“The Hypocrisy of Indian’s Racism,” by Magneto

The Hypocrisy of Indian’s Racism

by Magneto

I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of Indians are evil-hearted people. An African friend of mine was telling me that he believes that Indians do not have a soul. He believes that God made a mistake when he created Indians or that perhaps it was some Satanic force which created Indians.

We’ve all seen how Indians whine about racism and are constantly trying to play the race card. Indians are the most hypocritical people on this planet. In the past few weeks, many Nigerians and other African students living in India have been attacked by mobs of Indians. It’s gotten so bad that the African student groups in India are demanding that their African countries cut off all diplomatic ties with India.

I know a few Africans, and they are very nice people. They are far better people than any Indian. Why are Indians so racist towards Africans? Because Indians believe that all Africans are engaged in drug trade, prostitution, or violent crime. This is absolutely false. None of the Africans I know are involved in selling drugs, and as far as I know they don’t even use marijuana, not to mention any other drug.

The root cause of this is of course Hinduism, a religion that teaches that dark skin means you are of low character and that white skin means you are of high character. There are many quotes in the Vedas to this effect.

Indians are simply the most evil, vile, disgusting race of people on this planet. They literally have zero good qualities. India is such an absolute shithole that it makes Africa look like a First World country by comparison. I encourage all Africans to take revenge against Indians living in Africa and demand that they go back to India. Why should Africa allow Indians to live there when Indians treat Africans so badly? I also encourage all African students living in India to simply leave India. Sorry, but the country is no longer safe for you. Indians are primitive savage barbarians, and it is no place for any tourist or foreigner to live. Boycott India, refuse to do business with any Indian, and cut off all diplomatic ties with India.

Indians are truly the spawn of Satan. Deeply evil people.


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  1. dandate5

    Well you can’t blame the Indians for holding darker skin to be lower caste, the same is echoed in other religions globally, and there is some truth to it.

    The ancient Hindu’s all the way to the Mayan’s worshiped white people.
    Queztlcoatl is described as a blonde haired white man, its alleged this was how 100 Spanish Conquistadors conquered a million redskins

    • Lin

      As a Chinese, here’s a short account of what Chinese think about ‘skin hue’; mind you that these are ancient notions formed before Chinese came into contact with white Europeans:

      Chinese do prefer females with fair skin.

      Chinese males with fair skin are usually considered effeminate.

      Chinese martial heroes are usually depicted of having red or dark complexion. Good examples are Beijing opera face masks patterns:

      “Generally speaking, red depicts utter devotion, loyalty, righteousness, and bravery. Purple symbolizes wisdom, resourcefulness, and justice. Black represents loyalty and uprightness. Watery white suggests trickery and malevolence.

      Oily white expresses self-conceited and domineering character. Blue implies unyielding and intrepid personality. Green brings out a chivalrous nature. Yellow stands for cruelty and ferocity. Aged red reflects loyalty and bravery of virtuous and prestigious old generals. Tile gray delineates an aged fierce and ambitious person. Colors of gold and silver are mostly applied to gods, Buddha, ghosts and monsters, to elicit a sense of fantasy from gold faces and bodies.”.


      BTW, the first hero in Chinese martial arts story was a Negrito or Negro.

  2. dandate5

    Here’s an interesting essay on the bible describing black people as sub-human, metaphorical ‘beasts of the field’.


  3. Anonymous

    Hey Robert, one point just occured to me. Trump has his own MLM network marketing company. Now MLM is the most immoral business model ever created. It’s literally a pyramid where 1 percent at the top make all the money and the other 99 percent lose money. MLM companies brainwash their cult followers to think they are part of a special 1 percent and that the other 99 percent are just losers. It’s the worst form of capitalism.

    The yearly earnings of the average Amway member amounted to 1.50 per hour. That’s like 6 dollars below minimum wage.

    So for Trump to claim he is for the common man but support MLM at the same time is a complete joke. MLM is a sick cult that destroys people’s lives. I don’t know why the fuck the government hasn’t banned these pyramid schemes yet.

    • Magneto

      Oh shit, please delete that comment. Didn’t mean for it to appear as that name. I will change it back to Magneto.

  4. AntiHindu

    They also rape wherever they go.

    There has been a spate of sexual attacks since Indians, specifically Punjabis, have taken over the taxi industry in Australia. The following article highlights this issue.


    cases: ALL PUNJABIS

    Sikh Taxi Driver Rapes Girl In Australia, Blames ‘Indian Culture’, And Runs Away To India!

    Indian taxi driver Simardeep Singh jailed in Australia for raping passenger

    Australia: Indian Taxi driver who raped drunk minor loses appeal bid

    Canberra taxi driver who raped female passenger loses appeal against sentence

    Punjabi taxi driver deported for rape of Aussie woman


    Taxi driver raped sleeping passenger, court told

    Sydney ‘Uber’ driver accused of rape

    • Magneto

      Punjabis are perhaps the worst race on this earth. It is really unfortunate that Alexander the Great didn’t wipe them all out. It’s also unfortunate that indians didn’t murder more of them during the 1984 Delhi riots.

      In 1984 there was mass riots and 10,000 punjabis got killed. Nowadays the punjabis are all drug addicts, and most punjabi women, even the ones living in India, refuse to marry indian men and will only marry a white man, and so the punjabi race is dying out. Cross-breeding plus mass drug addiction will destroy the punjabi race, thank god.

      • AntiHindu

        in full agreement with everything you said. I used to never understand the old adage my grand parents used to tell me that goes along these lines:

        “if you come across an indian and a snake in the forest strike the indian first”

        It is only now that I realize the wisdom in this truth, after coming across countless, immoral, arrogant and shifty indians. Indians are the most cowardly race on the planet as attested to by how they always attack in mobs with weapons, regards if that person is a female, child or other vulnerable people

        eg Sole African attacked by 200 indians

      • AntiHindu

        There is a reason indians especially punabis are so insecure, the answer lies in their biology

        Mean lean muscle mass (kg)

        black males = 65.6kg

        White males = 62 kg

        Hispanic males = 59.9 kg

        Asian males = 59.6 kg

        Indian males = 53.3 kg


        “The researchers found that South Asian men had at least 3 kg less of skeletal muscle than Chinese and European men. South Asian women also had less muscle mass than their counterparts of other ethnicities — by at least 2 kg.”


        Asian Indians tend to have more abdominal adipose tissue, less lean body mass (LBM) and higher magnitude of insulin resistance (IR) despite falling in the normal range of body mass index (BMI) [1]. The high value of waist hip ratio in Asian Indians may be due to less lean mass of the hips and greater fat at the levels of waist [2]. Another study showed that Asian Indian men have low muscle mass and 30% more total body fat (BF) than other ethnic groups [3]. Low lean mass is also evident in Asian Indian neonates as compared to white Caucasian neonates [4].


        • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

          I think I also posted on this before. It has to do with chronical food shortage and hunger of the average Indians and it’s persistent enough that it got into their genes.
          Its called ‘camel effect’. When a person experiences frequent hunger, that person’s body would tend to accumulate fat during better fed time,just like a camel. That also explains why Indians love sugar and confectionery. Severe hunger usually means serious unavailability of carbohydrates(of which sugar is a form).The well documented Irish famine in early 1840s was a potato famine, not a beef burger famine.

      • delvish

        Please cover the case of Chiman Rai who killed his black daughter in law and the case of Tyler Clementi a gay teenager who committed suicide after his his Indian roommate secretly filmed him.

    • EPGAH

      At least Australia is still fighting it, instead of “Oh, Well, Just Their Culture”!™

    • Nigel Hopkins

      In Canada, these parasites have somehow taken over not just the entire taxi industry but also almost the entire trucking industry. What is wrong wit the west that we allow this bullshit?

      • These people will be the end of the West. And yes, they ARE parasites. I hate to use a word like that to describe human beings, but some humans are indeed parasites, and in this case, the entire race or ethnic group is parasitical from what I can tell.

