New Comments Thread for the Delphi Murders


I am getting tired of saying this over and over, but most of the material below is made up of rumors and my own opinions and theories. None of that is represented as fact. Furthermore, I am not using rumors as reliable sources as has been alleged. I never said they were reliable sources. How reliable is a rumor? That’s for you to determine, but in general a rumor is not considered to be a reliable source, and they are not treated as such below. 

Also when I say I am 100% sure of something, that means that I am 100% sure of it in my own mind. All of us are 100% sure of all sorts of things we cannot prove. That’s the nature of the human condition. We simply assume many things are facts until proven otherwise. Now many of these things that I was completely certain of were later proven to be wrong. Such is the case with many other things people become certain of in their own mind. Once again, when I say I am sure or certain or 100% certain, it means only that I am sure in my own mind. I am not stating that any of these things are facts. They are simply my convictions. Any of all of these firmly held beliefs of mine about this case could possibly will later prove to be false.

The only thing that is represented as fact are statements sourced from LE or the media. If you have issues with rumors, theories, opinions. etc., just quit reading right now and save yourself the heartache. 


I thought I made this one thing perfectly clear as Richard Nixon used to say:

I have no sources whatsoever among the families of the girls.

I have no sources whatsoever in LE, local or otherwise. 

There ya go.

What I do have is sources close to the families. These people generally live in Delphi and the surrounding region. So that makes my rumors even more hearsay. I’m not even talking to the families. I am talking to people who talk to the families!

Of course I have no LE sources. I thought I made that clear. Never have. Yes, I have talked to some of them, but of course they didn’t tell me a thing. A couple of times they told me that a certain person was a POI or that a certain person had been cleared with an airtight alibi. I suppose they don’t mind giving out that information. But other than that, they don’t tell me jack. It’s hard enough to even get them to call you back. I think if I asked them if my name was Robert Lindsay, they would say, “I am sorry, but I cannot comment on matters relating to an ongoing investigation.” That’s how bad it is.

So what do I have? Once again, I have sources who are close to LE. They get their information from LE, then they talk to me. So once again this is even more hearsay, as I am not even talking to LE but to the people who are talking to LE.

I really wish people would quit claiming I have LE or family sources. I just don’t. If you think I have these sources, just quit reading my stuff right now and go away. You will not be missed!

NOTE TO COMMENTERS 3: The lies never end. The latest is “Lindsay takes other people’s theories and claims they are his own.” Of course I don’t. This website is nothing but a compendium of rumors from all over the Net regarding this crime. I go through the rumors and try to rank them on a scale of weak to strong. I compare them against other rumors to see which one is better. All sorts of theories have been flying around since day one. I report those too.

The theories are really just more rumors. I’d say the vast majority of the rumor theories reported here were thought up by other people. I find most of my theories on other sites about this crime. That’s how it works, you know. You get theories about the crime from others. Yes, you use your own theories and you use other people’s theories. I really do not have time to down through the list of theories and say where I got them from. I have come up with a few of my own, but even with those, I guess someone else thought of them first. Also a lot of the theories here are also the result of constant brainstorming I do with my fellow sleuths.

I am closing down the most popular thread as the page is taking too long to load on my box here. I leave the pages up until they are taking over a minute to load. More than that, and I figure the page needs to go down. I don’t want visitors waiting until they lay an egg and hatch it before my page loads. I have better things to do and I imagine most of you do too.

Carry on here and keep in mind the Comments Rules are mostly about behavior towards Alpha and me, the site administrators. Most of that stuff doesn’t apply to the rest of you. For instance, hostile tone only applies to comments directed at us two. You all can go at each other all you want, though it might be better if you refrained from killing each other. We have quite enough homicide cases to deal with on this site, thank you very much.

Carry on, and thanks for the donations!

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92 responses to “New Comments Thread for the Delphi Murders

  1. Steven G

    Robert, who is your current POI?


      Is that crappy or what?

      I am so depressed about this. Life is just crap sometimes. This case may well go cold, awful as that sounds.

      • Chipscat

        When the news first broke the media was calling this “The Snapchat Murders”. A couple days later that was dropped. I would like to read more sleuthing from this angle, even though it feels far fetched.

