April 30, 2017: Possible Major Breaking News in the Delphi Case!

It is being reported (rumors only) that at 3 AM EST, a large number of LE were gathering outside the Sheriff’s Office in Delphi, Indiana!

I have just heard that they were gathering “in response to a tip.” Mer said that before a couple of the major raids in this case, many LE gathered at this very station. So it appears that they may be getting ready to get a search warrant and/or to plan a major search or raid.

Just received some important information on this matter! At 5 PM, an officer was flagged down on the street by a citizen who said he had information regarding the Delphi Murders. The officer took down his information and then told him to go to the police station.

Now we can tie these two together. It appears that the urgent tip given by the anxious man may have been so significant in what he gave to the officer and/or what he elaborated upon that at the police station, if he ever showed up there, was a matter of sufficient urgency in the case that a large number of officers gathered early in the AM at the police station in Delphi. This could mean either another large raid or a significant break in the case.

I will keep you updated!


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16 responses to “April 30, 2017: Possible Major Breaking News in the Delphi Case!

  1. Dickey

    Any more information on this? Rumor was someone presented to LE with a tip. Not sure the veracity of such statements.

    • Someone presented with a tip, and then lots of cops started congregating around the Sheriff’s Office at 3 AM on Saturday? Must have been a good tip. They tend to do this before there is a major search that day.

  2. Jen

    Please keep us updated! Sure hope this means an arrest soon!

  3. Lotus

    You could both be right. This is the sign of a raid or search that is going to happen at sunrise. But that search could be happening in response to a tip. The tip could have come in days or weeks ago and the police could just be getting around to probable cause and a search warrant now. It can take a long time to work a tip. Or it could be a big tip needing immediate response, such as someone walking in and saying they just escaped from the man who is the killer and he tried to kill them, too.

    Please keep us posted if you hear any more.

  4. Dlux

    Any news on this. I heard some fodder, but not sure it’s much.

  5. Kim

    Just seeing this now…. going to be watching news today but please keep us updated as this likely won’t be covered outside of local IN media. 🙂

  6. So this was nothing after all?

    • Lotus

      There are photos of the killer and he is an older white man. That’s good or people like you would try to cast the blame on whichever group it is that you hate.

  7. Curtis

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1036961809774446&id=695002260637071&tn=%2As go to 12:02 pm yesterday. The person did in fact report a tip yesterday at the police station.

  8. Rebecca Westgate

    I think that the man must have really hated his sister to do such a crime to innocent children.

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