Explain My Enemies’ Criticism of Me Here

See if you can understand how their criticism of the post below me even makes sense.

First, the post:

Rightwing economics is a marker for White racism. Where you find rightwing economics, you often but not always find White racism. Sure, a lot of economic leftwingers are soft racists, but the more rightwing the person’s economics, the more they move out of the softer stuff into the harder stuff. Similarly, the more economically left the person is, the less racist they are. You could almost plot these things on a chart!

White racism is a marker for rightwing economics. Where you find White racism, you nearly always, 95%+ of the time, find rightwing economics.

I recently spent some time on Chimpout, one of the funniest racist sites on the Internet. If I’m in a nasty mood, it’s funny, but if I’m in a Black-sympathetic mood or guilty mood (like “Wow I am really a terrible person for being at this awful, mean, racist website), most of the humor just bombs on me.

My latest excursion was instructive. I read through a thread stretching 100’s of pages. Every single American on there was a virulent anti-Black racist, as that’s all they will allow on the site. And every single one of those virulently anti-Black Americans was a conservative who voted Republican.

Over and over, they equated liberals with niggers* and nigger-lovers. The Democratic Party is the Party of the Niggers and the Nigger-loving Liberals. Endlessly, posters openly stated that the Republican Party is the party to support if you hate niggers. I don’t think I saw one person voting Democratic in that entire thread.

So almost 100% of serious White racists are voting Republican or some other rightwing party and supporting some kind of rightwing economics.

We see this even among Blacks, where there are now some race realist Blacks out there. Some are even socking it to their own kind, calling them genetically inferior. Once again, all of these Blacks are Black conservatives or Black Republicans. Some are Black Libertarians. Once again, it seems to be a marker. The more race realist the Black is, the more they support rightwing economics. It’s a dose-effect response that you could almost plot on a curve, just like with Whites.

*They don’t allow the use of “Black” or other terms for African-Americans on Chimpout. You are only allowed to call them “niggers.” Violation results in a ban. Damn that’s funny as Hell! If you refuse to call Black people niggers, we will ban you! LOL! Such funny fellows. Mean as snakes, but damn is that funny.

Next, their dumbass criticism, which makes no sense at all.

The Vosgian Beast posted:

Someone linked this guy earlier in the thread, and wow, what a brilliant visionary https://robertlindsay.wordpress.com…/beta-uprising/

Study after study… which I won’t link

EDIT: Also in regards to the Kierkegaard thinghttps://robertlindsay.wordpress.com…and-vice-versa/

This reeks of “I compartmentalize minorities between Good Ones and Bad Ones (aka Uppity ones)

Goon Danton: It reeks of something, I’ll grant you that much.


I recently spent some time on Chimpout, one of the funniest racist sites on the Internet. If I’m in a nasty mood, it’s funny, but if I’m in a Black-sympathetic mood, most of the humor just bombs on me.

Isn’t that a retarded criticism? Read the article. The article notes that racism almost always links up with rightwing economics, politics and voting Republican, whereas racists almost to a man feel that voting Democrat is voting for the niggers and the nigger lovers. Even among Blacks, as they get more and more race realist or even racist against their own kind, they all start going Republican or Libertarian.

Ok this SJW turd just said that my post above which links racism to rightwing economics and politics is “diving minorities up into good ones and bad or uppity ones.” Can anyone see how on Earth I am saying that?

Anyway, I don’t care about uppity Blacks or uppity niggers or whatever you want to call them. MLK is one of my heroes. I even love Malcolm X (post renunciation of anti-White racism). There is even some love in me for the early Black Panthers. In fact, I rather like the Panthers to this very day. Huey Newton was an all right guy. Eldridge Cleaver was a bastard but he moved to North Africa and turned into a good man, so as a Christian, I forgive him. I loved Obama being the first Black president and cried when he got elected. I voted for him twice. My only beef with him is that he’s too rightwing. I really like that advisor of his, Van Jones.

My heroes are Malcolm X, Huey Newton, the Panthers, Malcolm X and Barack Obama, yet I am a vicious anti-Black racist? How does that even make sense?

