“Latest Feminist Trend – Call All Men Pedophiles,” by Magneto

Latest Feminist Trend – Call All Men Pedophiles

by Magneto

Apparently calling all men rapists has gotten tiring for feminists, so now they need a new straw man label to throw at men. Well that new label is to call all men pedophiles. I believe Robert recently dealt with this exact issue.

Let’s say a woman sees something you wrote and doesn’t like it? Rather than logically refute your article, it would be much easier for her to just start throwing pejoratives at you. Nowadays calling men rapists doesn’t carry much weight since they’ve beaten that one to death. Instead the main pejorative women throw at you when they can’t defeat you in an argument is to just call you a pedophile.

One time I was on a Facebook group and I mentioned that I am married to a foreign woman. Immediately some White woman started attacking me and calling me a pedophile. Do White women even realize how racist they are? They are implying that non-White women are all just a bunch of girly dolls and slaves who cannot think for themselves, and thus any man who marries them must be a pedophile. Because after all, docile, feminine, non-feminist foreign women aren’t big, strong, independent women like White women. White women are implying that only White women are “mature adults,” and non-White women are all just “immature children”.

I also dealt with this recently. I’m friends with a lot of younger people from Generation Z (people born after the year 2000) because I really get along well with them. Why do I get along well with them? Because they are all very red-pilled. They all hate feminism, multiculturalism, and SJWs. Being friends with them gives me a feeling of hope for the future, and as a result I became a much more positive person.

So I randomly message a lot of people on Facebook and Instagram, just chatting and getting to know random people. I messaged some White chick from the UK. She asked me my age, and I told her I am in my 30’s. She reacted in a shocked way and said she was 14. I said cool, that’s fine with me.

Then she added me to a private chat group with her mom, dad, and brother and sister and the name of the chat group was “Pedo Help”. They started attacking me and accusing me of being a pedophile, and I told them “What the fuck is wrong with you people? What kind of horrible parents you are that you would brainwash your children to believe the whole world is out to get them, and everyone over age 30 is a pedophile. You should be ashamed of yourselves. And by the way, I’m friends with tons of younger people and none of them have ever accused me of being a pedophile before.”

Then they posted a picture I had posted of an Indian chick and I laughed, typing “LOL” and wrote “That girl is over 18, by the way”. I kept telling the mom that she is a horrible mother and should be ashamed for filling her children’s head with so much fear. The mother was probably 35 or so, a member of the Millennial SJW Generation. I finally just told her to go fuck herself, left the chat and blocked them all.

Unfortunately, the Millennial generation is the worst generation to ever exist. The vast majority are radical SJWs, and this is perhaps why the younger generation, Gen Z, is rejecting all of their SJW bullshit. I can’t wait for Generation Z to reach voting age, so they can start voting against the Millennials’ bullshit SJW politics. Millennial women are all total cancer. They are the worst feminists you will ever encounter.

Now what has been the practical result of this “All men are pedophiles” feminist hysteria?

The result is that men are afraid to even help a child if the child is in a life or death situation. Let’s say a child is drowning in a swimming pool. Most men would be afraid to jump in and help the child for fear that their SJW parents might accuse him of being a pedophile. The toxic man-hatred of Western women has reached such a point that many men are outright saying that they would never help a woman even in a life or death situation. For instance if a woman was getting raped in the street. Many men have openly stated that they would not help the woman because if they stop and help the woman, she might very well accuse him of trying to rape her too.

Western women have completely destroyed men’s natural instinct to protect women. Just think about that. That is the degree of man-hatred that Western women possess. They have successfully pissed off men to such an extent that men will refuse to help them even in a life or death situation. Congratulations, ladies. You got what you wanted. You have been telling us men for decades that you hate us and don’t need us. Fine. Next time you are getting raped or beaten or robbed in the street? Don’t be surprised when no man comes to your aide. You are truly on your own now and have attained the independence that you claimed you have wanted all this time. Enjoy, ladies!


