A Brief Summary of the Shocking New Rumors in the Delphi Murders Case

Note to commenters 1:

I am getting tired of saying this over and over, but most of the material below is made up of rumors and my own opinions and theories. None of that is represented as fact. Furthermore, I am not using rumors as reliable sources as has been alleged. I never said they were reliable sources. How reliable is a rumor? That’s for you to determine, but in general a rumor is not considered to be a reliable source, and they are not treated as such below. 

The only thing that is represented as fact are statements sourced from LE or the media. If you have issues with rumors, theories, opinions. etc., just quit reading right now and save yourself the heartache. 

Note to commenters 2:

I thought I made this one thing perfectly clear as Richard Nixon used to say:

I have no sources whatsoever among the families of the girls.

I have no sources whatsoever in LE, local or otherwise. 

There ya go.

What I do have is sources close to the families. These people generally live in Delphi and the surrounding region. So that makes my rumors even more hearsay. I’m not even talking to the families. I am talking to people who talk to the families!

Of course I have no LE sources. I thought I made that clear. Never have. Yes, I have talked to some of them, but of course they didn’t tell me a thing. A couple of times they told me that a certain person was a POI or that a certain person had been cleared with an airtight alibi. I suppose they don’t mind giving out that information. But other than that, they don’t tell me jack. It’s hard enough to even get them to call you back. I think if I asked them if my name was Robert Lindsay, they would say, “I am sorry, but I cannot comment on matters relating to an ongoing investigation.” That’s how bad it is.

So what do I have? Once again, I have sources who are close to LE. They get their information from LE, then they talk to me. So once again this is even more hearsay, as I am not even talking to LE but to the people who are talking to LE.

I really wish people would quit claiming I have LE or family sources. I just don’t. If you think I have these sources, just quit reading my stuff right now and go away. You will not be missed!

NOTE TO COMMENTERS 3: The lies never end. The latest is “Lindsay takes other people’s theories and claims they are his own.” Of course I don’t. This website is nothing but a compendium of rumors from all over the Net regarding this crime. I go through the rumors and try to rank them on a scale of weak to strong. I compare them against other rumors to see which one is better. All sorts of theories have been flying around since day one. I report those too.

The theories are really just more rumors. I’d say the overwhelming majority of theories presented here were thought up by other people. I find most of my theories on other sites about this crime. That’s how it works, you know. You get theories about the crime from others. Yes, you use your own theories and you use other people’s theories. I really do not have time to down through the list of theories and say where I got them from. I have come up with a few of my own, but even with those, I guess someone else thought of them first. Also a lot of the theories here are also the result of constant brainstorming I do with my fellow sleuths.

Although the post is not even begun yet, I decided to let my readers in on most of the new findings that will be reported in that update.

The findings deal with:

  • Probable return of at least one killer to the dump site at 9 AM
  • How many killers there were
  • How many sets of DNA were recovered
  • Whether there were any hits on the DNA in databases
  • The nature of the crime scene – pristine or contaminated
  • The type of attack that caused the death of Liberty and gravely injured Abbie
  • Other damage that occurred to one of the girls in the process of the fatal attack
  • Condition of one of the girls’ fingernails,
  • The nature and  length of Abbie’s most unpleasant ordeal and what crimes were probably committed against her
  • Why the crime was so long and drawn-out
  • How the girls were kidnapped and trapped on the bridge on which end of the bridge
  • What happened to the girls at the bottom of the hill that may be the source of the screams that follow the “down the hill” order shortly after it was given
  • Weapon and method used in this probable attack
  • Securing of girls
  • Location in the vehicle where the girls were placed to be driven to the kill site
  • Disposition of vehicle in regard to the kill site
  • How the girls were transported in the vehicle back to the SE corner of the cemetery where they were taken out and dragged down a trail
  • How many men dragged them down this trail to the dump site
  • Attempted camouflaging of girls at the dump site and whether it was successful or not
  • Killer’s emotional reaction on seeing the condition of the girls
  • Spearing of one of the girls in the stomach with a large pointed stick and the probable reason why this was done
  • Whether or not Abbie was found to be pregnant on autopsy
  • Whether Abbie had a boyfriend and if so, what his age was

That’s about it.

Now down to the nitty-gritty. As I said before, just when you thought this crime had been taken to the end of horror where it’s as bad as it gets, and we thought this crime could not possibly get worse, this crime does just that. The truth is even worse than what we have heard before.

If you are easily offended by gruesome descriptions of crimes, just quit reading right now and spare yourself the heartache.

Brief Chronology of the Delphi Murders, 2-13 to 2-14, Delphi, Indiana

They two girls dropped off, started hiking, and at some point, BG or one of his pals started following them. Libby was alarmed and posted to her friends that some scary man was following them. Abbie walked across the bridge. Libby was already at the end. He closed the gap with them very fast.

