Resolved: Transgenderism Is a Mental Illness

RL: I work in mental health, and I have to diagnose people a lot, or at least offer my opinion of a diagnosis as I cannot give out legal DSM diagnoses . I even have to do differential diagnosis constantly where I have to figure out which of two diagnoses a person has. Believe me, these cases can be very confusing.

Magneto: In your opinion, is being transgender a mental illness? I mean, I am aware of the statistics that gays/trans people have a far higher suicide rate than heterosexuals, which would seem to suggest that it is a mental disorder.

But it’s kind of hard to think trans are mentally ill when you are looking at a fucking sexy ass Asian ladyboy who is far hotter than any real woman you’ve ever been with. To be honest, I hope trans continues to become more mainstream and more men do the transition into females. Fine with me, more food to choose from, in my opinion.

Ha ha. So, more pussy, even if it’s fake pussy, eh? I’m not sure I am down with that.


Is transgenderism a mental illness. Of course it is. In most cases anyway. And the rate has gone up 600X since the 1970’s. If it is some actual biological condition in the brain like sexual orientation, one would not expect the rate to skyrocket like that.

Rates of biological conditions don’t change much. The rate of homosexuality has probably been 3% for a very long time. Homosexuality appears to be an incurable biological condition that gets wired up in their brains somehow. It is a developmental disorder like left-handedness and a number of other things. Something goes wrong hormonally in utero, and the result is male or in some cases female homosexuality. As it is a developmental disorder, would you expect the rates of left-handedness to go up 600X? Real biological conditions just don’t work like that. Why would the hormonal aberrations that cause homosexuality have gone up 600X? They wouldn’t. They would stay at some consistent rate that is close the the rate of things going wrong in utero.

Hence except in a few cases, transgenderism is not a biological disorder. I really feel for these boys who feel like girls from age 2 or whatever. I am willing to consider a biological disorder there.

Yet a biological disorder can also be a mental illness. Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and even OCD look like biological disorders, and all are also mental illnesses.

These seems to be a “fad” disorder that a lot of folks are developing on their own in a similar way to how these therapists create mental illness in previously healthy girls who got molested. It’s a cool way of going crazy.

Studies in China show that ~3% of the population feels as if they are the opposite sex. So if we let this thing explode, we could end up with a 3% tranny population. In the past, these people became homosexuals (in itself a sort of transgenderism) or perhaps feminine men and masculine women.

When I was growing up in the 1970’s, we had this idea that all men and women have masculine and feminine components, even heterosexual ones. Just because a man has a feminine side or a woman a masculine one doesn’t mean he is not a man and she is not a woman, nor does it mean that either one is a homosexual.

I have a pretty strong feminine side myself, as many people used to think I was gay or bi. I’m not a Man’s Man at all. I’m not macho enough for that. I’m a Ladies’ Man who prefers the company of women. Most Ladies’ Men are not as masculine as Man’s Men.

I worry that if I were growing up today, I might have been sucked into this nonsense and decided that I was a tranny and I was really a woman or something insane like that.

If a man thinks he is a woman or a woman thinks she is a man, that is known as a delusion. It’s just not true. So they’re psychotic in a sense. And the treatment (sex change operation) doesn’t appear to make them any mentally healthier. So why do it? If the treatment doesn’t help the person, we stop doing it.

13% of people who have sex changes actually re-transition. So men who turn into women turn back into men, and women who think they are men turn back into women. If it was a real condition, one would not expect to see that. Homosexuals don’t suddenly decide to be straight. Left-handed people don’t decide to be right-handed one day. Transgenderism in childhood is highly transitory. 73% of transgender children are cured by adulthood. That is, by the time they are 18, they have abandoned the idea that they are the opposite sex. Biological conditions do not have such high spontaneous cure rates.

There have been quite a few spontaneous cures of transgenderism even in adulthood. There are a number of cases where a man was in therapy for transgenderism, and he showed up for therapy one day and announced that he’s no longer transgender. He’s really a man and realizes that and feels like one now. Then he gets up and walks out of the office. Just like that.


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30 responses to “Resolved: Transgenderism Is a Mental Illness

  1. dandate2

    The rise of worshipful hermaphrodites seems to be an easing of social pressures.

    • Magneto

      Yeah why bust your ass trying to game a woman when you can go get a MUCH HOTTER WOMAN (with a penis) who will be happy to give you a blowjob and give you the best blowjob of your life? Did I mention how HOT she will be?

      • dandate3

        I already got one in my harem along with a few real women to keep the child production up. Need to breed a little army to survive the apocalyptic economic collapse and subsequent return to subsistence farming and bronze age goat herding.

  2. SomeRandomAsshole

    I respect your opinions Robert, hope you don’t get pissed at this…but you just ain’t right on this one. I TOTALLY agree with what Magneto said about shemales being hot and convincing. If shes passable, really likes being a ‘woman’, and she really looks good as one then goddamn, I’d be at least as attracted to her as a real woman. Probably more so. Shemales love being women, and they understand men in a way that genetic broads don’t. Being a woman means passive and receptive to a mans dick and real women just dont understand that anymore what with all the feminism nonsense. And real women, feminists AND traditional, ladylike women, just don’t understand men and can not relate to them. Gimme a chick with a dick who loves being a chick and understands me over some confused liberated feminist bitch who don’t any day of the week. As long as im on top its fine.

    Plus ass in some ways is better than pussy. A cock orgasms harder and faster when banging an anus than a vagina and anal sex is more exciting cuz, well, its ass. Ass looks so great and now you get to actually nail it!

    • dandate3

      Lady boys are next generation human evolution, the day is coming with artificial wombs where they will replace women entirely.