Uppity Blacks are fine with me. Black people ought to be uppity. All people ought to have pride and dignity and refuse to grovel before others. I don’t see how the post above divides Blacks into good obedient Blacks and bad or uppity Blacks. I’m not getting it. My critics are all insane.

The next clown is a typical no-fun liberal. I’m evil because I went to a racist website. It is a racist humor website albeit with a vicious undercurrent.

I committed the ultimate sin of laughing at some of those jokes because, damn, they were so bloody funny! So I am a bad, evil, low-life, dirty racist scum of a human, a KKK White Supremacist White Nationalist Nazi because I laughed at some racist humor written by some nasty people.

Does that make me an evil racist? If I laugh at a racist joke, am I the same as Davide Duke, Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer and Andrew Anglin? We’re all the same. We all want to hang them niggers and gas those damn kikes. No sense of nuance. These people truly earn the appellation of libtards.

So these are the SJW’s. This is the Left. This is liberalism. This is why almost everyone on the Left hates my guts and insists I am not on the Left and instead I am a far Rightist.

I just got banned from (((Daily Kos))). It was one of my favorite sites but once I started posting, they banned me right off. Every one of those liberal Democrat losers on there has swallowed every dram of that idiotic Assad Chemical Weapons Attack story. This is so obviously Iraqi WMD’s all over again, with the same, ahem, (((people))) that promoted the last lie now shamefully promoting this lie too. Some liberal Democrat loser wrote about how eeeeeevil AssadPutin or PutinAssad, I forget which, dropped chemical weapons on babies. Then he threw in some oh-so-liberal McCarthyite Cold War barbs at the Font of Evil called Russia.

I think I wrote a comment asking him if the capital of his country was Washington DC or Tel Aviv. It was immediately flagged as anti-Semitism (except it was anti-Israelism, not anti-Semitism), and I was permanently banned almost instantly. You just can’t say one peep about ahem (((certain people))) on there. After all, why do you think it’s called (((Daily Kos))) in the first place?

This is pretty typical. Most liberal to Left sites have either banned me or have made bans on posting to me. I was getting a lot of hits from uber-liberal Reddit until they starting flipping on my content and said Reddit should stop linking to me. My hits from Reddit crashed.

I know I said we should ally with SJW’s against Trump but the problem is that I want to kill 95% of SJW’s with my bare hands. They seem to feel the same way
about me.

Stark, Rabbit and Ryan England had a radio show in which they discussed my proposal.

Rabbit said, “Look, no matter how hard Lindsay tries to suck up to these people and say he’s not be racist and whatnot, they will always hate him, and they never accept him or stop calling him racist. Lindsay can’t win with these folks.”

Sadly I think he is onto something. I should link to that podcast.

So we want to murder each other on sight with our bare hands, and yet we are going to form this great alliance. I don’t think so.


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47 responses to “Explain My Enemies’ Criticism of Me Here

  1. Jason Y

    Does that make me an evil racist? If I laugh at a racist joke, am I the same as Davide Duke, Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer and Andrew Anglin? We’re all the same. We all want to hang them niggers and gas those damn kikes. No sense of nuance. These people truly earn the appellation of libtards.

    Well, Magneto takes them seriously.

    • Yeah Robert can laugh at a racist joke and it is OK because we know where he is coming from. Not RAHOWA Magneto. Total nut job stuck in the 1970s.

      • Magneto

        Aha, so I’m a nutjob? No, my “racism” is simply race-realism and it is the LIBERALISM of the future! In the future, people will understand that we must ban violent subhuman immigrants from ultra-conservative cultures because they are incompatible with enlightened western culture.

        There’s NOTHING racist about that.

        • Jason Y

          No offense, but I think it’s a problem with language. Yes, it is true 10 to 20 or maybe 20 to 30 percent of NAMS are subhuman – in the sense of being criminal, depraved, evil etc..

          So when a liberal hears language from conservatives, there is possibly a major misunderstanding.

  2. Jason Y

    I committed the ultimate sin of laughing at some of those jokes because, damn, they were so bloody funny! So I am a bad, evil, low-life, dirty racist scum of a human, a KKK White Supremacist White Nationalist Nazi because I laughed at some racist humor written by some nasty people.