He cornered them at the end of the bridge. The photo was taken at the south end of the bridge near the end. There’s nowhere to go at the south end of the bridge. There’s nothing there. Hikers who cross the bridge always cross from north side to south side, then when they get to the south side, turn around and walk back across the bridge to the north side. So he trapped them at the end of the south side.

“Down the hill,” he said.

They went down the hill to a barely used road that used to be used by bridge workers for maintenance. A vehicle was waiting there. One or more men were in the vehicle. Once they got near the vehicle, BG probably hit them with his gun over the head. That’s probably when they started screaming. The two girls were then probably tied up and quite probably thrown in the trunk of the vehicle.

The vehicle took off and drove 5 minutes to the north side of the bridge by the cemetery and made its way across to the barn. The vehicle pulled into the barn, and the dirty deeds began. Libby was killed sometime on 2-13 possibly because she was giving them such a hard time. This was a vicious killing because her fighting back really pissed them off. Libby had several opportunities to leave, but chose to stay by her friend to the end. Libby was probably raped, abused and mutilated.

The cause of death or grievous injury was not throat-slitting with a knife as often thought, or having the necks broken as a recent good rumor said, but instead was with a method that easily wraps the two rumors together into one: garroting, probably with piano wire.

Libby was garroted early on probably because she was giving them so much trouble. The first garroting was unsuccessful, so they tried to garrot her again. This time she put her hands up to her neck to stop the garroting, but the garroting was so fierce that the garrot not only cut her neck very badly but also cut off her fingers, anywhere from 2-8 of them. The garroting was so vicious and violent that Libby was almost decapitated. It is hard to decapitate someone by garroting, as it probably hits a bone towards the back. The garrot probably hit this bone, and the garroting stopped.

No doubt Abbie witnessed that but, she may have been gagged or gagged and bound. Abbie was raped, tortured, abused and maybe finally mutilated slowly over the entire night. This was by design because the men were in all probability sexual sadists who like to prolong the assault on the victims for a long time so the victim will suffer more. Abbie was then garroted also, but this garrot was not very successful.

While several materials can be used for garroting, I have reason to believe the famous old Mafia standby, piano wire, was used in this case. This type of garrot will cut your neck for sure.

The two girls were trundled into the trunk of the vehicle. The car was then driven to the cemetery and then to the southeast side of the cemetery. The gate was opened and the trail was 10 feet away. Both men dragged the bodies down to trail to the dump site. With each man dragging a body, this scenario works a lot better. They got to the dump site and covered both girls with leaves.

One or more of the killers returned later for some odd reason and found that Abbie had crawled a ways away somehow, and she was still alive, which he determined by observation. He was enraged that she was still alive, so he grabbed the stick and speared it into her abdomen, killing the fetus and also no doubt killing Abbie very quickly.

Abbie died at 9 AM, so this spearing attack must have been in the morning in full daylight! The killer rapidly left and got to the vehicle at the SE end of the cemetery where his friend was waiting. Both men got into the vehicle and took off somewhere to points unknown, whether far away, very close to home, or anything in between.

Later the crime scene got contaminated, possibly by Ivan Brumbaugh touching the bodies, but now that that has been done, it will be hard to prosecute the case because the defense attorney will point to the contamination to try to negate the DNA evidence.

Not one but two sets of DNA were recovered from the crime scene (this would be in addition to Brumbaugh’s DNA, if present). So there were two killers. We know this because there were two sets of DNA. However there were no hits in the databases for either DNA sample, meaning that those persons have not been convicted of felonies, at least not in recent years.

Abbie was found to be pregnant on autopsy, a shocking finding. However, she did have a 16 year old boyfriend whose name is known. It is not known whether they were having sex or not, but if Abbie was pregnant, they were probably having sex.


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105 responses to “A Brief Summary of the Shocking New Rumors in the Delphi Murders Case

  1. Lotus

    Typo. Second paragraph. “Ceremony,” should prob be “cemetery.”

  2. Kathy


    Do your sources know if LE knows or suspects who is responsible for this horrible crime? Do they believe it is someone local?

  3. Max Headroom

    I am so on board with this theory because it makes the most sense to me. The police were always unsure if the killer acted alone or not, and they remain uncertain about that to this day. This makes me think the men are locals and known to the girls somehow. I hope and I pray the LE will get to the bottom of this and seek justice for the families of these girls.

    • boner

      How can the man/men be locals and nobody recognize the photos or voice. Even the poor quality of the photo would trigger a response in somebody – “Hey, that looks like it could be Joe.”

      • Dlux

        Boner, boner, boner – I think just about every local in a 30 mile radius that has any baggage at all has been identified by someone as BG. If you go back and read every post and comment, there are at least 15 locals that have been named on here that are all plausible suspects and fit the build of BG. Unfortunately, this guy is average height, average build, dresses like every guy his age in the Midwest, and shares the same voice as 50% of all Hoosiers. In this case, blending in has benefitted BG greatly.

