“Rape is the Answer to Every Indian Man’s Problem,” by Magneto

Rape is the Answer to Every Indian Man’s Problem

by Magneto

Recently a disgruntled ex-employee of Snapchat went to the media and made up a story where he claimed the CEO of Snapchat had no interest in expanding the Indian market and called India a poor country. There are no actual records of him saying this. All we have to base it on is the verbal account of the disgruntled ex-employee.

Well, this didn’t stop Indians from losing their shit and going nuts. The next day hundreds of thousands of Indians were writing online messages protesting against Snapchat and leaving 1 star ratings on the Snapchat app in the App Store. I went to a couple of places where Indians were writing their typical rude illiterate comments about Snapchat, and I mentioned to them: “What is wrong with you people? There is no proof the CEO even made that statement. Why are you Indians such easily-offended people? You Indians need to grow up!”

This caused me to receive the same typical idiotic and illiterate rude comments from Indians. I laughed at most of them, but one comment really stuck out to me.

An Indian guy had written “You are an asshole. I fuck your mother, sister, etc”.

I replied “Well at least you are admitting you are a rapist”. But then I started to think. Is rape literally the only answer, the only response, that an Indian male can give to a problem?

Woman cuts you off in traffic? Rape her. Woman making burgers at McDonald’s accidentally put the wrong toppings on your burger? Rape her. Walking down the street and a woman gave you a nasty stare? Rape her. Your sister stole your lunch money, so you didn’t eat lunch that day? Rape her. Your mom disciplined you because you stayed up all night playing computer games? Rape her. Rape, rape, rape, rape, rape.

Rape seems to be the only thing on most Indian men’s minds. It’s like a constant fixation for them. What the Buddhists would call one-mindedness, samadhi, the attainment of nirvana? For Indian men, it is rape. Rape is all they can think about, and rape is the answer to any problem they may have. And Indian men have always been like this.

Back in the British time, around 200 years ago, Western liberals tried to condemn the British for warning their White wives to avoid contact with Indian men for fear of being raped. Indian men were not allowed to mix with White women, and the reason was that if Indian men socialized with White women, the Indian men would be overcome with lust and rape her. The very fact that such a stereotype about Indian men existed 200 years ago is proof that this is how Indian men have always been and how Indian men always will be. Rape is simply flowing through their blood. They do not know anything other than rape. Calling an Indian man a rapist is not racist or factually incorrect. It is 100% true in 95% of cases.

To the 5% good Indian men, I apologize. But then again you guys are responsible for keeping the other 95% in line, you clearly have failed to do so, and therefore you are also guilty to some extent for the rape crisis.

I must give a very clear warning to all Western White women. Do not visit India under any circumstances. Boycott that disgusting country. If you go to India looking for “spirituality”, you will not find it and will only find yourself being repeatedly violated over and over again by lusty Indian rapist men. If you want spirituality, then learn about it in the safety of your own country.

There are plenty of Hindu or Buddhist temples in the West now, so there’s no need to travel to India to find such wisdom. Any male reading this article? It is your duty to warn every woman you know to avoid India and to be very careful and cautious around Indian men. I would kindly suggest that you send your female friends and female family members a copy of this article’s URL so they can read it for themselves. Indian men will never change and will never stop raping women. Therefore all we can do is act to protect our own women against such horrible rapists.


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43 responses to ““Rape is the Answer to Every Indian Man’s Problem,” by Magneto

  1. frd

    i think the best match for indian man is the feminist girl..what do you think?

  2. SHI

    I’d say this was a hilarious piece by Magneto. Loved it.

    Well, this didn’t stop Indians from losing their shit and going nuts. The next day hundreds of thousands of Indians were writing online messages protesting against Snapchat and leaving 1 star ratings on the Snapchat app in the App Store.

    If you are running any online business, especially a mobile app store, you’d be wise not to pick on Indians. Snapchat’s overall rating settled in and around 3 stars because hundreds of thousands of Indians went ape-shit and retaliated with their 1-star reviews. That is because they have got plenty of time to kill. It’s a suicidal move to offend millions of Indians or Chinese because of their substantial populations. If I were on the Snapchat Board, I’d have voted to fire the CEO immediately. You cannot alienate such a huge market.

    Why do you think Microsoft and Google chose Indian faces for the company image? Not because they’re superhumans. India is the 2nd largest market for online sales. It’s simple mathematics.

