A Word or Two on “Begging” or “Handouts”

You all really are hiring me when you contribute. It’s like hiring and electrician or a plumber to come work on your house. You are hiring me to write about this case. If I was rich, I might not ask for a dime, but I’m low income and right now this is my only income source. You all are paying my salary to work on this case. And now you have paid for 2 weeks work at a 9-5 job. And I have to put in the time seeing as you all are hiring me.

I get really tired of being told that I am begging here. A beggar sits there with his hand out and asks for money. On the contrary, I am a worker! This stuff is hard work and I put in many hours on this case and other stuff regarding the site. Even when I have women over visiting me, I have to go work on the site when I am supposed to be vacationing with her. They don’t like that too much, but it goes to show you that this is a job that I need to work on most every day, including Saturdays and Sundays. And when I go fly somewhere to stay with some woman for a couple of weeks, I actually continue to work on the site when I am staying with her.

I am asking to be compensated for my labor. All workers ask this. A plumber asks to be compensated for his labor time, as does an attorney, physician or even dishwasher. I am no different from any of them. This is real work, and it’s actually harder than a lot of regular jobs people get paid to do.

According to the beggar theory, I suppose attorneys, physicians, dishwashers, plumbers and electricians are all beggars looking for handouts when they ask to be compensated for their labor time! It’s a pretty unbelievable way to think. Why work for free? You know anyone who works for free? Next time you see a physician, attorney, plumber, electrician, or even dishwasher, why don’t you ask them why they don’t work for free? I dare you to get in their face and accusing them of begging or asking for handouts by the fact that they request to be compensated for their labor.

If you enjoy the hard work that goes into this website, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site. Donations are the only thing that keep the site operating.


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6 responses to “A Word or Two on “Begging” or “Handouts”

  1. Lauren Lee

    Who is your #1 suspect in this case? B&B Sandifer? I’m really interested in what you think

  2. Brett and Mark S. My opinion is that Brydon S. was not involved.

    I also like Mike P., but others say they cannot see how he could have possibly done this.

    To be completely clear, we do not very good evidence at the moment against any of these men.

    • Brenda

      My feelings about MP is that he is known for having loose lips. Not someone that can keep things to himself. It is hard enough for 2 people to keep a secret-add a third from outside the family snd it is almost impossible. I can understand why he might come off as suspicious but I don’t think he was involved. There is no talk about him in the area, other than by those that are crying conspiracy and suspecting everyone.

      • If you or anyone else would like to see some POSSIBLE evidence against Mike P., email me. I even have closeup photos.

        The people accusing Mike P. are the same women who gave me all this info on the S. family and their possible involvement. The Delphi woman is one of my best sources in the whole area and she is privy to some really deep stuff.

        On the other hand, Mike P.’s involvement is surely not proven, and many people are vociferously arguing that he could not have done it.

        I would say that Mike P.’s involvement is very much up in the air at this point.

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