Someone Needs to Cover EPGAH’s Subscription

I am afraid EPGAH is another Trash, sort of a rightwing Trash if you will. I do not know if EPGAH is NPD or if he would even care if he was. I’m not really seeing that in him. But he’s selfish as a locked bank vault, just like the charming Mr. Trash, in the running for most selfish person on Earth.

I want to tell you what is so annoying about these selfish little brats. They both sit here and spam the site all day long, frankly because neither is employed and has anything better to do. Guess what that means? It means I have to spend a lot of time every day wading through Trash’s mental meanderings and EPGAH’s two year old tantrums.

You hear that? You guys cost me a lot of time. As in hours. As in hours worked. Both of you are asking me to put in hours of work each day to monitor your graphomania. Now if you were asking me to work for you 2-3 hours a day and you were willing to pay me for my labor time accumulated accommodating your work demands, that would be one thing. But both of you demand that I work 2-3 hours a day accommodating your loghorreah, and both propose to pay me exactly zero dollars in order to work for you 2-3 hours a day.

You know what?

That’s really shitty of both of you.

I’m sorry, but it just is.

You’re forcing me to work for you 2-3 hours a day, and you won’t pay me one red cent. How selfish can a human being get?

You little shits.

EPGAH is an additional problem as he violates the Comments Rules multiple times a day even though he knows full well what they are. He’s like Trash. The guy just can’t help himself. Neither ever learned to control their behavior.

Now really EPGAH should just go as a chronic Comments Policy violator, but I keep him around on moderation and approve ~80% of his stuff. Honestly, I mostly keep him around here as a rightwing pinata for the rest of you to swing away at all day. It’s nice to have a Republican punching bag in the room to let out our daily frustrations. Further, EPGAH shows us how wingnuts actually think, which is frightening right there. But a maxim of life is to know your enemies.

EPGAH claims poverty, which is odd as he hates the poor and says he wants them to hurry up and die. I guess EPGAH thinks he himself needs to hurry up and die already? Thing is, poverty exceptions only work for non-blog spammers. Blog spammers do not get poverty exemptions. You want to spam the site all day, fine. No problem. But you are going to have to pay for that privilege and the labor time you are forcing me to put in.

Bottom line is EPGAH is now banned until someone wades in and covers his tight White ass with a site subscription.


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12 responses to “Someone Needs to Cover EPGAH’s Subscription

  1. TRASH Jr.

    You’re speculating EP-GAH has Narcissistic personality disorder?

    The commenter “NPD” was TR@SH.

    • No. I can diagnose NPD fairly well after these guys have been commenting forever on here. EPGAH does not have NPD. He is one selfish bastard though. I guess they are right that Republicans, dittoheads, and reactionaries are very selfish people. A lot of people say that people are Republicans only because they are selfish.

      He and Trash are both extremely selfish, but I don’t see the narcissism in EPGAH. People can be selfish for all sorts of reasons. Selfish people are not necessarily narcissists. They’re just selfish. You can be selfish without being a narcissist.

      • TRASH Jr.

        This is true.
        But TR@SH’s narratives were disturbingly accurate, BOTH commentators from the flyover agreed.

        Think about what is right not who is right.

  2. TRASH Jr.

    Longtime reader and contributor AWPW/William/Willie/Barack Thatcher/Juan/Juanny Boy/ deSPICable.Me/Beauregard/TRASH Jr. (me)
    thought TRASH was a great addition to the blog in that being “red pilled” does not mean ‘muh group is right all the time, the others are wrong’ TRASH challenged that, justly.

  3. Pranav

    Robert I haven’t contributed so far. I did try to use that donate button you’ve set up but I’m unable to pay it from my location as it is asking for local address and mobile no. Do you have any other payment option apart from paypal?
    If EPGAH can be covered, why not SAM/ SAM J, I enjoyed his musings a lot. over-the-top they are but there is still some truth to it especially the story about psychopathic Stanley which he often posts. Apart from his fanatical jew hatred, he had a lot of other interesting things to say. When compared to EPGAH and TRASH, how do you see SAM?. LOL I too miss TRASH so much.

    • You want me to write Sam and tell him to come back? He just wrote me a comment and blasted me, saying I was basically nothing but a Jew now. LOL don’t think I want him back.

      Email me, and I will give you details on how to donate by mail.

  4. Tulio

    Btw, Robert, since you need money have you ever considered writing and self-publishing a book? You have thousands of blog posts that I’m sure you could condense into a book of maybe 300 pages.

  5. Not sure how to go about doing it.

  6. Yee

    You can’t draw parallel between TRASH and E-P-G-A-H, Robert.

    TRASH has a writing style very rare among forumers. He would have made a fine guest poster, with a little organizing of his writings. I’m sorry he doesn’t seem to be coming back. Have you un-ban his IP?

    TRASH is a lot like the poster “Linh Dinh” I found a link to on Anatoly Karlin’s blog, who writes stories about people he meets and places he goes.

    Similar writing style and share some of the views, or maybe not writing style, since I can’t tell that in a foreign language.

    But they’re both easy to understand, they have some point to make and say what they want to tell with a story, like a children’s book. Very few forumer write in this way. Maybe they went to the same university.

    E-P-G-A-H is a broken record no one can reason with. If he lived in the MiddleEast, he would be one of those who set off bombs.

    With a little motivation, TRASH could give good work, cause he’s capable of it.

    • Beauregard

      TRASH appeared to be a Jew because he had a verbal slant to his intelligence. He also had some ‘coastal elitist’ tropes.

      But yes he was a very talented man, although in ‘real debate’ as Jason said, he may have been pummeled.

  7. Beauregard

    TRASH had some maverick ideas.
    EP-GAH was just a generic libertardian racist.

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