How Leftwingers View Me and This Site

Alex: Why don’t you have the balls to admit you are a Nazi? Why even pretend to be Leftist and use euphemisms like Alt Left and insult real Leftists using derisive terms. It seems even blatant neo-Nazis are better than a pretender like you. Change the avatar to Hitler, and be honest. Stop using those silly quotes and calling yourself a Leftist. You are an embarrassment to Marxism.

Actually I do not like Nazis at all. They’re killers and mass murderers, genocidal maniacs. The Hell with that! I had a Jewish girlfriend for 5 1/2 years. I was seriously thinking about converting to Judaism recently, but modern Judaism seems to tied up in Israel that I am dubious whether I should do this. If they could sever Israel from Judaism like the gangrenous tissue that it is, I would have no problem converting. I would be one of those evil self-haters like Chomsky though. That would be such a kick. Plus then the parentheses around my name would be real! Wow, that would feel so great!

I do not like White Supremacists or White Nationalists that much, although guys like Rabbit are tolerable. They all voted Trump this time around, so I ended every friendship I had with these types. I simply do not agree with being this racist. It’s not ok. And a White state is absurd. The Hell with saving the White race. Who cares!

This is about it. I get mails like this from these guys just about every day. Most liberals react about the same way. Honestly, leftwingers hate me much more than conservatives. I am actually banned from some major liberal websites and at others, there are even bans on linking to me. These tend to be sites run by the base of the ((((Democratic Party))).

Conservatives’ politics are horrific, but mostly they are quite nice to me and a lot of them are very pleasant people, politics aside. Quite a few of them have been very friendly to me, especially Alt Right types. I’m not really wild about racists and Nazis, but at least they are pleasant. Conservatives are generally much nicer to me than leftwingers. Leftwingers generally believe I need to be shot or put in a gulag.  That’s probably true, but I’d prefer to avoid the NKVD for the remainder of my life if I could.

This is actually one of the flagship Alt Left sites. Rabbit and I pretty much founded the movement. Rabbit takes the race thing a lot further than I do, but I am critical of the Sexual Anarchy crowd and Gender Feminism. Rabbit thinks Gay Rights is getting out of hand now too, and he doesn’t like feminazis much either, but he’s into the race thing a lot deeper than I am. I am just a race realist, and I don’t even talk about that very much.


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20 responses to “How Leftwingers View Me and This Site

  1. SomeRandomAsshole

    You had a jewish girlfriend? How good was she in the sack?

  2. Magneto

    “The Hell with saving the White race. Who cares!”

    I also used to think like that. But the only difference between a shithole 3rd world country and a nice European first world country is the fact that one was created by white people and the other was created by genetic subhumans.

    As I enjoy a high living standard, I sure don’t want to see the world turn into a 3rd world shithole and for that reason alone, I am ready to do anything to save the white race.

    • Magneto

      But yea, fuck the white race. I’d rather keep living in Asia and banging hot brown women.

      White women can all go to fucking hell.

      • Magneto

        The only thing that ultimately matters in life is how many loads did you drop in how many women. The more loads you ejaculated into more women? The greater the evolutionary success you are.

    • Escargot

      A lot of cultural liberals in Europe visit a 3rd world country and return home staunch “racists” against 3rd world immigration.

    • Jason Y

      As I enjoy a high living standard, I sure don’t want to see the world turn into a 3rd world shithole and for that reason alone, I am ready to do anything to save the white race.

      Well. you can save India by at least funding the fucking sanitation industry.

      • Jason Y

        OK, I take back the remark. But I do think, generally, richer Indians, Latin Americans, generally are ignoring the darker ones among them – and now they are complaining their areas are nasty.

        However, the mess in India seems a bit extreme. Wouldn’t toilets be the first priority among the poor? Even if the government won’t provide, which they should, shouldn’t people go and buy a toilet?

  3. Stewart

    Always enjoy this side. I consider myself to be a bit on the conservative side. Definitely a race realist after growing up in CA and seeing the frankly disastrous demographic changes. I harbor no ill will toward any of the races, I just believe race realism should be taken into account when my government sets immigration policy. Most of the bohemian yuppies in my social milieu think this makes me a virulent racist. I just see it as common sense. Anyway, interesting site.

