Some Possible Policies for Improving the Black Problem in the US

Some Random Asshole: Robert, what James said her excellently represents the rational and fair view on race. Yeah, there are quite a few more feeble minded and uncivilized ones and really not that many smart ones among Blacks or Mexicans when compared to Whites or Asians, but there are exceptions everywhere. And even the fucked up ones are often not that bad and just need some guidance and welfare or something, even if they wont amount to much in life. Didn’t you think as much when you taught at Black schools?

The only thing is, you need to realize that we really just do not need to increase their numbers and its very important for us to stay majority White and Asian and stop certain groups from immigrating here. Its no offense to the other groups, they should be treated with respect and care…but at the same time, its ultimately disastrous to increase their numbers to the point where they become the majority. Its a fair balance, I think.

Treat them nice but do not bring in any more. Both ideas are crucial to the survival of civilized society.

You are new to the site, right? I have been arguing this fact for a long time now. I do not care too much about Mexicans, but Blacks definitely are a problem race. Now you ask me what I propose to do about that?

Honestly I am not sure if this is much that can be done!

Support Black politics. I love the Black Congressional Caucus. That’s one of my favorite groups in government. I love John Lewis. The legislation that the Blacks like and promote in Congress is reasonable, and support most all of it. Keep on doing that.

Keep on fighting real racism against Blacks because that just makes them even angrier, crazier and more hair-triggered than they already are.

I would even like to figure out why they are so damned violent and maybe give them a pill or something to lower their testosterone levels perhaps and calm them down. Liberals go start raving berserk when I say that. They scream, “Tuskegee! Tuskegee! Tuskegee! Tuskegee! Tuskegee!” I would make it voluntary of course. Say you are a Black man and you keep getting in trouble, keep acting violent, keep going to jail or prison, can’t control your temper or your impulses. Maybe you start figuring that your biology might be screwing up your life and you are getting tired of being a loser. Maybe some of these Blacks might take some pill we could make that caused them to lash out and screw up so much. What’s wrong with that? Why am I evil for saying that?

And of course, number one really, quit importing them, dammit. If you have a problem group of people, first of all, you quit bringing in even more of them and making the problem bigger.

However, I would allow anyone of any race with say a minimum 100 IQ to come to the US. I do not anticipate a big problem with this. If a 100 IQ Black or Hispanic wishes to come here, I do not see why we should not let him in.


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75 responses to “Some Possible Policies for Improving the Black Problem in the US

  1. Magneto

    “However, I would allow anyone of any race with say a minimum 100 IQ to come to the US. I do not anticipate a big problem with this. If a 100 IQ Black or Hispanic wishes to come here, I do not see why we should not let him in”

    This is the solution I’ve been promoting for years now. But I said sterilize anyone with an IQ under 100 so they cannot breed. Maybe that’s a bit extreme but definitely no immigrant with an IQ under 100 should be allowed to come to America.

    • Jason Y

      It’s hard, though, to say how many whites have IQs under 100 and I bet it’s a lot of whites, some being Trump supporters, no offense.

    • Your final solution will sterilize half of the whites, most of the blacks, 2/3 of Hispanics. What you got left are “Snowflakes” and East Asians running the country. Is that what you want? I find it very ironic when WNs talk about race and IQ together. All this race talk in WN sites are mainly because of those WNs being displaced by the 21st century economy. People from the left side of the bell curve shouldn’t talk about race and IQ. What they want is to move back to the pre-Clean Air Act 1970s.

      • Beauregard

        “All this race talk in WN sites are mainly because of those WNs being displaced by the 21st century economy”

        When I proposed this on I was told “better than Hillary supporters, who all like fried chicken”….

        • When I proposed this on I was told “better than Hillary supporters, who all like fried chicken”…

          See? Racism. Nasty stuff too. “Hillary supporters are all a bunch of niggers.”

          This is typical US racism. Democrats are niggers, beaners and niggerlovers. That’s why I vote Republican. There are MILLIONS of Americans who are exactly like this.

        • Jason Y

          See? Racism. Nasty stuff too. “Hillary supporters are all a bunch of niggers.”

          This is typical US racism. Democrats are niggers, beaners and niggerlovers. That’s why I vote Republican. There are MILLIONS of Americans who are exactly like this.

          If I had a dad like these typical Republicans I’d be in the same boat as that sissy/gay prince on Braveheart. Note, he tried to stab him (Edward Longshanks) with a play knife in one scene, unsuccessfully.

