“Are Brown Women the Answer for White Men?” by Magneto

Are Brown Women the Answer for White Men?

by Magneto

You don’t have to be a sociologist to figure out that feminism has hit White women the hardest. Feminism has influenced and affected all races of women, of course. But it seems that White women have become the most toxic women on the planet due to it. Is there some racial or cultural reason for this? I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this and here are some of my ideas.

White women have never been an oppressed race of women. Throughout history, White women have been the most privileged and spoiled race of women on earth. White women were treated like queens and never had to do manual labor outdoors in the hot sun like Black slave women or Brown women working in hot kitchens to cook meals for their families. White women never even had to learn to cook because they would just hire a Brown woman to do the cooking for them.

So you have this category of extremely privileged women who have developed a massive ego superiority complex over hundreds of years, and then you brainwash them with the idea that they are oppressed? Of course they will swallow such nonsense. It’s like a spoiled child. If you tell a spoiled child that they are a victim and are suffering from oppression, the spoiled child will believe you. Not because they are oppressed, but because they have become such extremely selfish people due to years of being spoiled.

Therefore the root cause seems to be selfishness. I think it’s safe to say that White women are the most selfish race of women on this planet. Of course there are some rare exceptions, but for the most part, do you see White women sacrificing their own happiness to serve their families the way that Brown and Black women do? Can you imagine a White woman voluntarily staying home to lovingly raise her children the same way that Brown women do?

Nope. White women are brainwashed that they need to live and experience the world and they can settle down later on in life. So while Brown and Black women are at home raising children and taking care of their families, White women are travelling all over the world and getting pumped and dumped like trashy whores.

I remember that I briefly dated a Mexican woman after I had just had a pretty bad experience with a White American woman. I was talking to the Mexican girl and telling her about the White girl, and the Mexican girl said, “She sounds like a very selfish person”. It really hit me at that point how different White women and Brown women are. Looking at that sexy Mexican girl with her dark brown skin, dark eyes, and black hair, I felt so attracted to and connected with her. I had never really had that kind of connection with a White woman, ever.

To summarize what I am trying to express in an overly simplistic way. If you marry a White woman, expect to get treated like shit by her, and there is a very real possibility she will divorce you, kidnap your kids from you, destroy you financially and emotionally in divorce, and then use the kids and custody as a weapon of extortion against you to try to literally drive you to suicide. White women are the embodiment of extreme selfishness. Now, on the other hand, if you marry a Brown or Black woman? You can expect to come home every day to a loving wife who will treat you with respect, who will lovingly raise your children, and who will be supportive of you and be a partner with you instead of a competitor.

White women have simply lost the ability to be good wives and mothers. I sometimes doubt if White women were ever good wives and mothers at any time in human history or if they have always been such extremely selfish creatures. Brown women are natural and are the embodiment of feminine grace and beauty. I think many White men realize all of this on a subconscious level, and that is why so many White guys marry Asian or Brown women.

White women are truly the Achilles heel of the White race. The Western world is in a state of total collapse right now, and it is directly the result of White women’s selfish life choices. I would advise all sane White males to turn towards Brown, Asian, or Black women and live a peaceful and happy life with them. Leave trashy White women behind and let them get pumped and dumped by White Trash trailer park garbage. Already it is happening. White men who are married to Asian, Brown, or Black women make $10K more dollars per year on average than White men who are married to White women. So that’s just more proof that if you’re a White male and want to have a successful life, the best option for you is to marry an Asian, Brown, or Black woman. Marrying a White woman is the quickest way to financial and emotional ruin.


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74 responses to ““Are Brown Women the Answer for White Men?” by Magneto

  1. TRASH Jr.

    “White women were treated like queens and never had to do manual labor outdoors in the hot sun like Black slave women or Brown women working in hot kitchens to cook meals for their families. White women never even had to learn to cook because they would just hire a Brown woman to do the cooking for them.”

    This is describing a TINY fraction of White women.
    -Many historically lived in all White areas (not any minorities in ‘colonizing’ countries even just 100 years ago).
    -Plenty of poor Whites in the American South
    you could make the argument for this on averages, but It largely doesn’t fly except in somewhere like Honduras or colonial India where Whites are/were like 2% and all wealthy compared to their countrymen.