        • Kim

          Dlux, yes, he blends in as a local would but I have felt that almost all of the poi’s whose pics have been explored on this site haven’t fit his body type at all. In short most of them have looked too fat and out-of-shape to cross that bridge quickly in pursuit and not be breathless with his ‘down the hill’ command. The guy had a paunch for sure but he looked quite fit to me. I run, kick-box etc. so I have pretty good faith in my ability to ID a body type.

          In the ‘walking’ splice Robert originally displayed you can see his legs are trim and he seems to move well. I’ve only seen 2 POI’s discussed on this site that I thought physically resembled him, the rest were simply too overweight. I also think the voice is light smoker, >45yo, could be an older man who is in pretty good shape, with small paunch, although the torso is harder to make out and may be rope etc in jacket.

          There was enough audio/pics for him to be identified IMHO, so I’m assuming the ID’ed suspect must have a cover alibi.

        • Kim

          A little more specifically, the body type tells me he’s likely 50+, may be 55+, crease in jeans at knees reveals slim legs, weight distributed about middle, and lack of distinct shadowing on face consistent with facial fat distributions seen in older >55 people.

          Voice somewhat younger but less reliable indicator of age (depends on environmental/lifestyle factors) than body type and movement. Robert’s earlier pic splicing the two pics to show him ‘walking’ is helpful in seeing his relatively slim legs.

          That’s what I see, an older perp than many of the poi’s discussed previously (except RL who is too senior, and IB who,is not IMO). Certainly different body type than many of Roberts earlier poi’s discussed who also seemed mostly <40-45yo.

        • BG is bowlegged, correct? And didn’t some people say he had “duck feet” or there was something wrong with his gait?

  4. Stephanie

    A couple things .. first if this guy had a car and was taking them to a location why does he have his coat stuffed with about ten pounds of kill gear? Looks bulky and hard to move and certainly would be more noticeable to people in the areawhen he could have left most of it in car??
    Secondly what time did the search party resume on the 14th? There were helicopters , searchers etc and this guy is gonna drive right in at 9am and not be spotted???
    Lastly all these guys were waiting around for Abby??, why Abby??

    • The search did not start until 9:30 AM the next day, and there was no one on the north side. That is how Brumbaugh found them all alone at 12:30. There were no helicopters. Most people did not think the girls were dead. The family thought they had walked to their cousin’s.

      A vehicle was certainly used in the crime, that’s for sure. A man on the north side near Logan’s land said the FBI came onto his property and asked him about any:


      He might have.

      This indicated to me that they thought, a gun, a vehicle and an outbuilding were used in the crime.

      • Lotus

        I do not think that is always true that asking about things means those things were used in the crime. Those 3 things are probably on a common checklist – guns, vehicles, and outbuildings.. Even if a vehicle is not used in a crime as a driving tool, it can be a place where a crime can take place. In the past, vans have been set up as torture dungeons and used to rape and/ or kill. A vehicle can be used to store or hide things.

        Asking about guns can assess a person’s state of mind. Some people have a big arsenal of weapons, ammo, bomb-building materials, and whatnot. That tells a lot about their state of mind. Building an arsenal usually goes along with paranoia and conspiracy theories.

        Another technique is that the FBI agents asking the questions may have been very aware that he had a vehicle, a gun, and an outbuilding. The FBI loves to ask questions they already know the answer to. That way, they can assess if you are telling them the truth and if not, why not. They can also charge you with a crime of lying to them.

        If they know damn well you have 2 outbuildings and you say you have no outbuildings, then they figure you are lying and they want to know more about the outbuildings.

      • Katheryn

        I believe that there were 2 and also that someone was parked on that access road because no one heard screaming..which means they were taken in the vehicle almost immediately..so it was right there..and I also believe that it was either a van or an suv…or if a car they were put in the trunk immediately..either way no one would have heard them scream. I think that BG actually came from the south side of the bridge and passed them…then turned around. The bridge is in bad shape and he would not have been able to catch up to them that quickly. What leads me to believe it was a van or suv is because the murderers could have parked anywhere and then attacked the girls without being detected. Would they take the chance of someone hearing them scream? From what has been rumoured there was possibly up to forty minutes that were recorded of the attack on Libbys phone.Which leads me to the van or suv theory. The question I have and that has bothered my from the very beginning is WHY would they bring them back to where they were found and risk being spotted when they could have just dumped them anywhere? My thoughts are that they wanted them to be found and wanted everyone to see what they did to those poor girls. Was it personal? I don’t know. The only thing that stands out at this point is that whoever did this is very familiar with the area and since the girls spent a lot of time on the trails (another rumor) then this killer or killers could have been watching them for quite sometime. Then another question arises, how did he or they know that the girls were going to be out there that particular day and time? Its quite obvious they or he were ready…so how did they or he know? Who was told? If Abby had a boyfriend, which is obvious from the pic of BG that it wouldn’t be him because he is way younger than the man in the pic…but did she tell him? Was the father of this boyfriend questioned? Maybe his dna should be checked.

