What Do You Think of (((Daily Kos)))?


This is the website of the base of the (((Democratic Party))), which is the left wing of the party (that’s their base), so you would think they would be decent enough people. Laughably, they dare to call themselves progressives when there is nothing even remotely leftwing about them. I posted there for a while, but I made a post criticizing (((some people))), and of course, I was immediately banned for life. Well, if you want to know who’s in charge of the left wing of the (((Democratic Party))), there ya go!

The actual name is pretty funny. At first I thought it was called Daily Kikes. It’s not, but it might as well be. The true name is (((Daily Kos))). Don’t forget those brackets, kids! They’re very  important in this case.

All I have to say is if this is what passes for progressivism, Leftism, socialism, the Left or even liberalism in the US, this country is fucked so bad there’s no cure for it ever. The left wing of the (((Democratic Party ))) is like a turd swirling the toilet bowl. The (((Republicans))) are of course the bowl itself, but the (((Democrats))) are absolutely the turd. They even smell like it.

There’s nothing liberal at all about these clowns. It’s more like the left wing of the (((Republican Party))). It’s like we have one party,

(((The Republican Party))), with a:

(((right wing))), called (((Republicans))),

and a:

(((left wing))), called (((Democrats))

They are both horrific and it is hard to figure out who is worse. I would say (((Republicans))), but I admire people who stand by their positions. The (((Republicans))) don’t say they are liberal or progressive or any of that. They say openly that they are reactionaries, which is correct. But (((Liberal Democrats))) claim to be liberals, progressives, Leftists, socialists, etc., but there’s nothing even remotely leftwing about them. So they’re phonies. I guess I would say here the (((Republicans))) are less bad because at least they are honest. The (((Democrats))) get voted worse because they misrepresent themselves and claim they are for something (liberalism) that they are not for all.

But really, they’re both horrific.

The only movements I would support now would be the Alt Left, the Sanders wing of the Democratic Party (true progressives) and Jill Stein’s Green Party, who are absolutely Leftists. The only caveat I would have with the Greens is that they are almost so far Left that they are even to the Left of me, so much so that I can barely support them. But anyway, no enemies to the Left. I would much rather fight with Leftists gone too far Left than reactionaries and fake liberals just doing the horrors that they do every time they get in power.


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6 responses to “What Do You Think of (((Daily Kos)))?

  1. You ((( Robert Lindsay ))), tell (((me))) how do you experience the very concrete and personal experience of being Jewish? What is being Jewish like for (((you)))? First of all, tell (((me))) what in the world a Jew is according to your best abilities to put words onto realities?

    As for the left-wing of the (((Democratic Party))) and the right-wing of the (((Republican Party))) being both wings of but one party, never forget that (((Jefferson))) wanted America to be ruled by one party only, (((his))), which he founded under the name of the Republican Democratic Party of America. The name Democratic then still meant to most ears around what it really meant in ancient Athens : not rule by the people, nor universal suffrage of any kind (there was quite another Greek name for that : Laodicea) but by one established party and ruling class of about 2% at most of all combat-able male adults, essentially the planter class, the maritime business class (not the land-bound hucksters and shop keepers) together with a few intellectuals and artists attached to their defence. Demos in ancient Athens meant the class of the good and nice people (kaloi k’agathoi) and democracy was the regime entitled them to crush anybody else without any remorse or regard, for kratos meant power to abuse and trample upon only. Deciding power was called dikea, organizing and ordering power was called archê. The democratic system of government of Athens was nearest to that of a gated community of condo owners.

  2. jose sanchez, iii esquire

    wait a second. is this a parody?

    i didn’t know mssr lindsay had been “woke”.

  3. true-jillo

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    i have a question for him.

    do any here know where i might find him?

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