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I am getting tired of saying this over and over, but most of the material below is made up of rumors and my own opinions and theories. None of that is represented as fact. Furthermore, I am not using rumors as reliable sources as has been alleged. I never said they were reliable sources. How reliable is a rumor? That’s for you to determine, but in general a rumor is not considered to be a reliable source, and they are not treated as such below. 

Also when I say I am 100% sure of something, that means that I am 100% sure of it in my own mind. All of us are 100% sure of all sorts of things we cannot prove. That’s the nature of the human condition. We simply assume many things are facts until proven otherwise. Now many of these things that I was completely certain of were later proven to be wrong. Such is the case with many other things people become certain of in their own mind. Once again, when I say I am sure or certain or 100% certain, it means only that I am sure in my own mind. I am not stating that any of these things are facts. They are simply my convictions. Any of all of these firmly held beliefs of mine about this case could possibly will later prove to be false.

The only thing that is represented as fact are statements sourced from LE or the media. If you have issues with rumors, theories, opinions. etc., just quit reading right now and save yourself the heartache. 


I thought I made this one thing perfectly clear as Richard Nixon used to say:

I have no sources whatsoever among the families of the girls.

I have no sources whatsoever in LE, local or otherwise. 

There ya go.

What I do have is sources close to the families. These people generally live in Delphi and the surrounding region. So that makes my rumors even more hearsay. I’m not even talking to the families. I am talking to people who talk to the families!

Of course I have no LE sources. I thought I made that clear. Never have. Yes, I have talked to some of them, but of course they didn’t tell me a thing. A couple of times they told me that a certain person was a POI or that a certain person had been cleared with an airtight alibi. I suppose they don’t mind giving out that information. But other than that, they don’t tell me jack. It’s hard enough to even get them to call you back. I think if I asked them if my name was Robert Lindsay, they would say, “I am sorry, but I cannot comment on matters relating to an ongoing investigation.” That’s how bad it is.

So what do I have? Once again, I have sources who are close to LE. They get their information from LE, then they talk to me. So once again this is even more hearsay, as I am not even talking to LE but to the people who are talking to LE.

I really wish people would quit claiming I have LE or family sources. I just don’t. If you think I have these sources, just quit reading my stuff right now and go away. You will not be missed!

NOTE TO COMMENTERS 3: The lies never end. The latest is “Lindsay takes other people’s theories and claims they are his own.” Of course I don’t. This website is nothing but a compendium of rumors from all over the Net regarding this crime. I go through the rumors and try to rank them on a scale of weak to strong. I compare them against other rumors to see which one is better. All sorts of theories have been flying around since day one. I report those too.

The theories are really just more rumors. I’d say the vast majority of the rumor theories reported here were thought up by other people. I find most of my theories on other sites about this crime. That’s how it works, you know. You get theories about the crime from others. Yes, you use your own theories and you use other people’s theories. I really do not have time to down through the list of theories and say where I got them from. I have come up with a few of my own, but even with those, I guess someone else thought of them first. Also a lot of the theories here are also the result of constant brainstorming I do with my fellow sleuths.


This woman interviewed me over the phone a while back. Nothing came of it, so I thought they just dumped the story.

Blogger Robert Lindsay has a new theory he states is more than likely the truth that will eventually be revealed.

The entire situation is a tragedy and heartbreaking enough already, but this particular rumor, if true, is devastating.

Lindsay claims that Abby was pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby.

The boyfriend’s family did not want their son to live a life filled with a bad reputation, child support payments, etc.

Though no names are stated, it’s alluded to that either the boy’s father, grandfather, or uncle went to meet the girls on the bridge that day to either try to convince Abby to have an abortion or worse, give her a back-alley procedure in the barn that seems to be the location of the kill site.

Libby may have fought harder than the suspects had thought she would, and they accidentally killed her, then having to kill Abby because she was now a witness.

It’s also speculated that Abby was found with a stake in her stomach, somewhat of a final intent to kill the unborn child.

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  1. Brenda

    Here is where I have been confused in the discussion of Abby’s boyfriend…
    Others have noted her as dating “BS.” However, I knew her as dating LH (son of Satanist BH) right up to her death. He even wrote on FB that his son’s gf was killed, as he posted an article about the case. On the day her body was found, LH wrote “goodbye my princess.” I knew them as a couple. He was her age. Anyway, I know a lot about Abby and LH, but only read about the”S’s” on here so I am confused…

    • Yes this is very confusing. We need to sort this out.

      • Looptyloo

        She was dating Logan Holder he is 16. His dads Facebook page is disturbing
        Brydon is just a good friend of both the girls. He and Abby use to date at some point but they remained good friends he was also friends with Libby

        • VGLante

          This makes sense concerning Brydon, his age, affiliation with both families, and the past relationship.

          As far as pregnancies…this needs confirmed. Not just with Abby, but concerning both girls. If there is any truth to this, the case changes dramatically.