      • Joyce Johansen

        Robert I am new to your site.
        Thank you for all your hard work
        on this case. If not for you,
        public would know nothing about this horrific crime.

  5. paula

    so George Webb was right…Libby lost her fingers by garroting…..

    these animals had to know the lay of the land…they had to know about the small road, that the bridge ended and the girls would be trapped ( although was there a solid wall?…otherwise couldn’t they have just run away?).

    when RLindsay mentioned a couple of weeks ago about the possible pregnancy, I wondered then could it have been the boyfriend? if true about a stick thrust into Abby’s stomach, it sends a message….perhaps the baby wasn’t wanted….killing a female because of pregnancy is a common theme and many pregnant women are killed by the daddies to be….the babies are not wanted…not the responsibility nor the forced attachment by the father.

    this sounds like a planned attack…by people that knew the area and by people that at least knew that these two girls were going to be taking a hike that day, at that time…social media?…overheard at the gas station or foodmart they might have stopped at?…

    • Lotus

      You have made very smart observations. Did the older sister who dropped off the girls mention it do anyone? Did she talk on her cell phone about it where anyone could hear her? Did the girls loudly say goodbye and mention the time they would be picked up? Were either of their parents consulted about the trip to the woods, and did any of them talk about it on their cell phones where anyone could hear it?

      Let’s say one of the girls calls one of her parents or grandparents to ask if it is okay to go hike, and that parent or grandparent happens to be at work or at the grocery and someone overhears this and knows that there will be two unsupervised girls in the woods for several hours. All this should be checked out to find out who knew the girls would be there.

    • Mer

      Libby did not lose her fingers to garroting. I heard a second hand account that her fingernails were torn up by the fight. If her fingernails were visible at her funeral, then we would have heard about finger amputations or severe injuries to her fingers from people who went to her funeral.

      • Kim

        Thanks for that point Mer. I feel,we need to be careful with extended speculation based on ‘opinion and rumors’ as Robert states above. So far, I only know a minimal number of details that LE has released on this crime, however, I am glad to have seen those YouTube voice match and other videos comparing IB to the voice data and image captured by Libby.

        At this point my biggest question is what is considered a strong alibi by Delphi’s LE. If it’s not backed up by time stamped receipts and multiple public witnesses or forensically time stamped camera footage and one or more witnesses I would be scrutinizing all alibis with excruciating detail.

        Why haven’t they released IB’s alibi when they didn’t mind discussing and debunking RL’s alibi of purchasing the tropical fish??

      • GLORIA

        Seems like if she did loose her fingers they would have been left at the kill site.

  6. paula

    TWO killers is odd….two sadistic people who commit crimes together is very very unusual….I’m leaning towards one person with a grudge and one person tagging along, IF there were indeed two people….

    • Lotus

      A while back someone on here posted about a posting they had seen on Reddit that was supposedly some kid who described being picked up by a man and driving with him over an hour to go kill these girls. Supposedly the kid said he (or she?) believed he was taken there by the killer so the girls would have trust. He also said that he was afraid to do anything, since he is just a kid, too, and thought he might also be killed. He also said he was hiding out when the search party came along and he was afraid of being caught. He also said that he had been away from home for a few days.

      That post is probably still on here. The person who posted it said it had been removed off Reddit or the person could not find it.

      The problem with a situation like that is that even if that scenario is true, if that young person comes forward, the police will almost surely charge him with murder and seek to put him in prison for life. Police and FBI tend to not see any participant as a victim, and tend to blame everyone they can, even if they promise to do otherwise. They might act understanding or concerned, but it is all a ruse to get the person to talk. Therefore, even if the writing from Reddit is real, the person is not likely to come forward since they know it will only result in their own life being destroyed. Sad, but true.

      • Kit

        I know the post you are referring to. It was made by someone claiming they stumbled across an online chat, while they were searching for Liberty Insurance or something. They had posted it on a post made by someone claiming to be Liberty’s cousin. The person claiming to be the cousin got a lot of hate from people not believing they were who they said they were. I connected with this person through private messages, and they seemed legit. They did make a post asking the moderators to verify they were who they said they were…which never happened, so they deleted their posts.

    • Joyce Johansen

      I agree Paula. I feel it was one man
      With a grudge for some reason.