        • I have kids and the one thing I emphasized over and over again is no one owes you a living. It is better to be a predator than a sheep. At the end of the day it is not about race. It is all about what you do.

        • (((Beauregard)))

          “I have kids and the one thing I emphasized over and over again is no one owes you a living. It is better to be a predator than a sheep. At the end of the day it is not about race. It is all about what you do.”

          “if you don’t like the way the table is set, then you flip the table”

      • Beauregard

        Ironically, such a solution would exclude most of the HBD sphere.

        There would be tumbleweeds in the AmRen comment section, possibly stormfront as well.

        Possibly Daily Stormer types would still have some around, but if one were to put an Autism or mental illness requirement in place, none would be there either.

        • I posted the same post on Amren 2 years ago and got banned ever since. I guess the truth hurts.

        • Jason Y

          I posted the same post on Amren 2 years ago and got banned ever since. I guess the truth hurts.

          Can’t these self-proclaimed tough guys take the harsh standards they dish out ?? Inquiring minds want to know.

        • (((Beauregard)))

          My favorite moment on that site was John Engleman condescendingly explaining that if Blacks couldn’t be repatriated both logistically and without support from Whites in 1865, they surely could not be repatriated in the 21st century with their ties/roots here.

          John Engleman is one of muh own; a West Virginia-n.

        • (((Beauregard)))

          I really don’t like Jared Taylor. He comes across very pretentious, almost psuedo-intellectual (the WNs can’t even nail down the classifications of races- SW Asians and Euros are miles apart, there are no White Hispanics, etc.)

          I honestly have more respect for Spencer. He is not a snake in the grass, everyone knows what he is about.

        • (((Beauregard)))

          pseudo intellectual.

        • Jason Y

          Beauregard – aka William

        • (((Beauregard)))

          Looks like I’ve been caught.

    • Frito Pendejo

      But who’d be left to do all the dirty work, such a janitorial, stocking shelves,etc. if everyone has an IQ of 100 or more,as they’d still be @ least jobs that would still require people to do, even if it is possible to automate most low skilled jobs nowadays,( fast food, various manufacturing jobs, nurse’s aid,etc.)? Surely not black folks, with their tendency to be somewhat lazy @ times, nor Mexicans, with their violent tendencies, & their Latin culture incomparable with our Anglo-Protestant one. I suppose what could work out then is maybe allow a limited number of lower IQ whites scoring 85 plus into the country, as so they’d be just enough people to do low skilled work that even robots won’t be able to do in the foreseeable future.

  2. Magneto

    But realistically I doubt races can co-exist in the long term. White people are liberal enough to support multiculturalism. But it is the NATURE of the non-white races to play the VICTIM ROLE, the INFERIOR ROLE, and thus create a race war against their “white oppressors”.

    Non-whites cannot but help develop a massive inferiority complex around whites and this eventually morphs into hatred, which soon morphs into a race war.

    Multiculturalism simply DOES NOT WORK. Believe me, I wish it did, because I love pounding black and brown pussy and that won’t be possible in an all-white ethnic society.

    • Jason Y

      It depends on how much multi-culturalism. If the NAM count is above a small amount, then problems arise, but a low amount is normally no cause for concern. At a low amount, you’d probably see just as many white criminals etc.. as NAM ones. I mean, you can see it in the paper all the time. White parents abusing white kids etc..

  3. Phil78

    Aside from from my mentioning of my cousin in one of my articles, I never really mentioned other blacks that I really knew well that influenced my ideas on the matter.

    During my sophomore year I had a friend name Francis, Dominican descent, in my Geometry class. Good guy, played Basketball in the same part of Jersey my Dad was Born in after his family moved from SC, but he didn’t really focus that much in class.

    Regarding my opinion on blacks in general, despite the general impressions I may give, I actually don’t hate the mass. I hate romanticism and ignoring/excusing statistics from crime to IQ, but not the people themselves. I can explore my true “feelings” in a future article that I’m sort of in the process of writing but lost track of time.

    As for “goals to aim for”, mine is really to create reasons for other groups not to care much about them. To me it’s arguable that it’s really not so much of how “blacks changed” over the years to warrant recent WN responses as it is to how the issues are offensively popularized towards to potential WNs that America has a debt to “fix” their problems.

