Why Daily Kos Gets Brackets

Here. From a link that Beauregard said was evidence that Daily Kos did not need brackets. Well, yeah they do.

Barring demonstration to the contrary, DK and many contributors more or less supports sufficient intervention in Syria to have Assad deposed.

Daily Kos hates Tulsi Gabbard. I mean hates hates hates hates hates her. Because she tells it like it is in Syria. She says AssadPutin is the good guy and the rebels are the bad guys. She says we should not be intervening to support Al Qaeda and ISIS, which is what we are doing. Yes, the US is using ISIS and Al Qaeda to try to get rid of Assad. Why does Assad have to go? Ahem, becauase (((a certain group of people))) insist that he must. (((These))) are the only people in the US who want him gone. The US insists Assad is a threat to the United States. LOL! How is he a threat to us? Is that some sort of a joke? That depends on which United States you are talking about.

Is he a threat to the United States? Of course not, how ridiculous!
Is he a threat to the (((United States)))? Well of course he is!

You see, (((some people))) have convinced us that all of the enemies of (((these people))) are also the enemies of America. But that’s not true. They’re their enemies, not ours. Unless you say there is no America and all there is is (((America))), in which case it makes sense. (((Those people))) and (((America))) simply become one and the same, inseparable, interchangeble, identical twins, euphemisms for each other.

Well, you know what? I think the name of our country should be the United States. Turning the country’s name into the (((United States))) or “USreal” is not acceptable. Why don’t (((those people))) go fight their own wars, dammit? Why are we fighting all these wars for (((2% of the population)))? Who runs this country anyway?

Any American who thinks this any of the things below automatically gets brackets, ok? No questions asked.

  • Russia is evil and must be fought.
  • Iran is the enemy.
  • Iran must be stopped and regime changed.
  • Iranian expansionism in the Middle East must be stopped!
  • Iran’s fake nuclear program must be halted, and if they don’t we will bomb them.

Iran is not our enemy. Iran is not the enemy. Iran does not even have any aggressive designs on any Arab state. The idea that Iran is a threat to US security is asinine! But then, if the name of the country is not the US, but the (((US))), then of course Iran is a threat to us.

Do you think Hezbollah is the enemy? Do you think Hezbollah is one of the greatest threats to our nation, as the Pentagon insanely believes? Congratulations! You just won yourself  a brand new set of sparkling brackets!

If you hate Russia and think Putin is the enemy, in my opinion, you get brackets. It’s true that this is simply the opinion of US imperialism, the Pentagon, the Deep State and only Soviet haters and Left haters. On the other hand, this is also one of the worst enemies of a certain group of people. Anyway, those phrases are really spelled (((US imperialism))), the (((Pentagon))), the (((Deep State))), the (((Soviet haters))) and the (((Left haters))).

Hell, even the Washington Establishment is really spelled (((Washington Establishment))). There are no borders between any of those things. Israel-firstism and hardline Zionism are set in stone principles of every one of those entities bracketed in the paragraph above. At this point, Israel-firstism and radical Zionism are as American as Mom, the flag, apple pie and baseball. I assume at some future time, we will have to start bracketing those beloved Americanisms too. There seems no end to the creeping Zionization of the US Establishment. Maybe we should just end the charade, merge the two countries into one and be done with it.

So to answer the question above, of course (((Daily Kos))) gets brackets! They support military action against and regime change of Assad’s government. That means I’m going to put those damn brackets on them faster than you can say, “Cheese.”


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11 responses to “Why Daily Kos Gets Brackets

  1. By a Way of Deception thou shall do War - Mossad Motto

    I think it’s quite shameful how most of the Americans have been turned into blind slaves of that state that just sucks their taxpayer’s money by trillions and uses them like fools for its own selfish agenda.
    They are not even wanted in Zionist state in occupied Palestine.

    This is the most racist country on the planet were even marriage with a non-Jew lands you in prison for 2 years.


