Delphi Murders: A Request for Delphi Readers

I am all set to go with a major new post which will include a lot of information that has not yet been released on any large sites. However, I have many photos of the area, mostly focusing on the kill site, the cemetery and the trail leading from the cemetery to the dump site. Actually I have a number of photos of the kill site from different views and angles.

Problem: The files are huge (1-6 MB) and I need them shrunken down to web size, hopefully below 100 KB or up to 200 KB if necessary. I understand this is trivial for anyone with graphics skills.

Thing is, I cannot publish this new post until I get those files shrunken. If any of you Delphi readers know how to do this and would like to help me, I would greatly appreciate it.


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11 responses to “Delphi Murders: A Request for Delphi Readers

  1. Sam

    I recommend a simple image viewer/editor called IrfanView, as in It’s free (although Irfan would like it if people would toss a crumb or two his way), and in my experience, it’s top-notch.

    There are MANY other tools to be found that’ll accomplish what you want. Some of them are online utilities: compressjpeg, tinyjpg, and jpegmini are three that come to mind. Alternately, I’d be willing to be a tool and take care of this for you. But again, my recommendation is IrfanView, and it’d be as easy for you to do it yourself as it would for you to send the files to me to do it.

  2. Terry

    If it was me Robert, I would use this free program that I have used for years. Simply load your picture in it and then resize to a smaller size (1024 x 768???) then “save as” a JPEG and set the compression to something like 80%. Should shrink the file size down massively without affecting the quality too much. You can also setup batch jobs to do this for a bunch of files. If that sounds like gibberish apologies, is a public holiday in my country tomorrow and i’ve had a coupla beers already!

  3. Jennifer

    I’ve used before but it’s never been with a large amount of photos at once so not sure. Best of luck – very excited to see the update.

  4. Lotus

    This might sound dopey, but most websites will allow you to put in pictures and choose how big you want them to be. Doesn’t wordpress do this?
    Yes, it does:

    This is how you choose your IMAGE settings:

    You can make the dimensions whatever you want.

  5. Me

    All set now Robert? Also, in the future I can tell you a simple trick you can use on any PC or Mac using just about any image editing software (Photoshop to Paint).

  6. Websloths

    All set now Robert? Also, in the future I can tell you a simple trick you can use on any pc or Mac using just about any image editing software(Photoshop to paint).

  7. Kate

    Glad someone is still looking into it . . . can’t wait to hear what is new on your case Robert!

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