        • Kevin T Seilhymer

          You guys should really watch who you drag through the mud. Someone is going to get fed up and file Defamation of Character charges. Also as a concerned citizen i was wondering why Veterans are being targeted by your allegations? If you know anything about the people who are considered your POIs then you would know how moronic your allegations are. Which begs the question why are combat Vets being bashed and slandered and scrutinized on this website, with no shred of any evidence to back it up? Thank you

        • SED

          I bet the killer hates that name (Snapchat) I would. It sounds g.. All his work…lmao.

      • Robert,

        Do you mean:
        (a) “…because there are too many good local POIs to narrow down”
        (b) “…because you no longer think any of the locals did it?”

        • I burned out all my POI’s and I no longer think any of them did it. So I am sitting here with my palms up in the air. I now have a new POI but I am not sure how good he is. He’s mostly just a very bad guy who resembles BG a lot. Arrested a day after the bodies were found in Lafayette with meth and a 16 year old girl in the back of his car. They looked at his phone and found pics of him having sex with the 16 year old girl. He’s probably been in jail since 2-15.

      • Henry

        Robert, hang in there. I believe I can speak for those most interested in this case, you are doing a good thing. This is one of few places that locals can explore ideas. I’m not a local but feel for these girls and the horror that they experienced in the last hours of their life. The only thing I can contribute is an opinion….and we all have one of those. Maybe something I say might trigger a thought from someone close to this situation.
        If this is a local, it’s possible that it will be solved. Look at the Tara Grinstead case in Georgia. She has been missing for 11 years. The guy who helped get rid of the body began telling others. His girlfriend turned them in a couple of months ago.
        I believe this is a local crime. Someone wanted those bodies to be found quickly. Why?

        • Sunflower

          Yes, I think that a trio or more of men killed her and left her at the place of the crime and then without their consent or knowledge, one or two of the trio returned to the scene and moved the bodies to the more visible dumping spot in order to have control over the whole scheme. Ron Logan’s property is the nucleus but the trio are the cytoplasm of the cell. I also don’t think that a murder was originally intended. I think that a murder, and one that had gone wildly wrong, occurred because things went wildly apeshit at the crime scene. Libby and Abby may have known something or were about to tell and their imminent betrayal had to be stopped somehow.

        • Henry

          Hi Sunflower- I agree with your synopsis. Not knowing your community specifically, the following list comes to mind of possible items they could have known about. Feel free to elaborate or add to the list if something triggers a thought from the community:
          -obviously, molestation (one of the girls, a friend of the girls, a sibling)
          -pregnancy (one of the girls, a friend of the girls, a sibling)
          -distribution of drugs (or is this so prevalent that it shouldn’t be on the list)
          -a crime (they know the specifics of a crime and who did it)
          -an affair (they know that a man is cheating on his wife/girlfriend)

        • Scout

          Milton quote “The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven”
          I’m right there with you Robert!! I don’t know if what I’m going post will be helpful or more frustrating. In the absence of any further details from LE, I have to rely on my training and what i know about human behavior.

          Since I work mostly with victims, I’m able to give a general statement about ASPD. And SK. I’ve already done that and won’t revisit here. As it relates to a profile of any other suspects or POI, that is best left up to a forensic psychologist, whom can perform a battery of tests: MMPI, trauma histories,
          Aggression inventories, and other such tools which would then be admitted as evidence in a court of law. If it ever came to that. I am not a psychologist and will not comment on my suspicions of any of the information about any suspect unless it is directly disclosed by LE. I have been known to pose questions.

          Getting that caveat out of the way and quoting from “Complexity of Adaption to Trauma, Self-Regulation, Stimulus Discrimination, and Characterological Development” (Traumatic Stress, vessel van derkolk, page 187):

           "People with PTSD have at least 2 different abnormal levels of psychphysiological responses to their environment: 1. Conditioned responses to specific reminders of the trauma, and 2.generalized

          Hyperarousal to intense but intrinsically neutral stimuli. First level involves heightened arousal to the sounds, images, and thoughts related to a specific traumatic event.”

          The second involves an increasingly intense emotional reaction to stressors, some of which could be non-threatening, some of which could be from accumulated unfortunate series of events.