        With Indians and non-Indians, it’s always ethnic warfare. Indians wage ethnic warfare on non-Indians in the West the same way the Jews used to. I’m not sure if they still do it, but from 1900-1920, Jewish ethnic warfare was ferocious, and anti-Semitism was the only sane response other than total surrender.

  5. Halal Butcher of Lhasa

    I’ve great sympathy for the poor Indians
    Indians eating rats to protest

    Tamils drinking piss to protest lack of gov drought relief help

  6. rw95

    I guess Magneto posts under multiple accounts to spew his hatred of Indians?
    Seriously, did you get cucked by an Indian guy or something? What other reason is there for this irrational hatred of Indian people?

    • Pranav

      He is an Indian american (second or third generation). Its not unusual for Indians to hate Indians.

      • You are also trapped in the spam bin, Pranav.

      • Magneto

        No Pranav I am a white guy. But yes second generation indians generally hate indians from India because of how braindead they are.

        • Pranav

          Magneto, as an high caste “Indian Hindu” I don’t find anything seemingly interesting in Hinduism except a few fairy tales which could be at its best considered as a nice bed time story for kids. When you talk to a Hindutva he immediately diverts the topic as to how great the vedanta philosophy is and how caste was noble and what was it intended for, this is when they themselves are heavily mixed with australoids. If vedanta teachings are so great why haven’t they passed on the Knowledge? The truth is that Hinduism in all its guises can breed only solipsism.

      • I live in a region of the United States with a very large South Asian population and the “born in the west” generation is fully westernized culturally and have, more or less, lost all of the most heinous aspects of SHITHOLE SHITndian cultural views. Also I find that the 2nd+ generations are both embarrassed and angered by the horrific aspects of SHITHOLE SHITndian cultural attitudes, beliefs and practices.

        The other aspect is those Indians that have spent any time in the West. Once exposed to western countries, invariably those Indians return to SHITHOLE SHITndia and become some of the largest critics of SHITHOLE SHITndia. BUT the Indians that travel/been to China are far, far, FAR AWAY the biggest critics of SHITHOLE SHITndia.

        Those Indians will tell you that ALL they’ve been told by the SHITHOLE SHITndian media and the SHITndian politicians is that “incredible india is doing just as well as the chinkies….BETTER IN FACT”. Thus when an Indian arrives in China they are shocked, shocked, SHOCKED, FLOORED to find out that SHITHOLE SHITndia is completely and totally far, far, FAR behind China in every manner and level of development……….THEN THEY RETURN TO SHITHOLE SHITndia REALLY MAD……..

    • Magneto

      I guess you don’t know many indians? If you have known as many as I did, then you would hate them too. There are a few good ones of course but the vast majority are just evil people. For you to deny this shows that you don’t know many indians.

      • rw95

        Nah, I think you’re just exactly like the stereotypical white nationalists Trash always used to describe.

        • TRASH Jr.

          “If you hate Indians yet move to India, honey you ARE a 95 IQ redneck”

        • Jager

          so many TRASH juniors here. If Magneto or any WN bashed Whites they could fill the White leadership role for you bitter brown boys.

        • TRASH Jr.

          Confirmation bias much?

          Jewson and I happen to be from Flyoverland and found TRASH amusing because much of what he said was 100% accurate

          It doesn’t fit with your idealistic world view as a Blue State autist who was bullied by NAMs.

        • TRASH Jr.

          (((Jager)))- It was a joke anyway.

  7. (((Beauregard)))

    “I encourage all Africans to take revenge against Indians living in Africa and demand that they go back to India. “

    Idi Amin expelled the Indians (mostly Sikhs) called “Asians” from Uganda in the 1970s.

  8. (((Beauregard)))

    This shows Oceanian types (which Indians are distantly descended from) are furthest from Sub-Saharan Blacks. This genetic distance could show resentment.

    It also shows NE Asians further from Blacks than Whites, but closer to Native Americans.

    Hence Whites hate “Mexicans” but not Blacks as much and vice-versa.

    This explains a lot.

    • Magneto

      Yes it is true. Whites and blacks got along fine before the Jew fucking media started race baiting and constantly brainwashing black people to hate white people.

      But white people never really got along with brown people, at any time in history. Just saw an episode of The Son, where a group of white Texans in the 1920s attack a group of Mexicans, and the whites had a black guy helping them with a machine gun, and gunned down like 20 mexicans, LOL.

      Brown men are all rapists (mostly), and brown women are dumb idiotic whores. I would actually prefer African women over Indian women but the African prostitutes are a bit expensive here so I don’t do anything with them.

      • (((Beauregard)))

        Black men are more physically endowed and suave on average and are hence desired by women of all races.

        White men have the benefits of being the most politically and economically powerful, this attracts many women.

        Brown men are somewhere in the middle between these two extremes, and hence are left out………..

        sadly ‘Indigie’ Mexican men where cucked hardcore by the Spanish for hundreds of years. White women do not really like them much unless they look like Charlie Sheen (which is a tiny fraction of them).

        Asians tend to be largely indifferent to them racially, but in terms of income/life success most are too low on the totem pole.

        • Phil78

          “Black men are more physically endowed and suave on average and are hence desired by women of all races.”

          You would need to control for IQ or perhaps Academic background though based on Satoshi’s findings to make accurate.

          Keep in mind of assortive mating works with IQ, so in a low income environment is where you would see this more often with blacks who are closer to the average of 85.

          Basically, think of Trash’s old points on that.

        • Magneto

          Indian women do not like Black men. Reason is they are brainwashed from birth to worship white skin so they consider black as ugly and white as beautiful. It’s fucked up but that is how it is. Most indian girls I know are scared shitless of black men.

          White men are still the most desired men of all races. Nevermind our shitty white women race traitors who prefer black men to white men. Outside of our trashy white whore women, no one really prefers black men, actually. Just goes to show how trashy white women are.

        • (((Beauregard)))

          Phil- That’s surely roughly true, but keep in mind that BW IQ gap is much lower verbally which is basically the only thing you can tell right off the bat.

          So a Black with an IQ of 85 may have a verbal IQ of 95, and hence isn’t hit as hard by IQ assortive mating.

        • (((Beauregard)))

          Phil- Whites excel in IQ assortive mating, Blacks in other assortive mating.

        • Phil78

          “Phil- That’s surely roughly true, but keep in mind that BW IQ gap is much lower verbally which is basically the only thing you can tell right off the bat.

          So a Black with an IQ of 85 may have a verbal IQ of 95, and hence isn’t hit as hard by IQ assortive mating.”

          But then you would have to factor in SES for exposure rate for non “trash” non-blacks as well as personality.

          With that said I actually do think your point is better supported that personality is controlled for if anything.

        • Phil78

          “Phil- Whites excel in IQ assortive mating, Blacks in other assortive mating.”

          If you mean in terms of personality and confidence, with IQ controlled for, then probably.

        • Jason Y

          Indian women are no different than Chinese or Korean women in that they’re VERY snooty and they, yeah, most of them are scared of black guys for highly irrational reasons – cause the few blacks in their country are not enough in number to be dangerous – normally they are these sort of wussy nice type of blacks…

      • Jason Y

        Yes it is true. Whites and blacks got along fine before the Jew fucking media started race baiting and constantly brainwashing black people to hate white people.

        Yes and no. Actually, most of the downfall was not from the Jews but rather just the whole “free culture” which came about in the US in the 1960s.

        • Jason Y

          Right, Jews had a part in promoting the free culture – but honestly, the people wanted it. It’s just human nature – people want freedom. Look how now the west constantly complains about the Islamic world and the lack of freedom there etc..

        • Jason Y

          Indian women do not like Black men. Reason is they are brainwashed from birth to worship white skin so they consider black as ugly and white as beautiful. It’s fucked up but that is how it is. Most indian girls I know are scared shitless of black men.

          White men are still the most desired men of all races. Nevermind our shitty white women race traitors who prefer black men to white men. Outside of our trashy white whore women, no one really prefers black men, actually. Just goes to show how trashy white women are.