          In regards to comments from D…I agree with claims about LE high level of competency and that they have the facts. I do NOT believe the killers are from outside the immediate or that this crime was committed randomly…no way!! This is a very personal crime and it was done by someone who knows precisely where they were every step of the way…they new the area like it was their own back yard day and night.

          I think law enforcement would agree….solving this crime is not just the job of LE, it is the responsibility of any and every citizen who might have a clue as to what took place or who the killer might be. This site is about exactly that…helping solve this crime. Only a self serving duchebag would say otherwise. If D doesn’t like what it being said…then move on!!

      • Brenda

        Since Looptyloo replied…yes. The boy that I knew was Logan. I never knew of Abby dating a Standifur boy. I think that is what threw me off on the motive post. His dad is also into alt religion, but it is a completely different family from the “S’s”.

        • Sun

          Brenda, do you believe the motive in Robert’s post could still hold up, but perhaps with different participants?

          What are your thoughts on CP, and MP? Have you seen Robert’s information regarding these men?

        • VGLante

          I saw Roberts stuff and agree that CP is a serious pig and it raises the question of Libby’s condition at the time of the murders…maybe pregnant or threatening to talk. What about counselors, friends,..etc…did she tell anyone what was going on?

          What was equally disturbing was the friend who was posting with CP…that guy is a cop and has had recent talks with CP about being in a bromance together. I don’t get that… Checj him out.

          As far as Mike goes…I’m just not sure. It is definitely questionable and enough to get DNA taken. Surely they have done that.

  2. D

    This is so far from the truth it’s pathetic. I told you I crossed paths with these fucktards and they are just killing bastards that thrive off killing teenage girls….Their motive is evil…..That’s it….It had nothing to do with a girl being pregnant…I’m dumbfounded with how people have totally blew this case to hell and back. From the witch hunt that sent 70 yr old Ronald Logan to prison for having a beer and driving to present date it’s been nothing short of a circus show. The FBI has all the facts and cases are solved with facts and not speculation or assumptions. The guys are highly trained and have access to unlimited resources and if they can’t solve this nor will anyone else…Bottom line end of story.

  3. D

    Some of the stuff Robert has stated, I was taken from other sites and stated by other people. Not that it matters because most of it served little purpose. I think what separates the professionals from the amateurs on a case like this is the professionals don’t allow their thought process to wander and get side tracked. Example: fanny packs, and is that a hat he is wearing or is it his hair and what type gun is that or is it even a gun…There is too much time wasted on this type crap, because what he is wearing isn’t the question. The only question that matters is the one question no one tends to have the answer to and that is “who is he”? The rest is nothing but hot garbage….

    • Sun

      D, it sounds like you have the answer to “who is he?”. If you inform the rest of us, it could spare you additional frustration that ongoing inaccurate comments cause.

  4. Scout

    Shakespeare quote “Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak”

    I looked through some of your other posts, and recall that you think there is a connection to he Richland GA murders. You seem rather passionate about these guys being the same SK. Would you please help us understand your connection? How come you are so convinced the Delphi girls are their victims?

    You mentioned evidence, have you been able to provide that evidence to LE? I do not recall reading that you crossed paths with them until today’s post. Can you provide more specific details? When , where, who, how? What were the circumstances? How is it that you did not fall prey to them? Any information which would shed some insight into your beliefs. Would appreciate.

    • D

      It doesn’t matter because I have no idea who he is nor did he say his name. I just know that’s the guy and at that time there were 4 of them. There is a sketch of what he looked like back then on the site where he killed a guy prior to the Richland killings…The car mentioned in that write is the same car based off the description that they were in when we crossed paths with them. This was in early 80’s when he was in his early 20’s. He now would be around 55-58 years old. I didn’t have to look twice when I saw that photo that they were able to produce of him on the bridge. Just for the record give LE some major credit on that photo…It was taken from a very long distance and thru advanced technology they were able to produce that photo. I’m sure you can’t really see much of anything other than a distant figure on the original. It’s not like the guy was 60 feet away when she snapped the photo. However for her to take it from that distance would make me assume he had spooked her. These are evil mf’s people that don’t give a f–k and thrive off torturing and killing young teens and they know how to cover their tracks which is obvious due to them being still on the run. These are not your next door neighbors that are doing this. They are opportunists that oick a location, scout the area and setup camp away from where they hunt and camp probably deep in the woods. However they know how to fit in and not local like strangers when touring the area.

      • PaulC

        What happened in your run in with him/them? I do find it hard to believe anyone could identity BG with how he looked 30 years ago.

        • D

          I’m not sure why you would think like that. Without something drastically happening to alter their appearance outside of a few notebooks wrinkles and maybe for some a little less hair peoples looks don’t change that much. If I showed you a pic of sorneone in their early 20’s and then displayed several photos of people In their 50’s, you would pick which of the photos is that person fairly easy. Regardless, I have no desire to convince anyone’s of anything…I know what I witnessed with my own 2 eyes, that day has lived with me for 35 year’s, we were able make a run for it, they gave chase and the rest is history. There is not an ounce of doubt in my mind and that’s him…:

        • Norskrug

          D, be sure to call or email your tip to the sheriff.

