lives, about 27% of them are never found.

  10. I used to live very near where all this happened, so I remain hopeful the murders will be solved. I have three notions that I believe to be true.

    1) I think who did this is local (the accent from “down the hill” is very Carroll County. Even if the person moved away, that accent will remain. A professional linguist in dialects could lend more to that, and a voice print is really like DNA as to the person that said those words;

    2) They do have DNA, but do not seem to have a match. It has been done in the past that DNA samples can be taken from both males and females of all ages (especially in a small area like this is) — not to find the killer — but to find familiar similarity to narrow the search. If the killer(s) has family members in the area, the DNA would raise the flag and it narrows the pool of possibles

    Finally, if the car has been identified as a strong possibility in belonging to the killer, if there was a paper plate, there will be a record of that. Dealers have paper plates, and this is an old car. Finding paper plates issued to cars in the ares can be tracked, especially for used cars — this could have been taken off another car, so make, model, year, description may not be accurate to the paper plate. Just finding who has had paper plates issued before and near that time before Feb 13 may deliver a name that could an “aha” moment. Sometimes crimes are solved when small pieces of information come together.

    No one has really spoken to this, but since this case was so horrid, and the national attention it has had — the killer may no longer be alive. I once read an estimation that people that take their own lives that are involved in ghastly crimes, about 27% of them are never found.

    • Do you think that it is possible that a woman was also involved or only men?

    • rexstout

      i agree with everything you said. Nationwide maybe but no one in my area (South Florida) has every heard of this crime. I check on Delphi news everyday to keep up but anyone I ask around here has no clue what I’m talking about. Nor my relatives in Ohio. Hard to believe this was a first time crime for someone. Got to be in someones data base.

  11. paula

    “paper plates” to me means the temporary plates until the real ones get delivered….they are only good for a certain period…..they are numbered and it would be a cinch for the cops if they wanted to survey all paper plates issued in the vicinity….even within several states….we do have computers now..

    • L

      Fake paper plates.

      Shiiit there was a robbery in my neighborhood recently and they used fake (not expired cause I can track that) plates. Looked like a legit full on liscence plate!

      Fake paper plates.. all you need is a printer and an old holder for them. If they’re not fake (which would be STUPID in committing a crime of this magnitude. If I had the plates I can call up all the dealers in the area, even look for old ads matching the description of the vehicle, explain the situation or make something up, and someone in the service department would tell who they sold that car to, 9/10 times. Either that or they can point to to the correct dealership. Don’t ask me how I know this. With the amount of people living in the area this I could get knocked out in an hour if the unsubs are local. And this is voluntarily giving up the buyer of the car’s information.

      FBI strolls in and there’s no more 9/10 times. They 100% have to give up that information.

      I can assure you if this vehicle was involved… fake paper plates.

      Or if someone has the paper plates share em… I’ll make calls. I know what to say and to whom in a dealership. Or someone on here can make th calls. But you won’t find what you’re looking for because if this was the vehicle involved anyone with half a brain woulda made fake plates. And if they didn’t lmao the police, FBI… seriously dun goofed. Ok not laughing, but serious LE error.

  12. kangaroo

    Testing this because I don’t want to give my email.

  13. kangaroo

    Cool. Glad I don’t have to give my email. I manage a rental car branch. A while ago I was on my phone and zoomed in to get a better look at the “vehicle” everyone said they saw in the picture of Abby on the bridge. If that is a car, which is still a decently sized if, it appears to have a sticker exactly where some rental car companies put a sticker. I wouldn’t have even posted except when I realized there’s a little white squarish shaped thing on what appears to be the back driver side window I said, almost out loud, that is a Dodge. I personally thought it was a Journey with the tailgate up, but all Dodges have a distinct body style so maybe a dart with a hatchback.

  14. PleaseReport

    Kangaroo, this is one of the most useful observations I’ve read. Please please report this to LE if you have not already done so.

    • Kangaroo

      I can’t be the first person to bring this up. If I am then the families are in serious trouble of the case going cold. I mean, I can’t even tell you how many times rental cars have been used to commit crimes. Granted the crimes I’m aware of aren’t this serious but still… If LE isn’t immediately checking out car rentals as a possible way for a subject to hide in plain sight then they aren’t worthy of being in charge of the investigation.

