The Sickening, Disgusting Lunacy of US Foreign Policy and the US Deep State as an Institution

EPGAH: Here.

Are you really saying we’re attacking ourselves here? And how the hell did this escape the Mainstream Media’s All-Seeing Eye?

No we are not working with the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Over there we are fighting Al Qaeda and of course we are fighting the Taliban.

On the other hand, in Syria, Yemen and Iran, we are supporting ISIS and Al Qaeda. But in Yemen, we are also attacking Al Qaeda sometimes. So in Yemen we are attacking Al Qaeda and supporting them at the same time.

But we are also attacking ISIS in Syria at the same time. So in Syria, we are attacking ISIS and supporting them at the same time.

And in Iraq we are attacking ISIS. However, there is excellent evidence that the US and British have been airdropping supplies to ISIS for many months now, especially over by Fallujah. I am not sure if we are still doing that. But at least a year ago, we were both supplying and fighting ISIS at the same time in Iraq!

It’s all bullshit!

The Deep State is stark raving bonkers. This is the sheer lunacy and wickedness of US global politics and US foreign policy. It’s stark raving utterly batshit insane.

This is America folks! All you patriots, this is your country! See that red, white and blue? That’s what it stands for, the devious and mindbendingly conspiratorial utter craziness of US foreign policy and the US Deep State.

I have nothing against US patriots. But if you love your country, why do you put up with the crap above? If you love that flag and those colors, why don’t you protest the wicked idiocy done in their name by the arch-criminal Deep State above? If it bothers you, why don’t you raise your voice? You say you love your country. You say this is a good country. Well, as long as we are acting like we are above, I assure you we are not a good country! But a patriot who loves his country ought to want to be sure his country is on the side of the good, that it’s actually a good country to be proud of.

If you love the US, I have nothing against you. But you should want the best for your country. If you really love America, you patriots will stand up against the crimes that are committed in your name.

A patriotard says, “My country right or wrong hurrrrr durrrrrr.”

A patriot says, “I love my country. I want my country to be a good country. And I will fight anyone trying to tarnish the name of my good country by the disgusting phony wickedness above.”

Come on patriots. Speak up for your country! I will even stand next to you and wave that damn flag if you do it!


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16 responses to “The Sickening, Disgusting Lunacy of US Foreign Policy and the US Deep State as an Institution

  1. EPGAH

    You’re right! This is retarded. Like I said of the savages, WE need to pick a side, and utterly destroy our enemies, and help our friends.

    I always thought the terrorist groups were created by America, then went rogue and turned against us, starting with Reagan arming the Afghan scum to fight Russia. Then pretending (At least I HOPE that was pretense) to be shocked when the savages turned on us. WHO COULD’VE SEEN THAT COMING?

    Secondarily, I looked up Offshore Balancing, and it is a LOT more prudent than the way we currently fight anyone and anything that violates our precious democracy rules. Savages need to be kept in line with an Iron Fist. We need to respect that, until that country turns on us. Or steals from us, which is about the same thing. Didn’t you once say “Whoever Steals From Me Is My Enemy”? Or do you think some thefts are somehow justified?

  2. EPGAH

    How would you contain Iran, or punish them for taking American hostages?

    And what about North Korea taking American hostages? Although a Case could be made that they had it coming for visiting a known enemy country without guards. You know, a “Too Dumb To Live’ kind of argument?

    Remember, the Proxy War, as pussy a move as it is, is because the bad guys have nukes and aren’t afraid to use them. Could we get a team of saboteurs in and make their nukes blow up in their faces?

  3. The Al Saud family is a UK creation, later bolstered by USA. Al saud mad dog was deemed more favorable to UK interest, rather than the Hashemite. UK then helped Al Saud took over Mecca and Medina.

    Today without the western support, the Wahabi dog will crumble upon the fall of Sauds. The Sauds are besiege by enemies, domestic and foreign. The Hejaz, and Eastern province hate these Nadj barbarians. Without Hejaz, Saud lost her appeal as guardian of Islam. Without Eastern province, they loss their wealth.

    And placing 3000 princes in leadership positions, especially as military commanders does not help. Nepotism in Saudi military is why it cannot fight.

    • Right on the money. The house of Saud is a creation of the UK and later supported by the US. The house of Saud made a pact with the Wahhabis to consolidate its power. Things were fine and dandy until the petroleum dollars started to flow in for the Sauds which in turn financed the Wahhabis. The Wahhabis used the money to fund hundreds of thousands of Islamic schools around the world and indoctrinate the students with their own ideology. A few decades later, we got a bunch of Muslims with a messed up religion. How do I know. I lived in a pretty easy going Muslim country the first half of my life and I progressively saw the encroachment of radical Islam permeated the local culture. I am a minority and a non-Muslim and I saw people like me being persecuted for being non-Muslims by the newly minted Wahhabi soldiers when in the past everyone hung out and had a good time.