      • Scout

        Thank you D for sharing. I imagine you had a strong visceral reaction when you saw the photo. Similar to the reaction someone else described when they finally “recognized” BG, days after seeing the photo. Wondering if both of you picked up the “vibe of evil” and your brain filled in the rest with its working knowledge of the information each of you possessed at the time, kind of like connect the dots. I won’t write more about how our brain both works to protect us, and problem solve here, but it is fascinating.

        Your right, though, if won’t be very helpful 30 years later unless the memory of his face is burned into your mind and a sketch artist could do one of those age progression sketches similar to what is done with missing children. If these are SK, i agree they would be long gone by now.

        I’ll repeat what I wrote earlier, I do not have enough information to conclusively determine how or who these killers might be. But the bottom line is for me, its hinged on the depravity of their ASPD evil minds.

        • Scout

          P.S, that must have been terrifying, which means it likely triggered your fight-flight-freeze response.

      • Sumi
        Is the first comment yours? (June 10, 2016) If yes, it must have been a truly terrifying encounter…

        Can you please give us more clues on how to find the potential, young BG’s picture on the site? Apart from the appearance… Why do you think this is the same guy(s)? It is possible that there are two, very similar, sadistic SKs out there with appetite for young teenage girls.

        • D

          Welli was 14 and he sat 20 feet from me….I knew we were in immediate trouble. On the site there is a sketch of him from a Morgan County, Georgia murder. It’s on the “wanted link” at the very end if I recall correctly. The things that stick out to me from the BF photo is the face structure, wide cheek bones and that damn pointed nose….cha ching…with 12,000 tips sure LE had already heard some similar stories and I personally am not discussing it thru social media. I pretty much have told you everything anyway. I don’t know who he is but I do know that’s the same person.

        • Kim

          Wow, good sleuthing Dlux! The young guy sketched is a natural blond and (to me looks) little like BG.

          Also, to Scout, thx for the great analysis of human psych aspect of this! The very first time I saw Abby’s pic on bridge I thought I saw a creepy guy leaning behind tree. The brighter pic makes it clear, BG was ‘hunting’ these girls.

          If this was his first, seems he definitely has the SK (ASPD) mindset you describe. It’s chilling….. I really do worry about kids down there when school lets out.

      • D, your account on the 6/10/2016 post in the link shared by Sumi below is absolutely chilling. Thank God you and your sister were able to escape.

  5. Anonymous Girl

    please look at this you tube. Psychic Sleuth makes contact with Libby.

    • D

      Nice that she stated Georgia and also stated the age frame I said he would now be, but I don’t need to hear this from some physic to convince me I’m correct because what I saw, l I saw with my own 2 eyes…

      • Anonymous Girl

        I understand that D, am I am so sorry that happened to you. I just thought that she said some things that sounded like what you and Robert have said. I totally believe you.

        • Krazynurse34

          I am really confused to what D is trying to say? You have come face to face with BG? Come on now I’m confused

      • D: Try the EMDR or Braincoretherapy to heal from this trauma.

    • Lori

      Ok i just watched her video. It was looong. I did however, many times, find myself saying she’s right!

    • R.Mcnear

      Your Psychic Sleuth video describes a man exactly, down to the dark brown eyes, knee scar, bent finger and tattooes. His large family lives in Delphi and Lafayette, Indiana. Kokomo Indiana is near by, Facebook the man= Travis Sandifur and the wife facebook page= Pamela Crouch. His wife said on FB feb. 14th that he was in hospital on Feb. 13th overnite, I hope he did not cut himself with a knife or something.

      • D

        You folks really need to stop the witch hunt…This sandifur cat is nowhere near the suspect…

      • Travis

        Thank you for mentioning full names. If you could take a moment and realize you just opened yourself up for legal action to be taken. I bet your next conclusion will be that the killer had a penis, two arms and two legs

      • Natasha

        That’s a pretty slanderish dick move to point fingers at someone with no proof. Travis would never do something like that in a million years! I hope he sues your ass for slander. Completely appalled by your ignorance.

    • Ben Franklin

      all i can say is wow!!!

      I agree and changed my mind. I think its was a ritual and they were preyed by a social media account. it is a serial killer. If someone wanted to kill them bc they knew something about a fire or were pregnant, someone more of making it look like an accident would of been present.

      This was purely a evil killing. by a serial killer . IMO

    • Thanks for sharing! This was very interesting.

  6. D

    Yes….that’s the sketch

    • Scout

      I’m wondering about Robert’s Mr X. This sketch remind me Robert’s earlier descriptions of him, a blonde person, and his ex-wife thought BG; was Mr. X, also a SK and Robert’s closest POI for the Iowa girls.

      Still D, I can imagine how this must be haunting you these last 30+ years. Terrifying.