          The brain, body, mind, and soul are extricably linked and I would hog up all the space trying to explain all this in lay persons terms. It involves the limbic system, neuroendrocrine systems, neurotransmitters, and a whole host of biological and personal meaning interpretations.

          “The accuracy of memory itself is affected by an emotional valence of an experience”.

          For me, the question is Who is BG? We have read from 2 posters, one Mr. EA and two, Mr D, both of whom are convinced that they either have identified BG, or had an encounter with BG, many years ago, respectively.
          The emotional significance of their reactions to the photo and voice recognition of BG is crucial and something on which I can trust. Not because I know either of these men, but because how the neurobiological reactions of each can be supported by research on memory processes of both declarative and traumatic memory.

          In short, to me, EA’ s description of how he came to his realization of who BG is, reads as authentic. AND D’s. Experience with a SK at the age of 14 in GA and then having a reaction to BG, as the same SK, also reads as an authentic reaction. I think both men are telling the truth according to the emotional salience of their respective intuitions.

          Problem is, they cannot both be right. Unless BG is one in the same person who ran after D AND is the person named by EA. Very unlikely. They are the only 2 people on this blog site whom have declared possible interactions with BG. One has passed that information to LE, and I’m hoping D has also shared his experience with LE.

          That’s the best I’ve got with the information, the accurate information, that I’ve received. So, all is not lost, but LE has enough evidence to rule in or rule out which ever of these 2 men is correct in their interpretations. If either one of them is. I am generally more peaceful, having come to some sort of logical explanation that I can make sense of. That’s all I’m going to state because really, none of us have enough information.

      • Looptyloo

        Kevin T Seilhymer please go look up defamation of character please and come back later. No one is accusing its called discussing.
        Now keep on defaming your veteran with your moronic threats

        • Nietsnie

          My thoughts exactly, falls under “libel” if brings harm upon the person. A piece of freedom of speech involved. Is tort law, depends on State

          Was planning to post this separately;

          Flashers were in the news 2 days prior to this on the Northern portion of the trails, exposing themselves. I have been told this is not near the bridge, but certainly a parent or grandparent would have seen this on the news. The two men were arrested.

          The girls were dropped-off by an older sister to go hiking.
          Did this older sister go somewhere and show off recent photos she was linked to? Thus exposing the girls location.

          If Libby recognized the “creepy guy” following her, why didn’t she name him?
          If there is cell phone service to send a snap-chat photo of Abby, why wasn’t 911 called?
          With only 1 or 2 cell phone towers in town, the “pinging all over town”, was most likely the phone relaying the video / audio information to the cloud service before the battery died or the device was powered-off / destroyed.

          If the sister came back to pick them up at specified time, I assume the phone was dead by than as that was the only method of contact besides showing up at the pick up point.

          The technology point of view has to be examined in this case as all the other evidence is circumstantial & hearsay.
          The FBI can easily clear any locals based on specific patterns, when they work, go church, out with friends etc…

          Certainly outside the scope of Delphi proper, the traffic cams have the coming and goings of all involved within that time frame.

      • Sarah

        Robert, just wondering do you think anyone has considered GSE howard county’s “most wanted” he was arrested with a 16 year old girl the day after the murders

        • Hi, I am not keen on him at all, but he has definitely been considered a suspect by a lot of people.

          We are discussing GSE and all of the other suspects in the private password protected threads right now.

  2. Travis

    I think it’s great how people use full names on this site. I am going to take legal actions. Thank you have a great day.

  3. Jimmy Conway

    Libby had a Kik account as far back as 2014 when she was 12. It is possible the account was still active up to the time of the murders. Evidence of her having the account can be found on her Twitter page.
    Its possible the offender(s) set up a meet with her and she thinking it was another teen brought Abby for back up.

    Kik is notorious for sex offenders, pedophiles, and molesters.

  4. Henry

    Hi intheopenairblog- Thanks for the info. This idea has been around awhile. How do you know its not true? Just curious…..

  5. Barbarino

    greeneyedpea.. those sure were some evil eyes you had us looking at

    • I wonder

      Those evil eyes were exactly what I saw in a Snapchat photo. The photo was posted on FB an hr after confirmation of murders and then photo disappeared. A pic of a man, with those eyes, hiding behind a tree.

