Only White People Are Smart Enough to Make Desalinization Plants

I watched a documentary about water in Israel, and Israelis said that if they gave the Palestinians permission to drill into the water below their land that the Palestinians would completely dry up the water reservoirs within 20 years. Whereas Israelis, a more civilized and intelligent race, used science and figured out how to turn salt water into fresh water. So Israelis, instead of destroying the environment by idiotic drilling, figured out how to solve their water problem naturally.

It’s the same thing in North India, these dumb fucking animals just keep drilling deeper and deeper until one day, the water will simply be gone.

Brown people are too fucking stupid to understand that if they destroy the environment, they will all die.

Whites are the only race intelligent enough to be environmentally friendly. So if whites do not stop the brown races from destroying the environment, we are all going to die. It is White people’s duty to save the earth from these dumb brown savages who will literally rape and destroy the environment if they are not stopped.

First of all, the Israelis drill that groundwater a lot too. Why haven’t Jordan, Syria, and the North African states drilled out all their water?

Incidentally, I live in the Central Valley of California, which is mostly large farms owned almost exclusively by White people. Extremely conservative White people. They are doing exactly the same thing that the Israelis accuse the Pallies of doing.

They are drilling that groundwater like there’s no tomorrow. The levels keep dropping and dropping, and soon there won’t be any more to drill, and they will all be screwed. We have been yelling at the farmers about this forever now, and all they do is scream back and tell us to shut up. We are trying to regulate the groundwater with state regulations which is the only way to stop this mess because capitalists are suicidal, and farmers are all capitalists.

All capitalists will destroy everything longterm in search of that short-term buck. Right now the capitalists are blowing up the whole climate of the world, and they won’t stop because if we did stop them, they wouldn’t get as much money. So capitalism is so insane that the capitalists are deadset on blowing up the whole climate with devastating effects for and possibly ruining the whole planet because saving the planet would mean making less money.

California to this day has the least regulated water in the nation. Even rightwing states in the West have heavily regulated water laws, as it should be. Even “liberal” Governor Jerry Brown has totally caved in to Big Agriculture. Big Ag runs the state. Some water regulations are proposed, but they are very weak and not due to take place for several years. It’s madness. Meanwhile every year the idiotic farmers drill deeper and deeper. The ground is now sinking in many parts of the Valley due to excessive water withdrawal.  They’re like an alcoholic on the bottle. They can’t quit and will keep pumping until the whole mess blows up. I cannot put into words how much I hate these farmers out here. They’re basically the worst humans on Earth as far as I am concerned.

Furthermore, Brown people are definitely capable of building desalinization plants. The very brown people of the Arabian Peninsula such as Saudis, Kuwaitis, Qataris, Emiratis, Bahrainis, and Omanis have all invested very heavily in desalinization plants. There are more desalinization plants in Arabia than anywhere else on Earth, especially than that (((shitty little country))). So Brown people absolutely can do this.

I assume the Pallies would like to do this, but there’s no way (((certain people))) would ever let them build a desalinization plant. In fact, in Gaza, they have a sewage treatment plant that works well, except that (((some people))) keep bombing it and blowing it, so it’s out of commission for long periods of time. Just about any major infrastructure the Pallies build is going to be bombed or blown up by Jew know who. I wonder why they build anything.

Desalinization plants are not exactly rocket science. If they were, the Arabians could never have built them.


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47 responses to “Only White People Are Smart Enough to Make Desalinization Plants

  1. (((Beauregard)))

    This anti-Arab stuff is truly nuts.

    Arabs were practicing medicine/sanitation while we were in the dark ages.

    It is the birthplace of civilization.

    They have much European ancestry and Europeans have much SW Asian ancestry.

    • Magneto

      the Hindu Vedas say that India is the birthplace of all races and civilizations and the “out of India” Aryan migration theory seems to confirm that. That modern day “white western people” are the descendants of the Aryan Brahmins of ancient India who migrated out of India.

  2. (((Beauregard)))

    Isn’t EPG@H just spamming the comments with his rants?

    How is this different from TR@SH. And worse than that, EPG@H does not even pretend to support left-wing economics.

    • You are allowed to spam away at the Comments. EPGAH does not derail, and Trash does. EPGAH is on moderation, and he does not say much about economics. I allow all comments within the scope of the site. EPGAH’s stuff that is bannable simply gets deleted. Anyway, EPGAH is now writing maybe 75% bannable comments, so I think I may ban him again. EPGAH is like Trash. He just cannot be good. Neither of these guys can control themselves.