  2. Mr. Lindsay,

    I am sorry, I follow your posts, however this is the silliest, most poorly thought out post I have ever seen in my life.

    White women, the root of all evil. Hmm. I thought I was reading a post of why we should all be mixing race and end up all chocolate in a generation or two. While it might save on tanning oil, is that where you really see us?

    First, there is no difference in divorce rates between male/female divorce rates for caucasion versus mixed race couples. That sort of pulls the plug on your theory and dubious conclusion.

    You are additionally making a study out of something that effects less than 5 percent of our entire nation. 95% of our country who enter into marriage are white/white. 5% roughly are white male and other race. Yet the divorce rate is the same. So how are those conclusions that are presented backed up, other than th writer has a personal preference for brown women?

    The ratio of incarceration in State and Federal prisons for women is roughly 50/50, non-caucasion vs. caucasion. 30% of non-caucasion that are incarcerated are violent offendors, the stuff felonies are made of, while 10% of caucasion women are violent felons. So who is more likely to be home watching the kids and getting dinner ready?

    I believe your post is poorly thought out. I would enjoy hearing how the numbers I just described would influence your conclusion as it was written. Additionally, your hypothesis went right to conclusion, without the benefit of any scientific or statistical insight. There is a reason the numbers get crunched in between the two.

    • This is not my post. This is a post from a guest author and he alone is responsible for his views. I do not necessarily endorse his views and I am not waging a war against White women. Almost all of my girlfriends in life have been White women. I presently date White women only, though not by choice. I don’t agree that White women are the root of all evil. The guest poster has some serious issues with White women.

      If you wish to take issue with the post, please address the author, which is not me.

      This post does not represent my feelings about White women. I am not sure how exactly I feel about them, but it is not like this. As I said, I pretty much only date White women and it’s been that way most of my life.

    • Magneto is a guest poster. Please address him. Thank you.

      • Jenny

        This is a very pathetic post which is unlike what you would write. The commenter seems to be a man whore who seems to think with his genitals much like the races he calls as niggers and muds. White woman,the root of all evil? The author calls himself white and proudly talks about miscegenation. Wtf? The fact that it is self contradictory doesn’t seem to strike him during any part in this long meaningless rant.

    • White women are the only ones who have ever liked me. I just don’t get along with Black and Hispanic women. It seems like they don’t like me. I live in a town full of Hispanic women and I only rarely date them, and it usually doesn’t work out that great. Black and Hispanic women probably think I’m gay or wimpy. They want hypermasculine men and that’s not me. I’m a ladies man, not a man’s man.

      I do a little better with Asian women, but honestly I hardly ever date them. And trust me from Asian gf’s I have had, Asian women can be the most horrific and Hellacious bitches on Earth.

      • Magneto

        But don’t you find that brown skin, big ass and big tits exotic and attractive? I mean in terms of ass, white women can’t even compete with black women or some brown women.

        • Sure but I have pretty much had it up to here with Black women. I think I want a divorce.

        • Yunioshi

          Where do the brown butts of India rank? Do the darker ones have better butts?

        • SED

          Here again, Magneto is focusing on the sexual. That’s his problem. I bet he doesn’t get anything accomplished that is worthwhile in life because his minds IN THE GUTTER all his waking and sleeping hours. Obsessing about sex and sexual matters leads to pornography and add to that >women-hating< which just because you THINK brown women are better does not help the fact that you think lowly of women in the first place. All this perverted thinking is what makes for SERIAL KILLERS. So my question to Magneto…”Are you a serial Killer?”

  3. Whitewoman

    This is the stupidest post I have ever read in my entire life. Oh wait, what’s that you say now? You didn’t write it? Hmmm. That’s strange… someone must have hacked your blog and published the post as Robert Lindsay. Funny thing is, the dimwit who wrote it writes exactly like you do “White women” … why do you often capitalize White, Robert? Care to tell?

    • If you are interested, I edited the piece as I do all guest posts. Take your complaints up with the author. We have guest authors writing all sorts of stuff on here.

