Anyone Want to Cover a Subscription for Santoculto?

Santoculto: You can”extract” whiteness or whitening even from a aboriginal people. Disturbfront typos ignore that they can select the best of, for example, MENA people, even reproducing desired northwest European phenotypes, but they are so rigid to their little world that they can’t see a horizon of possibilities forward. Instead try to reorganize, dialogue and foment bridges of understanding with other groups, they just adhere spontaneously to the divisionism agenda (((elite$))) are promoting. Exactly what (((they))) expect for them.

Dig those parentheses! Santo’s out there, but he’s still got his style, doesn’t he? Check out those immaculate Brooks Brothers parentheses he’s wearing! They always said gay men have style.

Santo is banned, but if anyone wants to cover a subscription for this sui generis fellow, let me know. In the meantime he is banned because he won’t kick down, and he’s holding out on me. Of course, he could contact me if he has a valid excuse for this, but he doesn’t because he’s got the money. It’s just he doesn’t want to spend it, and he wants to comment for free. Just another selfish commentator.

Anyway, if you any of you like this most unusual fellow’s contributions and feel like covering a sub for this piker, step right up.


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11 responses to “Anyone Want to Cover a Subscription for Santoculto?

  1. Santoculto

    I don’t have money even for me, ok, i give up.

  2. Johnny

    Luckily no one misses the favela faggot’s little delusion. Let him stay put in that shanty Brazilian shit hole and go on easy with his pickpocket runaway pals.

  3. Jason Y

    Just allow him to wander in the desert till he falls over and a buzzard pecks his eyes out are fine with me. Just the first to go, before the ultimate genocide of these worthless WN fucks.

  4. Jason Y

    Machine GUN THE WNs @@@@@@

  5. Afrosapiens loves you Santo! Come back to PP blog!

    • TRASH Jr.

      why would he do that?
      So he can be enlightened on how the Jews are to blame for Jimmy and Philosopher scoring below Ivy league level on their SATs?

      How the Jews are to blame for Black men having big dicks (Jew slavers bred this)

      and they wasn’t actually tricked by Trump cuz he’s really a Notzi pleying 3d chess, cuck.


  6. TRASH Jr.

    I found the Philosopher:

    • Jason Y

      I want to feel sympathy for the disabled, but so many WNs are autistic – that I have to sort have to rethink my compassion.

  7. Steve

    Yo bro, if this is a socialist blog, you should cover labour’s manifesto. Renationalise railways, energy, scrap university tuition etc.

    What’s going on with bigfoot?

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