          You mean like those “cooler than thou” southern USA bitches who call white guys nigger out of the side of their mouth (and who knows what they call actual blacks) ?? Again, more of the 10-year-old or 15-year-old mentality that never outgrows them, installed by daddy cause he’s afraid they’ll marry a black guy.

          Those fucking bitches. You literally have to sue them for harassment to teach them a lesson – and their male counterparts also. But yeah, they’re funny alright – always giggling making fun of people. HA HA HAR HAR…


  10. Indians are super-racists!

  11. Jason Muniz

    Are Pakistanis any different? I assume they are since they did not want to be part of the Indian state.

    • Jason Y

      They’re not Hindus. hence, no caste system and obsession with genetics and racism.

      • Gregg anthony

        Muslim & christian Indians both follow caste to an almost higher degree. Atleast India legally banned bonded labour & untouchability go look up the situation in Pakistan & Bangladesh lol

        The anglo bedsheet relationship with wahhabi islam keeps this stuff out of msm

        • Mayur Varshne

          Most excellent sir, that is another extremely idiotic statement.

          It seems that you are quite the casteist yourself.

      • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

        No. Caste system is so deeply embedded in Hindu minds that conversion to other religions can’t erase. Of course the Hindutwadis use such phenomena to claim caste system is not exactly Hindu because Muslims and Christians are equally fucked up. An analogy is Christians in Arab countries would usually also avoid pork.

        Or homos claim AIDS is not a gay plague because heteros can also get it though obviously, the first group of people who spread the disease were promiscuous (American) homos who could have 100’s of anonymous sex partners per year, like fucking/sucking across holes on campus/public male washroom cubicle panels.

      • pepperroncini

        Pakistanis are as bad , if not worse. They also practice the caste system, but are subtle about it. They treat the Hindus and Christians in Pakistan worse than Hindus treat the lower castes and untouchables. Most Pakistani Hindus and Christians appear to have indegenous features and dark skin.

        In some Pakistani cities, most of the street sweepers and cleaners are from low caste Christian and Hindu stock. There is even a law in a major Pakistani city stating only Hindus and Christians can fill these degrading jobs.

        Upper caste Muslims are as bad as upper caste Hindus in their abuse of lower castes. They hold the same racist beliefs. Don’t be fooled into thinking that only Hindus are casteist and racist. Muslims,Christians and Sikhs are the same.

        Here is a report on upper caste North Indian Muslim feudal landlords abusing and constantly raping lower caste Muslim workers. It has been going on for decades. These upper caste Muslims also deny these lower caste Muslims the right to vote, instead voting on their behalf. The upper caste Muslims claim descent from Pashtuns, upper caste Hindus and other groups who invaded India.


    • SHI

      It depends how Islamic they consider themselves to be. As a general rule, any Muslim who enjoys sporting beards and turbans is someone you don’t want to deal with.

      For example, this asshole Zakir Naik. He preaches hate and intolerance against non-Muslims.

      This one is a known Pakistani terrorist called Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, the mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

      I have met Pakistanis abroad who were nothing like these two morons. They were clean-shaven, polite, well-mannered and secular. This is important. If the Pakistani isn’t very religious, i.e. he is cool with alcohol, does not support the bearded Mullahs and does not believe in Islamist ideologies, you could probably get along great with them.

      The secular Pakistanis I described here are slightly BETTER and more LIKEABLE compared to your average Mumbai Indian.

      • SHI

        Sorry about the repetition. This one is Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, the chubby-faced leader of the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba. Saeed has hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of followers in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

      • Jason Y

        Gosh, almost every guy in the west has a beard – as is the fashion or bandwagon. Isn’t it funny how we used to be scared of bearded guys?

  12. Alex


  13. SHI

    In all fairness, India is the only country in all Asia where unemployed mainland Africans are visible everywhere. We’re like Spain in that regard and mainland Africans overstayibg their visasare a pretty common sight in major cities. It’s pretty rare to run into an African who’s not on a work visa in say, Thailand, UAE, S.Korea, Japan or Malaysia. They get treated far worse for breaking the rules there.

    India has direct flight connectivity with several African cities including Nairobi, Addis Ababa and Kigali, Rwanda, with onward connections to Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and many other countries. These are affordable fares. That means a lot because if an African had to travel to Seoul, S. Korea, he’d have to change flights in Dubai, a place which treats Africans poorly.

    The relation between China and Africa is one that of exploiters and exploited. Chinese companies are bleeding that continent dry.

    At least, India still remains a place where middle-class Africans are able to send their kids. Despite the racism, India seems the only country in Asia which is willing to put up with mainland Africans.

    • Phil78

      “The relation between China and Africa is one that of exploiters and exploited. Chinese companies are bleeding that continent dry.”

      Robert believes otherwise, so you may need to take that up with him.

      “At least, India still remains a place where middle-class Africans are able to send their kids. Despite the racism, India seems the only country in Asia which is willing to put up with mainland Africans.”

      Still, that’s more telling of how the nation serves as an economical advantage for them rather than the racism of the people which the article was addressing.

      On one hand illegal immigrants does justify resentment to a point however that again goes back to the weaker regulations in the first place in India compared to other Eastern countries where such application of strictness is justified.

      It in turn backfires when the racism is more out of control to respond to said demographics.

    • Jason Y

      At least, India still remains a place where middle-class Africans are able to send their kids. Despite the racism, India seems the only country in Asia which is willing to put up with mainland Africans.

      A middle class African should go to the US or if they cannot get in there, Canada.

    • Magneto

      I’m sure all Asians are racist against Africans. But it really seems like Indians are the worst. I mean they can’t walk down the street without some asshole indian making a rude comment to them.

      You indians really need to learn to shut your fucking mouths. If you behaved that way in America, Americans would have fucking holocausted you by now.

      • Jason Y

        Magneto, lots of people are rude to people and say mean things and/or make fun of others – because of their race. Like I mentioned these bratty bitches who live in Tennessee, who call white guys nigger and wussy and all sorts of stuff – that justifies a slap or punch. And the males are little less mouthy – but some of them say the same.

        Why would Indians have a monopoly on this snobby attitude? it’s common everywhere from South Korea to England to South Korea. Basically, it’s just a kind of bullying.

      • pepperroncini

        India has a serious case of racism but to me it seems that Africans are treated worse in Arabs countries. Afro-Arabs who have lived in the MidEast for generations are routinely called Abd (slave).

  14. Jason Y

    No offense, Magneto, but your WN/Hindu beliefs are why India is racist. Due to the elitist beliefs, most Indians of a higher stature – much like their counterparts in Latin America and other places – have no interest in helping anyone out – if there is no immediate selfish gain involved.

    • Magneto

      WHITE Hindus practice the religion just fine. But if you take an advanced belief system like Hinduism, which was created BY Aryans and FOR Aryans, and give it to a bunch of low IQ savage brown people, of course they are going to fuck up the religion.

      Hinduism belongs to white people. Fuck all these sudra untouchable animals in India, fuck them for daring to claim Hinduism as their own.

      • rw95

        God, you’re a fucking moron.

      • SHI


        You have some dangerous beliefs.

        But, I agree. The typical Indian is a crass, uncouth rustic with a disdain for etiquette, intellect, manners and pluralism. That makes him a bigot, not out of choice though because he hasn’t seen anything better. It’s all too easy to hate a faceless Muslim, Chinkie or Negro to hide your own insecurities. But, when you face someone like that in person for real, you have to keep your bigotry in check. Even in India.

        What gets to me is the fact that most Indians look down on virtues such as honesty, sincerity and genuineness. You are expected to be two-faced in India. If you happen to be a straight arrow, then you’re the most stupid person the Indian has ever met in a long time. It’s very important not to reveal your true emotions, feelings and thoughts to the Indian. He will only think of innovative ways to take advantage of your guileless character. In short, they’re scum. I don’t ever get close to this category of Indians. It feels like being a lonely prey surrounded by hungry hyenas, especially in Indian tourist spots.