      My thought has always been, if it’s a local and there was a car involved, the easiest way to do that is to tell everyone you are going out of town, rent a car, come back and do your thing. It’s a small town. I live in a town the same size. We know what our neighbors are doing based upon where we saw their cars sometimes. I’ve rented to people who use my car as a way to avoid getting caught for a crime. To me it makes sense, but I have no real, special knowledge in this situation. For all I know it’s not even a sticker on the “car” and it’s just an artifact. Whatever it is, anything I say to LE would/should be redundant.

  15. Heisenberg

    I’ve got to admit I have a hard time seeing a car there. Looks like a shadow to me, but I’ll accept the possibility. In any case, whats meant by “late model” Dodge Dart…one made recently? Or a long time ago (not a car person).

    • kangaroo

      I’m with you. I don’t necessarily either but those pictures are just such poor quality. So hard to know for certain. Anyway, “late model” actually means newer. I guess it just means it was made later in the production cycle of the manufacturer, like it has a later year or later body style.

  16. Heisenberg

    Thanks for the clarification. Never had the car gene; don’t know why. 🙂

    In any case, I actually traveled to that area recently (as an extension of a business trip nearby) to see the town (and trail, etc.) for myself. The biggest surprise to me was that the trail is close to homes and roads, including a four-lane highway. This is not the indication that people from outside the area (such as myself) are getting from the pictures and other media. Even that YouTube video with the mechanized British female voice which purports to retrace the footsteps of the girls makes it seem like the trail is out in the middle of nowhere. There is no indication from that video, for instance, that there is a large working farmhouse (part of the Mears property) right across the street from where the girls were dropped off.

    Is this important? I rather think so, because if the perpetrator is someone from outside the area, then LE and the rest of us are basically at the mercy of people from outside area giving as many tips as possible. And while I’m sure there have been a lot of those, they obviously haven’t been enough (not yet anyway). But I fear that a lot of people outside of the area are not paying a lot of attention because at first glance this looks like the work of a drifter (due to this appearing to be in a very remote location), and most people assume they wouldn’t know the person.

    It’s also important for another reason: I think there are a lot of people who heard about (or read, or whatever) this story and had a “blame the victim” reaction, summarized (more or less) as “well, that’s sad, but you shouldn’t let your kids just wander around in the middle of nowhere” and then they move on to something else without giving it a second thought. Which is sad, but also a very human trait. I know everyone has seen this reaction in various places, and I know it has angered a lot of the locals. I have never had that reaction, but I’m more of a “free-range” parenting type myself. But after having been there myself, I can totally see the disconnect: To locals, this is essentially a well-traveled and popular “city” trail, and few people would think anything of kids walking on it, especially kids walking with others. But to people not familiar with the area who now know it only from the news reports, this trail looks like it may as well be miles away from the nearest hint of civilization (and the abandoned railroad bridge only enhances that effect).

    Anyway, just some food for thought, for what it’s worth. I hope that this will at least help explain to locals why so many people (again, not me) have had that reaction.

    • Kangaroo

      Lol. I never had the car gene either, Mr. Uncertainty. In this case, it was all nuture vs nature. I learned cars. If it wasn’t for my job then I wouldn’t have any idea what a Dart was.

      As someone who lives in a town the same size, I would agree. I have literally never locked a door and think nothing of kids wandering freely around the trails and hills nearby. In towns like this the unspoken (and not entirely true) adage is the only thing that will get you hurt is your own stupidity.

  17. Lauren Neal

    IN RE: “This is the part in the tape where the girls suddenly start screaming.”

    How do you know this?

  18. Clay

    I don’t believe this theory makes any sense. If the killer had gotten the girls inside his vehicle, he would have immediately driven away with them. It would be ludicrous to remain at the scene of the abduction once he had them inside his vehicle. He would get far away from the abduction site, to a place that was secure, where he could take his time, and not have to be worried about someone seeing him or coming looking for the girls.

    • Mer

      It looks like the suspects vehicle was north of the creek. I don’t think they were ever placed in a car, I don’t think they were ever in the barn.

      • Sun

        Mer, has something in particular caused you to believe the Mears barn was not used? The flowers, the encounter with the owners, the theory… It all seemed to line up.

