Thank You Very Much for the Donations!

Note to the readers of this blog.

Robert has done a great job on the Delphi murders. I just read posts by John and Brenda that support the current theory. Robert’s theory is based on information/rumor from Delphi locals. I assume John and Brenda are also local to the area.

Thanks, Robert, for all you have done to explore this crime. The blog has been fascinating from the very beginning.

Everyone reading this should consider sending Robert their appreciation by donating to his blog through the link he provided. I think he asks his regular commentators for a minimum of $10. If you click on ‘contact’ at the top of the page, that will take you to a page where you click on the word ‘contribution’.

Or just go to the top of blog, and click Contribute, which will take you here.

And actually I request $10 minimum from all regular commenters. But Delphi commenters are exempt from this as I am getting so much new traffic from those posts and I do not wish to scare commenters away. A lot of people give more than $10 and some even contribute regularly, nearly every month, often $40-50.

Thank you very much, Mer! You all can rest assured that you are not making me rich or lining the pockets of some rich guy. I just repaired my car today with much-needed repairs. The bill was $553, and I was only able to pay it due to the recent donations that came in, which totaled $710! The rest mostly went to pay this month’s bills.

Thank you so much everyone!

You all really are hiring me when you contribute.

If you enjoy the hard work that goes into this website, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site. Donations are the only thing that keep the site operating.



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2 responses to “Thank You Very Much for the Donations!

  1. It’s Friday folks, remember to give a dough-nation to Robert for his hard work and keeping his ever busy blog from crashing on us! I’m at work right now but will give Robert $20 tonight when I get home. Please keep this blog up and running!

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