        As a general rule, the only Indians worth trusting were either raised in the West or have lived there for a while.

        • SHI

          I follow a very simple rule which I follow in dealing with asshole Indians. Actually, it’s applicable everywhere and it’s really about being streetsmart. Revealed in the end below.

          My definition of assholes in India includes:

          Barbers, salon guys – In India, all barbers are trying to get maximum money out of your wallet. They talk and behave like pimps. If all you wanted was a simple hair cut, they’d try to add multiple services without your consent such as face massage, expensive facials and hair washing. All this leads to an inflated bill. They also probe to get your personal information.
          Mechanics – All mechanics in India will rip you off if you’re not careful. They’re the biggest bunch of thieves and liars in India. God help you if the air-conditioner broke down on a hot afternoon. You’ll be totally at the mercy of these highwaymen who will take the shirt off your back to recover what is owed.
          Brokers and Middlemen – Whether you need a house on rent or a car in a tourist place, you’ll be attacked by these persistent scammers. They’re evil people, just like pimps. Avoid unless absolutely needed.
          Shopkeepers – They’ll never carry what you really need in the store. And, will ask for three times more money for junk, second rate merchandise. To avoid them, buy each and everything you need at big chain supermarkets like Hypercity, Big Bazaar, Reliance etc.
          Bank people, insurance agents, loan agents, tax “advisors”, lawyers, – 96.7% are scum. Very few are genuinely nice, and trying to help you. You ought to be very careful in dealing with them. Expect inflated bills. They will take the shirt off your back to recover what is owed.
          Private school owners – Affluent Indians prefer sending their kids to upscale private schools because the Government-run schools are shabby, under-equipped and have a high rate of teacher absenteeism. The private schools in India are run like for-profit corporations. Some of the elite schools in Mumbai charge you a “capitation fee” running into 15 to 20 lakh rupees ($25,000 to $30000). Even middle-tier private schools in India charge anything between $2000-5000 per kid for the privilege of edumacation. These are basically snob establishments. The junior Einsteins, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs that these uncertified institutions claim to produce, are nothing but spoiled arrogant brats with a massive chip on their shoulders. The only parents who can afford to send their kids to private schools are dishonest, sleazy businessmen and high-ranked, corrupt government officials. If you’re in India and don’t want to deal with these private school assholes, the best thing to do is not to produce any kids in the first place.
          Private hospitals – They’re not for the poor in India. If you can’t afford them, screw you. You might as well die in the ambulance and they’ll slap your immediate family members a huge amount for that privilege.

          IN SUMMARY: So, what is the best way to deal with Indians in India. Here’s a simple rule for the streetsmarts which will save you a lot of trouble, and you’ll be spared a lot of nuisance. When dealing with Indians in India, always:


        • The Son of Sam

          Quote SHI

          Private school owners – Affluent Indians prefer sending their kids to upscale private schools because the Government-run schools are shabby, under-equipped and have a high rate of teacher absenteeism.

          How is that any different than the Phillippines, Nigeria, or any other 3rd world place?

      • Jason Y

        This is a ridiculous logic. Because lower IQ whites in Alabama, which you mentioned in one comment, do the same as brown punks you mention. Note, these bozos in Alabama or India are just a little above the black man, or Karl on Slingblade 😆 , or the brown man or whoever, but they rub it in.

      • Jason Y

        Whites are not liked well in other nations, especially, if they are seen as American. Note, South Koreans, and other Asians are always bitching “under their breath” about white Americans. They act like the whites cannot hear what their saying – or maybe they are aware of it.

        But I think this goes to show that nationality divides as much as race.

      • Panda

        U r a scuba for sure

      • pepperroncini

        Aryans corrupted native beliefs and created this vile religion called Hinduism.

        Much of what you think of as Hinduism, like Shiva, Lingam, Mother goddess, Murugan , Naga/snake worship are all non-Aryan beliefs. Aryan gods are : Varuna, Nastya,Indra,Mithra. Vegetarianism is non-Aryan, it is more concentrated in South India. Abstainng from beef eating is non-Aryan. The Aryan were pastoral nomads who had herds of cattle. Brahmins used to eay beef.

        It is the Aryan caste system, slavery, organized multi general rape, pedophilia, abuse and debasement of the native people that has made India the crippling society it is. Norther India is more screwed over than Southern India. The South has higher literacy, more widely available healthcare and lower fertility, reaching European and Japanese level fertility. The Muslims in Southern India have higher TFR than non-Muslims.

        Most of these rape cases are in Northern India. Look at how tribal and violent Pakistani society is compared to Southern India. Those Pakistani rape gangs in Britain are from Kashmir.

        The Brown native Indians are the ones who created the Indus civlization and the Aryans are the barbarian rapists . Aryans stole indegenous Indian culture and called it their own. Even Sanskrit, the Aryan language was , to a considerable extent developed by the natives who adopted it. Sanskrit , unlike other Indo-Iranian and Indo-European languages has retroflexion, this is because Brown Indians adopted Sanskrit and infused the grammatical rules of the native language into Sanskrit.

        • Mayur Varshne

          South Indians are not much different from the North Indians, but for their distinct physical features and a bit different demeanour.

          The Aryan Brahminism clearly penetrated the Dravidians. In fact, it has quite shaped the South Indian societies. South Indians are equally casteist as the North Indians.

          Vegetarian ways permeated the Indo-Aryans due to the heavy influence of Buddhism and Jainism, ages ago. Grass eating is authentically North Indian in character. South is far more fond of meat including beef. South is far more tolerant of liquor.

          The deep influence of the Iyers and Iyengars on the Tamil way of life is clearly visible. Simple living but high thinking.

          In fact, it is the South where Aryan Brahminism truly thrived, after the Muslim Nomads had established a firm grip on Delhi.

        • Mayur Varshne

          Tell me something if the Dravidians were so noble why exactly did they flee their native lands. The noble races are never lacking in courage and veneration of martyrdom.

          Dravidians did adopt the Indo-Aryan caste system, in totality.

          Many of the Dravidians can be extremely volatile and violent, such as the Telgus and the Malyalees.

          Sanskrit is the native tongue of the Brahmins. Make no mistake about that. Even the choicest Dravidian literature is in Sanskrit even though it is in the Dravidian scripts.

          Brahmins were mostly Indo-Aryans, in the beginning, and, thereafter they have remained racially unadulterated.

      • pepperroncini

        You bitch about Indian racism but then preach the exact same racism . You are just a hypocrite of the highest order.

  15. Jason Y

    Indians are truly the spawn of Satan. Deeply evil people.

    I don’t think they’re necessarily evil. I mean, you could lay the same snobby cruelty at yuppies in the US.

    • Magneto

      I believe most Indians are soul-less creatures who were created by Satan.

      • Jason Y

        Indians are no different than Alabama peckerwoods, Japanese, Koreans, Chinese or certain American Yuppies. The only difference is that India is trashy and poor.

        • AntiHindu

          Yes they are. you don’t see the following things happening in Japan, korea and the US. There is a backward mentality of victimizing the weak in numbers that seem to be unique to indians.

          Imagine the uproar if this happened in the west today(btw the black man was confirmed to be innocent and did nothing but be black)

          Woman beaten by men with sticks

          Woman tied to a pole and beaten with a pipe

          Factory worker strung up and beaten to death by boss

          7 Dalits Being Assaulted For Skinning A Dead Cow


        • Jason Y


          The social conservatives in the west and Japan WOULD LIKE to do those things to people they hate. They just cannot get away with it.

        • Jason Y

          Possibly assholes in the west and near east cannot get away with the stuff Hindus can – because India is way less modern.

      • Marcus Vaughan

        Welcome to Australia and see yourself what we’re still doing with Aboriginals. And regarding immigration, it’s our government which invites them, we need cheap labour & somebody to take care of our cores.

        • Mayur Varshne

          I think, you need to be reminded of your distant ancestors who were deported to ‘ Down Under ‘ before they robbed the Aboriginals of their thunder.