    Even Donald Trump is clever enough not pick on Indians. And he picks on a lot of people, all right. Wait until 500,000 or 5 million ndian trolls start working overtime bashing him at his Twitter account. He’ll be forced to delete his Twitter account after Indian trolls come at him like a swarm of flies. It’s one thing to threaten North Korea with nukes. It’s quite another to antagonize illiterate Indians busy with their knock-off “eye-phoneys”. Even Trump knows that. Did you know he has over 1 million Indian followers on his Twitter account.

    Indian trolls have successfully destroyed entire sites like Orkut, Topix.com, Geocities, Alt.com.

    Successful White people running an online business avoid Indian trolls at all costs.

    • Rahul

      Moodittu iru da aambala thevadiya.

      • Magneto

        Rahul are you going to rape someone?

        • Rahul

          That is done by man whores like SHI and you. Dude, stop pretending that you are some white man. Admit you are a high caste indian. On one post you talk about genociding inferior subhuman dark race and then here you flip out and try to embrace them which ofcourse is your sexual leaning. One post you denounce Hindus and other you talk it as a highbrow religion made by aryans for aryans. One thing is clear- you are a troll, a wealthy troll. You flipped around some dollars to Robert more than what he wanted and he happily obliged to post whatever shit you wrote. thanks Robert for allowing your shit to pass through here. You will not get a platform like this to pass your dumfounded ugly musings.

        • Rahul

          Thank Robert I mean,

  3. SHI

    To the 5% good Indian men, I apologize. But then again you guys are responsible for keeping the other 95% in line, you clearly have failed to do so, and therefore you are also guilty to some extent for the rape crisis.

    More like 99%. A majority of Indians cannot deal with objective criticism without being foul-mouthed. Fortunately, most of them cannot frame a sentence in English properly. Indians have a very poor grasp at grammar and punctuation. That is because Indian languages are simply incapable of conveying abstract ideas and higher thoughts, with the honorable exceptions of Sanskrit and Urdu which are highly intelligent, evolved languages.

    All modern Indian languages originated from Apabrahmsha which were a bunch of colloquial dialects popular in the 4th-5th centuries.Their root words can be traced to Sanskrit which still happens to be exceptional in terms of higher vocabulary, sentence structures and overall fluidity.

    Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Haryanvi etc. are highly corrupted forms of Sanskrit. With these Indian languages, everything has to be about the lowest common denominator. Usage of higher vocabulary is scoffed at. Indians have been speaking these inferior languages for well over 1500 years which is the main reason India has turned into such a cesspool of anti-intellectual movements.

    Urdu is the only modern Indian language with a higher benchmark because of extensive vocabulary borrowed from Persian, Turkish and Central Asian.languages. Fluent Urdu speakers are naturally more refined, sophisticated and elegant than uncouth Hindi speakers.

    Only if all Indians spoke Sanskrit and Urdu, we’d have been a far more developed and civilized place.

    Language is the most tangible expression of higher human thoughts. You cannot have higher thoughts when you speak monkeybabbles like Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu and so forth.

    Why is Germany such a nice place to live? Because German is a highly refined language with as much sophistication as a BMW car.

    An educated Hindi speaker barely has a vocab of 14,000 words. The rustic Indian barely 5000, out of which 20% are cuss words and profanities.

    Sanskrit has a vocabulary of 2.5 million words. Yes, India used to be great once upon a time. Being a Sanskrit scholar automatically made a Gentleman out of you.

    • Magneto

      Sanskrit is called devanagari, the language of the gods. I tried studying it at a school but it is simply too complex. Modern humans are incapable of learning the thousands of complex grammatical rules. Sanskrit is a language that did not originate in our present earth realm. It came from the realms of the gods.

      • I learned Sanskrit (mostly in the intention to demystify the present-day New Age system of magic that claims of ancient Indian lore and just cannot : for instance chakras as we claim to know them were just unknown to classical expounders of yoga, when you find the word used only once by Patanjali it only means the body’s axis of rotational momentum as both dancers and judokas learn to know to achieve perfect balance, it has nothing to do with any invisible organ made of subtle matter) : it is not so difficult if you realize first it was never meant to be spoken as a natural language, but learned as a second language as a kind of Esperanto that actually worked. It is an artificial, contrived language that cannot have anything to do with divinity (actually the word deva can mean any spirit lithe the Greek daimon), though some part of it can be used for magic, which is something very different (and even as a language for magic, classical Arabic or Greek is superior). It is not true it is too complicated for humans, it is complicated to use it because human bureaucrats (not divine beings) built it like a perfect computer programming language without allowing any divine intervention : it is perfect for the expression of all forms of political correctness first and foremost. If you are a good computer programmer mastering several coding languages you can pick up Sanskrit much faster, because its rules are formulated in the same way as in a computer language manual (but that doesn’t fetch into very high mathematics, more into mere accounting, hence my analogy with computer languages). Unfortunately there is no divine imprint on Sanskrit, due to its utter lack of simplicity and also to its lack of cleanliness of design.