    • Escargot

      Nazis come in many flavors. I know one with all black friends. I have an Arab friend that hates Nazis, he’s the one I have trouble openning upto about my Nazi sympathies. I understand why racial semites would dislike the racial views of NS Germany, which was actually bigger than NS Germany at the time. I get why Whites are Nazis too, any lover of Europe can at least sympathize with aspects of them. I prefer French women with dark hair/eyes and a perfect butt. Nazis weren’t all genocidal maniacs like Churchill the warmonger lined with jewish gold. There’s a statue in the Netherlands commemorating a Nazi rescuing children, a far cry from Shindlers List type portrayals. Americans, Soviets, and co. were worse than NS Germans in terms of rape. French beauty isn’t like Swedes but both are worth preserving.

  4. Halal Butcher of Lhasa

    “..I was seriously thinking about converting to Judaism recently..”

    I think you should. IMO, the Christianity Jesus intended was actually radicalized reformed Judaism, not his disciples’ son-of God cult nor the theocracy Constantine created. See if you can find a less orthodox branch of the non-Zionist Satmar sect.

    I’m not gay and neither you’re,my friend. But homos have even better reason to convert to Judaism because they all have serious haemorrhoid problem, and haemorrhoidectomy is definitely a form of rectal circumcision. As I mentioned before, Jewish homos have resolved the Torah forbidden ‘man mounting on man’ with their stand up ‘march-in’.

  5. Yeah, Like you said yourself leftist guys want to send you to gulag, even many of those “alt-left” guys. But most alt-right guys likes you, even though they dont agree with you on every issue – but they still like you. So you should be not banning them, just because if they voted for Trump or something like that.

    • No one on the Alt Left wants to kill me.

      I don’t care if they voted for Trump or not. I want to know if they support him now. I need to know, “Do you presently support Donald Trump and regret your vote for him?” If the answer is yes, any of these people can come back to the site.

      • SomeRandomAsshole

        Not many people actually support presidents really. Very few people give a shit about Trump or Obama or Bush or Clinton; they just vote for whoever they think is the least fucked up. In the case of Trump he SAID he would cut down illegal immigration with that border wall and better enforcement. Also, he has that alpha attitude, especially towards women, and does not care about being PC. You get a guy who rejects the SJW bullshit and says he’ll try to stop third world immigration, and most white people figure its a lesser evil, even if they end up poorer because of the economic policies.

        I dunno if this kind of topic needs a separate post, but the bottom line is that most liberals don’t really like liberal candidates, and most conservatives don’t really like conservative candidates. They just vote for their respective party members cuz they think they’re the less shitty of the two.

  6. Jason Y

    I don’t think Robert’s a Nazi – but I didn’t like the Trans-nigger piece 😆 No, really. That was a bit mean. It seemed to hit a raw nerve.

    Anyhow, his type is fairly common. Guys who don’t have high and mighty views of minorities, which might be somewhat justified, yet hold liberal economic views – cause obviously, they have nothing to gain from right-wing economics.

    Anyhow, I’ve also seen no real evidence that he’s a hardcore social conservative or even a hardcore men’s rights advocate. He’s simply just trying to be the way a lot of real people are on the street.

  7. Jason Y

    Robert’s views on gays are a bit extreme, but not transsexuals. Myself, I’m more of a live and let live guy, not a wuss or cuck, just more mellow. I can stand effeminate guys but I don’t think transsexualism is the way to go – especially not for insane serial killer jew-boys. 😆

  8. Jason Y

    The piece about boys being naturally evil was a mass exaggeration cause, again, only 20 to 30 percent of boys might really be like that. As with adults, a certain percentage are conformist picks – and with the females also the same.

    Anyhow, that article was disturbing cause he was making it sound like that was the way it should be as opposed that behavior being the inappropriate bullying behavior that it is.