      • Dorje

        What are you talking about exactly I wonder? Whose page? What page?

        • MaryJane

          Just another attention whore. Why even post a comment like that? What photo? what Snapchat? what are you talking about?

      • SED

        baby blue that turn to red perhaps?

      • I wonder

        Geez you guys are quick to bully. Attention whore??? Okay, to clarify, for a very short time, maybe less than an hour, there was a picture posted on Facebook from Snapchat that showed a man, very clearly, hiding behind a tree in the picture of Abigail on the bridge. I wish I had taken a screenshot. Many people saw it. He was young, dark hair, maniacal look in eyes. I dunno, maybe some jerk posted it. It looked real. Like I said it quickly disappeared not to be seen again. He did not look like BG. Throwing this out there for general interest. Someone, I know, did an astrological chart on these murders. Before you laugh, this person didn’t know about the murders, and the accuracy of this person in other chart work has been amazing. Accurately predicted outcome of presidential race when no one expected Trump to win. Spot on about most events. In Abigail and Liberties case not much to go on, but this is what they shared. BG a person of authority as in policeman, minister, teacher. Possibly a farmer. They got anger, revenge and sudden opportunistic act on BG’s part.

  6. Scout

    So sorry, per my earlier post, the quote in its entirety ” people with PTSD have at least 2 different abnormal levels of psychphysiological responses to the environment :1 conditional responses to specific reminders of the trauma and 2 generalized Hyperarousal to intense but intrinsically neutral stimuli. First level involves heightened physiological arousal to the sounds, images, and thoughts related to specific traumatic events.”

    • Looptyloo

      I said my option of MP because I truly believe it. There has been no other explanation for this to happen to two innocent girls. The statistic says when something like this happens it is usually by someone they know even might be close to. With that being said the three words go down the hill was not said in a demand type of demeanor it was said in a since of direction as if an answer to a question. That was another indication as to someone they knew. I have done my research on so many angles and so many theories and speculations. So many poi. But nothing made sense. This was the only one that made sense. I have searched so many people. In and out of the Delphi and surrounding areas. I will admitted there are a lot of girls coming up missing here lately but none were murdered in such a fashion. A man does not wake up one morning with intent to kill. With all my research I have found out so many things about the neighborhood I thought was peaceful things I never knew existed. And to be honest things you might not even think was going on in your own back yard. I will not give details to my findings I already can tell that people of Delphi can not think outside the box and see that there is more to the story that they thought. Or was told. My aim was for justice. Them innocent babies deserve to rest in peace. If it means questioning an innocent man than so be it. He will have to prove his innocent to the proper authorities. Friends or family should not expect any less of somebody wanting justice for their babies. I know if it was me. Everybody would be a suspect do not care who it was. Dad, brother, UNCLES, and GRANDFATHER . Somebody did this. And they will have to answer for their actions.

      • Henry

        Hi Looptyloo- I’m so sorry! The horror of it extends out to the full community and you have to relive it everyday. You said the following a couple of days ago: “David Erskin & his BIL and a lady found Abby & Libby not IB!!”
        Have they confirmed the horror of the rumors of the condition of the bodies?

        Also, Sunflower believes the following and I tend to agree. Do you agree with this synopsis?
        “I think that a trio or more of men killed her and left her at the place of the crime and then without their consent or knowledge, one or two of the trio returned to the scene and moved the bodies to the more visible dumping spot in order to have control over the whole scheme. Ron Logan’s property is the nucleus but the trio are the cytoplasm of the cell. I also don’t think that a murder was originally intended. I think that a murder, and one that had gone wildly wrong, occurred because things went wildly apeshit at the crime scene. Libby and Abby may have known something or were about to tell and their imminent betrayal had to be stopped somehow.” -Sunflower

      • ELD

        I agree! NOBODY should be off the hook!

  7. The real profiler

    Hey ppl, I thought I had the two guys, but locals said he’s cleared. I have a protective order on Arnold Osteen. He just stalked me and a woman a week ago, and nothing was done about it. So he’s not the man in pic, says the law. Go to Wimpy Osteen photos on Facebook and find the pics of Arnold. One on a porch and the other behind a gray haired man. He was 6′, 340, but now he’s 280 lbs, and he shaved since murders.