    • Orclops

      Sanskrit came from Indo-Europeans that entered India, from there some Aryans brought it to Persian territories.

    • EPGAH

      If they’re outnumbered as much as you say, then there’s no way they could keep the bad in line, without Civilized World support.

  4. Lin

    Lets examine whatTF “spirituality” is:

    It dated back from pagan primitive religion for something not solid, illusory, like shades of light or shadows cast by a bird above a dying person, which represented the departing spirit. Sure, later “spirituality” was generalized into mental states or even artistic inspiration, as if the spirit of one’s favorite great man drove one to do good.

    But mind you, the average person most of the time is occupied by his/her efforts to make a living, raise young, etc. Unless a person is financially well-off, mentally vulnerable or a professional priest/priestess, he or she can’t afford much time for “spirituality”, particularly the poor Hindus in India.

    “Spirituality” in India basically serves the following purpose:

    1) It’s mental opium to keep the poor, low- or out-castes docile.

    2) It’s tourist business.

    3) Scams. A good example is that spiritual crook Sai BaBa.

    I don’t consider myself a Confucianist, but I like this quote of his: “Respect the gods and spirits but stay away from them”. It means one doesn’t need to blaspheme but don’t bother with religion and superstition.

  5. Let the matter be settled : Sanskrit never was a natural language. Right from the start, right from before the invention of its written form, it was meant to be learned by all as a second language, in opposition to Prakrits, or Indo-European Dialects. But in Sanskrit the world prakrit (pronounce ra as in zeb-ra and kri as cre in sa-cre-d) just mean natural, “pre-worked-upon”, as Prakriti just means nature. Sanskrit started out as a kind of Esperanto that succeeded. It must be made clear that the other Indo-European languages that were spoken at that time were as barbaric and limited in their expression as Hindi can be : after all, they were barbarian invaders. The enterprise of creating that language was clearly an attempt to bridge a gap between the Dravidian languages and spiritualities, that had been undergoing a downfall due to an overdose of merchant materialism before being superseded by Northern invaders, and the Indo-European one proper, that had a healthy basis but was not shared by a majority of ruling warriors at all and looked for a clientele among the healthier part of the conquered peoples : an intellectual class was trying to form as an utopian alternative both to plain-based merchants and to mountain-based warriors. But for quite a long time, up to the 14th century, that intellectual class was not reduced to an hereditary one based on religion. Up to the 14-15th century Sanskrit was the common written language for all and for every subject like agricultural technology or civil engineering that needed standardization of terminology. It was not meant as a language reserved for an elite : it rather played the role now played by modern English in many ways. It was based on a very particular but limited Indo-European dialect, Vedic, the rules of which were generalized in a way unforeseen by the original users of it so as to produce millions of potential derived words (and also of derived grammatical forms like special verb tenses) without being hampered by usage constraints, and the resulting language turned to be nearer an agglutinative language, like many Dravidian ones had been, than a flexional one as Vedic had been : the declension and conjugation system is so unwieldy that the easiest way of expressing yourself is to keep content with nominative equational sentences and coin new words by composition, the latter being easier than in any other language. That form of Sanskrit enabled the language to be learned very quickly by all and given the fact that everything the rules theoretically allowed was allowed practically too — as would for instance a potential English word like filmwright or novelwright (formed after playwright for the production of any creative work) instead of film producer and novelist, and filmwrightship the particular talent of staging any action like a movie’s, and so on : when you are un hampered by rules of usage and by the use of idioms to get yourself understood, you can compose million of words just by knowing a thousand key monosyllabic ones no more — people coming from any dialect, howsoever limited, could first effortlessly translate it word by word into Sanskrit without being condemned for their blunders against previous usage, like for instance a Mexican is when he translates everything he thinks in Spanish word by word into English. But later on in the history of India the Brahmin caste, as it was getting more and more sponsored by the merchant caste from the 12th century onwards, developed a very pessimistic spirituality where the over-education of people was to be interpreted as a token of impending cosmic destruction, and therefore to be hampered at all costs, and where that higher education had to be reserved to otherworldly purposes only (while leaving out practical competences like engineering as unworthy of a refined mind, of course so as for the practical realms of knowledge to be reserved to the sponsoring corporations teaching them to their initiates only) : Sanskrit, from the communication language it had been, morphed into a purely (and fake) sacred one. But the aim of the operation to reserve Sanskrit to Brahmins was just to deprive the commoners of any form of literacy, not of Sanskrit proper.