      If the US is keen on stopping Islamic radicalism it would have done so long time ago. It is a pact to maintain access to petroleum.

  4. EPGAH

    How can anyone support the terrorists after seeing things like this?

    • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

      Its immaterial. Polygamy is Arab culture sanctified through Islam. Condemning polygamy and sharia law inside Sunni Arabia is like…

      1) Poking fun at their greatest national hero Mohamed.

      2) Civilizational self denial. Comparatively, it’s like asking Hindus to eat beef or condemn casteism as racism.

      To ease the problem (categorically I’m not against Arab nationalism), here’s something I posted at another site:


      Should Muslims lobby to be recognized a separate race?

      The more religious Muslims sure act like a race visually and symbolically through their costume, language of worship, diet..

      Now should they lobby to be recognized as a separate race and for whose sake?


      If the Muslims are a separate race like the Jews, the less religious Muslims can comfortably become secular or even agnostic and atheist, just like Freud and Marx are still considered Jewish by broad segments of Jewry.

      Racial discrimination still carry a more negative tag than other forms of prejudice.

      Now religious struggle can hoist the banner of national liberation against foreign aggression.

      Boko Haram/IS boys are just freedom fighters against foreign fascism.

      So Muslims can tell the kufirs, look, we are a 1.5 billion+ race, DON’T FUCK WITH US.

      CONS: I can’t name any except it might heighten Muslims vs kufirs tension immediately.

      Other possibilities:

      a) The Shiites might also declare themselves a race different from that of Sunnis.

      b) Some Muslim scientists could declare their finds that Koran recital can trigger mutation or racial change.

      c) Under the banner of ‘We Muslims aren’t racist’ and racial harmony:

      i) The secular Muslims can now seek peace with kufirs, chanting M. L.King fashion: ”I’ve a dream…” or “I’ve been to the Al-Aqsa (Temple Mount) top..”

      ii) Traditionally Muslim women don’t marry non-Muslim men, now under the new racial setting they could; inter-racial marriage no big deal, right?

      d) The homo Muslims who fight for gay rights under the banner of ‘Gay Jihad’ can dilute the religious controversy and might even give jihad a good name, at least to the liberals.

      No pun intended, there really is a number of serious sites on ‘gay jihad’:

  5. EPGAH

    What happened to my comment about Iran using our money to build up their military and further destabilize the region? Did I not provide enough links for proof?

    • Deleted due to lies and partisan attacks on Obama.

    • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

      “What happened to my comment about Iran using our money to build up their military and further destabilize the region?”
      What Yankie money for Iranian build up? Fact is US confiscate 10s of billions of Iranian money and only releash it recently

    • The Persians are always hegemon in the region historically, who deem Mesopotamia as their sphere of influence. While Levant swing between Persian, Rome and Turks.

      When USA withdraw support to Saudi, Iran will acquire client states stretching to Mediterranean,

      I dont call that destabilization but rather, a return to the traditional law and order.

  6. I have always said that ISIS is a convenient scapegoat. ISIS is easy to defeat if the US wants to. If the US wants to defeat ISIS, it will be over within a month. Get a coalition together and surround them and it is over. ISIS is useful in the Middle East to the US because it cause instability which is what is needed to keep those “Camel Jockeys” in line. Why would the US ignore the Wahhabis since the 1950s when they were propagating extreme fundamentalistic Islam to the rest of the Muslim world? Pretty much most of the Muslim word with their “Islamic” school generated new generations of burka clad fundamentalists. Instability in the Muslim world benefits the US and any collateral damage can blame on the Muslims anyways.

    • Peace in the Middle East will achieved once Oil is no longer an important source of energy.

      • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

        “Peace in the Middle East will achieved once Oil is no longer an important source of energy.”

        I don’t think it’ll be that simple. Consider:

        1) population expansion

        2) Climate change

        3) Collapse of oil income

        I predict refugees will keep flowing into ,and there’ll be a euro-fascist vs Islamist civil war in Europe. Fact is Arabs need a civilizational overhaul, but they can’t agree on what it should be. Even reforming Islam could be quite controversial. My literary/optimist prediction is that after series of wars, the Mahdi will appear and lead the Muslims to temporary victory, and in reality he might actually create a new religion, like Christianity is a successor to Judaism.

        • Halal, have you donated yet? I forget if you did or not. If you haven’t, you have to as a regular commenter. Minimum $10 and you are set for life.


  7. West support Islamic fundamentalism and other perversion like LGBT, black rights, feminism as an assault against political socialism.

    West need to creation division of people to divert attention away from class struggle.

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