“Indian Men are Hopeless Rapists,” by Magneto

Indian Men are Hopeless Rapists

by Magneto

Recently I decided to do a social experiment with Indians. I created a fake Facebook account and used profile pictures of a White woman wearing a traditional Indian saree dress. Lo and behold, I was getting like 500 friend requests a day from Indian men, so I hit the 5,000 friends limit in about 10 days. Indian men are super-thirsty for White women.

Once I hit the 5,000 friends limit, I posted a message that went along the lines of “Why is there so much rape in India? Why do Indian men not respect women? The UN said India is the worst country on earth for women. Why do Indian men act like such rapist dogs around women?”

This obviously ignited a firestorm of angry comments from Indian men. About 20% of the comments were Indian men who were humble and agreeing with me. The other 80% were all trying to downplay and minimize the amount of rape and abuse in India.

I replied to them, “How can you guys act like it doesn’t exist? Why are you downplaying rape and abuse? Are you guys rapists yourselves?”

Indians refuse to acknowledge the disgusting realities of their country. They’ve been brainwashed into blind patriotism, and that is why they get so offended when you say anything negative about India. They will try to deny or act like what you are saying is false. Think about that for a minute. Rape is obviously a massive problem in India, and yet you have 80% of the male population denying it or acting like it isn’t a big problem.

This just shows what disgusting rapists Indian men truly are. They are beyond hope, and many Indian women have told me this directly. Indian women told me, “Rape is flowing through Indian men’s blood, and they will never change”.

Indian men are truly the most disgusting subhumans on this earth. There is no group of men who are more uncouth, uncivilized, barbaric, and outright disgusting. This is why Indian women have a bitchy attitude towards men. Think about it, if you grew up in a country where men are all pigs, you would probably hate men too. So I don’t blame Indian women for being man-hating feminists. Rather I blame Indian men for acting like a bunch of lusty dogs who cannot control themselves around women.

At this point all we can do is just continue speaking the truth and trying to reach as many people as possible. And eventually one day, White Western countries will take serious action and deport all Indians, or at least Indian men and cut off all ties with that horrible rapist country. Indian men have always been, and will always be, rapists. There is no hope of redemption for them.


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11 responses to ““Indian Men are Hopeless Rapists,” by Magneto

  1. SHI

    Recently I decided to do a social experiment with Indians. I created a fake Facebook account and used profile pictures of a White woman wearing a traditional Indian saree dress. Lo and behold, I was getting like 500 friend requests a day from Indian men, so I hit the 5,000 friends limit in about 10 days. Indian men are super-thirsty for White women.

    Once I hit the 5,000 friends limit, I posted a message that went along the lines of “Why is there so much rape in India? Why do Indian men not respect women? The UN said India is the worst country on earth for women. Why do Indian men act like such rapist dogs around women?”

    You evil troll 😊

    IPL cheerleaders (all of them White girls from Eastern Europe) are making a killing in India right now dancing lustily in front of horny Indian men.

    All White girls know this. If they fall on hard times financially, they can always come down to India and do a few tricks before lusty Indian men. And disappear quickly once the money’s been transferred.

    • Magneto

      A white skinned woman can get anywhere from 5000 rupees (85 US dollars) to 15,000 rupees and upwards per sexual act. That’s why you see a lot of the white skinned chicks from central asian former soviet union countries coming to India and acting as prostitutes.

      I’ve never had sex with a white woman so I have been thinking about trying one of them. Just got to make some decent money first.

  2. AntiHindu

    Yes, they can’t seem to help themselves, these indian men, even in a different country. You can take the indian out of india but not take the rape out of the indian.


    I”ndian women in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest and most populous urban area, are facing a wave of sexual harassment from their own countrymen, a media report said Saturday.

    “Horrendous ‘eve-teasing’ seems to be happening in Auckland now,” stuff.co.nz quoted an Indian woman as saying. The woman claimed she was walking to a Diwali event wearing a sari when she was approached by an Indian man in a car who harassed her for 20 minutes.”

    • Magneto

      And that’s why white men can easily get indian women. Even if you’re a half autistic white man, it don’t matter. You can still get a pretty hot indian chick.

      So if you’re a half-autistic white guy who has been treated like shit by white women his whole life, how could you resist the temptation of going for a hot indian girl who will treat you like a god?

  3. kate

    I dated a Indian man. I’m a woman from the UK. He was indeed a pig, and thought he was royalty. He told me one of his parents would sleep in the same room with him every night until he was 15/16… That his father had cheated on his mother (why would you tell your son that?). We went on a trip together in his car, I didn’t like how fast he was going 140mph! But he wouldn’t listen, instead he said to me.

    “It’s a beautiful day to die”.

    Recently he laughed at me for being “poor”. He would laugh at people poorer than him and he would lie about how much money he had and the things he owned.

    It was the worst experience I have had dating wise physically and psychologically although I had a strong mother figure, so he could not put me down as easily, which infuriated him. He was sexually violent on one occasion. He got arrested for drink driving in Birmingham, so his company sent him back to India and made him Director there. They should have fired him, but he is friends with the founder’s son.

    He told me him and the founder’s son were on a nature reserve somewhere, drunk and hungry so they killed a piglet and ate it. I’m not sure if this is true, but it wouldn’t surprise me, as I have met his friend, and although he was not Indian, he was a entitled little prick (He stuck his genitals in my face and kept talking about how great it was). I told him if he ever did that to me again he wouldn’t have one anymore.

