“The Cummies Song”

This is now an Internet meme, and of course it deserves to be.

I am starting to think this really is the end of our society now. This new generation coming up, oh man. There’s something so terribly wrong with them. They really are accelerating this delicious decline, are they not? Really though, if you thought this country had any morals at all left, just forget it. Here’s all the evidence you need. It’s over folks.

This is why God hates us.

If you are worried that you are going to get on some nasty list merely by watching this video, well, you probably are. But that’s not my fault. It’s yours. You shouldn’t have watched it, pervert!

Actually the girl is 18, so just relax.

She apparently wrote this song herself. Damn! The next Lennon/McCartney!

She wrote and then recorded herself singing it because, well, this is what she believes in. This is her sexual fantasy. Or something. Or whatever. This was originally shared on some private group, but someone stole it off the group, and now it has gone viral, and there’s not a thing anyone can do about it anymore. She’s been telling people to take it down, but no one is listening.

Oh well KW, there’s no such thing as bad publicity honey. Like they say in Hollywood, “I don’t care what they are saying about me, as long as they are talking about me.” All publicity is good publicity.

I don’t understand why this girl is so upset about this video going viral. I mean she’s going to Hell anyway just for making it, right? So ok. Relax then, toots.

And for that matter, all of you sickos watching this video are going to Hell too! You hear me? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Warning: If you watch this video, you are a sick fuck!


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5 responses to ““The Cummies Song”

  1. EPGAH

    She’s talking about eating her Dad’s cum?
    Please tell me that is a gross mistranslation. Or my speakers went bad or something?

    • Yes, that is exactly what she is talking about.


      How well do you know 16-18 year old girls? I know them very, very, very well. Let me assure that “Daddy fucking teenage daughter” fantasies are utterly rampant among girls that age. That is actually one of their major fantasies!

      • EPGAH

        Tolerance and Apathy are the last virtues of a dying civilization.

        That said, did you read this? http://twitchy.com/sd-3133/2017/05/03/had-to-see-it-to-believe-it-good-luck-topping-this-hot-orient-express-take/
        Someone is actually upset that Orient Express doesn’t have any Orientals!
        Either weapons-grade trolling or weapons-grade idiocy, can’t tell which anymore!

        In related news, “African Queen” doesn’t have any Black Queers in it, and “The Italian Job” doesn’t star any Italians!

        Where’s the Liberal Outrage?

        However, I love the Anime women with big breasts and huge round eyes.

        Totally Japanese. Or at least an Acceptable Break From Reality™!

  2. Linna

    How do you know she’s 18? Source?

    • I followed links from people who know her in the comments. Also in the comments, they are all saying she is 18. A lot of people in the comments are calling this a pedo video, but a lot of other people said, “Hey, relax, she’s 18.”

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