  16. Saint Pancakes

    The ‘root cause’ in this case is Africans, as it is everywhere else.


  17. (((Beauregard))) “So a Black with an IQ of 85 may have a verbal IQ of 95, and hence isn’t hit as hard by IQ assortive mating.”

    How true. Basically verbal IQ is the only IQ people perceive when they superficially size up people. A lot of times, it is not even verbal IQ but verbal cultural familiarity. A bad English speaker from Japan will be perceived as stupid while a low IQ person from flyoverland will be taken seriously.

    At the end of the day, the law of averages will catch up. The end results never lie. All the stats are out there.

  18. Jason Y

    Magneto is repulsed basically by the Indian “rubbing it in” mentality. In other words, whenever they see something they deem as inferior, “They rub it in.” it’s sort of a childish 10-year-old mentality – kind of like what the evil boys that RobertLindsay was talking about have.

  19. Jason Y

    Definitely, the mode in India or South Korea or anywhere is – if you’re losing you get sand kicked in your face. That’s how they think and Magneto is repulsed by this, but I bet – he isn’t any different. That mentality is a common alpha mentality.

    • What ever it is with South Korea, Jason, just leave it. It is not true. I lived in Southern Indiana in the 80s for a while and had the misfortune to meet some Aholes but I would never say all Southern Indianans are Aholes. Just some misguided losers are that’s all.

  20. Jason Y

    Note, I went off the deep end with insults and stuff recently, but Magneto also has his own unique problems – mainly, and saying this respectively, being two-faced.

  21. Jason Y

    Note, people like Magneto will never be called a sellout – even though they are just repeating the anti-racist mantra that I say often – like “Oh, blacks, you know, most of them aren’t bad people. It’s just some extremely bad ones giving them a bad name.”

  22. Lin

    (Here’s an interesting video/article on Indians feeling uncomfortable with their genes. It’s not unusually for some non-whites like Africans to bleach their, skin but it seems its a national obsession in Bharat.

    Apparently some Hindu posters here also echo such mentality, no kidding. Personally I haven’t seen any of my female relatives or friends turned ‘paler’ within a short period of time, but those in entertainment industry likely have such treatment. I live in HK.)


    Ugly Fraud In Fairness Tube

    In a country not comfortable with its own genes, fairness creams sell a lie to pander to a deep-seated self-loathing.

    First things first, in black and white — and all the grays. The science is as dubious as the sociology. The Indian market is flooded with fairness products. If all of them had the promised effect, we’d have become a country of Icelanders — close to realizing again that old pop notion of the North Pole having been in India.

    “The truth should be out,” says Paras Jain, a ­Delhi law student who is on the verge of securing a verdict that could forever change the way personal care products and fairness creams market themselves in India — even if attitudinal changes will take longer.

    Depending on the verdict, the industry could still find gray areas to work around the law. But from an uncontrolled run, it has at least come to a pass where a willingness to question their claims —and the collective inferiority complex it panders to — is visible.

    Bollywood actor Abhay Deol unleashed a refreshing send-up of his colleagues just last week for endorsing fairness products. But the legal story began in 2013, when young Paras decided to take on the Rs 10,000-crore personal care giant Emami Ltd. A two-and-a-half-year court battle awaited him, but he was firm on seeing it through.

    How big is the fairness cream market in India? Rncos e-services pegs it at Rs 27,000 crore and Nielsen says it is growing at an annual clip of 18 per cent.

    Paras was goaded into this by his brother Nikhil’s experience with a product called Fair and Handsome. The fairness cream, which Nikhil believed would eventually make his skin tone ligh­ter with diligent use, hadn’t made a whit of a difference in years.

    For a looks-conscious young adult, this naturally was cause for a great deal of frustration. But Paras, who had just been initiated into the world of torts and the Consumer Protection Act, saw more than a random failure. For him, this was a “seriously unfair trade ­practice”. How is it, he muttered to himself, that cosmetic companies get away with “lies, damn lies”.

    The budding lawyer decided to step into the courts even before he was a graduate. Since it didn’t require a lawyer to initiate a plea in a consumer court, Paras did the honors himself and sued Emami Ltd for selling a product (Fair and Handsome) that just wouldn’t do what it promised to.

    “The first thing that came to my mind is…this is unfair, this is cheating. Fairness creams don’t work,” he says. What’s worse, Emami Ltd claimed the product had a ‘technology’—which they called “American peptide”—that ensured it settled deep into the skin and made a person fair in four weeks flat.

    The product he had taken on had created for itself a big brand cachet. In a now-withdrawn ad for Fair and Handsome, Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan is seen talking about how he toiled to make it big as a movie star. He then tosses a tube of Fair and Handsome to a dark-looking man, suggesting it would help him get ahead in life. In real life, thousands of Nikhils would have fallen for it. “I was keen on seeing how a judge would look at this. So I pleaded before the district consumer court that Emami had duped my brother with its product,” Paras said.

    Things got interesting when Emami joined the case and claimed there was scientific evidence to demonstrate its product worked. It submitted tests from private labs and individual experts. But the verdict by the north Delhi district consumer court in 2015, not surprisingly, was damning.

    “It uses the word ‘gorapan’ in advertisement No. 1, which means ‘fair complexion’,” the court ruled. “This is in direct contrast with the defense taken by the OP (opposing party, i.e Emami Ltd) wherein it has claimed that the use of the product improves the health and quality of skin by providing protection and nourishment to the facial and neck skin which are more exposed to the vagaries of nature: sunlight, dust, wind, etc.”

    Then came the operative part of the damning verdict. “We are therefore of the considered opinion that the advertisements published by the OP as referred to above make a misrepresentation to the public at large about the effectiveness of the product to change the complexion of the skin from dark to wheatish or wheatish to fair.”

    The consumer forum ordered Emami to pay damages of Rs 15 lakh, besides Rs 10,000 towards legal costs. Since the company’s lawyer had argued that the case may have been brought with an eye on lucrative compensation money, Paras said he did not want a paisa other than the cost of litigation of two years.

    The court then asked Emami to deposit the Rs 15 lakh in the state-run consumer welfare fund. It also asked Emami to withdraw all ads with the “fairness” hook. Emami, which has gone into appeal at the next level of consumer courts, did not respond to Outlook’s e-mail query.
    Black Science?

    All this while, scientific evidence has been in plenty short supply on whether fairness creams work at all — and if so, how. Globally, few studies have been carried out to discern if cosmetic non-prescription products can have an impact on skin tone. Not a very satisfactory situation from a consumer rights point of view because, as market research firm Euromonitor International says, the potential market is still very large as “products still have only a limited penetration”.

    Advertisement opens in new window

    A May 2016 report by Euromonitor, titled ‘Beauty and Personal Care in India’, says demand is being driven by factors such as “rising disposable incomes, increasing product penetration, the growth of modern retailers, increasing awareness of beauty and personal care products, the rising aspirations of consumers, and strong economic growth”.

    As a result, it states, the industry’s constant value growth over the forecast period is expected to be higher than during the review period. Firms such as L’Oreal, Unilever, Lakme, Maybellene, Emami and Nivea control a majority of the sales pie. According to the US FDA, existing ­studies haven’t ­conclusively established that ­hydroquinone can cause cancer in humans.

    The science, however, is sketchy. “There is not much study possible anyway in the West because you can’t test their efficacy on people who are naturally fair. So, whatever study you have to do, you have to do on Asian skin types,” says Dr Monika Agarwal, who teaches pharmacology at New Delhi’s Maulana Azad Medical College.

    Agarwal and her colleague Vandana Roy conducted a landmark clinical study to test the efficacy of fairness products. Their results were published in the peer-reviewed Indian Journal of Clinical Practice in 2012. Its objective was to assess the composition, pharmacological basis of various constituents, cost and scientific evidence for claims made for the efficacy of three commonly used fairness creams.

    For reasons of objectivity, the brands weren’t disclosed. The ­total number of individual constituents was 54; of these, 14 were common in all three creams, while seven more were common in two creams. The study recorded 22 pharmacological actions.

