Taking Apart Some Lies about North Korea

Jason Y: North Korea uses similar logic to explain deaths and other problems in it’s own land. They claim the embargo is to blame.

Nobody’s dying of starvation in North Korea these days. Forget it.

And the North Koreans have never “deliberately starved their own people.” Go out into the countryside at harvest time and the fields will be full of ears of corn. Rural villages look nice and there will be ears of corn spread over every rooftop. And you will see truckloads of happy farmworkers riding in trucks everywhere you go.

Now go to Pyongyang. Everywhere you go, you see men working, often at manual labor. They are working on streets, sidewalks, buildings, everything. And there are trucks full of male workers going here and there every time you look up. The whole place is working all day long.

Yes, the lights go out at night, but some people are still out. You can go out at 9 PM and see groups of teenage girls and young women hanging out in the dark. You walk by a darkened street and there is a 40 year old woman with her stand selling whatever. She is selling it at dark at midnight. The only light is a small light where her little street stand is. The interesting thing is that North Korea is quite safe. Like Japan, pretty young women can walk down the street in the middle of the night and nothing will happen to them.

Nobody’s starving to death, but if you go out to the countryside, you will see some middle-aged men who still look pretty thin.

But keep in mind. North Korea is locked out of the whole world banking system.

They have all these great products, like mineral reserves, and they cannot really sell them anywhere on Earth. They do sell them to the Chinese, but the Chinese are breaking sanctions to do that.

We have locked them out of the whole world banking system. We have made it so almost no one on Earth can buy their stuff. Then we scream and yell about how poor and starving they are.

It’s really messed up. One thing I assure you: North Korea does not “starve its own people on purpose.”

One argument was, “They spend all their money on their military, so their people starve!”

Now whether that is true or not, look at how we just threatened to attack them the other day. You don’t think it is pretty damn smart of them to spend all their money on their military? If they didn’t, we would have attacked them. We are forcing them to spend all their money on their military. Has that ever occurred to anyone? If they spent less on their military, we would attack, invade and conquer them.

That regime just wants to survive, first and foremost. Everything else is secondary. Yes, they are terribly brutal, but on the other hand, they sure have that place locked down good, don’t they?

And look at how hostile we are. We have come out and said that North Korea is enemy #1. OK, don’t you think they should lock their country down to keep out any American spies? They have that place locked down so good that we cannot even get spies in there. It’s either too risky or once they get in, they get caught fast and executed immediately. North Korea is a black hole. We have no idea what is going on with that regime. They have ~15 usable nuclear weapons already fastened as warheads to medium range missiles. These missiles are deep underground and almost impossible to get at. Yet we have no idea where on Earth those missiles even are. All we know is that they are hidden far deep under mountains somewhere. That’s pretty smart of them to lock that place down like that, isn’t it?

One more thing. Kim Jong Un is not a lunatic at all. He is a very smart man. He is shrewd. He had to be wicked smart and extremely sane to rise to power in that brutal system of theirs. He has killed some of the opposition, including his own brother. This is given as a sign that he is that is insane. But it’s not a symptom of insanity. Un is a murderous dictator, brutal as Hell. Un is as nuts as Stalin or Mao. Was Stalin nuts? Was Mao a lunatic? Kim is no different. He is a brutal dictator. Kim, Stalin and Mao were all amazingly sane.

There’s sane and insane and good and evil. People mix them up all the time. Some very bad people are rock-solid sane. Some very good people are pretty damn crazy.

These are two different axes were are discussing here.


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40 responses to “Taking Apart Some Lies about North Korea

  1. dandate2

    Kim’s dealing with a bloated army size, and his form of dictatorship requires a seasonal blood sacrifice to invigorate loyalty, so he will play along with the nuclear weapon hoax and go through the motions of war, his execution like Saddam’s will be faked as he retires to the ranks of Strangelove’s inner circle.

  2. Terry

    hey, agree with you here. This is an age old slander on socialist states / other states that the deep state has a beef with and is sanctioning to death. Its like how US politicians would get endless mileage out of comparing their own country to the USSR conveniently forgetting how much $$$ the US made out of WW2 and how much (!!!!!) the USSR lost 😦

    anyways irrelevantly i’m in the middle of this interesting NK travelogue (an Austrian train buff manages to find a back door into NK a decade ago (I haven’t got to that part yet but apparently 36hrs without a guide!) I thought would share with everybody:


  3. Yee

    Although the government does not deliberately starve their people, North Korea does have a food problem. They has a self sufficient rate of 60%, they need to import 40%.

    But they’re not alone, South Korea needs to import 70%. Japan (60%) and China(15%) are also food importers. Major exporters in Asia are India, Thailand, Vietnam.

  4. Yee

    Let me shed some light for you about North Korea that the US government and western media never told you. That is, the North Korea really want to surrender to you.

    They has repeatedly told the US they want a peace treaty, they want to establish diplomatic relations with the USA. Meaning they want to surrender, but with their current regime in place, and they’re willing to give up their nuclear program.