      • Kim

        Yes, the sketch looks much more like Roberts blond-haired Mr X for the Iowa murders.

      • Miguel

        I had the same thoughts about Mr. X. There are two links on the gbi website regarding the Morgan County suspect. This link has an aged composite.

        • Scout

          Omigosh, I missed the 2nd composite. Say Robert, have you seen both composites of D’s suspected SK? Do you have any current photos of Mr. X so that perhaps if D is willing, he could view it? Also D would you be willing to read Robert’s profiling of Mr. X? Not sure of the date but it is a much earlier blog in his Beyond Highbrow series.

          Some thoughts are forming for me about all 3: the GA, Iowa, and Delphi murders. I have to ponder on this more.

          Seriously D, I agree with you that media is probably not the best venue to work this out. Have you ever considered talking with a trauma informed therapist? Someone where you could not only sort this out, but whom could help you heal from your encounter with potential death? I just now read your comments from the article Sumi posted and that’s the type of thing that assaults your soul unless you work through it. BG and this current murder is the type of thing that triggers your soul. Being vulnerable in a safe place, heals your soul. You deserve to be free from this monster.

        • I showed him Mr. X and he told me it’s not his guy.

  7. fellowreader111

    Hello all i’m a new commenter but i have been reading this page freuqently on updates on this case since I am a resident in northern indiana. I wanted to ask you robert if you have looked into abbys bf LH’s father? I find him very interesting and I see you mention the occult frequently. LH’s father is a pagan worshipper (odinism) who worships the northern and germanic gods. I don’t know if you have seen his facebook page but this dude is a straight freak. He takes creepy pictures and he talks about sacrifice on his page. I thought what was especially sketchy though was when you go to his page, his pictures in between late january and all of february are blocked off dates and times posted but he also took a picture of an injured ankle around the time of the murders. Now I’m sure the police have probably looked into him but in my own opinion he definitely seems like a poi. Has anyone else seen this guys facebook?

    • fellowreader111

      Sorry my spelling is so bad. Lol. I am a lazy mellenial who relies on autocorrect.

    • Yes I now consider him to be a POI. Problem is how could he possibly be Bridge Guy?

      • Looptyloo

        He has been cleared read him Facebook page. He rants about someone turning him in. He and his son. Plus he had want to much facial hair to grow overnight

        • fellowreader111

          well I was probably wrong anyway. The person that committed this crime was probably already interviewed and cleared though. People get cleared pretty often in murders I’m pretty sure. Because they check them out. Then let them go. And then build evidence on that person.

      • Looptyloo

        Robert check email again I’m sending you some strange things David said that only looking at autopsy would know. I have suspicions of him

      • fellowreader111

        Can i get in trouble for talking bad about someone online before i go into details? I’m just a young person interested in criminal justice and detective work. If i don’t use names its okay right?

        • Yes just use initials please.

          Why don’t you donate? This is my only income source at the moment and I do not have a high income.

        • fellowreader111

          I’m just a poor college student i’m sorry. I will just stop with the initials because I don’t want to get in trouble or poorly incriminate someone who probably had nothing to do with this crime. My theory may totally be out there. I had this crazy idea that since the father is a neo nazi (i assume from his facebook page and also that was the religion of the ss guard in the nazis) what if the father or the people he runs with were behind the fire that killed those poor black girls, and the bf told abby.
          Now the father has a picture of his snapchat account saying to add him on his facebook page that i saw. What if that’s how he knew the girls would be there, they had been saying on their snapchats they were going hiking tomorrow or something at the bridge? He used this as his chance to silence Abby and since Libby was there she was collateral damage. It’s just a wild outlandish theory but this crime is definitely outlandish.
          The father has military experience and is a huge intimidating man. I know if this guy was following me I would be taking pictures of the assailant and videoing him. The man had to look crazy or psycho enough for her to really feel that sketched. For 14 having the peace of mind to do something so smart to video this man would take some serious warning beforehand like something wasn’t right. They said that the fire was caused deliberately by someone.
          I noticed that there is a large occult group of white supremacists in the surrounding area of this town online. Who else is really going to burn a black persons house in a small town other than a group like that? I live in the state and there is a heavy and i mean heavy amount of white supremacist groups.
          Now I don’t think the father is BG because she would surely know the father of her boyfriend and I think the father would know that. What if the kids got away? They already know him they would go right to police with a name. People in these types of groups frequently commit crimes together. It comes with their bond. This crime would have been pretty much impossible to do alone in my opinion. Dragging two girls, one of that size and another on top of that would be very difficult.

        • Kim

          Really nice job Fellowreader111. It’s definitely a mind like yours that is going to solve this. Right now the only forensic evidence (other than the bodies) is the pic and voice recording.

          If someone has gone to FBI with a definitive ID they sure haven’t shared it with public. We only have the ID Eric turned in because he shared it after his lawyer turned it in to prosecutor. I will leave it to him to share what they said if he wishes.

          In a town like Delphi the Prosecutor may see it as hard to prosecute anyone local for this crime. It is a concern that they may never solve any of these murders.