    What ever the cause of the conflict is, unless we seek an authoritarian solution, I honestly believe that NOBODY can help blacks “as a mass” aside from Black people if we are going to even going to accept situations needing to be “fixed” (on one hand many reject this yet on the other hand accept it under the veil of victimhood by discrimination). I actually have some faith in academic social papers on describing “black culture”, but is either under-publicized, read by the “wrong audience” who need to make an effect, or uses a standard approach in addressing and presenting the role of discrimination.

    Regarding discrimination, for the most part I believe in implicit discrimination having the biggest effect and is probably widespread, but my issue is that it’s been noted to be a rather persisting form of human nature in many so I hardly see how it can be successfully combated by media influence WITHOUT counter-intuitive side effects (say merely reacting differently to old cues rather than eliminating the instinct itself).

    Tulio brought up making people “aware” of it as a white privilege…the obvious issue being the expectation of human nature to generally be that wise, especially the bulk of non-feeling executives.

    When you get down to it though it’s pretty much a war against, if not the media, the crowd the media accumulated to seek a shift but as Robert noted we are pretty much in the process of an evident decline so there really not much I can see to be done.

    • Phil78

      update- by “his family” I meant my father’s.

      My best solution is persistent, localized help starting with one to understanding how people think and establish a connection with. Not the majority, just one.

  4. Beauregard


    Mode #1: High average IQed Autistics or Schizophrenics. Gifted in one or two areas, but completely retarded in other areas, yet can’t accept that fact. Tend to be from blue states and were both rejected by White liberal peers and bullied by NAMs bused in from the inner city.

    Scored 1300/1600 on SAT (200 points below Ivy league level) yet blame “Jewish nepotism” for not being accepted into Harvard.
    WHERE YOU CAN FIND THEM:, daily stormer, Kmac, etc.

    Mode #2: “Clint the Cuck”
    WHERE YOU CAN FIND THEM: AmRen, Stormfront, etc.

    • Beauregard

      Mode #1 catchphrases: “We’re going to deport all non-Whites starting with the Jews” (subtext: cuz they denied me admission to Harvard and bullied me for my social disorder).
      “muh intuition”
      “muh (anything)”
      “Why can’t all Jews be like Barry Goldwater?”
      “We wuz kangs”

      Mode #2 catchphrases: “Therd wurld mongrol savages”
      “Bum” (in reference to Obama)
      “Jrd Teylor is sooper smrt”
      Referencing anything from
      “Israel is our greatest ally against Moslem dogs!”

      • Jason Y

        Should someone feel sympathy for mentally ill types (Asian, white, whatever) who spend their spare time trolling humanity with sick psychopathic crap? No, we should kick their ass.

        Note, I wish I could feel sympathy for them, and if they weren’t racist I would, but I think beating up or killing them – is for their own good.

        And for the Clint types, I hate them, but I feel more sympathy for them cause they had a rough background, while the nerdy types are just sick mama’s boys – and also ones who do school shootings, by the way.

    • Jason Y

      The first type seems to be the faggot type – as in dick not gay. They just need someone smash their face in with a shovel.

      • Jason Y

        Sort of a mirror image of troll-ish Asian nationalists on Asia Finest. People who are as deranged as Hannibal Lecture, but normally lack any real physical power to back up their mouth.

  5. Beauregard


    HBDers brush off this fact, as well as many other facts HBD entails (like Racialists having lower IQs because they can’t resist impulses, Black r-selectivity makes them better celebrities, Jews have the highest IQ, etc.)
    Recently they’ve tried to overcompensate with the masculinity shtick, but of course they can’t rival Blacks in that regard per HBD.

    Really, the HBD -> Trumpenreich idea is just a massive non-sequitur. The evidence they claim supports their ideology actually doesn’t.

    • Pranav

      Dude, seems like you’re totally gone TRASHesqued. Guess you’re in love with him (brotherly ofcourse).

    • So Jews are the most primitive people on Earth, right?

      • Beauregard

        Well, not Jews like Bernie or Jill Stein.

        (((Ron Perlman))) even looks like a Gorilla.

      • (((Beauregard)))

        There is significant overlap between the Jared Taylor crowd and the Pamela Geller/Milo Y crowd.

        These types of WNs do not seem to object to the endless wars. They hate the browns so much ANY misery upon them is a blessing.

        • Escargot

          A brown will often be more sensitive to anti-brown sentiment. Browns like Jason probably don’t even exist.