    Have you heard of that? And have any expert told you who those many high ranking officials Kim killed were? Well, those were all pro-China. Kim is determined to go with his plan, he didn’t want to be sabotaged.

    Well, Kim maybe smart in some way, but real stupid in geo-politics. We know he’d be disappointed, because they’re more valuable to the US as an enemy than as an ass kisser. They’re an excuse to put troops around China, and maybe more military budget. Therefore, no matter how hard they try, the US just ignores them.

    On the other hand, all their tactics finally angered China, no point keep spoiling them, so North Korea become a ordinary country to China, no longer a protectee. This is how things stand now.

    But I don’t think there would be war on NK anytime soon. South China Sea is much much more dangerous a place for military conflicts. China must get rid of the threat to her only sea route sooner or later. But US is not likely give it up.

    • NK is so sick of China and so willing to suck USA cock. Unfortunately USA needs enemies and even though NK lick USA into orgasm, she was spurned like a spent toilet bowl.

      It is USA who sabotage NK.

      The Agreed Framework between the United States of America and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was signed on October 21, 1994 between North Korea (DPRK) and the United States. The objective of the agreement was the freezing and replacement of North Korea’s indigenous nuclear power plant program.

      Then almost immediately, USA congress void the agreement.

      In 2005 NK, agreed not to pursue nuke. In September the same year, USA froze NK account in Delta Asia Financial Group for amount of USD 25 million, bring NK to brinkmanship again.

      In 2007, USA under Bush and NK reached an agreement to shutdown Yonbyon nuke facility in exchange for loosening up sanctions. Shortly after in 2008, Obama rescind the promised to lift sanctions.

      China piss when NK bypass her. Nevertheless USA need an enemy and need stir shit. USA may not let NK off hook.

      • Mike

        That’s alright chinker. Your yellow asses are going to rule the world. We all know it. Why do you chinese mutant freaks hate other chinks in Asia..Whenever i speak to a Chinese person, he just brags how great his country is and hw they are going to become the leaders of the world displacing USA as a top power and quickly puts down other chink countries like japan,Korea and Vietnam.

  5. Jason Y

    Dennis Rodman – the wild man NBA star – traveled to Pyongyang recently and a documentary was made about it. Nonetheless, obviously, it’s propaganda – to a laughable degree. But at least he has an open mind – willing to try new groundbreaking things.

    Also, a co-teacher from Ireland that I worked with in South Korea had traveled to NK, but again, it’s pretty obvious he was exposed to propaganda and also he seems to be the useful idiot type – sort of like that guy in the movie “Last King of Scotland”. In other words, anyone against his enemy is his friend etc..

    • Yee

      North Korea is not as bad as people imagine. You can join a tour group to visit for 4 days, cost about US$500, very easy. Not sure about Americans, but other westerners like Spainish, Australians can enter.

      I’ve never been there, but according to people who has, not too bad. Though they’re close to pathologically alert of you taking photos, basically treating every tourist as potential spy.

      People don’t look starve, not even model thin, just not fat. I suppose they’d be envy by a lot women around the world.

      • Jason Y

        It would definitely be worth the money – but you’d be seen as a traitor back home, especially by right-wing types. Also, the whole time it would be an “I’m with stupid # 2 scene: 😆 – with you being a dunce puppet for the North Korean regime.

      • Jason Y

        That’s funny. What are they going to take photos of? Everything shown to them is propaganda.

      • EPGAH

        And Kim kidnapped 3 idiots who went to NK and is using them as Human Shields. So yes, you CAN go there, but it’s not a smart idea.

  6. Jason Y

    We cannot really be sure how much is fact vs fiction. Note, even Robert doesn’t take the hardcore liberal attitude about all places – note how he’s cynical about Africa (up to a point). Of course, no doubt, the deep state (the USA) hates NK and wants to slander it at all costs. However, they’re sort of a backward group. For instance, as I noted in another comment somewhere else, they imprison whole families in death camps up to the 3rd generation. This is really one of the few cases of this phenomenon since Negro slavery in the New World.

  7. Evil nice guy

    There is a discussion going on some Slavoj Zizek meme discussion Facebook page. There was some article about the North Korean elites’ harems – girls from middle schools who are selected to “entertain” the elite. Most of the people there were saying this is all propaganda and fake news. I did not say it there since my acquaintances can see I didn’t say it.

    But if i was in the North Korean elites’ position, and I had a way I could do it without feeling I was raping them, I would be doing exactly the same (not underage girls 18+). I am not saying all the news on North Korea is real. It’s a closed down country, and it’s hard to really know what’s going on there.

    And the Western media really likes to zoom in on countries that are not allowing Western multinationals to plunder it. But I have a strong feeling the elites there are really bad people.

  8. Magneto

    North Korea is the last country that has not submitted to the Rothschild international central banking system. That’s the real reason the Zionists are screaming for war with them.

    • Jason Y

      That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not doing evil things. I mean, Charles Manson wasn’t selling out either.

