More on the Retarded MOAB White Elephant

Assuming we killed 94 ISIS people in this dumb MOAB bomb attack (which is dubious), we just spent 170,000 to kill each one of those ISIS guys. That’s just lame.

They only prevent wars if you never use them!


It’s War Porn.

You get is the massively arousing explosion, the erection-inducing mushroom cloud and the ear-shattering cum shot.

Gonzo War Porn. If Max Hardcore went to war, he would use bombs like this, except he would dress them up in schoolgirl outfits and put a lollipop sticking out of one end.

Screw all you idiots cheering this on. I don’t care how many ISIS we kill, but these weapons ought to be banned.

Someone give me a good argument how this is not a WMD?


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5 responses to “More on the Retarded MOAB White Elephant

  1. Jason Y

    I think it’s mostly for display, but on a populated area it would be worth the money from the POV of the attackers.

    • Jason Y

      Note, some argued the Japanese bombs were for display (to scare the USSR) and testing, even though they were actually used on populated areas.

  2. Howard Ng

    To be clear, the blast yield of the MOAB was 11 TONS. The Little Boy and FatMan were 15 and 22 KILOTONS, respectively. All war is horrible, but hyperbole leads to desensitization.

  3. EPGAH

    It makes it clear that fucking with us won’t be tolerated and we no longer have to fight them, we can just beat them.
    Did you ever watch MATRIX, and there was a line, “Stop TRYING to hit me and HIT me!”? That’s what the MOAB is.

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