      You’re not very smart, are you (((Beauregard)))? 😉 Because if you were smart, you would realize that Trash sneaked back onto the site several days ago and has already made 5-10 posts. So Trash is not even banned anymore. He is being a very good boy, so he gets to stay for now. Somehow he is controlling himself, but I do not understand how that is even possible.

      • (((Beauregard)))

        I realize that, but it is not quite like the Good Old Days 🙂

        Better yet, he calls himself “NPD” after “Narcissistic personality disorder”

    • Jason Y

      I’ve always wondered why people pay thru the roof for writers – when people will hate for free and even do what amounts to slave labor? Maybe it’s narcissism.

  3. Jason Y

    All capitalists will destroy everything longterm in search of that short-term buck. Right now the capitalists are blowing up the whole climate of the world, and they won’t stop because if we did stop them, they wouldn’t get as much money. So capitalism is so insane that the capitalists are deadset on blowing up the whole climate with devastating effects for and possibly ruining the whole planet because saving the planet would mean making less money.

    Nice summary – really nails it on the head. Anyhow, the said commentator is spewing a lot of propaganda motivated by hate – but that’s common. I guess ultimately, though, to dismantle such thinking you need sources – as Phil would say.

    • Phil78

      Or point out flaws within the text. For example, his sample of “brown” people is pretty much two populations, Robert using several in comparison.

      • Jason Y

        Isn’t he also using the same old silly flaw of saying he isn’t racist and people shouldn’t say he’s racist (cause of his WN beliefs) – and then turning around calling for a World War III extermination of NAMS, as well as just generally insulting them in the most vile manner?

        • Phil78

          That’s what baffles me. Sure, criticizing India is one thing, but to then criticize their racism towards Nigerians yet lump brown people up as needing to be exterminated is baffling with promote with either dropping one belief or experiencing constant cognitive dissonance.

          A pattern though is often referring to either latino immigrants or dark caucasoids as “brown”, rarely blacks directly but so my best guess is he holds his Nigerian friends in some sort of special regard.

        • Jason Y

          I think he’s just using un-PC gutter talk – which is fine when joking around with buddies at a bar, but it’s not rational to use as real arguments on a blog. It’s like saying, “Fuck them ***KKDK” etc..

        • Jason Y

          Note also the guy also brags about banging blacks and browns, yet craps on them as sub-human. But again, gutter talk.

        • Jason Y

          WNs who bang blacks and browns need to be beaten up when they go on sex adventures in the NAM part of town. It serves the pigs right !!

        • Magneto

          Jason, funny how “anti-racist” liberals always live in the whitest communities, whitest suburbs, etc.

          Whereas us “race realists” are the ones actually out there, living in the real world, amongst these races which you claim to be anti-racist against.

          Same thing with all these faggot SJW types. They rant and scream against racism and capitalism (nothing wrong there), but then they end up being the children of super rich parents who live in all white commuities.

          Hell I was one of them at one point. I was one of hte guys who tried to organize protests against the 2003 Iraq war, and I am coming from a rich family that used to live in one of the whitest suburbs.

        • Jason Y

          That’s not always the case. I grew up with kids chanting “KKK all the way” on the bus one day. All this rebel flag, white supremacist crap has simply ignited a backlash in me – making me the opposite.

          But yeah, i agree in many instances, it could be sheltered kids with no real exposure to mean people of other races or even poor people of their own race. So yeah, they live in a kind of “Disney Channel” tolerant fantasy world – but it’s not that way.

        • Jason Y

          Maybe if racists and the like didn’t “rub it in” with the groups they deem lower, then they wouldn’t hate them as much. See when kids are bullying non-whites, liberals, nerds, etc.. “rubbing it in”, then they’re creating even a stronger hatred against them.

        • Magneto

          “WNs who bang blacks and browns need to be beaten up”

          And there you have it. The true nature of SJW fascist scum coming out and suggesting petty violence as the solution. This is no different than the SJW scum in Berkeley that wants to shut down free speech and threaten violence against anyone who disagrees with their SJW, Marxist, feminist ideology.

          You cannot win thru free speech because your cultural Marxist arguments gets destroyed, so you resort to violence to shut down free speech.

        • How about:

          Kill em all! Let God sort em out!

