Delphi Commenters: On the Lack of Posts

Sorry folks, I am not able to work. I survive on a small trust fund and whatever side jobs I can scrape up. I could probably work for a friend or relative with a very flexible schedule, but I could not work for a stranger 9-5. The thing is, I cannot stay awake! This has been going on for over 20 years now. The last job I had, I was taking so many stimulants that my blood pressure went nuts, and it was either keep working and die or quit working and live. I love to work, but I decided I like life more than work, if that’s the choice.

The only thing they ever figured out was chronic sinusitis and allergies. I am now getting checked out by a sleep specialist. I have had two sinus operations. They only things that have ever worked are things that treat the sinusitis and allergies. Mondafinil or Provigil is one of the only drugs that helps. I drink 5 cups of coffee a day and take Wellbutrin, but those don’t do much. I probably need another Provigil script.

Well, anyway, it is pollen season, and I have been sleeping 14-18 hours a day lately. Yes, I have another Delphi post to write and a profile update, among other things. Sorry for the delays, everyone.



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17 responses to “Delphi Commenters: On the Lack of Posts

  1. dandate5

    Robert, sinusitis and allergies to pollen and dust are permanently cured by chain smoking tobacco.

  2. FatDogJoe

    Robert, have you ever considered substitute teaching? I do it. You can get a short call license in many states with just any old BA or BS degree.

  3. FatDogJoe

    Job suggestions: columnists for pay, craftsman (sell products at fairs), and other self employed gigs.

  4. Maybe you should concentrate on one specific topic only from now on, maybe linguistics (with an insistence upon the mendacious theses of many modern schools of linguistics, such as all languages being equally easy to learn, or Chomsky’s generalized generative grammar, which is to me good for robots only). You may also concentrate only on the specific thesis about the American experience having been only a cancer upon the gender right from the start.

  5. Kim

    Sorry to hear this Robert, we look forward to your update and thoughts. I hear Dyson and a few other home air filters are very good. Also, you may be a person who needs a lot of sleep. 🙂

  6. Stary Wylk

    I know your mother lives near you, but it may be better for your health if you move to some place drier. Idaho worked for me. The rents are also much lower.

  7. None

    For chronic health issues… research LDN low dose naltrexone. They say it’s the Lazarus drug.

  8. Naltrexone has helped me more than anything else for my OCD.

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