      • D

        Here is my take on all these supposedly POI folks….We are not talking about Mayberry’s Finest with Andy and Barney, this is the FBI folks and with that being said anyone who remotely lives in or within a 200 mile radius that has a .00001-99.0% chance of having something to do with this case you can bet has already been interrogated by highly trained experts.

        • fellowreader111

          You can’t just arrest someone without substantial evidence or they will beat the case and that will be all she wrote. My theory is probably wrong but the fbi is no joke and more likely than not they know who did the crime. Or they at least have interviewed the person.

        • PaulC

          You are way overestimating LE. In everyone of these cases, if you have play arm chair detective after the fact, the LE incompetence is disappointing. The last case I really followed was about the jogger from a tiny town in Massachusetts. A witness described a Hispanic man. The town is about 100% white, the area is only traveled by locals, so my thought was must be someone that worked in that neighborhood. Turned out to be a FedEx driver. How could they not explore that angle?

        • fellowreader111

          This isn’t local law enforcement though. It’s the fbi. And something like 80% of murders are commited by someone the victim is at least acquainted with. This was to perfect and way to random of a spot for the person to not be a local or at least know the woods and surrounding area. He knew exactly the time frame to plant the bodies.

      • PaulC

        He’s clearly not BG, but I’ve always felt BG was not known to the girls, but knew they were going to be there. Someone below just posted what crossed my mind, maybe Abby new something incriminating and had to be dealt with.

        • fellowreader111

          I definitely agree that he knew they would be there. They may not have known him but I think he definitely knew them. Either they seriously at the wrong place at the wrong time, or he knew them. What type of child predator would wait at a bridge for the perfect moment girls exactly a certain age would be alone. And not many girls in conservative indiana at that age would be aloud to hike that young alone in my opinion. It is very conservative here. Do parents let their young teens walk that bridge alone often? That just seems odd for a child predator to choose somewhere like that as his hunting ground. I could he wrong and I just don’t know preteens and early teens go there alone a lot. But to me that seems like going fishing in the desert with no water, you’re not going to catch any fish. Either he seriously waited everyday forever for the perfect time to strike or he knew they would be there. Is that bridge a popular place? Were there people there that day?

  8. D

    I would bet the farm they don’t have a clue to who this guy is nor have they interviewed him. I also would bet the farm that they were long gone and 100’s of miles away when the bodies were located.

    • fellowreader111

      It is a high possibility but i would be surpised if the killer/s wasn’t a delphi or central indiana local/s, what would make him choose delphi and the bridge and how would he even know about the bridge. I hadn’t heard of this bridge and i live about 200 miles away. And if he’s hundreds of miles away he would have to have no family or else they would suspect him and be like my husband/father is missing right after these murders and he looks just like the suspects photo.

      • D

        This is why he chose Delphi. The same reason who chose Richland, Georgia. These are small towns where everybody knows each other. Small towns tend to allow their children more freedom because of this. Where as in a city kids tend to be more cautious and street smart because they encounter people on a daily basis they don’t know and kids tend to travel in groups. Also you can familiarize yourself with any area on this ball by means of Google Earth. I think he chose this particular day for this reason he knew most would be working and kids out and about would have a good chance of being away from adult supervison with it being the last day before school started again. It was the perfect storm. I strongly believe he is smart enough not to do this in an area where he is known. These guys are drifters and remain unknown to most.

        • Sumi

          I agree with D. A few things point to a psychotic drifter.

          A stranger in R.L.’s barn
          About a month before the murders Ron Logan called 911 twice. First, when he saw a stranger(s) running out of his barn and the second time time, when something was stolen from there. The killer(s) could have been lurking and observing the area for weeks or even months. He probably knew R.L.-s habits, that he is living alone and that the Mears barn, across from his property, is not used frequently. He got to know the lay of the land, what kind of people hike on the trails etc. The park was a popular hangout for teenagers, R.L. mentioned it in one of the interviews and the killer would have figured this out just by observing it. He just patiently needed to wait for the right victim(s) at the right time. (I would not be surprised if a few of his previous, unsuspecting victims got away by a hair, simply because some other, “unexpected” hiker showed up.)
          A drifter on the trails
          A few days before the 13th, a couple of hikers encountered a guy similar looking to BG on the trail, asking for money and cigarettes. A fresh cigarette butt was found in the water, near the crime scene. It is possible, but I doubt that it belonged to a searcher. The volunteers were told not to contaminate the search area and the professional searchers: police and the firefighters were trained not to do so.
          Unknown to the girls
          The girls did not know their killer based on the video. Libby’s grandmother said in one of the recent interviews, that Libby wanted to be a CSI, this explained to me why she recorded the video. She was a very smart girl. I am convinced, she would have dropped/recorded some clue before the killer confronted them, even if she just vaguely recognized the “strange guy following” them. On the other hand, it is possible that the killer might have observed them on the bridge before, since they liked to hang out there.
          Stolen jewelry
          The girls jewelry was taken. This could be for money or trophy or both. I think it was for money.
          Too gruesome for a beginner
          These murders are just too bloody and sick for a first-time killer/local. Unless, one of the locals has a very dark secret and killed and tortured before, which would truly shock me. I think, if a local wanted to “take care of business” (pregnancy or sexual abuse cover-up etc.) he would have done a quick kill and disposed the bodies far away.
          The location of the bodies
          This case still could be “only” about two missing/runaway teenagers if the bodies had been hidden well. It seems as this killer did not care much, he just needed some delay in finding the bodies, to give him enough time to get to a safe distance away.