  2. By a Way of Deception thou shall do War - Mossad Motto

    And when it comes to their racism towards non-Jews and their “chosen” arrogance, I just want to tell this. They are not even those ancient hebrews, they have converted during various points in history and most of them are Khazars.


  3. Beauregard

    Bob- We need to appeal to moderates. This is a very trying time.

    Phrases like “Putin is a good guy” whether true or not, alienates LOTS of people. If we want to prevent widespread support of another war, like things were with Iraq in 2003, we need to simply point out the negative effects of intervention.

    I.E. “Assad & Putin aren’t good guys, but ISIS is worse”
    we lose credibility when we say “Putin and Assad are good guys”

    I haven’t heard Rep. Gabbard say it; as she knows the fallout would be rough.

  4. (((Beauregard)))

    I dunno Bob, I reread the article and it discusses the “apparent” bombing (throwing shade upon the credibility of the intelligence reports) and talks of the ‘after effects’ of the bombing/ the failures of “nation building”

    Perhaps Daily Kos gives token air time to non-interventionists.

    • Looki. They ARE noninterventionists, at least under Trump. 😦 But they are swalling allo the lies about chemical weapons attacks and the evil Assad who kills his own people and all that, so that gives them ((( ))) right off the bat. Also I lifetime ban for suggesting that some guy repeating lies about Assad lives in Tel Aviv?! They said that was anti-Semitism, and that results in a lifetime ban over there. You hear that? “Anti-Semitism” results in a lifetime ban over there. Dude, I have been involved in the Democratic Party for decades. Do you have any idea (((who))) controls the Democratic Party? I do.

  5. Jason Y

    Russia is evil and must be fought.
    Iran is the enemy.
    Iran must be stopped and regime changed.
    Iranian expansionism in the Middle East must be stopped!
    Iran’s fake nuclear program must be halted, and if they don’t we will bomb them.

    North Korea, Syria, and Iran should be MOAB-ed soon given the Trump mentality – assuming Putin or China doesn’t seriously fight back and Russia or China won’t be attacked cause they both have nuclear arsenals.

    • Jason Y

      The Trump mentality plus hardcore right wing Christian Fascists like Pence. Note, Trump, has basically given the military a green light to “do what it feels is best in its judgment” and we all know what the means – eeekk.

    • North Korea also has a nuclear arsenal of ~10-15 nuclear weapons.

      • EPGAH

        That sounds like a good reason to clean them out, don’t you think?

        • Um, the problem is that once a county has usable nuclear weapons, there is no way to even attack them, much less clean them out. Countries with NUKES, EXCEPT THE UNITED SNAKES, do not usually go around invading and conquering other countries. Once you get those, most major players leave you alone. No Arab country attacks Israel anymore, no nation has declared war on Britain, France, China, India or Pakistan. None of those countries go around invading other countries and they don’t get invaded or even attacked themselves except by low level actors.

          If we attack North Korea, they will use those fucking nuclear weapons. Don’t you get it? They WILL use them, I promise you. And I HOPE THEY DO USE THEIR NUKES if we attack them. They have a right to. They have a right to use whatever means they wish to ward off attacks. North Korea is not an aggressive nation. They have no aggressive intent towards any other country. Everything they do is defensive. I don’t blame them and I hope they keep building those nukes to where they can hit the US. That would make me very happy.

        • EPGAH

          To me, the fact that they’re building nukes with an aim (pun intended) to hit us, means they need to be destroyed before they reach that Level of sophistication. Easier to clean them out before they can do any serious damage to us, than when they can attack us, as their rhetoric has proven they want to.

          As to Isreal, they get hit on the regular, and they hit back. We pay them, essentially, to stop them from solving the Moslem problem in the way that would leave the entire region a contiguous sheet of glass.

          Personally, I want to stop paying them, I want to stop defending them, I WANT them to nuke the terrorists, if only so I can hand out big bags of Told You So to some people here and on other fora.

          I want the Moslem terrorists to be some footnote, and future Moslem attacks on the Civilized World to be as incredible as it would be if I reported Indians attacking right now.

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