The Latest News on Mr. X, the Best Suspect in the Evansdale Child Murders

The latest news on the Evansdale Child Killer case (see here for a profile of the best suspect) is quite interesting. The best suspect in that case is an Iowa man named Mr. X. The case against him is quite compelling, but it is all circumstantial evidence, hence they really have nothing on him. The FBI themselves have stated that all of the evidence against Mr. X is circumstantial.

Circumstantial evidence is generally not sufficient to arrest or much less try someone on a homicide charge. DA’s generally refuse to take such cases. If they ever do take such a case, any good defense attorney can win an easy acquittal because circumstantial evidence is simply not good enough to convict in a court of law in the US.

There never were any good suspects in the Evansdale killings of Lyric and Lizzie in July 2012.

The only suspect that was considered was dead by the time he was investigated. This man was a child killer who abducted two girls after the Evansdale murders. He killed one of the girls, but police closed in on him while he held the other girl captive. He committed suicide as police closed in. The only evidence at all against this man was the fact that he committed a similar crime a while after Evansdale. That’s not very good evidence. Police are now quite certain that this suspect was in another town a ways away at the time the Evansdale girls were abducted at 12:30 PM on that fateful day.

Other than the dead man who honestly never had a good case at all against him, the only other decent suspect was Mr. X, a resident of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The evidence against Mr. X in this case is laid out in the document linked above.

Some have suspected that the Delphi and Evansdale murders were connected. There are indeed a list of remarkable similarities between the two crimes that would seem to defy the laws of chance. Here is a list of some of them:

  • The dates are exact mirror images of each other: 7.13.12 and 2.13.17!
  • Two girls aged 8 and 10 and two other girls aged 13 and 14 abducted five years apart.
  • Both occurred on the 13th day of the month: Friday July 13, 2012 and Monday, Feb 13, 2017!
  • Adding dates of birthdays and years may add up to 32 depending on how you do it. The number has a lot of negativity to it from history particularly in the occult when it is thought to represent “sacrifice” to Satanists.
  • Crimes both occurred in daylight hours (afternoon).
  • Girls were at local parks but in an area where they were separated from other visitors.
  • Both tiny rural towns.
  • Small, inexperienced (in major crimes) police forces.
  • State Rd 218 exists very close to both murders, perhaps less than a mile from 4-lane highways.
  • Trails are located at both Monon High Bridge in Delphi and Meyers Lake in Evansdale (Evansdale Nature Trail/Cedar Valley Nature Trail).
  • Two set of girls have similar body types.
  • At least one of each set of girls was an avid online communicator.
  • At least one of each set lived part-time with a grandparent.
  • Girls’ bodies were found 50 ft. from a slow moving river.
  • Body locations suggest that the suspect had a familiarity with the area surrounding the park.
  • Body locations are fishing/hunting/outdoorsman spots.
  • Bridges exist at both locations.
  • Geocaches were hidden at Monon High Bridge, Meyers Lake (Evansdale abduction site) and Seven Bridges (Evansdale body dump site).
  • “Rails to Trails” is an active organization in both locations.
  • Weichman Pig dealing operations exist in both areas.
  • Transco Railway products/services exist at both locations or very close by (Logansport).

Although many have suspected a link between the two crimes, the case against Mr. X is much better for the Evansdale killings than for the Delphi Murders.

The only evidence against Mr. X in the Delphi killings is:

  • Mr. X was off work on 2-13-27
  • Although Mr. X lived five hours away in Iowa, he had a truck delivery job that took him to the area around Delphi in Indiana on a regular basis. He often stopped at a hotel in Logansport and spent the night before heading back to Iowa. A worker at that hotel thought he recognized Mr. X as one of the truckers who regularly stayed there.
  • Mr. X’s ex-wife, who publicly accuses him of the Evansdale murders, stated that the suspect on the bridge in the Delphi case is her ex-husband based on visual identification, the principal suspect in the Evansdale killings.

That’s not a very strong case, not even as strong as the circumstantial case against Mr. X for Evansdale. Nevertheless, the Indiana State Police stated that Mr. X was a suspect in the Delphi murders. The last I heard was that they wanted to talk to him. I have no idea if detectives spoke to him or if so, what happened in the course of the interview. I also have no idea of the status of the case against Mr. X for Delphi – whether he has been cleared or is still considered a suspect. Nor is it known if LE has talked to the ex-wife at all, who now resides in Arkansas.

Now for the very interesting news.

As of last week, Mr. X has vanished off the face of the Earth. He is no longer in Cedar Rapids. He owned a home there, but it is not known whether he sold it or not. He has gone off the radar, and no one seems to know where he is at all. Why Mr. X has disappeared and where he has gone is not known.

So there you go folks, the latest on Mr. X, a strong suspect in the Evansdale killings and a much weaker suspect in the Delphi killings.


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7 responses to “The Latest News on Mr. X, the Best Suspect in the Evansdale Child Murders

  1. Sun

    Robert, did LE have their eye on Mr. X? Do you know what the protocol is for someone who they are quite sure committed a crime, but for whom they don’t have enough evidence to prosecute? You mentioned someone in that category who was likely an SK in Idaho and now lives in North Carolina.

    As a service to mankind, how cannot the FBI assign resources to keep tabs on these relatively few people? It seems hard to believe they are simply incapable of tracking such a person’s whereabouts.

    • I do not know to what extent LE talked to Mr. X in the Evansdale case. The ex-wife said they blew her off, and she went into a depression over this. Mr. X then used the evidence of her breakdown to get custody of one of his kids back from her.

      I have been told that Mr. X was a person of interest in the Delphi case. But then there have been 500 of those. According to LE, none of the 500 have risen to the level of suspect, so it appears Mr. X was cleared. I knew only that they wanted to talk to him. I do not know if they ever did or what the results of that conversation were.

      • Sun

        No one should wonder why people don’t report suspicious people they know to LE, if this is what happens. For any reward.

        Perhaps LE can’t provide reassurance to the person doing the reporting, as it might suggest bias against the potential suspect. But if the person reporting feels her life is in danger, as Mr. X’s ex-wife openly states on her Facebook page, can’t they throw her a bone even off the record? Like, “we agree your information is compelling and we’ll keep an eye on him”. And then actually do it.

        I suppose these comments are unproductive. But if the story that ex-wife told is true about what she knows, it’s just horrific. Please send her our prayers if you communicate with her.

        • Sun

          Meant to add – agreed that Mr. X link to Delphi might be weak; I am referring to her story about Evansdale.

  2. J.

    Hello Rob, I’ve looked through this post multiple times, but for some reason, I seem to be missing the link to the profile of Mr. X. Is it somewhere else I can read it?

  3. Laura walden

    I hope they find who ever did these horrible crimes to these childred. No mercy given to the monster.

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