          I say that a lot. Is that ok?

        • Jason Y

          WNs are always talking about the purity of their own race – and then they bang blacks and browns like some low-life Jew porn star. Why isn’t that something that needs to be pointed out?

          Note, this is all total proof that WNs of way back, in Jim Crow, were, of course, banging easy chicks, the ones they had the power to lynch. Of course, it’s easy to bang retarded chicks, but what a scumbag that would do that.

        • Jason Y

          And there you have it. The true nature of SJW fascist scum coming out and suggesting petty violence as the solution. This is no different than the SJW scum in Berkeley that wants to shut down free speech and threaten violence against anyone who disagrees with their SJW, Marxist, feminist ideology.

          You cannot win thru free speech because your cultural Marxist arguments gets destroyed, so you resort to violence to shut down free speech.

          One solution is to stay away from California college campuses or even California, but especially the campuses. I mean, you’re not going to hear that stuff in this area.

          Some places are just populated by certain ideologies and you just can’t change them.

        • Jason Y

          If you try to change the people in an areas populated by one ideology, you just look like an asshole. I mean, look how I was hated for being liberal where I live. It’s just not worth the time. So going to UC Berkely and stating un-PC views, does make one look like a dick-wad, cause those views are not cool there.

      • Pranav

        Many of us don’t even bother reading Magnetos screechings, they are full of hate completely devoid of any substance. The guy must be a second or third generation Indian which explains his attraction towards Indian women (natural instincts). If you want to read honest criticism and flaws about Indian culture, commenter Dota’s posts are the best. The only guest posts thats worth reading here apart the regular posts from Robert are the ones by Dota, BAG and Phil.

        • Jason Y

          I think all men are attracted to local dark women. The southern USA white male also wants a piece of it, However, when the really mean southern white males lynch black guys and then brag about raping black women – well, it doesn’t take an SJW to see the despicable nature of that.

  4. Jason Y

    Possibly Saudis and the like are importing friendly whites to run the place – sort of doing what I thought would have been good for Mugabe. Note, the Arab IQ isn’t to the right of the bell curve.

    • Magneto

      Well that is true. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, all those rich oil countries have quite a few white expats. Much of the modern technology is probably run by white expats

  5. Jason Y


    Desalinization plants are not exactly rocket science. If they were, the Arabians could never have built them.

    Running massive farms in Zimbabwe was more difficult than making and running these plants?

    • We are talking about Arabs and African Blacks here. Arabs are quite capable of not only making desalinization plants but also large scale farming. Blacks are not good at large scale farming in Africa anymore and I doubt if they are good at building desalinization plants.

      What makes you think Arabs = African Blacks? Not the same thing.

  6. Capitalism seems little more than a system designed to plug into the part of the brain where pleasure is achieved through acqusition, and stimulate that, and only that part of the brain.

    Capitalism reminds me of rats in skinner boxes frantically pressing buttons for a pellet. The economic system creates this cultural climate.

    However one has to ask, if these Brown countries never came into contact with Whites, would they still have these plants, or some equivalent?

  7. Homer Simpson

    But I thought east asians were supposed to be the most intelligent race on Earth, as their IQ points as a whole somewhat more than whites, with the averages leaning towards the higher scores.

    • Phil78

      No one here seems to be doubting East Asian technical abilities, so why do you ask?

      If you mean discrepancies in general, It’s mainly due to behavior that overall g scores that is mainly rooted in Europe transitional from a traditional economy.

    • Jason Y

      But they’re very small. It’s a little dose of humility for them. I mean, they aren’t the Aryan Superman, for sure. 😆

      • Homer Simpson

        But that’s still besides the point. Going by that reason, you mind’s as well write off the whole human race as well, for if it weren’t for our high intelligence in relation to all the other animals, we’d be on the lower totem of the food chain as it would.

        • Phil78

          But then you would have to define intelligence. Not that you can’t point towards a unique capacity for cognition in humans, but if you are going to say “most intelligent” by raw IQ scores you then have issues.

          For one, NE asian IQ is somewhat more mathematical compared to Europeans, verbally they are closer to 99. And then you would have to account for the behavioral differences between the two groups which may as well be explanatory as to why Europe broke free of traditional Economy through the industrial Revolution and not China.

          So without context on the nature of their IQ, calling them the “most intelligent” is a tad hasty.