  7. D

    Not surprised…This has nothing to do with an unborn child. These are just brutal, evil, murdering bastards that thrive off torturing and killing young girls. It’s the same bastards that killed those Richland, Georgia girls in the early 80’s. They have been doing this shit for almost 40 years and started in their early twenties and they are obviously smarter than LE. It took the U.S. ten years to track down Bin Laden and that was using our best of the best and Bin Laden was in Pakistan which would be about the size of a regular U.S. state, I would assume….They will never find these guys….The bottom line is parents have to be more protective of their children instead of having the mindset that this could never happen to their children.

  8. Sunflower

    I just finished viewing a Youtube video entitled “Video 5, part 2, Retracing Libby and Abby’s steps” by Julie Melvin. She has produced some insightful videos along with Gray Hughes. When I watched this video, there are two women having a conversation while sitting on one of the platforms (6:39) of this bridge. This seems to be an odd place to take part in a conversation. The wind is quite gusty that day and it is quite dangerous to be walking on this bridge, as well. I do not think that it is a wise idea for anyone to return to this bridge even to assuage your curiosity. Your safety is far more important. You have no idea if this person(s) will strike again.

    When you take a look at one of the railroad ties that Abby is about to step on, there is a green plant growing in the rotted part of the wood, which clearly means there is moisture. The wooden ties are indeed rotted, vulnerable and susceptible to breaking under pressure.

  9. paula

    Mer we only know what rumors are making their rounds…fact is, unless LE comes out and makes definite statements, everything we say is just rumor….in a casket, they could have used white gloves on Libby….but what do we really know…..

  10. I’d be interested to know if they took any DNA from the embryo/fetus and tried to match it to the other DNA that was recovered. A match on that, or even Familial DNA, would be huge.

    • Scout

      Awesome insight. In also wondering about the 2 sets of DNA, if they are gender specific?

      • Kim

        DNA is always gender specific unless looking at a hermaphrodite (eg. Snail etc).

        • Scout

          Correct, thank you. Perhaps I should have worded that differently;i.e.. what are the specific genders of the DNA. Do we know that information?

  11. John

    I have been to the area twice. I have walked through the high bridge area and visited the crime scene. When I was there it was like a carnival site with many people walking through it.
    From the North side of the bridge there is a trail that leads to the cemetery where I believe the killer parked his car. The trail is rugged and steep in places but it isolates him and the two girls from eye sight of others.
    My theory is he confronts the girls, shows them his gun, forces them to go down the trail to the cemetery. All the while he is abusive and violent, striking them which accounts for the bruising, etc on the girls.
    Once they reach the cemetery area something happens and Libby is murdered. Maybe because she is a fighter and he can’t risk her acting out.
    Anyway, it’s here where he says “Down The Hill.” Behind the cemetery is a hill that slopes down to where the bodies were found.
    If you watch some of the news videos you can see what I saw when visiting the area how the hill slopes down.
    I believe there was only one killer but there could be two men involved. I also think this is a local crime because this guy knew the area and knew the girls would be there.
    I also believe a barn or shelter was used overnight to torture Abby.

    • I also think this is a local crime because this guy knew the area and knew the girls would be there.

      Indeed, my theory is that there are TWO KILLERS, both local Delphi men aged 50-60. These men are the fathers of two young males who are known to the girls. These guys have been hiding in plain sight in the most ridiculous way.

      I also believe a barn or shelter was used overnight to torture Abby.

      Indeed, and it is the Mears Barn. I just got that confirmed from two excellent local sources last night, including a source right in Delphi who seems to have solved the case IMO.

      I believe there was only one killer, but there could be two men involved.

      As I said above, TWO local men, Satanists, age 50-60, fathers of two young males known to the girls. There’s your crime. And you will fall out of your chair when you hear who one of those men is.

    • Mer


      I agree that may have been the killer’s plan. The cemetery is the most out of the way, out of sight place to park and access the trails.

      But, the evidence is irrefutable that they were abducted from the SE end of the bridge. It’s all laid out in Libby’s snapchat story. Libby’s photos are good enough that we can identify the exact railroad tie that the subjects are standing on.

      They were abducted from the SE end, so if the killer planned to abduct from the NW end of the bridge and walk the girls to his vehicle at the cemetery, he had to change plans when they crossed the bridge. Then he had to cross the creek to get to his vehicle.

      • Kim

        Designo intercedo, or plannus interruptus…… Perhaps the killer(s) never planned to have to chase the girls across the bridge. When he finally reached them at the SE end he wasn’t confidant he could control them back across so he ordered them ‘ down the hill’. Somehow he dragged/floated them across the River (likely unconscious), leaving Libby on the NW shore (perhaps explaining 2/13 date of passing). Abby was transported to the barn or whatever the original plan was, using hypothesized vehicle.