        • Looptyloo

          Don’t you think LE would know if a vehicle was used? Even with just audio recording you can hear sounds of vehicles the struggle to get in, doors closing, engine running etc. they have to know if one was used

        • They know if a car was used.

        • Mer

          The barn fits into a scenario where the girls are taken from the SE end of the bridge to a waiting car, and transported to the other side of the creek. It is a fairly private structure and almost directly across the road from the dump site. I don’t think they were moved in a car. I think if a structure was used, it was a structure closer to the trails.

          The members of the family I met at the barn did NOT confirm that a crime was committed there. They were very nice. The girlfriend didn’t say anything, but the young man was very polite. Again, the barn was only a theory based on it’s location. If you go to the site, stay out of the barn. It only has some hay in it.

          I don’t believe the girls were moved in a car to the barn, and they would not have been walked to the barn. I think they waded through Deer Creek. If there was a structure involved it was south of county road 300N and north of the creek.

      • Mer, do you have a new vision or idea as to where and how this happened?

        • Voodoo

          “Vision” is that what we are going off of? I was under the impression Mer visited the area & had some solid information

        • greeneyedpea

          If you look on Google maps or Google earth, the only structures “south of county road 300N and north of the creek.” (as Mer states above) are those at 5858 W 300 N, which I believe is RL’s property? The maps all have trees, so if there is a deer blind or some outbuilding, you can’t see it under the canopy. Any thoughts?

        • Mer

          No, Sunflower, I only have information that I have read or someone else told me. Like I said a long time ago, my trips to the area were to examine how the crime might have occurred. I have never named anyone as a suspect. I don’t have enough knowledge of the crime or Delphi to do that. I have participated in discussions here about suspects that someone else has named.
          I think LE will solve this…somehow.

  19. connie

    You can download an app from Google Play Store or ITunes to listen to police, fire and EMS scanners live streaming to your phone. The perpetrator may have done this and known the search was called off for the night. May have been watching from afar using binoculars or night vision goggles to see that there were no vehicles, flashlights etc. near the dump site and crept on in to the cemetery with his headlights off to then drag his victims down to the site where they were found the next day. Before removing the victims from his vehicle he likely would have scouted the area with his flashlight making sure no one was still out there. If, by chance, he happened to run in to someone still searching he could have said he was searching too. After making sure he was alone he then moved the victims to the dump site. If he had run in to other searchers that night he would have dumped the victims somewhere else.

    • My fellow co-worker downloaded that App a few months ago on her phone. We were listening to it during our lunch break. The App only picked up major US cities such as Chicago, Indianspolis, Milwaukee, Atalanta, etc. Tiny towns such as Delphi, etc were not available, at least, when we tried it.

  20. connie

    Suspect may have been a trucker who regularly drove the same route and who enjoyed taking regular breaks near the Monon High Bridge and walking the trails and exploring outbuildings in the area. He may have been an outdoorsman who regularly carried knives, gloves, rope, binoculars, etc. in a knapsack or fanny pack. These are utilitarian tools and not against the law to have on your person. Carrying a gun is not unusual for an outdoorsman either, and not a crime with a concealed carry permit. Therefore he had the tools of murder on his person all the time. Likely he fantasized about assaulting and killing girls and wanted to do it and may have done it before. Bides his time until a good opportunity comes his way. May have already crossed the bridge that morning and knew that no one was on the south side. Saw the girls being dropped off and just watched them at first. When it began to look like a feasible opportunity he moved his vehicle to the service road below the bridge. Walked back up on to the bridge. Possibly began walking north, passing the girls who were walking south. Says, “Hello.” Then turns around and begins to follow them. Liberty notices and begins to record him. He orders them down the hill, hits one or both with the gun and forces them into the trunk of his waiting vehicle. Transports them to another location and carries out his evil acts. That night after the search is called off he brings them back to the area where he leaves them to be found the next day.

    • J

      The problem I’m having with them being put into a trunk is there are rumors that the video was 40 minutes long. If that’s the case then either the battery died or someone found it. Nonetheless Libby would have had her phone while in the trunk and could have called for help.

      • The audio is 40 minutes long, not the video.

