“Three Points of Real Liberalism,” by Magneto

Three Points of Real Liberalism

by Magneto

Real liberalism has been subverted by radical SJW’s and feminists. They’ve given a horrible name to the word “liberal”. But most people are actually liberals in the true sense of the word. Look at White Americans. They are such liberal people that the majority of them see nothing wrong with open immigration. Is there any other race of people on the planet that are so liberal that they see nothing wrong with mass immigration to their countries? No. Look at Japan or Korea or Taiwan. They do not allow open immigration. Look at Africa or India. They do not allow mass open immigration, assuming that anyone would want to immigrate to such places in the first place.

A “conservative” White Western person is more liberal than even a “liberal” Indian or Muslim. So in light of all of that, here are three points for real liberalism.

1. Legalization of Prostitution

I’ve noticed that in places where prostitution became legalized, it almost always happened in places where there is a liberal government. Conservatives believe that prostitution is immoral, so you will almost never see conservatives voting to legalize prostitution. America wouldn’t suck so much if prostitution was legal. There wouldn’t be all these frustrated virgins.

Remember, it was a Christian conservative women’s group that originally voted to ban prostitution, drugs, gambling, etc. So we can pretty much never hope for feminist support for legalization of prostitution. But polls taken show that the younger generation support the legalization of prostitution. So once the conservative older generations die out, it will probably become legal. Imagine getting off work at 6 PM, going to a bar for a beer, and then going to a Blowjob Center and getting a blowjob for 20 dollars? What a great life that would be.

2. Legalization of drugs

Once again, it is almost always liberal political parties that vote to legalize or decriminalize drugs. Because quite frankly, no one has the right to tell anyone else what they can and cannot put into your own body, what to speak of a harmless herb like marijuana. What if someone wants to put opium into their body? That is their choice!

Once again, life would be so much better if drugs were legal. Imagine getting off work and going down to the opium bar for a couple of hours and getting really high and relaxed on opium. We’d probably have a lot less angry people and violence in America. I say that all drugs should be legal. If someone wants to smoke crack? That is their free choice. And they are also free to deal with the consequences of that decision. It’s none of my business.

3. Banning immigrants from ultra-conservative cultures

A true liberal would ban immigrants from ultra-conservative cultures like Islamic countries or India. Obviously, you cannot have a liberal society with a bunch of ultra-conservative immigrants who immigrate to the West simply to get free welfare. Only immigrants from Western countries should be allowed.

But instead of this we have the radical SJW communist filth who want to flood the West with a bunch of subhuman parasites in the name of “anti-racism”. Sorry, but there is nothing liberal about importing a bunch of violent subhumans from cultures that rape 10 month old babies, throw acid in women’s faces, cut off women’s clitorises, etc.

Robert’s idea of only allowing immigrants with an IQ of 100 or higher is an excellent idea. After all if you truly want an enlightened, liberal, open-minded society, you cannot let in people who still live in the 14th century. Muslims hate the West and liberal Western culture, so why do they come here? Because they are parasites on our economy and welfare systems. If they were true Muslims, they would want to live in the most Muslim country on earth, which would be Saudi Arabia. Apparently, living in America is more important to many Muslims than worshiping their God according to Islam.

Anyway, these are three points to be considered for a case of true liberalism. Once again, the people who call themselves “liberals” like feminists, SJWs, and “anti-racists” are not liberals at all. They are fascists who want to violently enforce their beliefs on everyone else.


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36 responses to ““Three Points of Real Liberalism,” by Magneto

  1. I agree with your two first proposals, with the reservation that public authorities should supervise, and even manage for its greater part, the operation, production and distribution of both prostitution services and drugs, in the same way alcohol production and distribution is supervised and managed in Canada. The problem with both sectors is their being particularly prone to the ambitions of the underworld, and once the underworld are in control of them they lobby as fast as possible to make them illegal again so as to reap far nicer profits from far less substandard merchandise. The temptation to bring about products substandard to the point of harmfulness, and also to exert social control through those two activities, is just too great for all occult powers. It is one domain where the state must take much of the operations in charge as with certain public utilities if you want capitalism to apply productively to other sectors.

