“Your Grandmother Was Right”: The Importance of Traditional Wisdom

It’s quite amazing how many scientific facts about human beings that primitive people have learned through the centuries by trial and error and observation. Most traditional wisdom about the human condition has a large aspect of truth to it. Humans are not stupid. Human groups do not learn lies as traditional wisdom over the centuries. Instead they tend to learn truths.

I call this, “Your grandmother was right!” It is important even in our modern era to pay attention to the traditional wisdom of ages that groups of humans have. My experience has shown that traditional wisdom, while not necessarily PC, often has a huge Slab of Truth packed into its Knowledge Sandwich. The fact that traditional wisdom is so often not PC is why the Cultural Left hates traditional wisdom so much.


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4 responses to ““Your Grandmother Was Right”: The Importance of Traditional Wisdom

  1. EPGAH

    Most of what my grandparents taught me is unutterable simply BECAUSE it’s not PC!

  2. Political Correctness is Temporal Supremacism. It is the belief that the current generation is intellectually and culturally superior to all generations that came before it. The people of previous generations were sub-humans who haven’t developed the way we have. We have the truth, they were not fully human.

    Thats the PC view.

    • Jason Y

      That’s cause the current generation is superior. Who wants to go back to the past? You’d have to be an idiot to think like that.

  3. Jason Y

    What she says wasn’t always right. Maybe she’d give a high five to the guy writing the “Mixed Raced Kids are Junk” article on Daily Stormer.

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