    Around the right people, I see no harm, but note, some of the people laughing at such jokes are true believers Normally, you can tell who is and isn’t.

    Well, I am not for sure about certain people. Like when my cousins are yelling “Watch that nigger run !!” while watching University of Tennessee football, well, are they serious? Note, if they do it all the time, it can become uncool. I mean calling then niggers – every time they refer to a black person.

  3. SomeRandomAsshole

    Robert, the thing about you cutting off your friendships with people who voted Trump was awful, just awful. I think what most people like about your site is that you seem pretty cool and informative – entertaining yet educational at the same time. So, when you told your former friends to piss off solely cuz they voted trump, it seems like something a square would do. So mean and conformist like, well, some crotchety old conservative guy or something. Not the sort of thing a cool cat like Robert Lindsay would do.

    I mean I’d never care THAT much about politics that I’d tell my friends to f*ck off if they disagreed with me. It just seems fucked up to do that cuz honestly, you always seemed like a more virtuous person than that.

    • This time they finally went too far!

      They can all come back, but they have to renounce Trump. I am already offering to take two of them back.

      • SomeRandomAsshole

        Damn Robert, you really just need to be hugged a lot more or something.

        • I am so glad I did this! I have been wanting to do this for so long and now I am free! Of course most liberals and Lefties hate my guts, so I am rather politically homeless I suppose.

          It got to the point where all my friends were conservatives and there were nothing but conservatives on the site, in part because liberals and Lefties tend to not stick around on this site. I thought, “This is a socialist site and all my commenters are conservatives! Fuck this!” So I made new rules.

          If people want to be racist, sexist, homophobic, bla bla I really do not care, but no supporting the Republican Party. Those people are my deadly enemies. The Republicans are trying to kill me and my friends. People who support Trump are supporting my worst enemies.

          I feel so free now. Like a 100 pound sack got lifted off my back.

        • Magneto

          I didn’t vote for anyone. I just stayed home and masturbated.

      • EPGAH

        Trump betrayed me, so I understand that. I see your Left friends betrayed you, so we should be friends again!

  4. Jason Y

    I hate to say it, but right-wing economics is normally going hand and hand with hardcore chauvanistic racism. Who are we kidding here? Possibly one reason is cause racists don’t jobs other need. Thier massive alpha personalities allow them to be bought off by the military and police forces – which always need people.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly one reason is cause racists don’t need the jobs other need.

    • Magneto

      I love the military and it’s my wet dream and fantasy to become an alpha male Rambo type of special ops soldier, like Metal Gear Solid

      • Jason Y

        Possibly military types tend to be more realists and less idealistic for some sort of peace between races. But then again, the environment would play heavy into that. Someone growing up in rougher neighborhoods would like non-whites and maybe certain rougher white sub-classes a lot less.

      • Boomshaka

        Lol that’s pretty gay

  5. Jason Y

    I don’t know if liberals are always no-fun, Lately, they’ve been winning viewers by mocking Trump on Saturday Night Live.

    • Magneto

      There’s a difference between being a liberal and being a radical communist SJW. Most people are liberals, actually, most white people I mean. It’s the radical communist SJW scum which tries to paint all white people as racist white supremacist nazis.

      • Jason Y

        Well, no offense, but it was you, yourself, who stated you wanted to kill all non-white males or was that a joke?

  6. Veritas

    The holocaust is a Jewish lie BTW. Look how all those “extermination camps” were in the Soviet-occupied areas. Also, there is no actual list of the 6 million dead Jews.

    The figure of 6 million also appeared in tons of Jew-controlled newspapers in the US decades prior to WW2. Just think about it.

    • Magneto

      You know, he’s right. A quite read of the book “Did Six Million Really Die?” or the website holohoax101.org will prove the holocaust is fake.

      I understand if Robert doesn’t want to deal with this topic because it is an explosive topic that could fuck up his personal life and maybe even get him fired. Denying the holocaust is about the most politically incorrect thing you can do in the modern world.