    His best buddy for 15 yrs but not since murders is Sam Tuell of the Lawrence County Indiana sex offender list. Now that goes to show you how many predators are on the streets. Sam is raising a 4 yr. old girl. The law won’t ever solve this crime in my opinion if ppl like them are allowed to skate free with a history of violence and perversion.

    • Angie

      Can you tell me where to find wimpy or Arnold on FB-I don’t see any wimpy osteen & the only Arnold Osteen is an older man profile photo of him a woman & baby-says he went to bell high school ? I’m not seeing the photos though & been searching.

  8. Looptyloo

    A l y thanks for TRYING to clear up rumors but have you seen the autopsy. NO
    Have you seen toxicology report NO so actually the truth is sealed up.

    • A relative close to Anna Williams has spoken with me and she told me that she favored the botched abortion theory, implying that there may be something to theory that Abbie was pregnant.

  9. ELD

    Polygraph and collect DNA from all of the potential suspects. If one refuses, you may just have an answer.

  10. Sun

    Robert, elimination of all your recent POIs makes sense, except for one. Multiple commenters in this new continue to refer to MP/CP. That was also the one avenue I was surprised to see you now rule out.

    Was there something definitive that resulted in your shift in thinking? What was it?

  11. Looptyloo

    Robert can you find out about james slaughterbeck l heard he lives or his daughter within walking distance of bridge also resembles BG pic. Thanks for all you do

  12. Problem is that a local uploaded crime scene photos to his personal web page. They stayed up for a number of hours. A number of people saw the photos. The man who put them up said the girls were posed in an odd way that suggested a Satanic ritual and that Abbie had a stake in her. Other people who saw the pics on that site all concurred that she was posed and had a stake in her.

    Also someone very close to Anna Williams, a relative, talked to me and their best theory was botched amateur abortion, implying that Abbie was pregnant.

    • When I posted last night I was SO infuriated and crushed by all of the false information, I thought for sure I had it in me to set the record straight on it all… the truth is I don’t, and I haven’t as all of this has unfolded. I just typed for an hour and deleted it all. What does one do when you wake up one day and suddenly everything that is familiar and safe to you has been thrust into an episode of Criminal Minds: your hometown, not only the creek you grew up playing on but the exact SECTION of the creek that you’ve always felt so free and safe and know like the back of your hand, the trail system that you’ve walked and rode more times than you could ever count, the look on the face and in the eyes of those you know and care about that are close to this case (LEO’s, first responders, dispatchers, etc.) that tells you they’re changed forever in a way they’ll never be able to or be willing to verbalize. Two families of great people who had two amazing little girls ripped from their lives. There was never a “local” who posted photos of “the crime scene”… to clarify: SOMEONE could have posted PICTURES of SOMETHING…. but it was not the crime scene involving the Delphi girls. If you have the name of said “local”, do share. Your “source” for information coming from Annie (or the case in general) is so far off I could puke; Annie just in the last week or so said she hoped that her babygirl had at least gotten her first kiss. I would like nothing more than to spill every single last detail I have and have had from day one… but it won’t change anything and I don’t have the fight in me. Just remember…. this isn’t some game or puzzle trying to be solved… it’s real people and real lives. And unfortunately until you find someone with factual information regarding the case willing to share… you’re wasting a huge amount of your time.

    • Cathie

      Yikes! His initials please and thank you!

      • Brenda

        I honestly don’t have a feeling for MP or CP. At least not for this crime. As for JS, I know him personally. I could not see such a thing and I am pretty sure he wasn’t even in the county on the 13th and 14th. Think he was with Bonnie.

        • Looptyloo

          Brenda can you confirm his proximity to bridge? That was brought to my attention

        • Looptyloo

          And Brenda nothing mean against you. But you say you can’t see Js doing this. Ted Bundy’s family fought is an incense all the way up to the day of his execution. No one wants to believe that someone they know is capable of something that evil

  13. Mer

    You can’t irresponsibly throw out a name,or a photo, or initials of some guy. That has an affect on the persons named, all of whom are innocent. I think most of the men identified here and other forums would have fought to save the girls lives, if they had been there.