        The morning of 2/14, victim #2 was placed next to the first, or close by, perhaps the distance wasn’t due to victim #2 crawling, rather a 2nd body placement event? It’s another scenario… I hate speculating like this, investigators must know what happened there. They should have been able to follow drag marks in early thawed soil etc.

        Note, this is also similar to Eric A.s scenario….

  12. Craig

    The majority of murder and abuse victims (among others) know their assailants, no?

    When can you tell us the details?

    • Yes, the girls knew their killers very well, even ridiculously well.

      Bridge Guy must have been well-known or at least known to Abbie. Not sure about Libby, but I am sure she knew who he was.

      • D

        If she knew who he was you would think she would have said his name somewhere on the audio. I think they don’t have a clue as to who this was for several reasons with one being the case is now over 3 months old and for all practical purposes went cold….

        • John

          Exactly right

        • Concur. The girls did not know their killer (singular). Otherwise the oft-repeated info that Libby could’ve escaped and left Abby alone several times is untrue. One unsub. Not a local resident. Likely the Evansdale, IA murderer as well. That’s my take.

      • Sunflower

        I wonder if this guy is still in the local area, thinking that he will never get caught or dud he bolt out of Dodge. I also wonder if this guy learned the DNA washing strategies from the Evansdale killer? Maybe he is friends with him.

        • Lotus

          There are some people who think he is not just friends with the Iowa killer, but that they are one and the same person.

      • Lotus

        Robert, I think if the girls knew their killer(s), their family members would recognize him in the pictures. Even if one family member was in disbelief or shock, others would speak up.

        However, the killer might be someone who has observed the girls somewhere or somehow. Some have mentioned he might have seen them through their computers or phones using spyware. There have been instances of men watching girls for years through their computer cameras.

        • Sunflower

          He is probably reading or aware of this blog.

        • Lotus

          Hello, Mr. Killer! Everyone plans to catch you.

        • Mer

          The best way to look at the photos of BG, is to look at them as they were taken–that is, not zoomed in. All the detail becomes blurry as they are zoomed.

          Recognition would be based on his whole body, his posture, his face from a distance, etc. We can’t even agree if he is wearing a hat or not, or if he has facial hair. I think just based on posture and the glimpse we get of his face, he could be identified by a lot of people if he was local. Maybe, he has been.

          BG wasn’t expecting his photo to be taken, and then appear in every newspaper from Delphi to London, UK. I don’t think he is wearing a disguise, per se. He is not wearing a mask, or anything over his face. He is wearing a hat. He is wearing a garment under his jacket that creates that “puppy”. It may be a scarf, or the drawstring of a hoodie, or a towel, or even a length of rope.

        • Robert, I think if the girls knew their killer(s), their family members would recognize him in the pictures.

          That sentence is a huge part of the problem right there!

      • Jen

        If the girls knew who Bridge Guy was, why did Libby text a friend that a creepy looking guy was following them? That makes it sound like they didn’t recognize him? Unless maybe at that point they couldn’t tell who he was yet????

        • Nietsnie

          Jen; This point is another one that deserves followed-up.
          How did this friend react to the text of a “creepy man” following them. Did she tell an adult immediately? Another one of the clues only L.E. has knowledge of.

        • Barbarino

          Again, You’re a few days late and a few dollars short. Are you stuck in a time warp?

        • Jen

          @Barbarino…this is not a new comment. I commented this shortly after this post had been posted.

        • SED

          LE there are smarter than you smart-asses think.

        • Nietsnie

          I’m warping for sure, as many clues have been passed over and left behind.

          1) Has the friend she texted been identified?

          2) What was the friend’s reaction, did she notify someone of their location and situation?

        • Look SED baby, I have had it up to here with you sweetheart. You have been hostile with a wild hair up your ass since the day you strolled your cute little ass on to this site. I’m going to have to ban your sexy little ass.

          I notice you are a real feminist too. So just for good measure I threw in a lot of nice objectifying remarks just to make you feel better!

          Some day when you calm down, maybe you and I can overthrow the Patriarchy!

          But in the meantime, skedattle!


        • Barbarino

          Im sorry, Jen…I should’ve addressed the poster, Nietsnie.

        • Kim

          Nietsnie, I’m with you, been wondering for a long time what LE was able to glean from that text; if content we’ve heard is correct, girls didn’t recognize identity of creepy man at time of sending. Girl receiving won’t ever be identified, rightly so, as to protect the minor.

          It’s just more of the significant amount of data that LE must have accumulated in the evidentiary black hole of this unsolved case.

        • Kim

          @SED, yeah, sure, whatever you say. Because the impression I’ve had for awhile (supported by EA’s earlier descriptions of these boys) is of a bunch of good old boys sitting their fat A**es on whatever evidence/data is required to solve the case.

          That’s fine, as long as they solve it….. but they haven’t.