          My apologies about this long-winded post.

  9. Dorje

    I’m starting to see the connection to the Aryn Brotherhood or the Klan as more of a possibly. With the burning down of that house. I read an interview with the mother. She said once these murders happened the attention was moved mostly to the murders of Abby and Libby. So one. Maybe one of them knew something? Two. Maybe there was an idea that the killing of two white girls would bring attention away from the house burning case? White supremacist aren’t above something like that. Or maybe that’s too far fetched. I don’t know.

    • fellowreader111

      I just find it intriguing how highly unlikely the possibility of a tiny area with two tiny towns right next to each other having a hate crime and a double murder right back to back. Before these killing when was the last time people were murdered in these towns? People aren’t murdered that often in smaller cities, murder rates aren’t that high. It’s not like chicago. It’s delphi. I hadn’t even heard of delphi before these murders.

    • fellowreader115

      did i get blocked all my messages say my comments are awaiting moderation. I’m sorry if I came off as rude that wasnt my intention. I have been wanting to comment on here but i wanted to come up with my own theory

  10. PaulC

    Do we know who posted on what social media that they were going to the bridge that da?
    Are we 100% sure the girls were moved from an indoor location? Because this makes no sense, unless the killer had an obvious connection to the indoor location.
    Are we positive that they collected DNA? If so that should eliminate Registered Sex Offenders, and probably the most obvious suspects.

    • fellowreader111

      As a young person I can say that millennials in general are pretty careless on social media. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a social media site that tipped off the killer that they were going to that bridge. Is it just me or does a hiking bridge just seem so unlikely for a predator to sit and wait for children or teens to come to and kill? Most parents wouldn’t let children go to a bridge alone and I think if this man was a child predator he would know that and have chosen another place to kill. Do you think the killer was there to just kill anyone regardless of age or gender and two young girls happened to be his victims?

      I agree no one knows, maybe not even the investigators but i don’t see any other way a killer could have killed these girls other than in a building. During one of the first nice days in months there were sure to be passerbys. Also, it would be hard to miss 2 girls bodies with a whole search party.

    • Sunflower

      I have read that the girls or, at least, one of them, had her neck slashed. I wonder what side of the neck was slashed. This clue could lead to what handedness the killer was. BG is most likely left-handed.

      • They both had their necks slashed or throats cut or however you want to put it.I AM NOW 100% CERTAIN THAT THEY WERE BOTH KILLED BY GARROTING, killed by garroting also, probably double garroting. With garroting, a noose is slipped around the neck and pulled, so they are not cut on either side of the neck.

  11. Sun

    After scrolling through BH Facebook posts… Yes he seems racist, is into paganism, weapons etc. Looks scary. But his posts are not aggressive. Lots of patriotic stuff, respecting soldiers, conservative stuff, quotes about being centered (not letting other people get to you), positivity, working out, gardening, girlfriend etc. He seems self-aware and has a life and interests, which might be different than other people’s, but he’s in the world participating. There is even a post about treating women fairly.

    He does not seem like a sociopath, someone with a pretend life, a loner, a misogynist or someone on a hair trigger. (Check out Mr. X’s social media for someone more along those lines. Not that I think Mr. X did Delphi, but do think he did Evansdale.)

    He has said on his page that he has been investigated. His reaction to being accused by people outside LE seems reasonable. He also appears to have a clean record.

    I just can’t see this guy participating in a violent murder of 13- and 14-year old girls, planned or spontaneously. Just my 2 cents.

    • fellowreader111

      You are probably correct it was just a theory . I think there is possibly a link between the fire deaths and the murders though. But everyone has their own ideas.

      • fellowreader111

        I don’t know who mr. x is i only found out about the father and son through this website with their names.

      • Kim

        Fellowreader111, to help bring you up to speed….. take a look at this (Bridgewimp) video, it changed my perspective completely to this MUST be a local. Also, Mer tested the bridge and only made it 40ft out. Hard to trust such a bridge unless you grew up around it:

        Also, be sure to look at ej’s video of the voice match on his POI. In my opinion, it is the only compelling match to forensic evidence presented publicly to date. It’s at the bottom of the adjacent Delphi Murders: Possible…. thread.

        It’s great if some student Criminal Justice majors etc. take an interest in this. It’s exactly what this case needs….. 🙂

    • Dorje

      Never seen Mr. X or BH’s page. No idea how to find either one. Another part of me thinks it could be just someone with a connection to the area. But they live out of town. Like everyone else I just want them caught.