    Advertisement opens in new window

    About 85 per cent of the ingredients in fairness creams are sunscreens, moisturizers, skin softeners and emollients or opacifying agents. It is the opacifying agents in a fairness cream that make users appear instantly brighter. Only 15 per cent of the constituents directly affected melanin synthesis—and on a temporary basis at that. This means their chemical activity has some short-term potential to suppress melanin, the pigment that makes people appear dark.

    According to the study, the most common constituents in fairness creams were stearic and palmitic acid, glycerine, tit­anium dioxide, tocopheryl acetate, octyl methoxy cinnamate, cetyl alcohol, dimethicon, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, propylparaben, disodium EDTA, water and perfume.

    So what exactly are these? Stearic and palmitic acid are emollients or simply skin conditioners. Titanium dioxide is both a sunscreen and an opacifying agent. Tocopheryl acetate is a vitamin E derivative. Cetyl alcohol is also an opacifier. Dimethicone is a lubricant and conditioning agent.

    The authors report that four ingredients act on melanin. These are niacinamide, a vitamin of the B group, apart from sodium ascorbyl phosphate (a water-soluble form of vitamin C), ascorbyl glucosidase (which releases vitamin C) and salicylic acid, which is present in a weak strength and helps melt the topmost layer of skin.

    Yet, the conclusions of the study on the effect on skin tone were quite simple and unambiguous. “They only make you look fairer for a very short duration by coating your skin and certainly don’t work significantly at an epithelial or cellular level,” says Agarwal.

    Globally, hydroquinone is the only agent that is proven to work on melanin. “It’s a prescription-only product, meaning a doctor must write out the prescription for it. A clinical diagnosis of pigmentation must be made. It’s not a cosmetic,” says Dr Poornima Chawla, a dermatologist. While Europe has banned it for fears that it can be potentially cancer-causing, it is available for sale in US and India.

    The US Food and Drug Administration is of the view that existing studies haven’t conclusively established that hydroquinone can cause cancer in humans, although it has been shown to be carcinogenic in some rat species. So it has ordered a fresh long-term study before taking a call. Chawla says there’s no guarantee this prescription-­only drug isn’t sold without a doctor’s prescription when every ­other medicine is sold freely.

    Deadly Obsession

    It’s not just the science that’s troubling. A society ill at ease with its own genes means it is reflexively prone to valuing the fairer end of the spectrum in every field. The marriage market is almost organized, socially sanctified eugenics. Calendar divinities, descended from Ravi Varma depictions, are uniformly rosy — even Krishna gets the whitening treatment these days. And popular films have almost uniformly been in denial of the magnetic attraction of dark skin that was always acknowledged in traditional culture.

    In fact, the candy shop pantheon of toffee-colored heroines and heroes—the duskier ones painted over — are partly held responsible by critics for this aspiration. Popular cinema has long depicted, as film-maker Satyajit Ray once said, an “India that doesn’t exist”. But you can’t blame individual actors or actresses for being themselves on screen. Yet, tragically, even the biggest film stars have had no qualms going beyond that and ­appearing in ads that promote the idea that fairer skin gets you a head start in life.

    The effect all this constant incantation on popular media has can be quite devastating. A sense of rejection and negative prestige can stalk those who are made to feel inferior on ­account of skin tone. Darker-skinned women have often killed themselves.

    In 2014, police in Haryana said a woman from Gurgaon’s Jyoti Park locality hanged herself because her husband would abuse her for being dark. In West Bengal’s East Midnapore district, schoolteacher Brototi Das set herself on fire the same year, as her parents weren’t able to get her married because of her skin color.

    Children are the less-noticed victims. Raised on a cultu­ral belief that ‘wheatish’ is desirable, young people often have “shocking levels” of low self-esteem and undetected ­depression, says Kavitha Emmanuel, director of Women of Worth, the Chennai-based non-profit behind the ‘Dark is Beautiful’ campaign. Women of Worth is engaged in fighting this prejudice in a country that is by reflex, and often consciously, racist—a unique racism that is directed against oneself as much as the other.

    Teenagers face taunts from within peer circles — school and neighborhood friends — leaving them psychologically traumatized, her organization found in a survey. Girls preparing for marriage devote a lot of time and resources to appear fair. One study, in the South Asia Gynecological Review, found urban Indian women blocking off sun to avoid tanning were more likely to develop osteoporosis, or brittle bones. They are prone to have lower levels of vitamin D, needed for good bone health, for which sunlight is necessary.

    It’s not just women who feel the need to be fair. Men have taken to grooming and beauty with a lot of gusto — and chasing fairness is part of that. “Interestingly, men who fall in the age-group of 18 to 25 spend more money on grooming and personal care products than women in India,” Assocham chief D.S. Rawat says. The cultural fixation, naturally, means big business. Fairness cream sales are growing at an annual clip of 18 per cent, according to a Nielsen report. The business is worth Rs 27,000 crore, according to Rncos ­e-services, a market research firm.

    Pull out any living-room chest drawer in India and you could just find a twisted metal tube of a used-up fairness cream. The love affair is an old one. Hark back to 1978, when Hindustan Unilever launched Fair and Lovely in a country just past the seismic political events of Emergency rule and well before it was to embrace market economy.

    It has since metamorphosed into a talismanic product. What is it about dark then? The old metaphors in India around dark could be fairly positive—unlike in English, a ‘dark cloud’ in any Indian language would betoken a thrilling sight. How could it not, in a sun-parched country? Was it a sense of inferiority brought on by the colonial encounter?

    Or did the miscegenation of centuries produce a hierarchy internally? “It’s an alien inv­asion…something external taking over…you know what I mean,” says sociologist Shiv Visvanathan, who studies culture and sexuality and believes Brahmin girls would often be dissuaded from having coffee for fear it would make them dark. “It’s a bottled utopia. A lot of these products are used by plantation workers. We think black is an inferior color. Just look at the number of fair Punjabi actresses in south Indian cinema. All this beats me clean.”

    Not everybody believes in this “bottled utopia”. But they are a tiny minority militating against an ingrained prejudice. When a news website published a story on Monisha Rajesh, author of the travelogue Around the World in 80 Trains, she wasn’t pleased at all.

    Rather, she was infuriated. The problem wasn’t bad press, but a badly done profile photograph. She looked lighter and “so green” in a strange sort of way. It was an airbrush overkill by the photo editor trying to make her look fair. “I need no favor with whitening,” she wrote. That wasn’t her. Monisha got the photograph replaced. She was happy ­being who she was: a naturally dark woman.

    • This whole comment is mute.

      90+++++++% of the suffering populace of SHITHOLE SHITndia will never never NEVER EVER be able to even come close to the garbage described in this comment……..

      • nayaj pun

        Its not about fair. Its about high nose. when the Brits first went to Southern States they describe the Tamils as Meditteranean racial group.

        • Phil78

          You do understand correlation versus causation right? A High nasal ridge isn’t what gave such populations civilizations, it was the various selection for behavior and intelligence that did.

          Further, if you insist on using correlates, try looking at the historical data on the association of skin color and superiority.

        • Lin

          Your discomfort with your genes is amazing. What’s wrong with the dark complexion of the average Hindus, and what’s so damn great about ‘Mediterranean racial group’? OK, let me accentuate your inferiority complex along your line of argument: monkeys have lots of body hair and brown Hindus have more body hair than Chinese, and it’s established that loss of body hair is a positive step forward in evolution. So according to your way of thinking, you belong to a lesser race—-Q.E.D.


      • nayaj pun

        High Nose people always superior to low nose people. After all the apes are low nosed.

      • India
        -is the largest economy of the world.
        -has the fastest growing economy
        -fastest growing literacy rate
        -has the second most followed leader in the world as their prime minister
        -third largest and one of the strongest armies in the world.
        -is known to give world a lot of inventions like the zero, trigonometry, art of surgery etc.
        -produces the world’s largest number of engineers.
        -on the verge of being a member of unsc.