        • Sumi

          Nietsnie – I brought this “creepy man” text to friend issue up too, earlier. it did not generate much interest. One person replied back, that Delphi is (was) a very small, safe town, so nobody thought of the worst. Also, that the teenage friend probably did not have the contact info any of the girls’ family members and did not take the text too seriously anyway.

          I would be curious to hear from the friend as well.

  13. John

    I do not believe the girls knew their killer.

  14. Craig

    I’m damn curious about the details. My hunch was always that they knew their killers and that they were probably related. I assume the dad of the kid who is the father of the baby was involved. As to the person who will really surprise us….not sure. I want to say it’s a family member we have seen.

    • Sunflower

      This blog entry is a total sum so far of my intuitive hunches, with some factual punches.

      I am wondering about the possibility of the BG having an IP address blocker placed on his computer where he could hide on the web and not leave a trail as to what sites he was navigating, posting information, etc. Some of these sites could involve the location of US trails, bodies of water with depth markers, topography of terrain and layout. If he was in the military, he could have access to some exceptional research skills coupled with an outdoor survivalist mentality on how to work with mother nature in the wild. Maybe law enforcement is piecing the other crimes in Iowa together along with this current one? If they are still gathering hundreds of tips, a certain percentage of them are probably helping to complete a puzzle of other unsolved crimes that they are investigating, which may be, and probably is, a large number. Somewhere, in the midst of these crimes, there is some evidence left behind. He may have visited the dark web (TOR), FORCHAN, etc. and corresponded with creeps who gave him some nefarious ideas through emails or possible viewing of sick pictures that demonstrate how to commit these horrendous crimes. All criminals are dumb in some way or another.

      From a linguistic, English (parts of speech), voice recognition point-of-view….,when the BG said “Down the Hill”….I believe that this is a man that one or both of the girls trusted or was familiar with and Libby and Abby were used to taking some kind of directions from this person on a constant or regular basis. The phrase “Down the Hill” is a directive – a command, it implies obedience to an authority figure. BG said this without emotion or nouns and pronouns, but also in a demeaning manner that implied “do not question me”, as though these girls knew from past experiences not to question this person’s authority. He spoke to them like they were animals being led to a trough. Also, there was a bonded familiarity with this person and they knew they were in deep trouble. The voice-tone also implies that punishment is imminent, since the statement sounded as though BG was very focused and ready to strike. He did not ask, request or suggest they do what he told them – he commanded. Perhaps this is when they sensed that they were set up and duped and they ultimately froze in fear.

      My guess is that Abby and Libby were distraught prior to getting on the hiking trails / Monon bridge and needed one another to talk out a serious teenage problem they were having because neither of them wanted their families to know.

      I also think that RL has been ambushed to make the crime look like he was a part of it or at least to thwart the investigation. He is cavorting with out-of-line people who are untrustworthy while he stays drunk most of the time and this led to his undoing.The perpetrators knew about his ongoing bouts with the law, subsequent probation violations and the resulting jail-term that would ensue as a result of such so they are or were probably treating him like a laughing stock. I do think that he is involved – he, at least, knows something.

      It is also very suspicious that IB was the first on the scene to locate the girls. I wonder if these perpetrators got in touch with him and told him to run back to the crime scene to help make certain that both girls had died. His boot tracks and shoe size would not be the same as BG so there would be no trace. On the other hand, he may have felt a compulsion to touch these deceased bodies, he may not have been able to stop himself.

      None of these men have an organized psyche so they WILL get caught. They are all a bunch of psychos.

      Last, but not least, Anthony Weiner’s laptop may somehow be giving strong directions to law enforcement as to what else is going on out there, even in Delphi. It’s a small world folks. Lots of creeps are getting busted worldwide.

      • Kim

        Sunflower, I agree with your paragraphs 3, 4, & 5 above but think maybe RL doesn’t know any relevant details. He looked like a deer caught in headlights, realizing he’d been duped and likely didn’t know his neighbors as well as he thought. The IB voice match remains compelling to me. Not sure why the public doesn’t hear about his alibi when RL’s debunked ‘tropical fish purchase’ was all over the news.

        • Sunflower

          Good point refarding the last two sentences.

        • Sunflower

          Good point regarding the last two sentences.

        • One of the killers, a 60 year old man, is Bridge Guy. He is also a neighbor of Logan’s. Not sure how far away. And this killer is a friend of Ron Logan’s. This man involved himself deeply in the investigation. He was recorded being interviewed by TV journalists. The other killer involved himself in the investigation is an extreme way. So extreme that LE felt he could not have done it. You will be quite surprised when you find out who he is!

          However, I do not think Ron knows anything about this crime. Even if his friend did it, I do not think Ron is in on that. I suspect part of his sentence was simply to protect him. LE were very afraid for his safety. He showed up in court with 4-5 deputies around him.