  7. Stewart

    Mr. Lindsay,

    With all due respect I think you’re going to drive yourself crazy if you think you’re going to find a reasonable explanation for how these people behave. They simply are not rational; SJW types are emotionally invested in what I see as essentially a crypto religion. Seems like an inevitable consequence of the zeitgeist that pushed full embrace of secular humanism over the last 50 years. The witch hunt mentality fulfills a deep atavistic need for these folks, facts be damned.

    I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve essentially become a pariah here in southern CA among the SWPL set for the simple reason that I want to seriously curtail third world immigration to the US. This is anathema to them, and they regularly brand me a racist for my seemingly moderate and (I think) prudent views.

    Per your recommendation I am still planning on reading up a little more on this Alt left movement. It sounds interesting. Ignoble confession (and I hope this doesn’t make me persona non grata with you, Lindsay): I did vote for Trump, largely out of spite (puerile I know) towards the Dems nonstop barrage of anti-white male vitriol that has become so fashionable in the media. Both major candidates were crooks but I felt the ray of hope with Trump was that he might try to normalize relations with Russia and cut immigration. Of course now it’s obvious that we’ve gotten yet another Israel puppet. Am I surprised? Nah. The man is a silly old fraud just like his opponent was.

    • Magneto

      There is no moderation with radical SJWs. You are either with them, or you are against them and are thus a racist white supremacist neo nazi who wants to kill people.

      To the sick mind of a SJW, there is no difference between a moderate conservative and a far-right guy.

      Fucking SJW feminist scum wants to accuse us of being racist neo nazis? Fine, I accept. You want to paint a picture of me as a monster? Watch out because I may very well become a monster simply to spite you.

      • Jason Y

        SJW wack jobs are usually easily ignored. They’re mostly on college campuses in the US marching in vegan rallies. Why should anyone take them seriously?

    • That’s ok! Trump voters are welcome here! Only thing is, you have to have renounced support for him. If you voted for him but you no longer support him, then you can post here. And I will still be your friend.

  8. Magneto

    Anyone that uses the term “white racism” can go suck a fucking cock.

    White people are the LEAST racist people on earth. The only REAL racism that exists is non-whites being racist towards whites.

    Racism is code word for anti-white.

    • Jason Y

      No offense, but I’d say 10 to 20 percent of all races are actually racist in a non-joking way. They’re as unreasonable as militant anti-racists, atheists etc..

      Myself, my only encounter with a radical atheist was being barraged with smartass remarks during my first trip to Korea. OK, I can joke around, ha ha, but the guy was an annoying prick – mostly angry, though, because of Bush’s election and the fact I was a Christian at the time.

      Of course, this behavior seems shocking cause never being outside the south USA, I never really encountered it, except from certain oversensitive blacks.

      • Escargot

        Saved by the Bell- Zach(Whitey) is generally non-racial. You won’t often hear Screech(The jew) being anti-jew. If a jewish supremacist was punched, jews would not celebrate it like many Whites did Richard Spencer getting punched. I don’t see jews saying how much they like Whites or even “not all of Whites are bad”, Whites are not all Saints but overall they give more racial compassion than they recieve.

  9. Beauregard

    I went to Daily Kos and one of the first articles I saw was one criticizing (((Corporate Media))) coverage of (((the Syria bombings))).

    I dunno if they should get brackets.

  10. http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2017/4/15/1653256/-This-week-gave-us-a-textbook-example-of-why-the-corporate-media-are-next-to-useless

    That one? You do not understand the liberal POV on the Syria attack. The liberal POV is:

    1. The Syria attacks were wrong! We should not have done that.
    2. Also, AssadPutin’s forces were not even harmed!
    3. Nevertheless, we do acknowledge that AssadPutin used chemical weapons on his own people, killing little baby children.

    Note that 1 and 2 are rather contradictory.

    Also the piece singles out the (((Jew York Times))) for running 19 articles all slavering praise over the missile attack without noting the obvious fact that it is run by a family called (((Ochs)))-(((Sulzberger))), and that Mr.(((Sulzberger))) is one of the most despicable “liberals” in America. The NY Times owner is in fact the typical (((liberal Democrat))). He believes in endless Wars for the Jews, supports all of the free trade agreements, and is generally just awful. He’s Hillary Clinton in male form.