  9. IT

    I just wanted to say here if I may, that most neo-nazi’s, alt-righters, antisemites that I’ve had the chance of debating with are absolute imbeciles there is simply no other way to characterize them. Regardless of whatever you hear about them wanting to find the truth do not believe it one single time. There is nothing, and I mean nothing that you can say no matter how eloquent, no matter how much information, no matter how cogent, that will get through to them beyond their prejudices.

    When you are on a forum and debating them as soon as you say something they disagree with, no matter how much evidence you show, no matter how much of a good argument you make they will pay no attention and come back with idiotic cliches, or take one sentence out of context and think they refute you. No matter how retarded the counter argument is, it will get all of the likes or upvotes. It is an exercise in futility. That has unfortunately been my general experience.

    After lengthy discussions I feel like I just came back from a clinic in logical fallacies, I cannot describe the level of stupidity it is simply beyond any words. They resort to all of the the same fallacies of reasoning that they accuse liberals, and Afro-centrists, etc, etc of doing. As an example I was just arguing about Kevin MacDonald’s work and how it is spurious.

    I went through it and pointed out how it is distorted and brought up several facts of how he tells half-truths, as well as all of the other factors that went into changing the US immigration law. No matter how many points I brought up, he just came coming back with you’re just calling him an antisemite, the Jews control everything, and they invented racism.

    He also said you just call him names, and you haven’t given any reasons why he’s wrong. I thoroughly explained how he told half-truths and omitted many important factors as to what changed the immigration policies. I don’t have to even necessarily dispute the claims, just the relevance of them, considering they are half-truths.

    He also said his work gets good reviews on amazon. So what, did he consider its audience? In addition, he said you are using conspiracy theory as a last resort. No I didn’t. He just derailed into insanity how was I supposed to respond. I very patiently and eloquently responded to every point that was made.

    But after pages and pages, despite providing several arguments that were never responded to this retard comes back with “I just reread his work, and it is irrefutable” because he is a retard and “You can’t defeat his argument, so you just resort to calling him an antisemite” No I didn’t, you absolute mental retarded troll asshole.

    I just spent 5 hours explaining to this retard why the arguments were spurious, and he comes back with the same shit!!! I snapped and told him he was an idiot (which he is), and I literally am awestruck by the sheer amount of retardedness of this person.

    I think I will no longer debate antisemitic conspiracy theorists, as there is simply no reasoning with 95% of them. There is literally just a brick wall. There is no point to these discussions. I can’t think of any other word to describe them than retard. I’m sorry for the crudity, I mean no offense to anyone, but there is no other word I can think of.

    I am a race realist, but it seems to me that even blacks seem to be more reasonable and intelligent than many of these people. These one or two line trolls do not understand basic critical reasoning and that an argument has to have clear definitions and acceptable premises, to be relevant to the conclusion and to be cogent in order to be a good argument. They do not understand that if I use an example like Hitler for how his government operated it is not an appeal to emotion. Basic critical thinking is lost on them.

    Here is my advice to others do not argue with them or talk to them. They for the most part seem to have no faculties of reasoning. No matter what you say, they will come back with more conspiracy theories and claims that you are calling them names. As you demolish their retarded arguments without ever calling them any names, they keep repeating themselves and delving further into insanity. Otherwise they will hit you with a barrage of ad hominems or accusations that are not real arguments and display every fallacy of reasoning under the sun.

    There are no other people – Blacks, liberals, or Asians – that have pissed me off more by their sheer stupidity, insanity, and rudeness. None, and that’s saying a lot. I am not offended by what they said.

    I am offended by the stupidity and insanity. I cannot believe it. I do respect the 5% of them that take the time and effort to have actual respectful, intelligent arguments, but it is not worth anyone’s time seeking out these decent individuals.

    Go out, do some exercise, visit friends, go to the library, go to the park, have a beer, read a book, do anything or nothing at all, but do not argue with or engage with them in any way. It will be more intellectually stimulating and satisfying to argue with a brick wall instead. I now truly believe that they have some form of insanity and/or intellectual disability and cognitive disorder. You will only be wasting your time.

    I’m sorry for that long rant.

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