      • According to my new theory, Ivan Brumbaugh is innocent. He is guilty of contaminating a crime scene and nothing more. I never did think he had it in him to do this.

        Ron Logan. Remember when Oswald said, “I’m just a patsy!”

        There ya go. Ron Logan, fall guy.

        • Robert, were you able to communicate your findings/theory directly with police?

        • No, not yet. I really need to write it up in a report. That’s the best way to give it to them. And they will read the report and try to verify all the information in there if you are on good terms with a certain detective, and I am on good terms with a couple of them.

      • Most people pointing a gun at you are seen as an authority figure, familiar or otherwise. Anthony Weiner? Now there’s a new angle. If it’s his laptop that leads to the arrest, then it’s likely due to Huma Abedin forwarding classified emails to AW from HRC that point the finger at Slick Willy! Sorry folks, I couldn’t resist! Please don’t boot me, Robert!

    • Boy, you are a damn fine sleuth, now aren’t you!

    • Dan

      Or, how about a Lea?

  15. Lotus

    Here’s a new twist. The girl in this video says she and Liberty German were “twins,” so much so that her Dad and Liberty’s Grandpa mixed them up.


  16. paula

    Robert, would we recognize the names of your suspects just from various media/social media/blogs etc? or are the names completely out of left field…..

    • One you will surely recognize. The other name you will probably not recognize.

      Both men immersed themselves in the investigation and were photographed speaking on TV. One immersed himself to a very large degree. The other not so much, but this is TV video of him being interviewed by a reporter shortly after the killings.

  17. paula

    and Robert, WHY?….why kill these girls?

  18. SED

    This guy is trying to get famous by killing children. He’s probably impotent and always has been. Obviously, he’s a loser and always has been. He’ll get caught, put on death row. THE END. Oh, and there will be others SMARTER than him out there that never get caught.

  19. The real profiler

    Piano wire my ass and a pregnancy is total disrectful and a total fabricated lie. Your a fucked up man to ask for donations on this bullshit and you ppl that believe this man are fools. Taking them to a all night rape and violence in a building is a horrible thing to assume. It happened in minutes and no one would bring them back to scene of a abduction you idiot. You need you ass kicked. Go say all this shit in delphi at the courthouse lawn and ppl would give you ehat you deserve you sick fuck.

    • Sun

      A reply to this comment has been deleted.

    • Nietsnie

      Hey “Real Profiler”, was that an offer to meet up on the courthouse lawn, LMFAO !!

      Tell me did you grow up in Delphi ?, Graduate college ?

      Robert has provided more clues than L.E.

      Sounds like you know what happened…

    • Kim

      Real Profiler, can you tell us why the folk of Delphi remains so patiently trustful that LE is actually going to solve this thing?? Before their kids get out of school for the summer??

      If I lived there I’m pretty sure I’d be spending Plenty of time on the courthouse lawn; but at this point the ass I’d be looking for is the one that has failed to make an arrest in this case.

      I’m not judging how a community in mourning deals with this, however, it’s unique that a young girl was so resourceful as Libby in providing evidence in her own murder. Why hasn’t your LE done more with this?? 😦

    • Sara TG

      My only problem with all of this (The theories put forth here) is it seems very unlikely to me the killer or killers would return to the area (Barely 1/2 mile from where the girls were dropped off) with their bodies and take them from a vehicle and down a trail with a large search underway in that exact area

    • Sara TG

      My thoughts exactly. I have been studying serial crime as well as spree and thrill killers for about 40 years and I can’t imagine someone successfully abducting and taking these girls away to a private place and then returning with their bodies basically to the place you abducted them while a large search involving law enforcement is going on at that very spot.

  20. Barbarino

    You’re a few days late and a few dollars short…. That was a possible theory, do you know what that means?? LOL

  21. I see that MS spoke to press about the missing girls…. And he has multiple extended family members including a teenage boy who plays BBall and friends with the girls, another who is grown (and may be a twin) who wears knife (and other things) on his belt, another who owns a pizza place where Abby may have worked (and also owns furniture store). Lots of connections. Red flags.

    • I know. For a while, I was treating some of them as suspects, but I now believe that they are innocent. My sources in Delphi are not sure. They say that some people say the S family are great people but others say they are horrible. I don’t know them, so I have no opinion. They also said there is a rumor that BS stayed overnight at RL’s house overnight. But bottom line, my sources felt there was no evidence to tie them to this crime. IOW, we have nothing on the S family. I also felt that the S family had no motive after our original motive turned out to be junk

      Abbie did not work at the S pizza joint, but Libby did.

  22. MB

    The only reason in my mind for one to return and use a stick as a weapon (if it wasn’t from a spear gun in deer kit) would be if he’s acting like a he’s part of the search party. I think they’re hiding in plain sight. These monsters probably seem like regular good guys.

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