US Patriotism as Fundamentalist Religion

Tony Swagger: Read this, EPGAH

Hell EPGAH probably wants a war with Russia.

EPGAH thinks exactly like almost 100% of Americans. Almost all Americans think that US foreign policy can do no wrong. Everything the US does foreign policy-wise is always 100% good and 0% bad. We are always good. We are always the angels. We are never bad. We are never the evildoers.

The Pentagon is always good. The Army is always good. Even the CIA is always good. The vast majority of liberal Democrats I know love the Pentagon, the Army and even the CIA!

It is almost a religious way of thinking. It is extremely prominent to the point where it is very hard to find one American anywhere who will say one word against US foreign policy. I think people believe it is unpatriotic. Foreign policy is the essence of the nation. Attack foreign policy or that silly army with its twisted psychopathic generals and you are spitting right on that darned flag itself. The army is the country. The Pentagon is America. The Pentagon, the army and the flag are all the same thing. They are all America, part of the secular God of patriotism.

Domestic policy can be good or bad, but the country is always still good. If domestic policy sucks, it is not because the country sucks but because the party who put in the domestic policy sucks. People I know always think America is pristine, pure, all white and angelic. If domestic policy is crap, it is because of those evil Republicans. Republicans pure black, pure evil, 100% devils. Democrats wear all white all year, are never wrong and are always right. If you criticize the Godly Democrats than you are one of the dark ones, the Republican evildoers.

They really don’t get that it’s Americans who elect the government. Unless you live in a dictatorship, if your government is crap, it’s because you are crap! Crappy governments exist because crappy humans put them in there. The state is always a reflection of the people. Lousy people, lousy state. Good people, good state. It’s pretty simple. But the people I know never see it that way.

America itself is always that shining city on the Hill, forever fighting for good against the forces of Darkness the world over. Even if right now we are sliding into fascism, the country itself is still pure, virginal and innocent of all guilt. The party sucks, but the country is good. The government sucks, but the country is good. The party and the government suck, but the people are still good.

It’s a very weird way to think. As I write this, I can’t help thinking that this is a fundamentalist religious way of looking at patriotism. American patriotism is a fundamentalist religion as nutty and irrational as any other group of Talibans.

This rabid, lunatic patriotism will be the last thing to ever die as we continue to swirl down this golden toilet we built for ourselves, our shrine to our culture in decline and fall. Even when we are crumbling amidst the ruins, barely able to stand, emaciated, homeless and deadly ill, our dying hands will still reach for that silly flag and wave it in the air like the little children we are.


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6 responses to “US Patriotism as Fundamentalist Religion

  1. Patriotism is not bad per se, but USA-patriotism is lunatism. USA values are blame-rape-victim**exonerate–black-rapistism, tolerate-asshole-Islamism, feminism, LGBTism, Ayn Rand-ism, corporatism, cartelism, lawyer-blackmailerism….etc

    I visited so many countries and never seen a place of so much asshole cop like USA. It must be a design of elites. Even China police are far more professional.

  2. EPGAH like many left curvers get their ideology and believes by “decree”. No critical thinking involved. The Bible, the Constitutions, the Ten Commandments, the Magna Carta, the Articles of Confederation, the Federalist Papers, and a whole bunch of others. Any violation of the sanctity of the “decrees” above is considered as unAmerican and wrong.

    • EPGAH

      Where do you get that? I believe if something is threatening us, it needs to be beaten into peacefulness. It’s logic, a simple kind of logic, but logic nonetheless, not decree.

  3. EPGAH

    The most important part of that page is the last paragraph.

    The fact that I voted at all apparently means it is my fault.
    That is the trouble with democracy, you see. The people have 0% influence on what the government does, yet they are held 100% responsible.
    Because: “you voted, goyim.”

    Yee even says that whites are in charge of the world and thus, the violence against whites is just the price we have to pay, which dovetails nicely with that article!

    A Tiny Price To Pay

  4. EPGAH

    WW3 would have the same consequences…. the annihilation of all white people and nations. However, what if the Isolationists got their Wish? America withdrawing protection from Europe would force European Goverments to invest in millitairy men and supplies. Which also forces them to acnowledge nationalism to some extent since you can’t have a army “Just For Fun LOL”. Well, you CAN, I guess, but expect it to be stomped by the enemies, like Belgium’s was in WWII.

    If we talk about Russia, that would degenerate into Jew Theory, but I have learned much to admire about Putin.

  5. Tulio

    Excellent post. I don’t even have anything to add to it. But just wanted to commend it.

    I was just having a debate online with a right-winger about universal healthcare vs the system we have now. You run into the same American exceptionalism attitude. American healthcare is the greatest, the free market is the best, socialist healthcare sucks! No matter what amount of facts you throw at these people to show that single payer healthcare is better than our system, it has no effect. You’re right, you’re basically arguing with a religion. It’s as if the very idea of single payer is anti-American, so they oppose for that reason alone.

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