Introverts FTW!

From We Don’t Like You Extroverts:

Forced to tolerate mean girls: I wish the extroverts at work would stop getting angry at us quiet people who have to do quality control on their work. They talk all the time, except when we have to show them the corrections we had to make. Then they get sullen and defensive and make snide remarks about how we have “eagle eyes” to find their mistakes. They expect us to take up their slack and cover for them. They gossip about everyone and compliment managers on their clothes and then get all catty after they leave the room. I despise them, but have to tolerate it for now.

This poor Quiet Person has just discovered why misogyny is a thing. But beyond that, she discovered something else, something’s that’s not a thing. That being The Sisterhood.

Feminism is doomed. How? By the simple fact that it is based on the notion of the Sisterhood, and guess what? There is no Sisterhood! Most women I know say that women have treated them much worse than men have.

I know a number of women who tell me that they are female misogynists. They actually hate women. They only like men. They’re sick and tired of their own gender. That’s ok. If they ever get too tired of them, just hand them over to me. I know how to deal with them. If they get too ornery, I’ll just tie them to the bed. That usually calms ’em down right quick!

But yeah, you extroverts realize how annoying you are? If you guys would stop projecting for maybe one minute out of your whole damn lives, you might be able to figure it out, but that would require Introspection, and you all don’t have any. We Quiets patented that invention long ago. And one can have too much of that also, like any good thing. Even water. Don’t believe me? Drink 130 glasses and get back to me, or have the coroner call me instead.


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3 responses to “Introverts FTW!

  1. Jason Y

    Right, need 10 hours a day to do projects with no interruption – or I will become Jack Nicholson at the typewriter on The Shining. 😆

  2. (((Beauregard)))

    Extraversion is effective for society to function- people have to seek out what they need to progress it. If everyone was timid there would’ve never been group efforts to invent things, etc.

    This if anything is more necessary than “boyhood bullying”, etc. Quite simply, that can breed dumbassery

    I am not sure why you think the inverse is true.

  3. Frito Pendejo

    I still get bullied by straight women, even well into my 40s, as if even women happen to be cooler,stronger & better than myself. Now it’s only all to worse, now that people have started calling me,hon,bud,man,partner,etc. since the beginning of last year. You see, I happen to be a sweet,innocent stupid nice guy loser that’s so bad, even someone such as myself gets looked down upon by teenagers. Hell, even most of my fellow asperger/high functioning autistics demean & belittle me nowadays, for my stupidity, me being meek & ineffectual, hopeless nice guy loser, I absolutely hate myself dearly for being those things. Then isn’t it any wonder then people such as myself are nothing but a needless drain on society & all of humanity after all. I should be euthanized in the way the National Socialist did to social misfits back in WW2!

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