    As for your third option, let the matter be stated clearly : what you say about Muslims is right, but applies even more so to an even more dangerously ultra-conservative culture, Flyover America’s, aka Trumpland, who have just elected a fascist dictator of the same totalitarian stature and sadistic nature as Erdogan, together with a vice-dictator that would have been considered far too right-wing and anti-human as a religious had he been a Shiite Muslim in Teheran (they do hang some gays there but they are not intent on suppressing all social services in the name of God and of his Providence through free market as is the case in America, or destroying the planet for the future generations for the alleged reason what will have not helped the believing people to make profits it is bound to be destroyed by God in the impending war of Harmaggedon anyway).

    When I say Flyover I don’t intend to say it so much in the geographical sense as in the cultural sense : our effete cultural elites just fail to realize, while they dismiss their own people’s culture as uninteresting and unimportant and without any great use to justify their employment as ambassadors of, and while they go for far more alluring ones in far away exotic states, that they sit on another totalitarian religious culture in formation of an even more dangerous nature, and far more intent than Islam to conquer the world : what the fundamentalist churches do in South America to destroy all local cultures and prevent any social revolution against imperialism is at least as bad as what Saudi-sponsored Islam is doing in Maghreb and moreover they are starting to ravage Maghreb too in the effort of turning it even better against alleged French humanism in the same way Islamists are starting to make inroads in the favellas of Brazil. If these liberal cultural elites are dead serious, they should consider bridging gaps not only among the cultural horizons they like best to tour when they themselves go on vacation, but among the cultures they detest best too, otherwise they prove they themselves lack the proper IQ and are mere intellectual consumers (not to say suckers), not producers : efforts should be made so as for the Islamic radicals of the North African bled and the Biblical fundamentalists of the hillbillies to enter dialogue at last and realize they push for the very same things, and then invite the Jewish ultra-reactionary right of the occupied West Bank into that conference : European White Power Nazis, Jewish Zionist Rightists and Islamic Radicals should agree upon a common programme for the world and against one common foe : liberals and humanists of all hues, in which case the established fake left as you have been denouncing it so well as the main factor now preventing all moves against neoliberalism (it must be noted that many former Soviet policies that nowadays sound both cruel and strange against the parasitical cosmopolitan left just happen to have been based in reality and one dire necessity, though not with so much violence, for that country not to follow South America’s fate : there should be a revisionist movement about Stalin’s Russia and Gulags, not to condone the latter but just to understand that the alternative was not that great, which explains why the Russian proletariat did support the Soviet regime), will lose its ecological niche for good. Even Kissinger, whom I vomit too otherwise, would have praised my sense of diplomatic equilibrium and my push for a tripartite détente among the three main ideological contenders of our present world.

    As for the low IQ immigrants that you say will bring third world living conditions with themselves in America, that just doesn’t hold. Most ultra-reactionary and anti-humanistic figures of the Third World have higher IQs than the average, that is especially true as regards India no only as regards Brahmins but as regards educated people in general : in that culture the only use of a high IQ is to exploit people and the more intellectual and open-minded you are the more to are expected to side with oppressors against any form of humanistic common sense. There are actually far more Indians with humanistic common sense than there are Americans in local percentage, but they are not comprised among the intellectuals.

    • EPGAH

      Are you pushing to put violent rapists and murderers into Gulags?

      • They are already doing it in America with the difference that here the Gulags are privately operated for a profit. Some have the money to get high and away with everything, some don’t.

    • Magneto

      Judith, if you think the “flyover” redneck hicks are such evil people, why don’t you go try living in India? You wouldn’t last one week without getting raped. At least these redneck flyover hicks you hate so much won’t rape you, throw acid in your face, or rape your 10 month old baby.

      It’s feminists like you that have zero appreciation for how good you have it in America. Even a redneck is more civilized than Indians or Arabs.

  2. IQ threshold should be 120, at the very least. Those are the only people who innovate new ideas/products. Everything else can be done by native-born Americans.

  3. Magneto, you are talking cultural conservatism not economic conservatism. Both cultural and economics are often confused with each other. From the way you wrote, it seems you are like many other so called “conservatives” where they are cultural conservatives but liberal economically within their own culture. When faced with modern international trade and migration, this model failed spectacularly. The only way for it to work is isolation. The problem is, isolation has never worked and never will be.

    What we need are cultural liberalism and economic conservatism. That means letting everyone to be themselves. Be gay, Muslims, black, white or whatever……..BUT they must be accountable for their own decisions and actions. Not looking for handouts just because they got their feelings hurt when they were 8 years old or they or their parents made bad decisions when they were growing up. An area that is economically depressed? Move. You can’t force jobs to come back. Can’t get a job? Get new skills. Save up to start a business. If you steal or physically hurt someone, you get punished for your actions. If you impose your beliefs on someone else, you will be stopped. That includes barring any religion from having any influences in the society and keep it as a personal belief.