    • The way I see it is everyone is up for grabs. We are all suspects. I mean Hell, dozens of people were insisting that I killed those girls and maybe 40-50 people reported me to the police. ISP detective called me up and we got it cleared up. I was 2,000 miles away at the time of the murders, so I’m not real worried about people saying I’m the killer. Hell they can keep on saying it if they want to. Knock yourselves out, ladies.

      It’s not really innocent until proven guilty. It is sort of the other way around. Suspect until proven otherwise.

      If you didn’t do it, I don’t see why most people would be worried. I sure wouldn’t. Even if I lived in that town and someone said I did it, I might just go in to the police and talk to them and tell them I didn’t do it just to clear my name.

    • Looptyloo

      Mer how can you say that? Do you know these men? If you do I guarantee people can not be who they say they are
      EVERYONE needs to be looked at

    • Brenda

      I hesitated to comment on here to begin with because I have seen what’s happened with other sites on this case. I have a lot to say so I thought I would write this on my daughter’s laptop. My fingers can’t do too much on that little phone.

      I know that the people you’d least expect to commit crimes are sometimes the ones that commit the most heinous. I’ve seen strong pillars of our community be arrested and charged with everything from child pornography to murder. This is a public website, however, and to talk about why I believe in JS’s innocence would be to reveal personal information about him that I just do not think is appropriate.

      I have to agree with Mer about bringing up people’s names. This is a public forum and anyone can google these names and see what is being written about them. What if it is a prospective employer or something? A few weeks ago on one of those Facebook Delphi groups, my own husband’s name got brought up and people started sleuthing him because someone tossed HIS name into the ring. They had a bunch of people convinced that he killed the girls. Nobody researched thoroughly enough to catch the fact that he died 13 months ago. Still, once his name was out there on Facebook, people started finding my number online. They were calling me and harassing me and even driving by my house and screaming things out the window. I’ve had to leave the state and come stay with my sister because I was scared of being there at the house by myself. Some of the people calling and driving by where from other states. People from all over the country are coming to Delphi now to see the bridge, snoop around Ronnie’s property and sneak inside the barn. I have found them in my own front yard.

      Robert, I think what you’re doing is a fine idea. You seem to be looking at this case from a good angle. Many people, however, are treating this like a mystery novel and forgetting that these names that are being brought up are real people with real lives and real reputations. There are people on Facebook that are just googling men in Delphi, finding people that look ike the man on the bridge, and then harassing them. People that have never been to Delphi or Carroll Co or anywhere near us.

      I do have my own suspects. I know the man that was arrested on the 14th or 15th with the underrage girl is probably one of my strongest. Since he is already in jail I think that could explain why the police seem to be looking for evidence more than they are an actual person right now. I also have a strong feeling that this man is local to our area. The old bridge is now more popular than it’s ever been. Even people that live around here don’t always go to it or think about it. I know some that don’t even know how to get to it. I believe that he was local enough to know how to access it, how to get the girls away without anyone seeing them, and where to take them.

      There are a few men in our town and close to Delphi that claim to be pagans or Satanists. Some of us believe that it’s just for show and that they don’t really practice. They just like to try to shock people. I am also aware that pagans and wiccans are not into sacrifice and they believe that everything they do comes back on them three times worse so I would be surprised if any of those people killed the girls. My feelings is that this crime was not committed by a Satanist but maybe by someone who wanted everyone to THINK they were.

      I have a few ideas on who it might be. My strongest feeling is that it was someone that recently suffered some kind of loss. Maybe they lost their job or their wife. It filled them with anger. They might not have a criminal past but if you talked to the people in their lives, they have a history of violence and probably a record.

      I have pity for MP and I hate it when people talk about him not looking upset or wooden at the press conferences. My husband and I lost our only daughter. I don’t even remember the things I said and did in those first few months after but when I look back at pictures of myself, I am even smiling in some. I know I wasn’t smiling on the inside. I was in shock for that first year, just going through the motions of life. Everyone grieves differently and not everyone shows how they are feeling.

      • Kim

        Hi Brenda,met hanks for sharing and sorry it has been so tense down there for you. I agree with your sense on what type of person did this in your 2nd and 2nd to last paragraphs.

