You Ever Wonder Why Straight Men Don’t Like Gay Men Very Much?

Look no further:

Here is a recent comment in response to this completely reasonable article here. The article is simply a harmless list of all of the rock and music stars rumored to be gay or bisexual. Incidentally, almost all of my sources for this information were gay and lesbian bulletin boards.

Nevertheless, I get bombarded with hate mail from belligerent gay men all the time. You write anything about them at all that doesn’t fit into their Cultural Left lies that they spread about themselves, and they bombard your site with hate and abuse.

And they always accuse you of being gay too. If I write anything other than homosexuals are the greatest thing since sliced bread, they call you gay. According to them, everyone who is not wild about gay men is a homophobe. And apparently all homophobes are 100% gay themselves!

Considering that the majority of straight men are at least somewhat homophobic (Trust me, I have been around straight men my whole life – probably 80% are at least somewhat homophobic), apparently the overwhelming majority of straight men are actually gay! So almost all straight men are gay, and all gay men are gay! I guess almost all of us are gay then! This leaves us with 83% of men being gay as the ace of spades.

The only men who are not gay are the idiot SJW straight men who jump and cheer for male homosexuality and insist that gay men are the greatest thing since radial tires. The thing is though is that the more a straight man says male homosexuality is totally wonderful, the more likely that at some point either now or a few years down the road, he’s going to be experimenting with such behavior.

I’ve never noticed a correlation between homophobia and homosexuality. In fact, it’s the opposite. As men get more and more masculine, their homophobia rises in tandem. The most hypermasculine men of all are typically wildly homophobic. Homophobia is simply a marker for masculinity and pure heterosexuality among straight men. If anything, you need to be concerned about these straight guys who jump up and down screaming how great gay men are. My experience has been that a few years down the road, you will find out that they have experimented with this behavior.

Look how belligerent these gay men are.

I actually participate in gay political campaigns. I am on the mailing list of most gay rights organizations, and I gladly help them out all the time. Look at the thanks I get.

Gay men are like Blacks. The more you try to help them and support them, the more they scream how bigoted you are.

Why do I even help these people?!

If gay men are normally this aggressive and belligerent, it’s no wonder they get hit so much. If they consistently act like this belligerent fellow below in meatspace, they will definitely get punched in the face. I am starting to think some of these belligerent gay men don’t get hit enough!

Robert Lindsay is definitely Gay ^ and a fucking faggot-ass moron for posting all these lies with a little bit of truth in between. Anthony from Red Hot Chili Peppers has always been bisexual until recently all gay… don’t believe this dick-sucking moron’s lies. He just posted this on the Internet for attention and secretly wants to deep throat all those guys on his little list.


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13 responses to “You Ever Wonder Why Straight Men Don’t Like Gay Men Very Much?

  1. Jason Y

    Gay is normally the new slang with normie pricks for nerdy – or not a boring normie prick like themselves or not someone who is just over-the-top popular in his area.

  2. Wow did you actually write this Robert? I’m not questioning the content rather the tone. Its a bit blusterous for you. Ok having said that when I read this blogs title I thought I’d be reading your take on some scientific study on why straight men have varying degree’s of repulsion for homosexual behavior. I’m sure there’s a study or two out there addressing this. I think heterosexual men and women’s uneasiness with homosexuality is more than just culturally based. I think its hardwired in many of us. I believe all heterosexual men are homophobic to some degree. I don’t think its possible to be heterosexual and not be homophobic. Any heterosexual man that states he doesn’t have some degree of homophobia is a lie or not fully hetero. Now this doesn’t mean all heterosexual men act on their homophobia. I practice tolerance and I’m far less homophobic than I was when I was say 20yrs old. Neither the less there will always be a degree of homophobia that will stop me from full on kissing a guy in the mouth (I’m just saying). I also notice when straight men say something deemed homophobic they are called “gay” by the angry extreme far….far gay left. (i’ll leave my commentary at that)

    • Hey Hugh. I don’t mind these guys at all, but these belligerent, combative, in your face Asshole gay men really piss me off. It’s like they just keep pushing us and pushing us. We keep caving on one position after another, and then they just push for more and more. We can’t say anything at all about these homosexual special snowflakes. If we say anything less than that they are the greatest thing since Miracle Whip, they come blasting in the door firing sixshooters.


      If they are nice and mellow, I am ok with them. But these militant belligerent ones really piss me off.


      Incidentally it is a bit the same with militant Blacks. I supported the Civil Rights Movement. Martin and even Malcolm and the Panthers are my heroes. I supported the Civil Rights Act, the Housing Rights Act and the
      Voting Rights Act. I love the Congressional Black Caucasus. They are my favorite group in Congress. I support their agenda all the way. I am on a number of mailing lists for Black causes and I often participate in Black political campaigns. Trump is the most Black-hostile president in decades. That makes me mad! The Republican Party is straight-up Black hostile. That makes me angry. I will always support my Black brothers and sisters against these racist bastards.

      Yet radical Blacks continue to come on this site and blast away at me calling me racist. They’re ingrates. It’s like no matter how much I do for them, it’s never enough. And every year, their demands get more and more extreme. We cave on one issue after another, and they next year, they are back with a bunch of even more radical demands.

      I feel like punching some of those belligerent Blacks too, except I won’t because they are too strong. They really make me angry.

      Why do I even help these people?

      • EPGAH

        Why do whites help groups that hate us and ultimately ruin our countries?
        Whites are pathologically altruistic. If a group is altruistic to its own, it thrives. Or even to a group that does something for us in return.
        But noone can–or even SHOULD–put up with violent parasites.

        • You mean why do some Whites make an effort to correct the shite treatment other Whites have doled out over the past several centuries. Because toxic water,flooding communities with drugs,kiling millions of natives in the Americas,Asia & Africa,banning & excluding whole peoples from education,employment & housing is not an “altruistic” thing

      • Well I have no idea what they were calling you racist for but angry radicals hardly denote a majority of a groups mentality. Also I’d assume these arguments are about subjects not the help you say you provide. Somethings should are to be done for the greater good of mankind. Extending civil rights & access to jobs & education help the whole of mankind not just a paticular group. Im interested though what are these “demands”?

    • the angry extreme far….far gay left.

      Thank you so much. THESE ARE THE ONES I HATE SO MUCH.


      The rest of the gays are just fine as long as they are not belligerent and trying to start fights with me.

      I really should be more fair and say that my beef is with the angry extreme Gay Far Left – the Gay Cultural Left, or Gay SJW’s, in other words.

      All straight men are homophobic. I agree with that completely. That statement is just fact.

      But another statement should follow it:

      Although all straight men are homophobic, you have to be kind. That last clause is so important. We straight men have to be kind no matter how we feel towards homosexuality.

  3. Ok I briefly scanned your list. I don’t get the “rage” your saying you received. Oh by the way Sean Combs and P.Diddy are the same person. You have him on the list twice under these two names(i’m not sure if that makes him doubly bi?) Some of these guys on your list are totally victims of the rumor mill though

    • Hucipher, all regular commenters have to donate now. New rule. Minimum $10 and you are in for life. If that’s a hardship, let me know, and we can talk. I would hate to lose you. You are one of my favorite commenters. If you have already donated, disregard this, but I do not believe you have, have you?


      • No i actually haven’t & ive been meaning too….its a bit of both for me. timing & finances on my part. I actually set up a paypal to pay for online stuff & had $ tied up with a greendot moneypak. I frakked up using greendot thinking i could tranfer funds onto paypal easy peasy but no go….i most definitely will soon though

  4. websloths

    Pretty accurate depiction here.

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