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30 responses to ““Latest Feminist Trend – Call All Men Pedophiles,” by Magneto

  1. Chipscat

    Interesting story. I can see how if I hadn’t just read all your inner reasonings beforehand (as this family did not have the opportunity to do), I may have found your behavior questionable. Context is everything, you know?
    As to your thoughts on feminists, I will not here agree or disagree with you, but I will say I do believe that part of being female usually includes a worshipful or obsessive attitude toward something, just as part of being male is the inate need to conquer something (even if it’s just a huge sandwich). But back to women- this worshipfulness/ obsessiveness has to land on something. Sometimes it is other men/ romantic relationships. Sometimes it is religion/ God. Sometimes it is taking care of outward appearance (clothes, hair, makeup, body perfection). But when a woman isn’t interested in any of these it naturally falls on a cause like feminism, and because women spend so much time thinking and talking about the object of their obsession, they may begin to believe things that aren’t true in feminism or wear too much makeup if that’s their focus or become too involved in church, etc. I think it’s just harder for women to be well-rounded creatures. But, I think that is part of our charm also. Just my thoughts.

  2. Chipscat

    And, I’m sorry you haven’t found any palatable millennial friends. I don’t like anyone my age because all they want to talk about is sports or stupid internet videos. But I make friends with older people instead of younger people.

  3. Jason Y

    I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with some multiculturalism. The main problem is that it’s gone too far to the point of insanity. However, a place that is too monocultural is just as bad.

    As far as women calling men pedos who go after foreign women, surprisingly, a lot of those women would also hate multiculturalists – seeing certain multicultural men as guys that rejected their bitchy asses. And mark my word, these women are bitches with an ax to grind.

    • EPGAH

      How is “too monocultural” just as bad? Homogenous societies have lower crime, lower violence, higher GDP, more cohesion, all the positive things, while heterogenous societies are falling apart as each group seeks dominance. Or worse, you have things like the Civilized World taking on a masochistic bent and WANT to be raped and murdered as some strange penance for their culture being so much better!

  4. Jason Y

    The newest thing now with these “go to the club”, “act like a nigga, but hate blacks” type of women is to label those who date women from other cultures as retarded or perverts. ha ha 😆

    • Jason Y

      or handicapped (a gimp etc..)

    • Magneto

      If I still lived in America I would not even bother with white women. I would just use Tinder and whatever other apps to find black women and fuck them. Black women are a lot easier than white women and I find black women to be super hot, of course there are some ugly black women too.

      A black woman will treat a white guy like a god. Even the ghetto trashy ones. I’d also use PUA and do street game on black women I meet. It would be a lot of fun actually.

      • Alpha Unit

        “A black woman will treat a white guy like a god.”

        Careful. You might end up disappointed.

        • EPGAH

          The Soft Racism of HIGHER Expectations?

        • Alpha Unit


        • Magneto

          Well AMERICAN women are fucking bitches, no matter their race. But I’ve known some African women and they are very humble people. Not arrogant at all like white bitches or indian bitches. So women from Africa are quite awesome, but African American women are shit of course and that is due to American cultural influence.

        • Meg

          God Magneto, you seem like a real charmer!! Too bad you’re not in America anymore, us bitchy white women are really missing out 😘

        • I like White women. I often date women in their 40’s and now in their 50’s. A LOT of them are serious perverts. Most are total sex maniacs who want to do it all the time. And as women get older, they get kinkier too for some reason.

          A LOT of older women can have multiple orgasms, but not too many young women can. It’s a lot easier to talk to older women about sex than it is to talk to young women about it. Older women just seem to accept it as a fact of life and talking about sex is like talking about eating or sleeping with them. I think by the time they get into their 40’s and 50’s, most women have had a lot of sex and they have figured out that they like it a lot.

          A LOT of women of all ages are pretty much perverts. I have known many women of all ages who masturbate to orgasm every day or most every day. Many have been doing this for years. Masturbating to orgasm every day? That’s as horny as a man!

          I think maybe it takes women a long time to finally get rid of their inhibitions and open up all the way.

  5. Anna

    The last paragraph is so true it’s scary. Yes, we have pushed men away…and we will be the first to complain when none of you will help us. The fickle ways of women- yet you love and want us anyway! Lol. Great piece of writing Robert, I could not agree more. Gender roles are so screwed up in society today. Men are the natural protectors imo. We just won’t let them do it anymore. Very sad.

    • I didn’t write it. A guest author named Magneto wrote it.

    • Magneto

      Um yeah men “love you” because you have a vagina. If it wasn’t for your vagina, there would literally be a bounty on women’s heads, as one guy put it. Also, with the advance of technology, now trans women, aka ladyboys, can look MORE feminine than most real women. I mean given the chance between a normal woman who is a 4/10 and a hot ladyboy who is a 9/10, I’d choose the later.