        India’s GDP is 2 trillion dollars.
        it has population of 1.2 billion (1/7th of the world) = huge consumer base = wide market.
        Every multinational wants to sell their products in India because if only 2% people buy them, then sales would be more than that of US.
        TCS is world leader in Software segment.
        Jaguar Land Rover is owned by Tata group. Aditya Birla Group is the world’s largest producer of Viscose Staple Fibre.
        Brands produced by them-

        Louis Philippe
        Van Heusen
        Allen Solly
        Peter England
        Planet Fashion
        The Collective

        Indian Economy is a developing economy and not a saturated one, so Investors all over the world prefer to invest in India instead of saturated economy, in hope of higher profit percent.
        Developed economies have GDP growth rate in range of 0.5-2%, whereas developing economies growth between 5-10% . (i.e. higher returns on investment).

        • You left out:
          – every engineer at NASA is indians. Without indians NASA would collapse
          – every Fortune 500 corporation has an indian CEO
          – all medical doctors in the United States and Europe are indians
          – all civilizations across the globe are descended from the 500,000 year-old indian civilization

        • Archielaech, Everything you said is true but you missed one important achievement that changed the ancient world. India invented the number Zero.

        • Deepa

          Er are you being sarcastic ,is your writing satirical ,well apart from that I can read no sense in the filth that spouts forth from you.

        • Magneto


          who gives a shit about NASA? EVERYTHING NASA tells us is false. The earth is actually flat so that means that all those CGI pictures they created of “earth from space” are fake. NASA is the biggest pile of bullshit on earth so it makes sense that it is indian run.


          You left out one important statistic.

          -50 percent of indians, 600 MILLION people, do not even use indoor toilets. They shit in fields or in the street.

          But oh yea, tell me again how you indians are gonna fuck us up by the year 2030 cause you have a space program. Once again, the earth is FLAT so all these “space programs” are fake and are being run by the international Illuminati Elite.

        • The Son of Sam

          The earth is actually flat so that means that all those CGI pictures they created of “earth from space” are fake.


      • Indians are the greatest, Microsoft’s CEO is an Indian. Most Fortune 500 companies have Indian CEOs. They are high nose people.

    • Just wait for 2030. India will be shining.

      • india has space program you dumb bitch motherfucker we well be superpower by year 2030 and we well fuck you up good

        • India recently reached the moon with its MIP (Moon Impact Probe). How many countries can do that? The most they can do is a MP (Moon Probe).

        • Undoubtedly india will be the first nation from earth to land a man on the moon.

        • Lin

          Here at the prestigious Indian science congress attended by PM Modi who claimed: “We worship Lord Ganesh. There must have been some plastic surgeon at that time who got an elephant’s head on the body of a human being and began the practice of plastic surgery”



          Bharat has been a space superpower since time immemorial.


          1. India had 40 inter-planetary planes – – Not one, but 40. And planes that skipped from planet to planet.

          Water autopsies – We’re clearly backward for cutting open a dead body for an autopsy. According to these guys, ancient medical science had dead bodies float in water for days, and the swelling would be great for a more accurate report.

          We made electric batteries thousands of years ago — No we didn’t. But some folks say that the ancient text Agastya Samhita mentions how to make one. We wonder why didn’t they actually demonstrate a Vedic battery at the event?

          A magic paste with cow urine (what else) and other stuff — An ‘Engineering applications of ancient Indian botany’ paper mentioned paste using seeds and roots mixed with cow’s urine that could be applied to your feet to divine underground water sources.

          There’s a lot more stuff on pilots and planes too.

          A paper on ‘Ancient Indian aviation technology’ mentioned the following with inputs from Captain Anand J. Bodas, a retired pilot training facility principal:

          — 1. the material you needed to make a plane (Where are these planes, by the way?)

          — 2. What a pilot should eat? The “milk of buffalo, cow and sheep.”

          — 3. What a pilot should wear? According to ancient science, something that was “virus-proof, water-proof and shock-proof.” Which is apparently “clothes made out of vegetation grown underwater.”

          — 4. That we hit the skies 8 years before the Wright Brothers did. The world’s first pilot? SB Talpade. (Who?)

          — 5. “25 types of viruses in the atmosphere which attack the human skin, bones and the whole body.” (So clearly skydiving was impossible without dying of infection!)

          — 6. Radar technology known as “rooparkanrahasya.“

          A bacteria that turns food into gold. Not poop, gold — And guess which animal? The cow! Star Wars literally happened! Everything that we saw on Sunday morning Mahabharata literally happened. And one of those crazy Vedic planes actually flew to Mars, where now there’s a helmet lying as evidence.

          “If you don’t believe me, will you believe the National Aeronautics and Space Association (NASA) of the USA? If you search on Google for ‘helmet on Mars’, it will tell you that even NASA has found this helmet on Mars, and it will give you evidence for it.” Is what a molecular biology professor told Scoll.in

          Sugar sealed Lord Ganesha’s elephant head to his human torso — Yup, sugar. Not stitches. Not skin transplants. But the stuff that goes in your chai.

        • This is confirmation that the success of NASA has been entirely due to the incredible indian engineer that makes up the entire engineering employee staff of NASA since the inception of NASA!

          For without the existence of the incredible indian engineer only NASA staff there would be no NASA!

          YOU westerners simply do not understand that without EVERY single medical doctor in the west being indian that you westerners would be awash with such preventable diseases – that does not exist elsewhere – as typhoid and cholera and measles…… THANKS TO THE GREATEST iNDIAN MEDICAL DOCTORS!

          AND it is due to the great work of the incredible india medical specialists that the west does not suffer from hundreds of MILLIONS of western children dying from:
          -stunted infant growth due to AVOIDABLE basic sanitation diseases that causes diarrhea because of people shitting in the streets
          – 100 MILLION KG of UNTREATED human excrement that is dumped into the environment EVERY DAY BY YOU WOULD-BE-SAVAGE-SUBHUMAN-POLLUTED-EUROPEANS……

        • Magneto


          I am very glad you mentioned interplanetary PLANES.

          According to the Hindu vedas, there is a massive flat earth plane, of which our presently known “earth” is only a small part of it. There are other areas on this flat earth plane that are literally HEAVENLY and those are where the demigods live. At the center of this massive earth plane is Mount Meru which is 800,000 miles tall and at the top is the realm of Brahma, the creator of this material universe.

          Once again, any government claiming to be running a “space program” is lying their damn ass off. There is no such thing as “space” so how can you go into space?

        • Magneto


          if we westerners are such subhuman barbarian scum, then why do all you indians want to move to Europe, America, or Australia and parasite off us? You indians are PARASITES who cannot exist without white people.

        • The Son of Sam

          The highest caste Indians are on par with Northeast Asians.

        • The Son of Sam



          if we westerners are such subhuman barbarian scum, then why do all you indians want to move to Europe, America, or Australia and parasite off us? You indians are PARASITES who cannot exist without white people.

          I wouldn’t say parasite. It’s a money making opportunity. Who can blame them? I’d do the same if I was in their shoes – but now I just live alone in this dingy New York apartment with this dog yelling all night, sheesh..

  23. DHL

    Boys Get ready for World War Three, your last meal before you sacrifice your lives for your Nation.

    As always Delivering your Destiny.

  24. Deepa

    Not all Indians are like that ,we are Indian blacks -the untouchables and we do not harbour any such hatred towards dark skinned people well because we ourselves resemble them .I was shocked by the recent treatment of African students in India ,but that is what India was in the shadows before ,but now it is coming to the fore under RSS led BJP government and our PM .India wants to become a Hindu Rashtra and they want to become the greatest rulers of the world .I don’t understand how anybody can delude themselves so much as to think India can conquer the world,Indian culture is the most ancient ,Indians are the brightest in the world.Indians are baying for Chinese ,Pakistani blood and they even want to conquer Afghanistan.I cannot even fathom their arrogance and ignorance to suppose how the entire world will keep quiet and accept India.Iam living here and it is really scary .We Indians ourselves are beaten up regularly by Hindu goons because of our religion ,dietary preferences-if you are vegetarian you are high caste and if you eat meat you are low -Iam not even talking about beef here.There is an entire army of Cow Vigilantes,anti Romeo squads let loose upon us

    • Magneto

      Deepa, it’s not the dark skinned indians we have a problem with. It’s mainly the light skinned north indians and punjabis. They are the real assholes that are fucking up India. Also, it is no coincidence that Delhi, a punjabi majority city, has the most racism and is the place where these anti-African attacks occured.