        Do you have a sense of whether any meaningful DNA results came back from their testing over a month ago?? Has that helped them reconsider or rule out any POI’s?

      • Henry

        I’m very sorry for your loss. I agree with you 100%. It is also astounding what people will do and say for $250,000. This blog is great and Robert is a good blogger, might even be considered a great blogger. But the money got them all jazzed up. The blog is how we know how jazzed up they are.

        Could you go to the alumni page and take a look at names between the years 1978 to 1983? There might be a couple of buddies there that you can identify.

        I’m not a local and I don’t give two cents about the money. But I do know psychology….have a masters in forensic psychology. The guilty live among you.

        • Brenda

          Thanks Henry. I will take a look.
          I don’t care about the money either. Every penny would remind me of what those girls went through.

          And I said “daughter” in my post. I meant that we lost our son.

        • Brenda

          Thank you. And I will take a look.

          And I made a mistake in my comment. Our son is the child that died, not our daughter. It wasnt murder, but it was sufden and unexpected.

        • Thank you very much Henry, and I thank you especially for your donation.

          People have been saying I am a good or even great writer forever. I wrote some poem in the 2nd Grade and supposedly it was so good that the teacher called the Principal in and read it in front of him and the class. I have no idea what it was about, and my poetry is not very good. But I have actually published fiction in a small literary book issued for a literary conference. And Gary Snyder read it and said he liked it. He was at the conference.

          Before age 9, I started writing a novel called “The History of World War 3.” I started with Romania attacking Bulgaria. My Mom still thinks that is amazing, but to me, it was just normal.

          I won Best Column for a High School Newspaper in California in 1974.

          I wrote for school newspapers in college and got to interview rock bands in LA at record company studios. It was great.

          When I was in college, I took a creative writing class and the professor was blown away. He acted like he had never had a student like me before. Of course, I never finished the novel. There were some pretty cool lines in there though.

          I worked as an editor at a magazine for a while and then as a proofreader.

          I also worked as a freelance writer for a while.

          And I just recently published my first book. Well, a chapter in a book anyway. It’s academic writing, so it’s probably not of much interest to folks here, but it might make me slightly famous. It’s specialist stuff. The book was published in Turkey.

          This blog is mostly a labor of love, but did you know that some top bloggers actually have blog groupies? Yes it is true. You name it, in any field or hobby, women will flock to the top men in whatever it is. Women are powerf____s. I know big bloggers who get dates and even longterm relationships with beautiful women right off their blogs from blog groupies.


          I like that I’ve failed at pretty much everything else in life, but I can write.

          Being a real writer is a strange thing. We actually walk around all day long composing sentences and paragraphs in our heads. Just for fun. Really, I’m not kidding.

          I would love to say I got this way by sheer effort but I am afraid I was born with this gift. I haven’t really earned it. I just lucked out. My mother says that when I was a little kid before I could even read, I would bend down on the sidewalk and try to spell out the letters on the manhole covers. And she would buy groceries and I would try to spell out the words on the boxes. I could read at 2 1/2.

          My Mom took me over to my Uncle Ivan’s House and announced that Bobby can read at 2 1/2. Ivan guffawed and picked out some rather involved adult book and gave it to me to read. I read a whole paragraph or two. I had no idea what the words meant, but I spelled them out just fine. Ivan about fell out of his chair.

          Writers are funny people. We need to be alone. So when I have say a girlfriend visiting me or vice versa, I have to go off and be alone and write for hours. They don’t like this, but we have made special deals where they come in the office every hour or two and make out with me for 5-10 minutes and then go back to the couch. If you have to take 5 minutes out of your hour just to screw off with your woman, it’s worth it. A lot of people just need a little fix of affection and then they can go back to whatever.

      • Thanks Brenda. Why don’t you donate? The site and this investigation runs on donations and this is my only income stream at the moment.

      • Sun

        Brenda, I am very sorry for the loss of your child. Thank you for continuing to engage in this discussion, even though discussions elsewhere on this very topic have caused you personal grief.

        Your even-handed insights have been very helpful to me in trying to understand the situation on the ground. Looking forward to more of your comments… Prayers to you and your community.