    If you work hard and smart, put in your time to invest in your future and your children’s future, you deserve to be successful.

    Once you go down the rabbit hole of categorizing people based on preferences and differences to decide who should be successful and not successful, you can bet that the society in a few generations will deteriorate to a point where it is no longer competitive. The US is lucky that it has a huge swath of arable land with lots of natural resources to draw upon. This will only provided a temporary relief.

    • Yee

      “Economic conservatism” doesn’t work because it’ll end up in revolution. Or what Trash put it, “cannibalism”.

    • Braindamage, you are not allowed to promote rightwing economics on here, which I presume is the same thing as economic conservatism. Remember, we are socialists here. If there’s one thing we will never tolerate, it’s rightwing economics.

      • TRASH Jr.

        Do you feel libertarians are worse than regular conservatives?

        Regular conservatives are allies of the institutions and the corporate-government hybrid we have now. Libertarians want to rid us of that.

        In the long term it seems trusts/large conglomerates basically become the government. But in the short term they could be our allies.

        • TRASH Jr.

          In other words someone like Ron Paul is preferable to Marco Rubio?

        • Regular conservatives believe in conserving what they have and get more through the power they have. Both socially and economically. That’s why I have a hard time believing those low income bible belt people claiming to be conservatives. They are more revivalist of a long gone era. Libertarians believe in the freedom of everyone to pursue whatever they want without harming others. Success is not just financial success. A person has the freedom to do what he wants without having others to tell him what to do and is capable of accepting the consequences and benefits of his or her actions.

          A meth head from flyoverland as Trash puts it, can’t one day wakes up and realizes that he is f2cked because of all the bad decisions he made and now wants to join WN because those Mexicans are taking away jobs that he feels he is entitled to. That’s how I see it. It has nothing to do with conservatism or liberalism.

        • TRASH Jr.

          Regular conservatives hence tend to have some warmth to institutions as they are enablers of stability.
          I.E. military.

          This may be somewhat of a perversion of ideology; I am not sure.

        • EPGAH

          Thank you, TRASH, Jr. That’s the nicest thing you’ve written about the military!

        • Jason Y

          People thought Trump was a libertarian but he’s just another W. Bush or Reagan clone. However, that was easy to predict, though, many fell for the scam.

        • Jason Y

          Note, Trump’s libertarian sounding ad during the election. Gosh, it sounded like he was repeating the main points of Henry Ford, lol. It sounded comical cause you never hear such bold anti-globalism on a TV ad.

        • TRASH Jr.

          Pro-military, maybe not. Pro-soldier, yes, so they do not die over there.

        • EPGAH

          I’m ex-military, that’s why I want to kill as many enemies as possible, with as few of our soldiers dying as possible. Ultimately, I want them too afraid to attack their betters ever again. Then no more soldiers will have to die.

      • I respect that. I can abide by your rules.

        I am not promoting right wing economics as I am not right wing per se. I think the discussion is within the scope of things the realists here discussed, Like I said before, your blog is a breath of fresh air as it allows so many non mainstream perspectives that are actually more in line with reality.

        You believe in socialism based on how you see things out there while I stress self sufficiency because of how I survived and thrive. Believe me, I don’t have the luxury of waiting for social assistance and I did what I could and managed to raise a pretty successful family despite the odds.

        Conservatism is to conserve and has nothing to do with right wing ideology. To conserve your corrective actions and life decisions which resulted in betterment of yourself or the country. Right wing conservatism is to conserve the way on life as they see it even if impinge on the rights of others.

        I know you are a fan of the Chinese model. The post 1970s Chinese model works because of economic conservatism but progressively culturally/socially liberal. It is basically a model that gives everyone the opportunity to do well while maintaining a social equilibrium so everyone will not be sidelined by special interests, the corrupt rich and powerful. To me it means the opportunity to work hard, to save, to progress free from predatory external self interest and to enjoy a safe environment free from unwanted harassment based on race, creed color, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

        • You realize that there are many Marxists out there who say that the current Chinese model is still Communism and they think it is a good implementation of Communism too.

          45% of the economy is run by the public sector. That’s not rightwing or conservative economics in any way, shape or form. Rightwing or conservative economics is simply full throttle laissez faire neoliberal free market capitalism. Libertarianism is perhaps the purest example of pure rightwing economics.

