Why the Cultural Left Lies So Much

One of the many idiocies of the Cultural Left is that it hates so many traditional beliefs that human groups have. It hates them because these bits of traditional wisdom are typically not PC. The Cultural Left has an odd way of diving the truth.

Their exegesis goes like this:

If a statement is not PC, it is false.

If a statement is PC, it is true.

Wow! That’s quite an impressive philosophical view of the Truth they have there. Plato must be rolling in his grave!

So in a sense, the Cultural Left is waging war. One of the principle wars they are waging is a war against Normality. The Cultural Left hates the very idea that any human behavior is normal. If you say you are a normal person, the Cultural Left hates you. The only way to be accepted by them is to be a pervert, deviant or weirdo. Normal people are evil because they are insult to the freaks we all must become.

The other war that the Cultural Left wages is against Truth. The Cultural Left defines truth as PC. Falsehood means not PC. This stupid belief system is why the various Identity Politics Cultural Left groups lie so much. These IP groups just end up being propaganda vehicles for whatever group they are agitating on behalf of:

Gay Identity Politics is just propaganda for gays.

Feminism is simply propaganda for women.

Transsexual Politics is simply propaganda for trannies.

Modern antiracism is simply propaganda against racist beliefs since  the truth about Race violates many tenets of Antiracism, hence the need for propaganda to turn Truth into Lies and Lies into Truth.

Ethnic nationalism, all of it, is just propaganda for that particular ethnic group.

Islamic IP is simply Islamic propaganda.

Nationalism (the oldest form of IP, as IP is simply tribalism) is simply propaganda for that particular country.

Immigrant IP is just propaganda for immigrants.

Fat IP is propaganda for landwhales.

Looksist IP is propaganda for fuglies.

And on and on. Propaganda of course is based on lies. That’s pretty much the definition of it. Because the various IP forms are simply propaganda vehicles for the groups in question, the Cultural Left ends up lying continuously. Any blemished truths about the group must be denied. Anything positive about the group, if anything, must be exaggerated to the point of absurdity. You can’t have a belief system that says what’s good for my guys is Truth and what’s bad for my guys is Falsehood. If you do, every other statement out of your mouth is going to be a lie designed to protect and promote your group.


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5 responses to “Why the Cultural Left Lies So Much

  1. To be honest, I feel that the C-Lefts are more racist than the C-Rights to a certain degree. I see both sides having different views but same self interests. Minorities to the C-Lefts are convenient pets to push their agenda. Minorities are expected to play the victim card and the C-Lefts can attach their own agenda onto it to get extra mileage. A minority that refuses to be a victim is treated like an outcast as it did not fit the program. East Asians are the anomaly in this. That’s why as a group they are in limbo as far as the American political landscape is concerned. Of course we gradually see a bunch of these East Asians giving in and play the victim card. Coincidentally it is around the same time C-Rights made a further shift to the right.

    • EPGAH

      Yes, if everyone gets to play the Victim Card except Whites, you can expect to see a bunch of Whites move in a political direction that revokes the Victim Card.

  2. EPGAH

    The US illustrates once again that diversity will have the effect of replacing class politics with identity politics. You want class politics? Try to reestablish and maintain homogeneity in the country. The pursuit of diversity and the promotion of equality are antithetical.

    • Homogeneity in the US is impossible. It is a land that was colonized and the peopling of the land to make the country competitive made it impossible for it to achieve homogeneity. Same with Canada and Australia. Look what happens to the Brits. When you colonize other lands, the end result is your sacrifice your own motherland’s homogeneity. The Nordics have a better case and argument to maintain homogeneity but they took the high road. The Germans and the Russians have some what of a right to maintain some homogeneity. In the US, it is very difficult to have your cake and eat too. To do so is only sustainable in the short run and the price to pay in the long run is very steep. The Brits are paying a very steep price right now for their adventures where the sun never sets.

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