    • To have a central bank run by them is a way, but only one way to make a plea of allegiance to the Rothschild clan. To apply radical totalitarian communism is yet another faster way to submit to the Rothschilds’ ultimate will, which is a world where everyone except themselves are penniless, have no money except for day to day survival. To be a rabid antisemite or to kill persons suspected of being cosmopolitan Jews is absolutely no proof that your be in the camp of the brave, quite the contrary, and the Zionists themselves, as the fascists they were like all others, love antisemites far above their own decent people.

      • Jason Y

        The conspiracy thing seems to be idiotic crap – because, besides the fact people who are obsessed with aliens are in it, the fact remains you’re serving some sinister evil force no matter what you do – what choice you make.

  9. Magneto

    And yeah Trump’s a fucking sell out. I thought he was going to focus on CREATING JOBS because that is what is important to the majority of people. Instead he’s getting involved in all these stupid wars. MAKE ISRAEL GREAT AGAIN should have been his political motto.

    • Jason Y

      Like Reagan, he will create military jobs but screw the working class – unless of course, they happen to be in a military town.

      • Magneto

        Well technically there’s nothing wrong with a militarized economy. At least if there’s tons of soldiers everywhere, terrorists will be a lot less likely to attack since they know they will get killed immediately.

  10. Lin

    The Hindus definitely have worse food security than N. Korea, but Bharat now is the 6th biggest food exporter.



    N. Korea during the 70’s actually actually had higher per capita GDP than S. Korea, and they even once considered robotization of their manufacture back then. Somehow its economy got fucked up due to the following reasons IMO:

      1) Collapse of USSR,their major source of help.

      2) Very heavy expenditure on military as % of GDP.

      3) Reluctant to open up the economy, partially due to US sabotage and dynastic nature of the regime.

    • South Asia and Indochina actually have the most arable lands around. If managed properly, they will be major food baskets for much of the world. See the list in this link. http://www.worldatlas.com/articles/the-american-food-giant-the-largest-exporter-of-food-in-the-world.html. Only Thailand performed as expected.

      India has 60% arable land and produces less than Thailand but with more land. If India knows what it is doing it would have been the largest food exporter in the world.

      China’s interest in Laos is mostly agriculture related. Vietnam is up and coming. I wouldn’t write Vietnam off. Could be a regional economic power in the near future. Cambodia is a basket case. Not even worth the effort to deal with these idiots. Incidentally, two SEA countries, Malaysia and Thailand are doing well due to the largest ethnic Chinese minorities investing and managing the agriculture sectors.

      Despite the embargoes and isolation, North Korea is doing pretty well when compared to Sub-Saharan African countries and south Asia. Just imagine when NK opens up.

    • You go to NK today, streets are clean. While material well being is not that high but no one is as miserable as Indians.

      Note that one reason NK suffer economically is because USA rally the entire world to shut NK out.

      Today NK may even have higher living standards compared to India and most Africa. NK GDP per capita is low because she provides healthcare, education FOC.

      If NK follow USA style, charging exorbitantly for housing, education and healthcare, her GDP per capita may be among top 50 in the world.

      • Jason Y

        At the price of being a sheep – a worm. And if you disobey – then off to the camps. It’s no different than being a plantation slave in Alabama or Santo Domingo. Who are we kidding here?

        • I believe people complain about the system all the time. But you are not supposed to be an out and out dissident. What you have to do to be a dissident, I am not sure. You can get across the Chinese border pretty easily too. Just bribe some guards. People are going back and forth across that border all the time now. If they catch you trying to go to China, I think they just send you home.

          95% of the people just go along with the program I guess. The way they treat dissidents is pretty horrific though, I will admit.

          They have to lock that place down good though. Think of all the spying and sabotage the US would love to be doing there.

      • I am not trying to say NK is good. But 99% of white man are so terrible brainwashed that you guys forever think high GDP is good.

        Your country is taken over by Jewish bankers and Jews just rigged property price sky high. Next your medical cartel intoxicated you guys will exorbitant drug price.

        Then your media cheer GDP up and up.

        In a way, white man are not much clever then NKoreans.

  11. Jason Y

    Living in Communist nations isn’t so bad if you like living like a Jehovah’s Witness, cause the scene is about the same. And of course, such groups are under siege, and they the smart thing for them to do is to keep out outsiders. For instance, Jehovah’s Witnesses are incredibly tough, moral wise, you don’t see anyone with tattoos etc., especially girls, even in this day in age. There is no smoking, drinking etc..

    • Yee

      North Korea isn’t communism, what communist would ban Marx’s books?

      It’s a mixture of Fascism and feudalism. The Kim family have invented their own new ideology.

      Both North and South Koreans are extreme nationalist. They’re all mental cases.

      • Jason Y

        I do see the irony that NK praises Cuba in its propaganda but hates race mixing, something common in Cuba. I guess they think it’s OK for Latin America – but not them.

  12. Élie

    Hi Robert Lindsay! Thank you for your interesting article!

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