        • Jason Y

          Real browns or blacks would get angry at any talk of racism at all. The ones like Phil on here are an extreme minority. Well, I can’t really blame them. They just don’t want to go back to separate bathrooms, water fountains etc..

        • Escargot

          My family is almost all pro-black. I think Whites have a self-sacrificing nature, wheras jews and other non-Whites to a lesser extent don’t want to sacrifice themselves for another tribe.

        • Jason Y

          I don’t think totally sacrificing yourself to another race is the norm – not even in liberal areas. However, some, like most liberals, are sympathetic to another race, but even among most of them, they know deep down a lot of blacks are criminal etc.. have massive problems.

        • Escargot

          I remember seeing a group of crying Whites being shackled and guided around by blacks as an apology for slavery. An extreme example but I’ve not seen this type of behavior or even mild sympathy for Whites in other races.

        • Jason Y

          Actually, we have prisoners now of all races. However, of course, seeing kids shackled up is wrong. In other words, the idea that the innocent must suffer. Nowadays, the only place that seems to practice that abomination is North Korea. They force kids to go into prison camps due to the sins of the parents – up the 3rd generation – sort of like a Bible thing.

        • Jason Y

          Possibly nobody cared about Negro slavery back in the day was cause people thought in tribalistic terms, much as Daily Stormer etc.. do now. In other words, they didn’t mind shackling up people, who nowadays would be considered innocent, cause it was thought that people were racial criminals as opposed to criminals.

        • Jason Y

          I put a lot of the blame on Christianity. I mean, let’s be honest here. The idea that people of a race or tribe deserve to be punished from birth is a Biblical idea. And of course, once you get money involved – it’s also massively profitable lol (dark sarcasm)

  6. Beauregard

    Israel firsters are not the only cause of these wars.

    You have to follow the money as well.

    It seems the “National Building” phenomena originated with Cheney- Haliburton types, and they entered into an alliance with the (((media))) once the (((media))) realized it could benefit (((a certain little country))).

    • Jason Y

      One view is that Israel is a base, but if Israel wasn’t there, Saudi could be used as one. Of course, bases are needed cause the US needs the oil in the region, or at least until fracking came out.

  7. (((Beauregard)))

    The sad truth is that the fascism arising in Europe will not harm the Jews.

    It all is against Muslims, particularly Arab Muslims, and the far-right loves Israel for ‘knowing how to put them down’ or whatever.

    • Escargot

      Real far-right is not pro-Israel like neocons.

      • (((Beauregard)))

        This was in reference to Geert Wilders.

        Afaik Marine Le Pen never really talked about Israel. Few French like it anyway so it’s really a non-issue.

    • Whoa, where’d you get those cool-looking brackets, Beauregard? Those look really cool. Can I ask how much you paid for them? Were they on sale? I think of us ought to start wearing brackets. They are actually a nice addition to your wardrobe.

  8. Jason Y

    East Tennessee is generally the ideal situation for the US with it’s low but not non-existent amount of blacks. The decent sized city of Morristown, though, has a Latino majority and it causes ethnic problems.

  9. (((Beauregard)))

    the HBDer answer is that they were isolated after the Bering land bridge melted and did not receive genes for high IQ passed on by sexual mutations.

    The problem with this is that there is really no selection for larger brains prenatally. One would be more likely to die during childbirth, up until Caesaran.

    The only way HBD is possible is using the cold winter selection- eliminating extremely small headed people by them not breeding at all, not that some magic mutation changes everything. The rate of increase in head size had to have occurred at a slow rate for all, not sudden.

  10. (((Beauregard)))


    I shit you not I came across the phrase “third world mongrol
    e and o are far apart on the keyboard; this was not a typo.

    This particular fella listed his location as “in the everglades backwoods, away from cultural marxists and Jews”.

    The notion that the readership of such a site is a classy ideas powerhouse is far fetched.

    • Jason Y

      It’s so easy, though, for Cultural Marxist elitist snobs to point out West Virginia, your home, as being 3rd world – it was always a joke that it was part of it.

      • (((Beauregard)))

        As always, it is just a subset of the population that TR@SH describes.

        Likewise, West Virginia has an average annual income equivalent to about twice Colombia’s per PPP. Colombia is not even a “third world country”.

        “Clint the cucks” makeup no more than 10% of the population of W.V., however, as TJF pointed out, even with those modest numbers most of the internet is swamped with their WN stuff, and your facebook feed as well 😉

    • Jason Y

      So the notion that the Duck Dynasty are just socially acceptable and TV friendly white supremacists isn’t off mark ?? But boy, criticizing them here makes you the enemy of the people.

