Nutcase of the Day

I ban at least one person every day on here. You all never have the pleasure of seeing these lowlifes because they are banned before they even make one post. These folks “come in the door swinging” so to speak. Well, what happens when someone at your house comes in the front door swinging their fists, so to speak. You boot them right back out the same door the crawled in through, right? Well, same principle here. First post, new blog, and they came barging through the front door of my site swinging their fists at me and screaming to High Heaven.

Bloggers need to make it a policy to ban these people. If people knew they could not come in the door swinging like this so to speak, comments sections would be filled with many fewer trolls. Main problem with the Net is not enough hostile commenters are banned. Um, this is my site. You are a hostile commenter. What in God’s name are you doing on my site, for Chrissakes?

I used to let them post once and then blast the Hell out of them, insult them, their extended family, their homeland, their genetic stock, their anti-culture, the whole nine yards, but I started getting a bad reputation for doing that, so I stopped. The high road’s usually the road to take, unless someone is trying to kill you, in which case, there is no high road. There’s the Homicidal Road and the Suicide Highway, and you best pick the first. There’s times in life you have to fight dirty, but it’s best to minimize them if only for your own dignity.

Here is a particularly bizarre lunatic. Germans have nothing to do with any other Indo-European people, especially those disgusting Slavs. Instead they are related to Finns, Hungarians, Turks, Mongolians, and Siberians. What-ever! Anglo-Saxons and Germanic people in general aren’t even White! Well, gosh, if a Swede isn’t even White, then let’s just can the whole concept and kill the whole damned White race, Ignatieff-style.

If even blond and blue doesn’t cut it anymore, let’s just hang it up an become just another shade of brown like rest of the unwashed masses. I’m anticipating the trend, being an early adopter. I’ve been a transnigger for about a year now. I recommend it, especially with Affirmative Action the way it is.

It’s just not worth it being White anymore, guys. Time to hang it up and call it a day. We had a good run there for 10,000 years or so, but we are in Brazil Uber Alles, and White is just passe. White’s just not hip anymore. Mongrelization is the order of the day. Take a hint, paleface. Drop the charade, and join the Rainbow Millennium. Monochromatic ain’t where it’s at, daddy-o. The phenotypical flavor of the day is Human Mystery Casserole.

But seriously, Germanics aren’t White? Swedes are really Mongolians? Oh Adolf, you big silly! You’re so cute when you’re mad!

We Krauts are actually Finns? No way! Finns? Forget it! They were Finnish before they even started! Bunch of losers!

Sparky seems to be a little upset. Guess it takes all kinds to fill the freeways.

You are a real lowlife dirtbag. Germans were, are, and will never be one of you Indo-Aryan queer freaks of nature. We are Uralic. We are the MASTER RACE!!! My ancestors conquered the true Indo-Aryan pathetic weakling bastards with amazing ease over 1,000 years ago. But it serves them right for being so racist, sexist and lazy! Those inferior, subhuman scums never knew what was coming for them!

Being pure Anglo-Saxon and 100% literate in German and Scandinavian languages, Germanic has NOTHING to do with Slavic bullshit. Germanic people are actually a group of Uralic-Altaic people with 0 genetic or cultural connections with you despicable, psychotic, Indo-European degenerate scum! Hah… We’re not even fucking “White”! Please…STOP with the corrupt, bizarre, phony bullshit you insane assholes keep concocting about my race. Go to hell!


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4 responses to “Nutcase of the Day

  1. Phil78

    Irony? Finns themselves are closer to Indo-europeans genetically than to geographically close Uralic speakers, the Sami.

    Hungarians in turn are genetically closer to slavic Bulgarians than to Uralic Speaking Estonians and Finns.

    Estonians are pretty much the point where Uralic speakers align with each other genetically.

    But what’s Even more Ironic is criticizing Indo-Euros for being racists despite GERMANS, the Uralic people he praises, being upheld as the epitome of such racism and pretty much flipping the racial Philosophy of of Aryan hierarchy of Gunther himself by placing Baltics on top instead of the bottom.

    This is among the saddest forms of Caucasoid ethnocentrism than that Turk under the “blue eyed white people” post.

    • Phil78

      It’d weird, types like these guys almost seem as much as lunatics as web based Hindutavis, but they don’t seem to “spread out” as much as them, I think they are usually packed on forums with each other or lack a high population on the internet in general.

      How often do you see stuff like this Robert?

      • I guess I have seen just about every type of ideological loon out there other than Flat Earthers. Like I said, it takes all kinds to fill the freeways.

        • Evil nice guy

          If you want to meet an interesting loon.
          See if you can get in contact with my biological father.(he was semi normal when he fucked my mom)

          He is a anarcho-vegetarian-calvinist christian fundamentalist-capitalist-9/11 truther-weed smoker-anti democratic-pro monarchy-who claims to be in direct contact with god-punk rocker(big fan of the fall)-Hegelian.
          Yeah he should be on seroquel, but psychiatrists are evil catholics
          according to him.

          I try to stay away from the guy.
          He basically has his own cult with him as the only follower.

          And yeah Robert i will send you your Christmas cart tomorrow,
          Now lets hope the letters will not turn out green.

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