      North indians and punjabis are subhuman garbage that need to be exterminated off the earth.

      I want dark skinned indians to achieve equality and stop being oppressed by the lighter skinned castes. Personally I find dark skinned indian women to be very attractive. If dark skinned indian women would stop being oppressed, they would open up and be able to be dated by western men. As it stands right now, they are all treated as slaves and laborers so it’s impossible for a white guy to approach them.

      • Lin

        Hey, Trash

        I had second thought on the Hindu toilet thing.

        1) The 50% of Hindus popping outdoor is probably understated; just a few years ago, the figure was something like 65%. Recently I tried to get some Indian demographic data, and to my amazement, they could differ by 50-60 million for the same year. Example:

        Said officially to be 1.21 billion in 2011


        Here it’s put at 1.35 billion in 2017 with growth rate of 1.2%/yr:


        Simple math will show 1.21 billion can’t jump to 1.35 billion in 6 yrs at 1.2% growth rate. Other stats like unemployment rate, wealth inequality are even more bogus.

        2) Actually in the Indian environment, crapping outdoors isn’t as bad as it seems. Surely the shit dust could land on one’s food and add flavors, but consider:

        a) The hot Indian sun could sterilize the shit parasites and bacteria on the ground.

        b) Most indoor Hindu toilets are just holes on the ground, and the shit could easily sink into the ground water and subsequently cause major health crisis epidemics.

        c) Hindu toilet habits like popping outdoor and not using toilet paper actually are environment friendly. Pulp wood price would sure go up if they start using toilet paper.

        People should stop being ‘cultural imperialists’. Their lifestyle, not mine nor yours. One day after the world’s forests are depleted, we’ll all wipe our asses with our fingers.

        • Lin

          My apology. The above was addressed to Magneto,not Trash

        • The Son of Sam

          Pooping in the country vs the city makes a huge difference. Who cares if someone poops in the country? It’s just like pissing in the country. Are these articles etc. taking into account where the Indians live – countryside or urban?

      • Mayur Varshne

        ….. Personally I find dark skinned indian women to be very attractive……..

        I now quite see, what really keeps you here, those South Indian buxom belles. There are some light skinned buxom belles in the South, as well. South Indians are quite fond of big asses and big tits. The Tamil girls are quite the dark-skinned buxom belles even though they are terribly lacking in sass. The only thing is, they quite value their virginity. Of course, India is quite infested with hypocrisy but the social diktats are equally strong in the South, and, even though the South Indians are far gentler, they are far more conservative and far less rebellious.

        You can try your luck in West Bengal. Bengali women are very feminine yet they are quite assertive due to the liberal, somewhat Westernized Bengali society. Besides, they eat a lot of fish. Also, you will find far greater variety there in West Bengal, and, West Bengal is probably the least expensive State in India.

    • Jitin

      No other country, with the exception of USA where leftists are running amok, will put up with the kind of bullshit you guys are orchestrating in Delhi University under the garb of being students. To say entire army of goons are unleashed on you is a blatant lie.

      While I agree that some of the ruling party’s stands are regressive, you guys take it to a another level with your insubordinate crass attitude. Deepa, you do understand that the beloved people you call as leaders are letting you down continuously more than the leaders you express disgust at. I assume you must from the cow belt, and like a typical sickular leftist, you try to play victim with all the exaggeration, pseudo secularism, and giving us all moral platitudes as if you hold the proprietary rights for it. Grow up cunt

      • Magneto

        Jitin has a point, the liberals and feminists in Delhi are fucking out of control. They are constantly making false rape accusations against innocent men and doing all kinds of shit to create havoc.

        Feminism is a fucking cancer whether it’s in America or India

      • Phil78

        Deepa didn’t refer to a specific event regarding Delhi University protests by lower caste students, so why you reference that seems unclear.

        Nor did Deepa praise Leftist leaders of India OVER Nationalist ones, only focusing on how discrimination is more visible under it. Most of what she said was more on the culture of india in regards to racism rather than preferences of politics.

        You sadly only prove Deepa’s point with your insults based on these assumptions.

  25. Kate

    Do people spending time here spewing hatred and bigotry have nothing else better to do? Hate is one of the outcomes of ignorance and is always self destructive.

    • AntiHindu

      Keep looking at the world through rose colored glasses. The truth is some cultures are inferior to others and need to be exposed for the trash they are. Be glad you weren’t born a female in india


      “New Delhi: The staff of a state-run shelter home in West Delhi has been accused of molesting at least 10 teenage girls, and forcibly injecting them with unexplained drugs and beating them if they tried resisting.

      The government-run place, which is supposed to be a home for rape survivors and people rescued from city’s streets and brothels has turned into a house of horror, a report in the Hindustan Times read.

      At least two girls have allegedly accused the officials of molesting them. Another girl said that she was starved for days after she accused a staff member of torturing her. The girls also accused some officials of injecting medicines, which were allegedly stimulating premature growth.

      “The girls were allegedly given an Oxytocin-type substance that stimulates changes in their body. Police conducted a medical examination of syringe marks and registered a case. The officials are being questioned,” HT quoted its sources as saying.

      Many girls who were given this drug were raped and sold to brothels, said the report.”

      • Marcus Vaughan

        Are Hindus also behind the creation of AL Queda & ISIS? If Yes, then I support your agenda for being an Anti-Hindu or else people like you and others should better shut their mouth. What great things are being done by your Muslim brotherhood to curb all such terrorist organisations? Have you all been stood firmly and unitedly to terminate this virus, you would have the reason to bark at others.

        • Mayur Varshne

          The Muslims of non-Indian stock here, in general, suffer from supreme racial arrogance besides being non-Hindus. Of course, they are quite Indian er Hindu in some of their ways; they, too, seem to have acquired immense flexibility and a good taste for duplicity.

          Of course, they are Muslims of non-Indian stock.

  26. Rajeev

    Being an Indian I agree with Robert. He gives us the real view of the Indian society. The biggest problem is that majority of Indians don’t want to accept the things which are wrong. We don’t even deserve to call ourselve human. At the age of 16 I started realising that there are so many things wrong with the society. Here people are obsessed with showing off. I was quite tired of people playing very loud music during any party or in the temple. I don’t understand why people do not want to leave peacefully here. I am 19 year old and my family and other people who know me already hate me too much just because I always read about Indian society problems and talk about these things. I want to change here people but changing people seems very troublesome. They are too much hypocrite. I don’t recall how many times cried just seeing Indian people behaviour towards environment. Thanks to japanese culture for enlightening my mind.

    • Marcus Vaughan

      Yupp! India has got hell lot of problems just like any other nation. So, what have you guys decided to do from now on? Though I appreciate your country’s efforts for standing against terrorism and choosing Israel as an ally.

      • Mayur Varshne

        Jews are the natural allies of Indians er Hindus er Brahmins. Both dislike violence, both are too timid to pursue the ‘in your face’ aggression, both can be extremely thick skinned when the need arises, both can penetrate alien societies with great sophistication and ease., and, both believe in the philosophy of ‘ survival of the fittest ‘.

        Both suffer from supreme racial arrogance, and, both deny Jesus the Philosopher.

  27. Mayur Varshne

    ……….Red or pinkish skin has been an ideal with White Europeans since Ancient Greece. A sign of good health……

    As a matter of fact, the pinkish skin comes naturally to the Whites who, in general, have an inherent dislike for the Tropics, besides being voracious beef eaters.

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