To My Female Readers: About Magneto’s Post

Magneto is a pretty incendiary fellow, but in part that’s why I like him writing for me. This site is sort of all about stirring the pot and getting people all riled up for shits and giggles.

Anyway, a lot of my female readers are upset about Magneto’s post. I am not sure I agree with it myself. Pretty much the only women I deal with are White women. My basic position is that I love women, and I have felt this way for a very long time. So my position is that I love women, and most women I deal with are White women. I guess that means I love White women? I have no idea because questions like do I love White women or do I hate white women or any other race of women for that matter simply never enter my mind.

Misogyny of any type is a trap. As is misandry. Heterosexuals should not hate the opposite sex.

Believe me, I understand full well why men hate women, and I have a lot of reasons for taking that road myself. It’s just that I don’t do it because I have as many reasons for loving them as I do for hating them. I choose to focus on what I love about women and ignore what I don’t like about them.

I had a misogynistic phase for a while which I feel no guilt about. I must say that it did not work. My position is misogyny doesn’t work. I have no idea how misogynistic womanizers even exist because when I was in that phase women were picking up on my anger and throwing it right back at me.

Believe me, I understand why women hate men! Sometimes I wonder why you even put up with us at all considering how we treat you. I don’t think man-hating works for women either. That’s a trap too.

These things are both mental traps. You are locking yourself into a prison when you think like this.

Getting back to the subject, we believe in equal time. So you women (or even men) who disagree with Magneto have a right to a response as a guest poster. You will have to disagree with him civilly though.

There’s a fee. You have to pay $20 to be a guest poster, which is waived if you have donated at least that. After that, you can post as much as you want within reasonable limits.

However, you must write well. This site is a showcase for good writing, or it’s supposed to be. I would say you have to write at least as well as Magneto or thereabouts. So if you think you write well and would  like to be a guest author to present the other side, by all means email me, and we will see how it goes.

Alpha and I will have to see a sample of your writing. Alpha is my co-blogger on this site. She is an anti-racist Black woman.  She will review your prose also. If you don’t think you write well, don’t even bother applying, as we will have to reject you.

However, I think some of my female commenters write well enough to be guest authors.

I made this post to show you that I am trying to be fair here by addressing both sides.


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7 responses to “To My Female Readers: About Magneto’s Post

  1. Magneto

    You nailed it. I intentionally write in an extreme and overblown fashion simply to get a reaction out of people. And it works pretty much every time.

  2. TJF

    To Magneto:
    I intentionally write in an extreme and overblown fashion simply to get a reaction out of people.

    I thought that might be the case, perhaps you seek to position yourself as a voice of opposition to cultural leftists (a misnomer as they often aren’t economic leftists) but in the end the tone and style of your articles resemble the anti-male and anti-white screeds spewed by Social Justice Warriors and garden variety radical feminists.

    That said, to a milder extent, your thinking does represent the attitudes of some of the Western expats I’ve encountered in Asia. If you want to roam around India shagging women and quietly or opening disliking the men, that can work for while, I suppose as long as you don’t have too many attachments but it’s probably not sustainable for the long term. Things become even more complicated if you start having children and want to remain in the host country. If you have boys, they could easily adopt many of the same attitudes of the men you have grown to despise, while at the same time acquiring an inferiority complex because their father quietly or openly despises the local men. And unless you move to another city, when you have children with a local woman, in many parts of Asia your in-laws will have an ongoing presence in your life that generally goes a bit beyond what one encounters in the West.

  3. Do you take venmo? Please start. I really wanna make a guest post, i have a lot to say. But my paypal accounts don’t work… how about bitcoin, do u take that?

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