      • Mer

        I don’t think the girls were placed in a trunk of a car. The rumor I have heard about the audio is that it is a recording of the girls and Unsub walking through leaves and brush. The voices are muffled.

        • J

          I agree about the trunk Mer. I think there was a very close eye kept on the girls once he made his move.

        • Looptyloo

          Hey Eric pond scum at its finest

        • Looptyloo

          Mer on May 26, 2017 at 5:00 PM
          No, Sunflower, I only have information that I have read or someone else told me. Like I said a long time ago, my trips to the area were to examine how the crime might have occurred. I have never named anyone as a suspect. I don’t have enough knowledge of the crime or Delphi to do that. I have participated in discussions here about suspects that someone else has named.
          I think LE will solve this…somehow.

          Innocent Eric you only blame Ivan but you don’t name suspects😂

        • J

          Wow, this case is really getting to some people’s head!! Are you implying that I am Eric????? I live in Fl. and are here for the same damb reason as you so I thought. Maybe you need to take a few days off geeezzz 😂

        • Looptyloo

          No J not you MER!!!

        • J

          I’m sorry looptyloo I misunderstood you and thought you were implying to mer that I was. I see what’s going on now

      • connie

        A few ideas: Libby started filming Bridge Guy but as he got closer she placed the still recording phone in her pocket which could explain why there was just audio available and no video. After subduing them either with terror or injury he may have tied their hands behind their backs before forcing them into the car. A dark trunk, reduced level of consciousness, and tied hands could explain why she couldn’t use the phone. If he had seen she had the phone he would have taken it, destroyed it or at the very least taken out the battery, but if it continued recording for 40 minutes he didn’t know she had one.

  21. greeneyedpea

    Does anyone know who lives at 200 W. North St. in Delphi? I wonder where they were and if they heard/saw anything. It seems their driveway would have been the perfect road to drive up and put the vehicle(s) under the SE side of the bridge. Maybe this has been discussed/answered already?

  22. greeneyedpea

    Ack. That address doesn’t work. Try this one: 200 W North St
    Delphi, IN 46923

    • greeneyedpea

      so weird…it is the house to the east of the SE corner of the bridge, where the driveway ends. If you click on it in Google maps, it gives the address as 200 W North St.

      • Mer

        I think you may be referring to county road 200North. County rd 200 N would run east-west. It would basically be a road 2 miles north of a reference point. Usually the reference point for numbering the county roads is the county seat. In Carroll Co, Flora is used as the reference point from which the roads are numbered. Many areas of Indiana are a near perfect grid of county roads at 1 mile intervals–like graph paper

        • Barbarino

          Hawk, Have you ever heard of translation?? LOL….You should consider changing your name bc you suck as a hawk!!!!

        • Barbarino

          You must be from Indiana, that’s why you’re getting so bent out of shape……. “Stupid is, as Stupid does” Forrest Gump

        • Mer

          I agree, Hawk, that description of county road numbering was confusing.
          County roads are numbered according to how many miles they lie from a base road and a meridian road. The base road runs east to west and would generally bisect the county into northern and southern halves. The meridian road runs north south and bisects the county into east and west halves. They intersect at the center of the county. That generally is the county seat or main town in the county. County rd 200 N would be a road that runs east to west and lies 2 miles north of the base road. County rd 300 N would be a road that lies 3 miles north of the base road. The roads are laid out in a grid with 1 mile of spacing between them. The squares they form are 1 sq mile or 640 acres.

        • Barbarino

          Hawk, Perhaps he’s one of those good ole boys, that gets a nod or a wave when he’s passing through….LMMFAO

  23. Police need to check trucking companys that had loads dropped in Delphi on or before the 13th. I know it will take time,but with all of us to help,we’ll find something.All we have is time…

    • anonymous

      Horse farriers convention in Ohio. Bowlegged farrier man from Colorado. He does this trip at least yearly. He sees young hookers a lot. Originally from Wisconsin. Fbi knows, but too lazy, corrupt or stupid to follow up. I want my reward.

  24. I believe it is a serial killer that cross the US. I believe the FBI have his DNA and this is the closes they have gotten to him.You have to know the area and the bridge.So he must come from or been raised there.I believe the killer confronted the girls beforehand,acting like a park ranger or something.Then when he approached them on the bridge,Kiddy was alert.It’s only a matter of time.You’re slipping 😊 God bless Delphi and it’s families

    • Sorry about the spelling. I know it’s Libby,but my phone has mind of it’s own

    • Lori

      The killer could have come from Kokomo. Lots of arrests for meth in that town.