      As for me, I love women and for the most part I only date White women, so interpret that any way you wish. Seems like White women and girls are the only ones who ever went for me in life, so I have a special affinity for them. A lot of those women from those other races just don’t like me. Don’t ask me why. And I won’t date Black women anymore. Had it up to here with them.

      PS I am banning your hot little ass, baby.



      • Magneto

        So you did date black women in the past? How was the sex? Were they really wild in bed, as compared to white women?

        • Only a few. I have not dated many Black women. I have had sex with maybe five of them.

          Sex is about the same. I did not notice much difference actually, but White women nowadays are often seriously pornified and whorish, so I don’t really buy this thing that White women are lousy fucks. In my circles, they are competing with each other to see who can out-perv and outkink each other.


        • damn , did u check for std/HIV later on? hahahaha

        • SED

          Were you wild back in bed Magneto or just paying for someone to try to arouse your tiny no dick? How many children have you tried to molest to get that no-thang up? Time for prison.

    • SED

      Men thinking with their DICK or NO-Dick, or both.

      • SED

        Time for prison

        • Magneto

          LOL. What a dumb fuck you are. Yes, brown women sexually arouse me in a way that white women do not. As for accusing me of “fucking children”, I’m pretty sure all the chicks were at least 21 years old. I am not attracted to children. I am attracted to brown skin. I don’t care if you’re an 18 year old or 50 year old woman. If you have brown skin, I can get an erection for you.

  4. Mary

    Magneto seems to be having a tough time with the ladies lol…. This is the type of rambling brain dump that serial killers enchant investigators with. What a complete loser. Dude, you’re probably going to have to keep paying for hookers, because nobody is ever going to sit with you, much less hold your hand or provide you with meaningful companionship of their own volition. Sad.

    • Magneto

      Oh how cute… poor wittle baby is triggered. Did my article hit close to home? Seems like you got a serious case of projection here. So I’ll ask the question- are you having a tough time with men? Judging from the massive insecurity you appear to have, I’d say yes. But it’s all good. You can still date indian men. Indian men will fuck anything as long as it has two legs, white skin, and a pair of tits.

      • I’m married 22 years, but of course you already know I have no trouble with men who have the confidence, self respect and class to urinate a post like yours. Take it easy, Magento.

  5. SHI

    White people are the most selfish beings on the planet.

    I am selfish.

    That makes me White. Yo !

  6. Phil78

    “White men who are married to Asian, Brown, or Black women make $10K more dollars per year on average than White men who are married to White women.”

    This seems to respond to what I see in divorce rates, but there is a catch. When courting intra-racially you included the low income pairing, but in the case of whites when they do interracially pair it is usually higher income or higher education matches in line with assortive mating trends you see with humans.

    With that said, the “answer” is pretty much already a trend for Latinos and Asian women but with Black women it’s rarer, but when they do, the results seem to be the same financially.

    The problems however are this.

    The higher income you go within a race, the less traditional they are.

    2.If you lower income, You would likely lack the supposed financial benefit.

    When you go lower income, well, with Robert’s experience they may have preferences.

    • TRASH Jr.

      True about traditionalism and income being negatively correlated.

      Most BW-WM combinations have relatively high socioeconomic statuses anecdotally.

      • TRASH Jr.

        I suppose contact could be the reason for this, but that doesn’t appear to be the case for WW-BM relationships.

        • Phil78

          I would s terms of divorce rates and the general profile of women that do on average, I would consider assortive mating.

        • Beauregard

          Areas where Blacks live, at least when looking at whole municipalities tend not to be the poorest because their are many well-off people nearby.

          The burbs and the hood, in terms of pure geographic distance, aren’t that far apart.
          But the areas where poor Whites live are far from the hood.

          So the Whites Blacks from the ghetto have contact with are generally better off, although there are a handful stuck in the actual ghetto.

      • Beauregard

        it is of course in the word socioeconomic

  7. Magneto

    But in all truth, no one can deny what I am saying. White women, for the most part, act like a bunch of bitchy, self righteous cunts who think they are better than everyone else.