  12. AB

    I, too, looked on BH’s fb and I think his body type and features resemble BG. The only thing that doesn’t, is his unmaintained beard. However, with the tilt of BG’s head and the hoody under the jacket, his beard might not be as visible.
    I also wanted to see if there were videos of his voice to compare to BG’s and, in my opinion, the voice’s are very, very similar. A lot of people have mentioned BG’s voice had a southern drawl to it, and BH states he is from Georgia….
    Also, he seems to be VERY protective of his three sons. His posts regard to it often.
    Again, this could be far fetched and I’ve read and believed several others could be POI, but this guy seems very likely to me.
    Keep up the great site, Robert! I’ll donate again soon.

  13. Mer

    I believe all the H family was devastated by this. It’s not the correct path.

    • PaulC

      I agree, I was a little harsh with my earlier description of the dad. The religion is odd and he’s passionate about his far right political beliefs, but he seems like a good guy. Much of what he posts is inspirational and it was heartbreaking reading about the pain his son is going through.

    • Sun

      Where does this leave us? S family was initially connected via what is now an incorrect relationship. H family not at issue.

      P family still has issues.
      – CP is cause for concern. His FB page seems to show a loving family-type guy, but other social media evidence clearly suggests otherwise. Some people think “all men are pigs”, but sorry, what this guy portrays himself as vs what he actually is suggests seriously duplicitous behavior, beyond the norm in my opinion. More disturbingly, he seems to enjoy it. And the duplicitous behavior appears to relate directly to Liberty and the theory currently on the table.
      – Person on this site with apparent personal knowledge that Liberty would regularly flee MP.
      – Social media evidence suggesting MP awareness of CP’s inappropriate behavior with Liberty.
      – The fact that MP is the is the father of CP. Unless MP was no influence on CP’s formative years or CP is a sociopath, CP had to learn his behavior from somewhere. And the two of them are tight – the GoFundMe page was cosponsored by them.
      – The fact that many homicides are perpetrated by family members.
      – Observation of locals on this site that MP behavior was very unusual shortly after homicides, which appears to recently have shifted into relief.
      – Other info Robert has… email him to ask him for it.
      – Someone said CP and BS are FB friends. Maybe that’s the tie-in. Perhaps even innocently BS was used by CP… his knowledge of the area, access to RL, etc

      Do these people have alibis for the 13th-14th?

  14. D

    I would think most abductions start with the kid or kids being spooked. People need to preach to their children that if you get a funny feelIng you are to immediately run and call 911 but don’t stop running until you find safety. I always told my girls they were to never trust anyone unless they knew them and that is to be decided by if I knew them. They were also taught at 11 how to clean, load, aim and fire a hand gun along with the importance of gun safety. They were taught to always expect the unexpected. I was a ‘U.S. Marine and gone a lot. They are grown now but at 12 years old when they left home they were packing. Folks can say whatever but they knew the purpose was for their safety and they knew what would happen to me if they got caught with it so It was to stay hidden and if they pulled it they had better fire it and don’t think twice. Only bad people will go after you. Fortunately, they never had to fire it but they were pretty crafty with it and even today I gaurantee you that legally they carry a concealed weapon. Sorry folks ots the world we live in.

  15. CP

    I’ve seen CP’s FB page, but what other social media sites are you finding him on? Upthread, someone stated he has a different side on another social site.

    Thank you! I’ve log thought this case is super close to home. Especially for Libby. If not that, then it’s the Abby connection you all have discussed before.

    • Sun

      Email Robert for that info. If he provides it to you, please let us know your reaction.

    • In case you are wondering, CP, I no longer consisder either CP or MP as suspects in this case. They’re cleared as far as I am concerned. And if anyone is reading, I also no longer consider BS and MS as suspects either. We didn’t have much on them other than some circumstantial evidence, there was not much there. But now that Brydon S is no longer pegged as Abbie’s bf but is instead a former bf, I no longer think either of this men had sufficient motive to kill these girls. Now that doesn’t mean they didn’t do it. Perhaps they had some other motive. But what might that be? it’s not Brydon’s baby, and neither BS nor MS seem like the type to commit horrific rape-murders of two young teenage girls.

      I am also clearing Ivan Brumbaugh. There was not much on him anyway other than a possible visual match to BG and voice match to the “Down the hill” tape. But if the audio was really a match to Ivan Brumbaugh, I do not see why he would not be in handcuffs right now, nor do I see why his property has not been raided. The most damning evidence against Brumbaugh, that he contaminated the crime scene, is apparently false.

      Personally I just never thought Ivan Brumbaugh had it in him to commit this crime. I realize he has lawyered up, but innocent people lawyer up all the time. One of RL’s mistakes was shooting off his mouth too much at the beginning of the investigation without having an attorney involved. He later got an attorney and shut up. Even if you are innocent, shooting off your mouth is often a bad idea.