    Lately they have been caving badly on Trump, apparently to retain access to the White House. When you think about it, Trump’s economic policies are manna from heaven for the (((Sulzbergers))), so why should he not support them?

    I HATE that (((Sulzberger))) POS so much. I swear of the Islamic State blew up the (((Jew York Times))) building, I would CHEER. That’s how much I hate that jewspaper.

    • Beauregard

      It did mention that the attacks were “failures” primarily, but it also did point out they were unconstitutional.

      At this point, ANY dissent is acceptable.

    • Beauregard

      Bob- Do you honestly expect them to mention that Jews are the ones shilling for this?

      Your setting your sights far too high my friend!

      • Beauregard


        • Nope. They are cheering along the media’s lies. They into the maniacal Russian is evil game, and they all hate Assad, root for Al Qaeda and repeat the stupid media lies, like PutinAssad just dropped chemical weapons on little tiny children.

          Just for repeating that stupid lie right there, they get brackets.

          And they cheer all the lies and false flags against Russia too. And they are always ASSAD THE EVIL SCUM DICTATOR FROM HELL.

          THAT’S why they get the fucking brackets.

          Go over to Daily Kos and try to criticize Israel. Half the people writing diaries on that site are a certain type of people. They were flipping hard during that Gaza invasion and calling every other person on the site an anti-Semite and threatening to leave.

          Kos sits on the board of the (((DNC))). The former chair of the (((DNC))) was (((Debbie Wasserman-Schultz))), Congresswoman from (((West Palm Beach))).

          Iran is the enemy!
          Hizbollah is the enemy!
          Assad is the enemy!
          Saddam was the enemy!
          Ghaddafi was the enemy!

          Guess (((who))) you are working for when you jump up and down yelling that stuff?

          (((Daily Kos))) sucks! The (((Democratic Party))) sucks! (((Liberal Democrats))) suck!

      • Well, some Syria and Russia-hating maniac accuses Assad and Russia of dropping chemical weapons on children, and I ask, “Where are from, Tel Aviv?”

        And what happens?

        I AM BANNED FOR LIFE AT (((DAILY KOS))) for “anti-Semitism.”

        One comment, and a lifetime ban. Of course, (((certain people))) do not have disproportionate influence, do they?

        • Jason Y

          Well, always is hypocrisy cause of the treatment of Israel and it’s backer America with Palestine.

    • Beauregard

      Point is they were criticizing the bombings, regardless of their reasons.

    • Beauregard

      “The Syria attacks were wrong! We should not have done that.”

      Unless they are controlled opposition, that is enough to take away their brackets.

  11. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    It is undoubtedly true that most racists advocate conservative economics, but the converse is not necessarily true. A lot of people who believe in conservative economics are not racists.

    There has to be a reason why so many white racists are inclined toward anti-egalitarian economics, which is what conservative economics really is: opposition to leveling policies by the sate. Let those who have a lot keep it all and those who have little be content with what they have. The reason, in my opinion, is indifference or contempt toward the inferior. A real racist feels contempt for members of a race deemed inferior and rejoices in his own assumed superiority, and believers in conservative economic policies feel indifference or contempt for the economically inferior.

    From contempt toward the racially inferior to contempt toward the economically inferior there is only a small step. The awful phrase “white trash” exemplifies this combination of racial and economic contempt. Blacks are assumed to be trash, but some poor whites are regarded as trash too.

    There is a huge difference between a race realist and a real racist. Suppose that you get a new neighbor. After a few conversations with him, you realize that he is intellectually inferior to you. If you simply register that fact, then you are behaving like a race realist. If you react with a mixture of joy and contempt and like to mock your new neighbor because of his low intelligence, then you are behaving like a real racist. For the race realist, the inequality of races is just a fact of life, but for the real racist, it is something to be celebrated.

    A Frenchman, whose name I forgot, once wrote, “La fraternité est beaucoup plus importante que l’égalité.” Exactly right! The problem is not so much with people who believe that some people are superior to others. Rather, the problem is with those who don’t feel any affinity or solidarity with those whom they regard as inferior. At worst, the inferior should be exterminated. At best, the inferior should be kept in a subordinate position. That is the point of view of the real racist.