  14. Mer

    Who is Bridgeguy? He is a gangster, for lack of a better term. Felony is his living. He was there for a crime, and the girls stumbled by.

    • Henry

      The arrogance of this crime, indicates someone who lives in a 15 mile radius of the dump site and a 5 mile radius of the kill site. They were extremely comfortable with their surroundings.

      Another commenter indicated men in their mid 50s who have been buddies since 1970s. They may have gone to high school together. Look at the delphi alumni site for the list of classmates in the years 1978 to 1983. Who do you recognize are still big buddies today?
      Click on classmate profiles…it gives each year list of names

      • Dorje

        Mer, are you thinking something along the lines of maybe something relating to the drug trade? Like maybe they stumbled upon some sort of drug deal. Drug pick up? Was just watching a YouTube video by local. He was saying the drug problem in that is getting worse. Not just in Delphi but the sounding towns. The local was saying the cemetery. The bridge. Trails were being used by those on drugs. Or maybe people dealing in drugs. Using the trails as pick up spots from dealers from bigger cities.

    • Sunflower

      He is a fat, fucked-up, felonious, freak.

      • Lady Marigold

        We still don’t know that it was him who killed these girls. I find it unlikely that multiple parties weren’t involved in this crime. There is simply no way to tell if Bridge Guy acted alone or was an accomplice in this crime.

  15. M E

    I’m not sure if this has been discussed but I enhanced the photo of the man on the bridge to try to get a clearer image of his face, and I noticed that it looks like he had some white paint stains on his jeans? Like he may have worn those pants while painting at some point? Did anyone else notice this at all?

  16. spooked out

    One sleuth posted something I wasn’t aware of until now. No way can this be a coincidence. There is surely a SK somewhere out there scouring these small towns.

    She wrote, “Lyric and Elizabeth were abducted in July, school would have been out for summer vacation for awhile by then. However the dates of the crimes are freakishly mirrored. Iowa: 7-13-12 Delphi: 2-13-17 Let that soak in a minute..”

  17. Brenda

    Am I blocked now? I have tried to comment but it doesnt show.

    • You are not blocked. You somehow got on the block list, but I do not know how it happens. There is software that blocks people and it decided to block you and I have no idea why. It does this quite a bit. Just post away and we will come through now and again and approve your stuff.

  18. Robert, this blog used to be so intense, now it is not so. I hope this case doesn’t go cold!

  19. Jimmy Conway

    This blog is very informative and Robert is very good at what he does in terms of digging into the crime. I see his name mentioned on other sites as well. That means that people are reading this blog.

    However, I think that readers get immediately turned off by Robert’s continual requests for money. Some of the comments I have seen elsewhere have ridiculed Robert unfairly because of it.

    I realize that this is Robert’s only source of income at this time and the loyal following is keeping him afloat, but just as many people refuse to take what he says seriously because of the money issue…so instead of asking new members to donate why not create a pinned post at the top of each page topic indicating that this is his only source of income, perhaps with a paypal link so people can easily donate that way.

  20. Jim

    Robert, I’m very sorry someone called the tip line and got you investigated. Even a moron with a first grade education can read your articles and understand what is fact, what is rumor, what is speculation, and what is your theory. I live way down south and I too read everything I can find on this case. I too have my theory as to what happened. There are a lot of missing pieces to the puzzle, but I still have a sketchy theory.

    Carry on, keep up the good work and don’t let the boredom of hum drum everyday housewives pull you down into their quagmire.
    One comment – I don’t get the amount of anger and rage involved in these murders. Do you think Libby brought that about by fighting back so fiercely?

    • Thank you.

      No idea for the reason behind the rage, my friend.

    • Jim – When I first heard the voice I noticed the clipped, tense, authoritative voice; it sounds like a guy ready to explode.

      It is unfortunate that the FBI never released their promised psychological profile. I think the perp had long simmering rage, most likely against women with other life factors as additional sources. Libby’s staunch attempt at self-defense very likely exacerbated that.

      It is possible the murders released significant steam for the perp so he can go some time before wanting to act out his rage again. The attention and near miss on getting caught MAY also keep him pinned down for awhile. But it is irresponsible for LE to assume that.

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