Patsy Cline, “Crazy”

This is some damn fine music! 1961. Some say this is rockabilly influenced stuff. This is actually considered to be Country/Western, but it is nevertheless some of the finest music ever made. She has other songs too, and they are excellent. She had a tragic early death in a plane crash at age 30. I believe that even in her short life, she was not particularly happy. A couple of real rocky marriages in there.

It’s rather sad, heartbreaking music though, rather like her life, but one of the real breakthroughs you can achieve in life is when you learn to appreciate the beauty in pure, glorious, mournful sadness. Half of life is sadness, and that’s on a good day. Since life’s so full of it, you may as well learn to enjoy it.


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2 responses to “Patsy Cline, “Crazy”

  1. Evil nice guy

    I am sorry about posting something unrelated. But I felt this might interest you. And I did not know how to make you aware of this. What do you think about this guy? He jokingly calls himself an Eco-Nazi (Alt-left?)

  2. Jason Y

    What? There is no black lady remake of this? Not even a white person with blackface? Why is there not a transsexual remake? 😆

    This is definitely not hip to the current times.

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