      • Lori

        Also, it only takes 47 minutes to get from the Bob Evans in Kokomo to the bridge trail. Just far enough away but not too far. Then he just blends in. Of course he is smarter than everyone and he is a serial. He must be bullshit about the picture and the voice. He may already have been arrested for another crime.

  25. Robert ,there are also properties for sale on zillow in deer creek area.Did anyone check which ones were vacant at time of crime. Is someone in charge of the up keep of the properties while vacant…so many stones unturned. Police need to start at the beginning.With the first tip…

    • Looptyloo

      Sandra are you local?

      • No ,I’m way out here in the southwest.He has done this before. He’s one of those idiots without heart and soul,that kills whatever,and whoever,but cowardly. I believe he saw an opportunity that he couldn’t let pass.That’s why I believe the girls saw him earlier.He made sure no one was around before he pounced.He hunts,that’s why someone should hunt him.I hope there is someone in LE with this ability.I believe there is.I also believe after the girls got “Down the hill”,one tried to run,that’s how they crossed the creek.But cries from my friend would of made me return.Once at “kill sight”,he wasted no time.What happened next,only LE know. God bless the families.Remember we are all behind you.Justice and Karma always prevails 💞

        • Kim

          Nice summary Sandra, it makes a connection I hadn’t thought of previously; that one of the girls tried to flee across the River and that is why the bodies ended up over there rather than a plant on RLs land by the perp. I also agree with your simple, quick and violent scenario. Eric A. Indicated the river may have been quite shallow then. As a kid I was a water-bug and would have likely fled across a stream rather than back up hill. Especially if I knew there were nearby houses……

  26. Cathie

    Rumour mill has it that the Courthouse is in lockdown, Any truth to this? Arrested DANIEL JAY LEAZENBY, violating his parole. Registered sex offender.

  27. Cathie

    I was not sure where to post my above posts, password required.

    • Lyn

      Hi Cathie- Do you know the back story of this guy? It says he was convicted in 2012 and released in April 13, 2017- so if correct that would mean he was incarcerated when Libby and Abby were murdered. Or am I getting the release date wrong- was he released earlier?

      • Cathie

        I think the dates are not updated, he might have been out earlier for good behavior…! This I also questioned.

        • Lyn

          True. There’s a facebook for a Daniel Leazenby from Logansport who started posting on his account in June 2013. He looks quite a bit different, but I assume it’s him. His posts stopped in April 2016.

          lol, there’s a Russian guy in Liverpool who looks more like the mugshot.

      • Looptyloo

        No lyn you are right people jumping to conclusions over nothing

    • Barbarino

      That’s the, You are required to donate $100.00 or more to get in, but it’s worth it….

  28. Cathie

    All I have read is above charged with Child Molestation and Sexual motivation.
    6 years DOC + 2 years suspended

  29. Cathie

    On FB, a closed one, some of the women are from Delphi, who knows!

    • Lyn

      Ah, interesting. I deleted my facebook a while back- so have not been able to see any info from the groups. It is good to hear from Delphi people I think.

      • Cathie

        Well some of them are very opinionated, I just lurk most of the time in the background lol.

        Just found this info on mycaseIN re Daniel Leazenby

        09/04/2012 Sentenced
        Judicial Officer:
        Maughmer, Richard A
        3. 35-42-4-3(a)/FB: Child Molesting
        Confinement to Commence: 09/04/2012
        Indiana Department of Correction
        Term: 2,920 Days
        Jail Credit: 177 Days
        Suspended: 730 Days

        • Lori

          The sheriff let him slide. Same last name.

        • Lyn

          I should lurk more- I just ask questions, lol.

          Thanks so much for more info- now I need to do math, haha!

        • Lyn

          Lori- kind of weird, huh?

        • Mer

          It looks like he was arrested in Cass County for living within 1000 feet of a school as a RSO. He was arrested on 5-24-2017. If he has been moved to Carroll County that would be highly significant. I haven’t been able to find a release date from his molestation conviction in 2012. He had also been arrested for Burglary before 2012.