    • EPGAH

      Wow, use of language to keep people ignorant, because education is a sign of Cosmic Destruction! NOW I think I’ve heard everything!

    • Magneto

      Sanskrit came from the realm of the gods, hence it is called DEVAnagari.

  6. EPGAH

    That sounds like the idea that the Good NAMs are “responsible” for keeping the bad NAMs in line. It’s failed in every case so far!

    • Phil78

      Honestly, when the environment itself would select for “bad NAMS”, expect “good NAMS” to do anything about it is sort of pointless with some auxiliary factor of some sort.

      The main reason being that the influential Alpha, being the “ideal” for a society, in this case would likely be the the worst of the worst and the ones on the opposite end would likely be victims.

      Example would be a subgroup of the “eboe” Africans in precolonial Nigeria that lived on the coast where described as docile and were often sold as slaves, or those of the Fanti people eventually becoming a state of the more violent Ashanti, or The Bakuba destabilizing the Bateke in precolonial DRC.

      In other words, I don;t see much point in chatising a 5% demographic that don’t fit to bill to gain CONTROL.

      • EPGAH

        The only alternative, though, would be to have the Civilized World help the good and punish the bad. And as soon as the Civilized World stopped interfering, the bad would be on top again!

        We see this in Rwanda, or in smaller variants in any major city, from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

      • Jm8

        “Example would be a subgroup of the “eboe” Africans in precolonial Nigeria that lived on the coast where described as docile and were often sold as slaves, or those of the Fanti people eventually becoming a state of the more violent Ashanti, or The Bakuba destabilizing the Bateke in precolonial DRC.”

        But at the same time sometimes these dominant subgroups were in many ways more advanced than many—or certain—neighboring peoples (as in the cases of Ashanti and the BaKuba— maybe more so in the latter case), or at least would become more advanced.

        • Phil78

          I wasn’t using them as saying the conquers were really “bad” as much as I was pointing out the dynamics in temperament have between two extremes.

        • Jm8

          Edit: “…maybe more so in the latter case; that is, the Bakuba may have been more advanced compared to the Bateke than the Ashanti were compared to the Fanti, where the gap might have been a bit smaller—though I’m not totally certain of this. The Ashanti were, in most ways, more advanced than the Bakuba.

        • Jm8

          To Phil:
          Ok, I understand.

        • Phil78

          As for which comparison had the greater Gap, I would say Ashanti and Fanti mainly due to the Bateke actually having centralization prior to being usurped.

          As for whose more advance between the Bakuba and Ashanti, it’s hard to say but I maybe go with Ashanti mainly due to their Kingdom’s basis in Gold trade and Adrinka symbol system.

        • Jm8

          “As for which comparison had the greater Gap, I would say Ashanti and Fanti mainly due to the Bateke actually having centralization prior to being usurped.”

          I think you (and I just now) might have confused the BaTeke with the BaKete (the BaKete were the ones conquered by the BaKuba, and I think were less centralized/advanced than the BaTeke.)

        • Phil78

          Ah, I see thanks for the correction.

  7. Jason Y

    Indian men could not rape white women without vast punishments, so why would they even try – and of course, this was India that was subjugated by the British.

    • EPGAH

      I think he’s talking about India NOW, where the punishments are nominal, other than the stigma of being proven a “Rape Culture” in the international media.

  8. Lin

    Hindus had found the cause of rape epidermic: Eating Chinese chowmein noodle could cause hormonal imbalance.