  6. xxaleenazxx

    Men don’t protect women, men want to own and dominate over women. Chivalry has nothing to do with actually caring about how women feel, it’s about men’s desire to control women’s reproductive capacity. Everything men do is about their ego, masculinity, social status and ensuring that their genes are passed on. They could care less about women in the process. My grandfather was an absolutely abysmal parent, abused his wife and daughters and left an entire generation after him scarred. He didn’t really care how treated his family because

    1) it was his toxic masculine “right” to do whatever he wanted with his family because he was the man/patriarch of who provided and protected them from OTHER men. and

    2) all but one of his children were female. The only good thing that he did, according to my mother, was that he “provided” for his wife and children. So because men “provided” (btw, in a world where women were handicapped by social expectations and ideals, as well as a natural vulnerability of pregnancy) for us, that gave them the right to treat us like shit? And now you’re upset that women said “no” to that bullshit? I find it curious that the writer of this blog calls himself a traditional socialist. There is nothing more antithetical to socialism than patriarchal misogyny which is at the root of all things horrible like racism, homophobia, colonialism and capitalism.

    • The author and owner of the site is indeed a socialist but that can mean many things. Look at the parties in the Socialist International. All of those are socialist parties. Social democracy is socialism too.

      The author and owner of the site did not write that article. A guest poster did. Guest posters get to say whatever they want to on here. His views do not represent mine.

  7. xxaleenazxx

    I don’t even know if this will be posted, but… if you antifeminists stopped putting your fingers in your ears and going la la la for five seconds, maybe you would know the fuck what feminists ACTUALLY believe. No feminist in the history of feminism has ever said that all men are rapists or pedophiles, nor have we ever argued that all men have natural biological pedophilic or rapey inclinations. Funnily enough, the people arguing for such natural desires in men (evo psych) are the ones ON YOUR SIDE. My non-existent god, you are just like the liberals shouting “not all muslims not all muslims!” when anyone criticises Islamic belief.

    (Radical) Feminists criticise the patriarchal system that creates pedophiles and rapists. When you see the types of men who use child pornography, get busted trying to buy sex from children or participating in child sex rings, these men come from all walks of life. Many people would call these men “normal men”. Rape and pedophilia may be illegal, but there is something in our culture that creates it, and dare I say it, encourages pedophilic desires in men. When the most common request in brothels is for the youngest woman and when the top porn categories are “teen”, you know there is something WRONG. I would recommend to everyone here to read this article: http://www.feministcurrent.com/2015/09/28/youve-heard-of-rape-culture-but-have-you-heard-of-pedophile-culture/ Just read it at least with somewhat of an open mind.

    As a victim of pedophilia, I will NOT apologise for being wary of males, especially when the vast majority of sex criminals are males. My experiences of life have taught me to not trust men around children. You just don’t know whether that father next door could be abusing his own daughters. That’s life. GET THE FUCK OVER IT. A mature, self-aware male would acknowledge his power in the world and not take every criticism of masculinity and male culture as a slight against him personally. Only egotistical freaks would get offended by it. BOO HOO. When women are being prostituted, trafficked, beaten and raped, we have EVERY right to be afraid of males.

  8. SED

    Exactly right!!

  9. SED

    Men’s problem is the infatuation, preoccupation, and over obsession with sex and their penis in the first place. I mean really. Do you men know anything else? Stop destroying the world!!

    • We are obsessed with sex. But we are not obsessed with our dicks. We think about sex all the time. I don’t think about my dick all the time. That seems like something a gay man would do.

      Do you men know anything else?

      Sometimes I wonder. It seems like for decades now I think about pussy, tits, ass, women and sex almost all the t time.

      I don’t think about my dick though. That’s where you are wrong. Thinking about my dick all the time would be…gay…you know? Straight men don’t think about cock, ours or anyone else’s. Take that accusation over to the gay men please. They’re the ones who think about dick all the time. They are having a meeting in the blog next door ——–> that a way.

      A very much enjoy being a pervert like this. In fact, I am quite proud of myself.

  10. SED

    If you don’t want to hear women bitching, play your God-given role in life and stop being PERVERTS. That simple.

  11. Lin

    Argentine feminists protest mistreatment of women

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