Thanks for the Donations – Delphi Murders Update Coming Soon

I have been sort of on strike recently regarding updates to the Delphi Murders case. This is really my only job right now and I have some serious expenses lately, including car repairs. I do have another job, but the business has dried up lately. So it’s the meager trust fund and donations to this site, and that’s it. I’m not healthy enough to work full-time for a stranger, so the only work I do is whatever I can scrape up on the side on my own, for instance, a counseling practice.

However, I just received $110 in donations today from readers! Thank you very much! This doesn’t solve the financial situation, but it sure makes it a whole lot better. I am actually over budget now by ~$45.

Anyway, the donations have motivated me to cook up a new Delphi Murders Update. I definitely have some new information on the killings. It is in the form of rumors as is all of the information, but I happen to think these rumors are good. They were obtained independently from three separate sources close to the families. That either good data or a heavy duty rumor that’s flying around.

The most shocking information, sadly, includes updates on the crime itself and what exactly was done to those poor girls.

Just when you thought it could never get any worse, it’s about to do just that.

There is also some new evidence regarding the state of one of the girls’ bodies that, while not necessarily tragic, is certainly rather bizarre and interesting. The new rumors are quite gruesome and go beyond even the horrors you have already heard. Sensitive people are urged not to read this update.

Should be showing up soon, maybe in a day or two.

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One response to “Thanks for the Donations – Delphi Murders Update Coming Soon

  1. Lotus

    If the things you post are from good sources, it might help people recognize the killer out of someone they know. I don’t like gory tales for the sake of gore, but if it might help find the killer, it is useful.

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