  9. AntiHindu

    Worse thing is, indians are exporting this rape/misogynist culture where ever they settle. Western nations need to take action and put limits on the number of indian males allowed to settle in their countries. There is also an issue of unbalanced gender ratio for indian immigrants, 70 males vs 30 females in Australia. To exacerbate this already skewed gender ratio in the west, punjabi women are even aborting female foetuses,

    Indian women bring sex-selective abortion to Canada


    • Magneto

      It’s also Arab males and Muslim African males. All those immigrants invading Europe, they are all the same. Arabs, Muslim Africans, and Indians are all rapists and yet these are the people Europe voted to allow to flood in by the millions? There is going to be a civil war between whites and immigrants soon in Europe. It’s literally unavoidable now. Breivik was right.

      • AntiHindu

        Well its going to be very one sided. There is no way white europeans are going to lose to arabs and blacks, that is my opinion. Once sentiment changes from tolerant to intolerant and conservative, these immigrants are going to wish they didn’t stoke the fire. Europeans didn’t dominate the world for 300 years by being pussies. I think the only people that can give whites a run for their money in an all out war, would be east asians.

        • EPGAH

          I hope so. After WWII, something seemed to happen to pussify most Whites. I keep seeing worse and worse abuses by the savages and thinking, “They Won’t Let Them Get Away With THAT!”–and then they let them get away with it.

          Savages overthrowing Rhodesia and South Africa? No troops sent in to take it back.

          China stealing America’s tech and manipulating world currencies to devalue their exports and spike imports? No punishment.

          China UNILATERALLY redefining “In Perpetuity” as “99 years” and stealing Hong Kong? England just shrugs and lets them.

          And now, in Sweden, a terrorist gets away with anal rape because it didn’t understand “NO” or the kicking and screaming of its victim.
          That’s not tolerant, that’s supine!

          In totally unrelated news, we haven’t had an all-out war since WWII because the bad guys have nukes and are crazy enough to use them.

        • Orclops

          Whites are individualists. Historical dominance for Whites started declining in the 30s but after WWII the luke warm water came to a boil for Whites.

        • EPGAH

          Any of us who develop a group identity are smacked down as “racist”.
          Meanwhile savages are ENCOURAGED and even FUNDED to increase their identity Politic–by rich Whites!

          But that individualism you criticize has a hidden potential: When a savage attacks us, thinking we’re all weak, sometimes they get an armed surprise!

        • EPGAH

          But seriously, you blame individualism for our downfall?
          So what do you blame for the rest of the world’s primitivity that allowed Europeans to so easily dominate the savages?

        • Orclops

          Individualism without restraint. White businessmen that don’t live in the city typically don’t give a shit about the city and are allowed to shit on it.. Go to a black ghetto with an “All lives matter” sign and you’ll get attacked by blacks. This is to the blacks credit, it’s civilized Whitey that lost his way.

        • EPGAH

          Whites get shit on when we act in favor of our group interests.

          Blacks get kudos for it–even from the same Whites who shit on “racist” Whites. We have to throw traditional knowledge out if we don’t want to get shit on. And this “shit on” includes getting fired, or even physically attacked for being normal.

        • EPGAH

          If Whites struck down the idiots who did “Black Lies Matter” campaigns, and didn’t get put in jail or fired for it, I’d agree with you, Orclops.

          But we’re the only group that’s not allowed to fight for our group’s self-interest.

        • EPGAH

          PS, I’ve been taken to task in another thread for seeing EVERYTHING through a “Racial Lens”, are you saying that’s a GOOD thing now?

        • Orclops

          It’s natural.

        • Rick Santos

          @AntiHindu and Magneto – I agree there is no way whites will loose Europe and Northern America. It was Western Culture that built it, I recently went to Rome and Paris, the Roman Engineering/Culture and French Culture and Articulateness, many of these savages WOULD NOT BE ABLE to replcate even in the 21st Century.

          We have to look at the FACTS. The Avergae IQ of Africans coming to Europe is 70-80IQ and Arabs/Indians 80-90IQ. They CANNOT sustain a Civilization based on 100-105IQ – Thats a Fact.

          The Shit Will hit the fan, and Eventualy I think many of these savages will be killed off or kicked out. I think the High IQ Arabs/Indians/Blacks know what people are like BUT are following the CULTURAL MARXIST/NEO-BOLSHEVIK Line – All Cultures are the same! There will be great blood and sacrifice/lose but the Western World will triumph. Like I said you cannot have a 100-105IQ Culture will low IQ Savages on Welfare or running a small corner shop! THAT’S A NO BRAINER… Even the folks pushing Mass Immigration to the West are slowly starting to see the wrongs of their actions…

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