    • From Logansport paper, seems like he just recently applied for marriage license.

  30. Cathie

    Maybe someone can enlighten me re what the above term means “suspended” Thank you. Our court system is different in where I am from in Canada.

    • Cathie

      Does it mean less time or?

      • Lyn

        I THINK it means that the suspended sentence is what you will actually serve if you behave in prison. Then you have stipulations to go by when you are released at the judge’s dictation. So, that seems to mean that the guy spent less than two years in prison because he also had time served in jail already taken off too.

        If that is wrong, hopefully someone will correct me!

      • Bo

        Im pretty sure in IN it means less time. You get to do the minimum time, then probation. If you screw up before its over, you have to finish out the suspended sentence….I think.

        • Cathie

          Yes, I agree, so the time posted on the site is not unnecessarily the time when the person is released. I agree, Thank you.

        • GRN

          A suspended sentence is usually when the person is not sent to jail or prison, but instead is allowed to stay free on supervision or probation or release. If they violate the terms of their release, and if they get caught and arrested, then they often will be sent to prison to serve the actual sentence. For example, the person might be given a one year suspended sentence. They are allowed to go free, but they have to go to drug classes, not drink or use drugs, not commit any crime, they might have a curfew, might be told to get a job, etc. If they get caught violating those terms of their release, they are arrested and usually sent to do their jail or prison time.

  31. GRN

    Daniel Leazenby pic from an old myspace:

  32. Cathie

    I have been checking out Jay Leazenby’s partner in crime JB, this guy is also creepy.a serial criminal . See 2010 article where both Leazenby and Birnell were charged with robbery.
    On Feb 17, 2017 Birnell was charged with having possession of a stolen weapon.
    I had a look at his FB page, and it was pretty disqusting re the sexual posts re women, I also saw a remark that someone was a snitch. Can I post his FB ? Thank you.

  33. Cathie

    and an older version of JB;s FB

  34. Cathie

    Hello anyone “out there” that can confirm that Daniel Leazenby was in FACT out of Jail prior to Feb 13/2017. Thank you.

    • Dundee34

      Go to Indiana Dept of correction wen site. Then offender locator. You will see his release was 5-13-2017. DOC site shows actual release date time served etc.

      • Kit

        With all due respect, that proves nothing. That just reflects the case as closed. For instance if someone gets a burglary sentence, they may only physically serve part of the sentence because of good behavior or something, but that does not dismiss the case. They could be sent home on parole. It will still run it’s full time on paper, and be closed at the end of it…sometimes while the person is already home.

        • Dundee34

          With all due respect… I know EXACTLY what I am talking about in that this individual was physically released on the date listed. It tells you ALL that you need to know on that individuals ability to have committed a crime anywhere outside of the IDOC fences.

  35. Jim

    There is someone else in Delphi closely following this case and posting on YouTube. I just saw a recent one in which he said that access road is not accessible because of a locked gate. Therefore there could have been no car or men under the southeast end of the trail because there is no way to gain access to that service road
    Your opinion?

  36. kathi

    Where is the photo of this car?

  37. There has been a lot regarding the paper license plate on the Dart and if it was a rental etc. From the beginning we have all wondered if this was a serial killer that roamed state to state or if said person was a local in terms of maybe 100 miles or so. We wondered truck driver? Contractor?

    Here are my thoughts and have been for quite some time, but with the new paper plate ordeal, I really wonder.

    Let’s say he is a Pilot Driver. Escorts all sorts of big equipment. Do you do this in your own POV or a company-owned vehicle leased to you for duration of escorting? If the latter was the case, how smooth a crime would be to commit?

    You have “Just a Guy, LLC Pilot Service” loaning or leasing you his fleet car. You slide into town in his COV swap plates to paper.. And GO.. Prime Time Crime. No paper trail credit card like a rental. The world is your sick crime-riddled oyster. Not to berate the Feds or Police, but has this been explored? The LE is hell bent on a face, but how deep can we get into the investigation of the car? Also in looking at Pilot SVCS, I see a CDL requirement. They are as abundant as regular DL’s. Again, I don’t know all the ins and outs of a pilot car svcs – if it’s your POV or a COV – but this has been exercising my thoughts.

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