    • Jason Y

      My own family – jokes aside about Jews, are practically white supremacists – at least my more “country” dad’s side. They’re just really vulgar, tobacco smoking, hard drinking, poor white fellows. Some of them have mellowed out, but not really AND they’re part Amerindian – so a bit of hypocrisy going on.

    • npd

      That is where the Jews and Liberals WANT whites on the top of the Bell-Curve or WN’s to be-far from the centers of finance or culture in the 6 figure postal codes where they can afford to live.

      Do YOU SEE Jews seeking to live in the Pine Barrens of Seminole Florida or do you them in Miami? Are they living in Manhattan or upstate NYC on the Canadian border in McVeigh type small towns?

      Poor and angry Anglo-Celtics like the Amerindians are intended to live on dirt roads or jerkwater towns where their archaic beliefs and lifestyles cannot offend hipsters, NAMS or yuppies.

      Since you cannot do any “mudding” or “huntin'” in the cities or suburbs in addition to probably lacking the overall earning power to purchase 6 figure property than poor whites are “zoned out” just as NAMS are zoned “in” particular city epicenters.

      Economically the de fact intention is too exclude the violent, ignorant, lower IQ “breeders” from living in suburbs and uptowns intended for the urban liberal elite and white-collar high-earners.

      • Jason Y

        The country people like Ted Nugent have a point, though, about how liberals want to eat meat, but they hate hunters, farmers etc.. who produce food, viewing them as socially offensive.

      • Jason Y

        Some of my family is indeed a trashy horror story from National Lampoon’s Vacation or Married with Children, but it’s just the way they are. They’re is nothing REALLY wrong with that. At least, they’re not fake. But you can understand why some in our family want to progress beyond that. We want to be more kind and intellectual.

  11. (((Beauregard)))

    Jewson Yiddish

    “Third world” is not the right adjective.

    There certainly is a lethargic element in the pace of things, there are plenty of rednecks who have nothing better to do than engage in degenerate behaviors, etc. but not all behave like Clint.

    Society could not function even at the level it does.

    • Jason Y

      Some degenerates are successful like if they’re in the army. One Facebook WN blowhard, as you mentioned, is a former army guy who goes and gambles at Indian reservations on the weekend, and who knows what other money he has.

      • npd

        This is why Japan protests rapes near bases and Taxi drovers are killed for 9 dollars in robberies.

        Dahmer was busted in Germany masturbating in front of German children.

        That is what happens when proles come off the street in their late teens or early twenties to enlist.

        • Jason Y

          Interesting. Right a combo of degenerate white proles and NAMS.

        • Jason Y

          Definitely army service is highly to blame for making some in my family a Hank Williams Jr / Lynard Skynard clusterfuck nightmare. Yeah, of course, they’re prejudiced after being in the army with NAMS and the army lifestyle is very vulgar and wild etc…

      • Jason Y

        This is why Japan protests rapes near bases and Taxi drovers are killed for 9 dollars in robberies.

        Yeah, but the women there are selling sex. Of course, degenerates will buy. AND Japanese men are degenerates – but they only protest foreign degenerates.

        Catch my drift ?? Note, how Japan is probably RobertLindsay’s wet dream. It’s a total male dominated place, but not in the Muslim sense, but rather in a Playboy sense.

        • Jason Y

          Note: What Japanese and Koreans want are white Samboes. Effeminate guys who lick thier ass, while, meanwhile, they (the Asians) walk around being the most disgusting male chauvanist pigs this side of Las Vegas..

  12. (((Beauregard)))

    Jewson Yiddish
    When you are somewhat well traveled as you and I are, the juxtaposition of Appalachia life compared to life elsewhere is STARK.

    This leads to depression. It is a case of “ignorance is bliss”

    • Jason Y

      Well, there is satellite TV, but it does seem like things seem massively different to someone if they’ve actually traveled.

      But the irony is that most people everywhere are as narrow-minded and ignorant as people back home. Cosmopolitan elitists are a minority.

      • EPGAH

        What about people like me who HAVE traveled, who have seen the Third World, and want to keep That out of America at all costs?

        Those who live in their Ivory Tower Gated Communities would never understand, and seek to demonize people like me with the ever-present label of “RACIST!”

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