      • greeneyedpea

        Wow. This is worth a new, separate post. There were several folks you thought were POI, and now are not. Why? Do you know their alibis, or is it b/c of the identity of Abby’s boyfriend?
        Following the comments, replies and replies to the replies is dizzying.

        • I actually am cooking up a new post on this, or at least I am supposed to be doing so. I was going round and round about whether to post photos or not, but now I think I will, as I am clearing all these guys anyway in my mind.

      • Looptyloo

        Robert can you look more into DE. Anna’s brother I would like you opinion he is also Facebook friends with Cheyenne the girl who was at the bridge an hour after they went missing

  16. Kraker

    Ron Logan’s neighbor? Does that whole road have issues with driving? She wanted to kick Someone’s azz on Facebook last night. She is damn 60yo!! I can’t make this stuff up.

    April 16, 5:19 a.m. – Driving while suspended/prior, 300 block of Indiana St., Delphi. Sherri Hinton, 60, Delphi, was cited and released. Officer Alex Parkinson investigated.

    • Kraker

      And Robert she was talking smack about your blog. So she needs to stop pulling skeletons out of others closets and worry about her own

    • Sun

      That citation was from 2014 and there is nothing on her FB page.

      • Kracker

        It was in a Abby & Libby group not her personal Facebook. Talking about this blog and threatening to beat people up who support Robert. I’m pissed. Robert I’m sending money now to you

      • Kracker

        That’s even worse she is 63 wanting to fight and calling people bitches because we are sticking up for Robert. Her brother was best friends with Ron Logan. So she does not like to call him a “wife beater” but thanks Sun for pointing out the date. Old hag is evil

        • Well he is a womanbeater or girlfriend beater anyway. Not sure if be beat up the wife or not.

          The source about the girlfriend beating is excellent, but this woman lives in Delphi and is very afraid if this info gets out into the community because she says people will come after her. This woman knew the gf very well and not only that, but she had to come out and rescue to gf from Ron’s beatings on a number of occasions. The gf would call this woman up and say Ron was beating her up and the woman would have to come out and rescue the woman. If she says one time he almost beat her to death, I would consider it good testimony. This woman seemed straight up to me and did not seem like a liar at all.

          I doubt if Ron Logan is a murderer, but he is certainly no angel. I think most of us have a bad side. I sure do. But Mr. Logan’s bad side is pretty dark indeed.

        • Looptyloo

          Greeneyedpea don’t worry about
          Sorry I was having my own conversation with Robert. She was degrading him on a Facebook forum. So I was talking to him about it

        • Looptyloo

          Sorry I was talking via email,
          But yes I know Kracker she’s my sister!! If that ok with you. But we are 2 different people. 2 different credit card for donations. Dang everyone is so nosey

  17. Cathie

    Hello Robert, will donate when I get paid, end of the month. Thanks C

  18. fellowreader111

    Hello all, so I read something particularly disturbing and I am starting to agree with the other commenters on here who think this killer is a drifter and a loner. I came across a college grad student’s paper on “Organized non-social sexually motivated serial killers.” What is very disturbing is that the girl who the amber alert was created in remembrance of (Amber Hagerman) was abducted and disappeared on the 13th of January 1996. Here we see this number 13 again. Just like Evansdale and Delphi after it. Now two kidnappings and murders on the 13th, states away could be a coincidence. However, it seems that these murders all highly relate to each other. Amber was also disposed of next to a creek, similarly to the Evansdale girls and the Delphi girls. Now I don’t know if you guys have added the dates up for the other disappearances but if you take the Evansdale date 7+13+12 and the Delphi date 2+13+17, they both equal 32. Which is a satanic type number I believe. Is anyone particullary good at sequencing that can find 32 from 1-13-1996? It seems like if these crimes are related and they definitely seem influenced by the Amber Hagerman ordeal than maybe it’s the same guy and he is really meticulous about the day he commits his crimes.

    • fellowreader111

      The Arlington, Texas (Amber) crime was commited 16 years before the Evansdale murders. And the Evansdale murders were 5 years from the Delphi murders if that helps or has any significance. But with how much of a sick freak this guy is if he’s the one commiting these crimes he probably commited others. It may not be related but there are a lot of variables and similarities across multiple state lines and this would sound like some type of drifter. It may be worth a try.

      • D

        Wow!!!! Some of us are really starting to see the truth….If you listen to what some people In Delphi have said and what they witnessed prior to all this happening instead of creating your own fantasy story, it’s not hard to figure out folks….Out of all the post that are on here only 2 so far have nailed it…The rest are just slinging mud and hoping something sticks…

    • Ben Franklin

      Any way to share this grad students paper with a link or send to Robert..?

  19. Shannon

    I just donated for the password, please email me the password here instead of the bmorris email.

  20. Michelle

    New to this case. Are you seriously saying the perpetrator stabbed Abby in the stomach to kill a fetus that would die anyway within a few minutes of her own death?

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