    • Magneto

      East Asians, aka East Aryans, are fine in my book. Seems like when a lot of the Aryan Brahmins migrated out of India, some of them went east and mixed with the mongols and that’s why East Asians have such white features.

      The facts are, the whiter you are, the smarter you are. It’s just genetics, and the Hindu religion agrees with this.

      • Jason Y

        And do Indians or Chinese etc..(assuming they were in the position to do so) ever try to improve the environment of those they deem “lower than themselves”?

      • Jason Y

        Note, it’s the snobby nature displayed here is WHY India is so poor etc.. They don’t lift a finger to help anyone in need, like the Latin American elites.

      • Phil78

        Actually there White genes are independent from European light skin alleles.

        “Mongolians” proper actually have more caucasian blood than Han Chinese and their Nomadic culture didn’t exactly out do them.

        Also, what do you consider “white” features? If you mean Light then that won’t cut it because aside from that Whites and NE barely resemble each other externally.

        • Frito Pendejo

          You wouldn’t be talking about the central asian turks & Mongols by any chance?

        • Phil78

          Basically, Yes. As far as I can see, Turkish influence or at least the general “Caucasian” component that lead to Turks which may also be a Common ancestor with some mongolians are responsible for the report of Caucasian admixture in Mongolia.

          While not completely familiar with this caucasian group, my guess is that they were similar to Indoeuropeans, in which i guess they were the combined result of Northern Hunter-gathers and either Southern Middle eastern Hunters or farmers.

  8. Magneto

    Robert when you say the farms are owned by whites, but aren’t they actually owned by Monsanto? There used to be millions of farms in America, family farms, but the big agriculture like Monsanto, etc, put them all out of business and now the only farms that exist are mega farms run by Monsanto and other big companies.

    One good thing about GMOs- it has been shown to cause full sterilization within 3 generations of consumption. So soon the overpopulation problem especially in the 3rd world will be solved. People won’t be able to get pregnant anymore. GMOs literally make you infertile, after 3 generations.

    • Jason Y

      If it’s really corporate farms in Rhodesia being evil, then why do WNs say it’s “white farmers” ?? That’s misleading.

    • Monsanto is not over in Africa. They have not taken over here either. There are still a lot of family farms and ranches out there. And they make GOOD MONEY. Ranching is big business here. If I owned an almond orchard, I would net $50K/minimum NO PROBLEM. Actually a lot of ranches, vineyards and farms and now owned by physicians and attorneys mostly as investment vehicles more than anything else. I laugh when people talk about “Oh the poor farmers!”

      LOL out here, farmers have MONEY bro. Farming is a cash crop out here. It costs a lot to get started , but once you have a ranch or vineyard, you are set up pretty good at $50K/year absolute minimum. There are a lot of huge houses, more or less mansions, on the outskirts of town. Guess who owns those? Rich farmers. Rich White farmers, mostly ethnic Whites and their money still run this 67% Hispanic city and the Mexicans are just fine with that arrangement. And those farmers are WAY RIGHTWING.

  9. SHI

    From my experience, I have met Whites who seem to operate in “God” mode, so intuitive and clever that they seem to consciously create their own Realities. The overall vibration level is just so high. These are the really smart ones who rescue puppies, and will find the cure for cancer someday.

    Then there are plenty of dumb Whites you run into. Here in Bali, I am seeing such specimens everyday and can’t help but laugh at their naivete, they seem to have spent a lot of time in Asia but have no fucking clue on how third-worlders really think. These are the Gringos being robbed left, right and centre by scammers in the tourism industry – money exchangers, package tour providers, vehicle rental agencies, local “girlfriends” and their pimps, even supermarket cashiers.

    Here is this pasty-skin sucker with his Asian love interest. So sweet. From his voice, I could tell he’s broke already. That’s when you take your girlfriend out to McDonald’s instead of her favorite Sushi restaurant. Seems about fair – most Caucasoids that look like him are complete douchebags. They listen to douchey musicians such as Ed Sheeran, One Direction, and Shitcake, that is why they’re so full of themselves. You can’t depend on these twats for simple stuff like directions, or minding your bags for a minute so that you can use the toilet. What I hate most about them is the frat-boy culture they come from, automatically assuming you’d be willing to become one of their frat cousins. I hate it when they pepper each and every sentence in English with fillers such as “bro”, “dude”, “Man!”, and derivatives of them. With such a limited vocabulary, wouldn’t they be automatically seen as stupid if they weren’t White.

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