    Believe it or not, I actually support feminism for brown and black women. Brown and black women ARE oppressed. And white women are doing absolutely nothing to stop oppressing them. White women keep consuming products that were created with the hard underpaid slave labor of women of color, people of color.

    White men are by nature very liberal people. So when people complain about racism from whites, what they are really talking about is racism from white women.

    Once artificial wombs are created, we can maintain the white race without the need for white women. We can engineer it so that only white males are born. We no longer need white women for anything.

    Hopefully white women will go extinct within 100 years. And until that day comes, we should just send all white women to Africa and Asia to be sex slaves for brown men. Give these white trashy whores to the niggers, rapist indians, and mexican spicks.

  8. Lyn

    Magenta, are you White?

    • His color doesn’t matter – his ignorance does. It’s pathetic no matter what he looks like. Racist is racist, and this guy has nothing going for him.

      • Lyn

        Well, I think it’s interesting to know if this person is coming from the position of being a White male or a non-White male or perhaps a non-White woman (?)

        Even though I know a fair segment of White men are “fed up” with modern day feminism and have complaints- this person does not seem to know about White people in general- even if they are very young. Many/most White women used to help on family farms, working alongside their men and other family members doing farm and ranch work and then they took care of the house and the kids. It was only a very tiny percent who lived as Magento says. This kind of rural life only started being less than the norm for White families in the 1950s, so if Magento is White, he/she would know that about their recent ancestors.

        Also, where I live- in the state of Texas, there is a HUGE group of homeschool mothers- mostly White women- and they are stay at home Moms who do everything for their children, including homeschooling.

        Another thing, the part about White women using products made by women/people of color- well that would go for White men as well- from manufacturing outsourcing created by mostly by White MALE politicians in cahoots with mostly White male businessmen and bankers.

        White MEN by nature are very liberal and White women are the racists? LOL. Once again, all one has to do is look at history and the laws made before White women could even vote. Also, on “conservative” leaning forums you will see White men complain that White women are the liberal ones and we have “ruined the nation” with our liberal voting.

        • Mary

          I don’t know… There are good and bad people, mature and immature, and race, gender, color and creed have zero to do with it. Some couples date, and they don’t get along, so they break up. It’s the nature of the beast. But to take a breakup THAT HARD that you say that EVERYONE (in this case, all white females since it was a while female who was either unkind, selfish, or a combination of a lot of things to him) is Ted Bundy logic.

          Its not at all interesting. It’s straight up sad.

      • VenetianMerchant

        He’s a handsome Nordic, hung like a mule. Bidding starts at 40 shekels.

    • i guess he’s from India. i’ve seen him writing articles on Indians with deep knowledge

    • eva35cali

      I think Magneto is a black woman posing as a white male.

      • Magneto

        So you’re racist against Black women now? As for my race, I am a white western male. About as white as they come, actually.

  9. Lyn

    ^^^^Sorry meant MagentO

  10. SHI

    .I just went postal on this thread bashing Indians. It’s a nice place for the graphomaniacs and those who just need a place to vent online. TRASH might like it. Very therapeutic and cathartic I tell you. I feel greatly relieved.


    I hate being INDIAN

    It’s not as if I had a fucking choice on this matter when I was born. I love India but I fucking hate 99.9% of all Indians. They are the most bitchy, jealous, inept assholes you will ever come across. I hate being fucking surrounded by these hateful beings. I know it may sound like I’m hyperventilating but I really want to distance myself from these people. Permanently. I recently lost my mother who I had dearly loved. I don’t feel belonged in my own country,

    I have been to over 20 countries. There are good and bad in all races but most non-Indians choose a healthy, wholesome approach to life. They aren’t 1% as crooked as these Indian goats.

    Unfortunately, I carry the Indian label everywhere I go to. It’s like a fucking burden. I’m not responsible for some Indian rapists raping a girl in a schoolbus or some Indians in a village practicing witchcraft and child marriage. They do not represent me. I hate Indian traditions and culture. It’s all fake and suppresses the human spirit. Fine, there are some wonderful contributions of India such as Yoga, meditations. Some Hindu philosophy is very interesting and even scientific. But, that’s it. And no biggie, it’s like White people have already appropriated Yoga.