    To believe in the inferiority of a group is perfectly compatible with benevolence toward members of that group. Albert Schweitzer, who spend most of his life tending to sick Africans, once said, “Der Afrikaner ist mein Bruder, aber er ist mein kleiner Bruder.” = “The African is my brother, but he is my little brother.” Whatever one may think about Schweitzer’s opinion about Africans, it can’t be denied that he was well-disposed toward them, which certainly can’t be said about white real racists.

    Regards. James

    • SomeRandomAsshole

      Robert, what James said her excellently represents the rational and fair view on race. Yeah, there are quite a few more feeble minded and uncivilized ones and really not that many smart ones among blacks or mexicans when compared to whites or asians, but there are exceptions everywhere. And even the fucked up ones are often not that bad and just need some guidance and welfare or something, even if they wont amount to much in life. Didn’t you think as much when you taught at black schools?

      The only thing is, you need to realize that we really just do NOT need to increase their numbers and its very important for us to stay majority white and asian and stop certain groups from immigrating here. Its no offense to the other groups, they should be treated with respect and care…but at the same time, its ultimately disastrous to increase their numbers to the point where they become the majority. Its a fair balance, I think.

      Treat them nice but do not bring in any more. Both ideas are crucial to the survival of civilized society.

      • Random, you are getting to the point now where you have to donate. $10 minimum and you are in for life! I’ll give you ~a week. I’d hate to lose you. You are great for the site.


        • SomeRandomAsshole

          honestly, I like staying anonymous and online payments might give my name or something. But hell, if I gotta do it then I gotta do it. Hopefully I’ll ante up the cash within the next 3 or 4 days.

    • npd

      A GERMAN using logic to obscure reality HOW TYPICAL

      ANOTHER WORDS right-wing landlords use economics as an elitist mechanism to build a geographic distance between themselves and NAMS.

      NAMS cannot afford to attend to private schools or own land so they are separated physically.

      Same is true for rural whites who on average are on the cusp of the4 bell curve. Their little slut daughters won’t be getting preggers in the high-5/low-6 zip code and trapping some lawyer’s son at 17 because their parents cannot afford the mortgage.

    • npd

      Postal codes are based on IQ. In the better areas nobody will have an IQ on the left side of the Bell Curve except the children of some trophy wife from South America that one rich white guy married.

      Apart from the odd Mafia Don even the NAMS who manage to live there will be intelligent and non-violent. Economics in the US are structured around exclusivity.

      “Rube” and “Flyover” associations are related to the fact that like American Indians poor unintelligent whites lack the brutality of NAMS or street-savvy of Italians or Jews so they have to live in the rural areas far from the coasts of lesser value to overall society.

  12. Or you can just put some cash in an envelope, put a fake name on the return and mail it to me. Take some paper and fold the bill up in the white paper until you can’t see it anymore. Put it in the envelope and see if you can see it. If you can’t, the envelope is fine. Presently, I can assure you 100% that it will get to me.

  13. npd

    Right-wing economics is a way to exclude yourself from the Jungle Indian primitives and descendants of plantation Africans.

    It is presumed a White middle-class subject will attain the IQ related success in life to afford a house in a suburban Zip code too costly for NAM’s who are mostly on the left side of the Bell Curve and lack the capacity to pay for a house in the suburbs.

    Economics in the US since the 50’s have been designed to keep Negroes, Cholos and previously Dagos out of the neighborhood by dint of affordability.

  14. Magneto

    But the “certain people starting with the letter J” ARE responsible for pretty much all evil in the world. The J O O S are the ones who set up this horrible economic system which has impoverished most of the world and caused so much suffering and starvation. Mossad is responsible for pretty much every terrorist attack in the past 100 years and they carry them out as false flag attacks and blame it on Muslims. The whole chemical gas attack in Syria is definitely a Mossad operation. The J O O S will never rest until they successfully destroy the West and kill off 90 percent of the human race, the goyim.

    Of course if we start naming those people directly, this whole site will probably get hacked and shut down by Mossad’s cyber operations. So best to avoid talking about the J O O S and just stick to other topics, I guess?

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