          Trump’s economics are some of the most rightwing or conservative economics we have seen from the US government in a very long time. I am thinking we have to go back to Herbert Hoover for anything that looks like this.

        • EPGAH

          I thought Trump was a watered-down Reagan.
          Right down to compromising with Democrats in a desperate attempt to get a wall on our southern border.


        • China is Communism only by name. Vey capitalistic but it is still a very socialist government. Laissez faire economics will give freedom to many to properer on their own terms at the have check and balances to maintain that . The US today is not laissez faire capitalism.

        • I dunno Braindamage. I just told you that the state runs 45% of the economy in China and you still insist that China is a laissez faire ultra capitalist Libertarian paradise.

          PS you cannot advocate for laissez faire economics on here and of course you cannot say it is the perfect system as you just did. That’s called supporting rightwing economics or conservative economics and you cannot do that there. I ban on that.

          I get the feeling I am not getting through to you here, guy.

    • Magneto

      Pretty sure Robert is against the “economic conservatism” which you speak of. I’m also becoming more fed up with capitalism. It’s a system that allows 1 percent of the population to have all the wealth and leaves 99 percent with nothing. I’m not so sure socialism is the answer either though. NATIONALISTIC SOCIALISM might work but the Jewish bankers hate it because it makes it where people no longer are in debt to the jews. Hence why they waged war against Hitler’s Germany because my god, what would happen if the whole world rejected the jew’s capitalistic system?

      JEWS are the 2 percent! They control pretty much everything

      • Thanks for trolling. Nationalistic Socialism has never worked. It may work in the short term but in the long run the future generations will pay a heavy price. The US was pretty much a NS model until after WW2 when it realize it has to sell stuff to other countries. The diversity push was the result of getting out of the NS mold. NS people are fighting back because they want what they feel they are entitled to. Entitlements they got used to in the 50s-70s. It is just not feasible and realistic.

        • Braindamage:

          We are not getting through here.

          You are not allowed to say socialism has never worked, nationalistic socialism has never worked or any such thing.

          You are absolutely forbidden from ever using that disgusting word entitlements to mean the insurance programs and social programs that the people paid with their own deductibles in tax form and other taxes.

          It’s like you get in a car accident and your insurance company pays out for your losses and guys like you scream and yell that the insurance holder is a leech welfare leeching off the insurance company. Wouldn’t that be disgusting if someone did that? But you just did.

          That’s what you do when you attack Social Security and Medicare as entitlements. They’re insurance programs!

  4. TRASH Jr.

    “Once you go down the rabbit hole of categorizing people based on preferences and differences to decide who should be successful and not successful, you can bet that the society in a few generations will deteriorate to a point where it is no longer competitive.”

    This is where they cease to become libertarians and essentially become ‘low standard Nazis’ (national socialists for those Whites on the left side of the bell curve)

    • I have always wondered since when the meaning of “Libertarianism” morphed into something completely opposite.

      Those “White left of the bell curve national socialists” were able to act out their frustrations mainly because they are the majority. Other left-side-bell-curvers remain powerless and call for complete socialism.

      The funny thing is many white left side curvers cross over to the left due to contemporary cultural pressures. At least they will be perceived as fashionable, progressive, in tune with the future, well liked while still try to get their entitled agenda across.

      At the end of the day, all left side curvers all over the world will lose out as the world economy has changed significantly and many lower end jobs are being automated. Left side curvers in the US are not entitled to a better life than non-US left side curvers. Being a rich and massive country per capita wise, I foresee federal guaranteed income for them to maintain the peace.

      • Magneto

        guaranteed basic income is definitely coming. It’s the only thing that will stop the masses from revolting. So making sure everyone has a basic income to survive, and also legalizing prostitution and drugs will keep the vast majority of people pacified. If I could legally fuck prostitutes and get high on opium, I’d be a happy camper and wouldn’t give a shit about what is happening to society or the government.

      • EPGAH

        “Left side curvers in the US are not entitled to a better life than non-US left side curvers.”

        If that were true, you wouldn’t see MASSIVE floods of non-US “left-curvers” as you call them invading America to steal a Better Life.

        • Massive left curvers come to the US because per capita wise the US is still a very Rich country. That doesn’t mean left curvers in the US deserve a better life than other left curvers just because they are born there. The world in so interconnected to day that all left curvers are left curvers no matter where they are from.

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