    I really wanna kill myself. Being Indian is Baggage. But, I won’t. I may have been born Indian but I don’t want to die one. I’m doing everything I can to separate myself from these bastards.

  11. reid

    are you retarded my dude? almost everyone including women did manual peasant labor for the last 10k years, this changed very recently, and next to nobody/ historically had domestic servants or slaves. one was much more likely to be a domestic servant than have one

  12. The heck is “brown woman”? Mullato? or Arab ? or Asian? or Hindu? Muslim? or Indonesian?. He hasn’t seen white males also used to beat up their white wives even 2/3decades ago. He hanst seen how women were handled in middle age across Europe. Yes it still happens in southern-white Americans. White Women are beaten for not cleaning & cooking. Its just the recent times degeneracy in USA went rampant due to lady-Gaga & Hood culture.
    Rubbish & non-sense post—Magneto wrote like a duffer, doesn’t know what he’s writing.

  13. eva35cali

    @Magneto – Why are you so bitter if you’re happy and prefer brown girls? What’s the real issue?

  14. Lin

    Not exactly off-topic nor pun intended; is it possible to include skin bleaching (through genetic alteration or not) for dark-skinned people in US with special needs in the coming TrumpCare? I’m sure Mr. Trump will be praised if it happens.


  15. Jason Y

    I don’t think brown women are less spoiled than white ones. I think bitchiness is something common to both genders and all races. It’s mostly people being cunts – venting frustration onto people who didn’t do anything to them – LIKE ME. I don’t think it’s more than that.

    I mean, yeah, there are some white southern belle types who have been brainwashed by their dad to be super-racist and also spoiled. But I don’t it’s the norm. Most bitchy women are bitchy for the reasons I explained.

    • Jason Y

      Generally, the focus of bitches is nice guys, gals etc.. People who are smiling and innocent. They’re the main target. So it’s not that the victim is queer, but he is probably just a really happy dweeby type.

  16. Tulio

    Too much overgeneralizing. I would say this is just a problem of women in America in general, particularly urban America. Black women in America are worse in pretty much every way. I’m not attracted to Asian woman, but they seem to best embody the qualities that a man would want in a good wife.

    Also you can pretty much assess how damaged women are by who has the most tattoos. Black women(at least where I live) are tatted up like sailors these days. White women aren’t far behind them. Rarely see tats on Asian women. Quite a few Hispanic women are tatted but probably somewhere between white and Asian women. A man is best avoiding a woman with tattoos, in general. I’m not 100% hardline on this, if a girl is great in every way and she has a small hidden tattoo somewhere that she thought was sexy, no biggie I guess, but these I see women getting tats on their fucking necks and full sleeves. Yuck! Unless you hang around outlaw bikers or you are a rocker chic or something, why the fuck would a woman want full sleeve tattoos?

  17. Tata


    I am a conservative anti-feminist white woman married to a “brown” arab man. I agree with the general idea of ​​your text but disagree with some details.

    Today the generation of millenial girls is broken. But in the countryside there are still women who have traditional, religious and conservative values. You probably laugh at us, calling us “rednecks” and “bigots”. But you like the conservatives latinas because they are “exotics”, but they are not so differents than the women in the rurals areas in the US.

    This week, a poll was published in the newspaper:

    in your neighboring people very similar to you, the canadians, 55% of women in a couple, pay the biggest share of the bills, and do more housework. In other words, men are useless. He is nutured by the woman financially and does nothing in the house. And he probably has a mistress. It is on the way to becoming the dominant family model in the West. Who is the most egoistic of the two?

    These women look strongs, and ambitious, more than me, and I don’t feel good with this type of women because I feel judged. They are frustrated with their live. I know women like that who is divorcing because her husband pays nothing, and keep all the money for him, and don’t care about his kids. Why to stay with a useless man? Better to be alone!

    Traditional couples, mommy at home and financial providers account for only 20% of Canadian couples. (I’m in a traditional couple. If I give birth and do everything in my house, I expect at least that the man pays the bills and work more than me outside of the house. I’m not exploited like these “feminists” who pays all the bills.)