    Apparently this friend also drove his car into someone and killed them but paid them €50,000 to keep quiet. Who knows if this is true…I learnt a big lesson last year: if that is what it means to have money, I don’t want to be anywhere near it. That’s the elite, people, the 1%. I still don’t believe they are all that way because I am better than that.

    • jason voorhees

      Gandhu even Goris won’t let you push your genitals in their face. Despite your conviction of white girls loose morals you could not get one to speak to you. Moving to the UK has traumatized you in the bargain.

      Even if you were not an Indian male who is young and misrepresenting yourself as a British female the story would have inconsistencies.

      Muslim probably, from a better-placed family, in your twenties.

      Some of what you say has been projected from your own background-the overindulgent parents, the affair of your father, some other Indian you heard of deported for drunk driving, living in the UK which exacerbated problems in your family dynamic.

      The British UK woman is simply a reflection of your base desires for Goris based upon your skewed perceptions of white female sexuality and the passage about “genitals” is an attempt to assert your insecure masculinity “I throw my sex in your face”.

      You yourself would belong to the Indian “elite” but are the oddball among your more striving siblings.

      South Asians-Muslims one especially-are really terrible liars. Very transparent. The Superego is not there.

    • jason voorhees

      You’re a hopeless Muslim Indian rapist. With feelings of inferiority towards Goras with the statement of “genitals in my” translating to “I thrown my sex in your face” as a gesture of impotence and powerless.

      You assumption of a UK white female identity reflects where you are-UK and what you are-ignored by white women who you fantasize about.

      Also you are Muslim, better-placed. The relocation to the UK took a toll on your family dynamic and the story of your parents smothering is also-true. Possibly your father abuses your mother.

      Your tawdry psychology is obvious. Young, Muslim Indian though from a higher-caste connected family, traumatic geography change with resulting affect on family dynamic destabilizing, father idolization (Your account of the drunk driving accident was a friend or workmate of his).

      1% reflects a desire to immigrate to the United States as you are quoting an American.

      • vid

        I am not defending Indian men, but still, over generalisation has killed West. You cannot distinguish between right or wrong, immigration or invasion, good from bad. I think Trump is doing the right thing. He is bringing a strong ‘save ourselves first’ policy even when it’s based on political incorrectness and strong opinions. For a long time, western women have objectified themselves so much and their men have just watched like idiots in the name of feminism. Now, when things are going wrong you are constantly blaming others.
        Muslims are not Indians. Islam is an ideology, not a race. Rape is also a class issue in India, as most of the population is poor, mostly women get targetted. You cannot just generalise that all men rape. More than anything, a man’s rape tendencies depend on how he has been brought up and trust me, a majority of Indian women (yes, the ones who are nagging and bitchy about men) over-pamper their sons and teach them nothing about how to respect women. They don’t realise that their sons are going to be somebody’s BFs or husbands one day.
        Also, in order to get a rich guy, women (white or Indian) get into the hands of rich spoiled brats constantly. They just need luxuries, big cars but a better lower status guy is usually rejected by them, and when things go wrong they blame that all ‘Indian’ men are rapists or all ‘white’ men are dominating etc etc.
        The thing is women want everything for themselves without any problem ever. And that’s never gonna happen, be it Indian society or western society. Women just have herd mentality and their complaints will never go away even under the best of the circumstance, it’s female nature and as a woman, I now that very well.

  4. vid

    “White Western countries will take serious action and deport all Indians” ??!!
    Well, compared to Muslims they are still better. White western men cannot even save and change the mindset of their own women- look at Germany and Sweden. A dystopian society in the near future. Raped by Muslims, still cannot distinguish between immigration and invasion.

  5. @Robert – I think Vid was complementing Trumps AMERICA FIRST POLICY (and us first policy), not the man himself. I think we need ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL NATIONALISM – Globalism has failed. Trump gets that the Democrats are Still internationalists. Thats why his message resonated amongst many Americans of all colors/backgrounds.

    @Vid – The West will not Fall to fcking Islam. If it were up to me I would Nuke Mecca and Medina and tell the Islamic moron there is no such thing as Allah… This Muslim dude said if the West/India or Israel even attempted to Nuke or Bomb Mecca and Medina that Allahs “Hand” will protect these two holy cities, we should test that theory. Islam is an anti-intellectual religion so too are most muslims. I think there will be Civil Strife in the next 10-20 years In Western Europe… Multi Culti is Bullsit a strong Nation is one with a Homogeneous/Common Culture! Also keep in Mind muslims are still less than 5% of Western Europe (and thats stretching it). Probably 30-40% are Secular, 30-40% in the middle and the rest are Radical/Anti-Western… The reality is if the SH*T HIT THE FAN, Muslims will be Slaughtered in the West and India…. Why do Muslim Minorities ALWAYS antagonise the host country. Can’t they Integrate/Assimilate and keep BITS OF ISLAM on the Side!! I am assuming its the Inbreeding in Islam that creates Lower IQ/Higher Aggression/Clannishness and higher mental and physical disorders. Muslims in the UK are 3-4% of the Births but have a whooping 35% of Birth Defects and Mental Defects in Childrent!!

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