    Egalitarians couples 50-50% in all, are only 10 or 15% and are not happiers.

    It is clear that feminism has not led to equality. For a long time, I shout to anyone who wants to hear it on the web, that is where feminism will bring us.

    But I did not know we were already there…

    What is the purpose of the white men today? Except to be sex toys? A dildo is less expensive than nuturing these men. Real men are rare today, so we should marry immigrants men.

    But the most ridiculous, is the women who commented on the article still do not understand the situation they have engendered. Feminism has spawned a monster and they continue to argue that they can do everything the men do. No! If you do that, you will end doing more that he does!

    Brown men are manly, hard workers, responsibles, take charge of the family, have families values and pay the best school for their kids (if they can). Life has always been tougher for brown men, as most come from the Third World and they have had to work harder to get by. They invest a lot in the future of their children and also help their elderly parents, a friend or a brother in financial trouble, etc.

    But beware of Hispanic culture, which you seem to idealize. They are more traditionnals and conservatives than the whites, but they also are too much “westernized” and have a lot of societal problems. They divorce less but almost all the men and women cheat. Your mexican girlfriend would have cheated on you, because this is the way their are. You can’t change them. I dated many hispanics men and my life was HELL. They have similar societal problems as in the poor white areas of the country. Mexico and latin america is to close to the US and to much in America to be very different than us.

    You should opt for real non-westerners. That’s what I did.

    • WB Tata. Glad to see you back.

    • What difference does it make how other men and women socialize, love and share responsibility? Frankly, Im a mother of 4, married 22 years and fortune to have a husband who gives as much as he gets in every way. Now, I would never allow myself to be fiscally dependent on a man because subconsciously I would feel trapped, and when I feel trapped, I can’t give everything of myself. But it’s none of my business how you roll. I wish I could allow myself the freedom to depend on others, but for whatever reason, unless I have every freedom to support myself and care for my family, I’m not ok. But my personal preference or, care I say issues, has nothing to do with how other people live. Love, mating, family, giving, caring, nurturing, working, contributing – all of those are personal. One size doesn’t fit all. I don’t study it, I just live and care for those I love. They take care of me right back. And to me, that’s how life works.

      • Tata

        They say all this, they want to be “independent” and blah blah blah, but they all end up divorcing because they pay all the bills alone, and do all the housework and the guy keeps his money for him. You are not independent, you get scammed.

        • Tata, I am not at all scammed. I’m just lucky. My husband does laundry better than I do, we pay the bills together, our four adult children are incredible human beings who have hearts of gold, work hard, and thrive in life. I’m not going to say our marriage has been a cake walk – it has not been. But we just give 100% of ourselves all the time. This way, when one of us are tired, sick, crabby, busy, or out of socks, the other one carries the load. That’s what an American marriage is. I have no input beyond what I have already stated about the concept of color. To each their own. Lucky for me my husband likes this petite blonde a good rack, a bangin body, a sense of humor, patience, talent, a brain and an awesome sex drive.

    • aryaavart

      Yes. Marry Punjabis 4 Goris for each Jatt min. Will fix all ur prob. 2 each for Rajput।।

    • Magneto

      Tata, there’s no such thing as an antifeminist woman. All women will ultimately act in their own selfish interests. Roosh very clearly explains that in this article:


      • Tata

        Today, everybody, men and women, act in their own selfish interest.

        Yes, I think about my interests. I refuse to get scammed.

  18. TRASH Jr.


    How could this be solely biological?
    This relates to having wealth, culture, etc.
    How could a eugenic-type program fix the ‘problems with White women’?

    however it is possible these factors are influenced by biology, of course…..

    • Magneto

      Biological? No it is CULTURAL. Brown people have much more traditional cultures than white people and thus brown women tend to be much more traditional and feminine.

  19. Guy from Montréal

    Why do I get the feeling that Magneto is pushing a message rather than a personal opinion?

  20. Frito Pendejo

    If a white man has no better choice than to marry some women of color, @ least better to marry someone of another race who has comparable intelligence, say of East Asian, or maybe even Northern Indian, for a lot of the latter actually happen to have just enough Indo-European/Aryan blood within them.

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