      • Magneto

        Shit yeah. Eventually women will become obsolete. Artificial wombs will replace any need for real human women. So maybe the Illuminati will kill off tons of women to prevent population growth, who knows. And hot sexy ladyboys will fill in the gap. I wouldn’t mind it one bit.

    • Magneto

      @SomeRandomAsshole, I remember that one indian ladyboy, she was looking at my cock with an insanely erotic and wild expression on her face the whole time. So it’s as you say. Ladyboys really love cock and know how to make you cum hard. Ladyboys are a lot better at blowjobs than real women.

  3. dandate3

    To be fair, gays do pretend to be straight, marry women and have children due to social pressures. The skyrocketing of lady boys is likely due to easing of these pressures, and the suicides are likely that they didn’t make the grade i.e. transitioned too late and still looked like a man in drag.

    • They are still as gay as the ace of spades. Sexual orientation in males is fixed by age 15 and cannot be budged even 10% in either direction. We men are screwed. We’re up the creek without a paddle. Our orientation is whatever it is, and we have to stick with it.

      There is a lot of less of this gay men marrying women and fathers kids bullshit going now, but there is still a lot. It is a very bad idea and is almost always a catastrophe for the woman. Of course the Cultural Left says gay men marrying women is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

      • dandate3

        You know Milo Yanoupp(sp?) once said that gay men have higher IQ than the average and that their having children was better for the overall gene pool — he was defending the 1950’s laws against it.

        Who cares about the women? As Schopenhauer aptly demonstrates, women are just children in adult bodies, children will cry and get their feelings hurt over anything, its best not to be swayed by it.

  4. Magneto

    Yeah makes sense. But even still, imagine if you are sitting there with some chick who is literally 10 times hotter than the hottest girl you’ve ever been with. What’s the catch? She has a penis.

    I mean if all you do is just get a handjob or blowjob from her, that’s pretty fine but anal sex is just disgusting. I was with a couple of superhot indian ladyboys but I just couldn’t bring myself to fuck them in the ass. There was some kind of mental block preventing my penis from becoming erect enough to do that with them.

    I read that trans porn is the FOURTH most popular porn category so there’s definitely a shitload of men who are into this stuff but won’t come out publicly and admit it of course.

  5. SomeRandomAsshole

    you know the more i think about this the more I realize real women just fucking suck no matter what. Even though feminism messes them up a lot more, in the end it still does not make enough of a difference what culture a real woman comes from. I mean, even if genetic women have nothing to do with feminism, they still are way too shitty for a serious relationship with a man because their minds are too different from ours. Take that feminism bullshit away, so what? They STILL cannot relate to a man and we cannot relate to them. We are both way too different to connect or to have something to share other than sex. And the sex is usually not so great because real women just don’t love to have sex as much as a man does. Natural women may not admit this, but most of them have sex to keep men happy. They can enjoy it but they don’t love it like we do and usually just do it cause men want it.

    Now if you compare that to shemales, there is no damn comparison!! Shemales know men since they are technically the same gender. They totally can understand a man’s mind and what he goes through. But they are so hot and so feminine. They love sex way more than real women do. They still have a man’s level of sex drive and that means they want lots of it! Also, they are cool with all the kinky stuff that real women dont like, especially anal, for obvious reasons.

    The only problem with shemales is that there are not enough of them, but hopefully the science of genetics can cure that in the future. Most men do not get with trannies because there are so few of them, but if there were as many shemales as there were men, most men would love the shemales way, waaaayyy more than the natural-born women, who would probably be almost entirely abandoned by men in no time flat. They’d all have to become lesbians or something I guess.

    • Magneto

      Exactly. Ladyboys are basically women with the sex drive of a man. What more can you ask for?

      And as technology progresses, now ladyboys can take hormone therapy, surgery to make their boobs huge, surgery to make their faces more feminine, surgery to make their vocal cords sound more feminine, I mean now with all this new technology a ladyboy can literally look better than a real woman.

      In Robert’s day most of that shit didn’t exist so ladyboys were very masculine and disgusting looking.

      Google “Gigi Gorgeous”. Or Jazz Jennings. Or Natalie Foxx (ladyboy). Or Jane Marie ladyboy.

      They are all so goddamn fucking HOT!

  6. Magneto

    I met this ladyboy from Indonesia and she was so goddamn hot. She literally looked like a real woman and was super fucking hot.

    If I wasn’t already married, I’d probably marry her. Jesus Christ she was so goddamn insanely hot.

  7. SomeRandomAsshole

    Its true, it is! Shemales LOVE looking sexy! they LOVE being women! They LOVE having as much sex as a man does! And they can understand a man and get along with him because they sort of are one, while at the same time being a really hot chick who’s as horny as a man! They are also usually more intelligent, more logical and they can actually have a conversation with a man about something interesting, not just the dumb psuedo intellectual bullshit that real women babble about whenever they start talking. Trannies are actually interesting to talk to. Real women are stupid bimbos who only have conversations about…what the fuck do they even talk about again? Usually fashion bullshit or some celebrity or the latest office gossip. And they can’t save money, they can’t do well at a real job. Shemales being able to go to the effort of paying for the surgery and balancing the hormones and stuff is itself a greater accomplishment than the so-called “normal” women will ever pull off. Most “normal” women can’t even balance a goddamn checkbook or drive a car.

    Yeah, I agree, Robert grew up way back before porn and modern culture allowed hot, open shemales to be around but if he just checked out some good porn the truth would be obvious: shemales pwn genetic women.

    Its just too bad that there are so few of them. I can only hope the scientists figure out all this genetic code stuff soon enough to start cranking them out in large numbers.

    • Magneto

      well that is one GOOD thing about cultural Marxism. They are turning men into trans in huge numbers now. It’s becoming more and more normal to be trans so you can expect the numbers to rise dramatically.

      Also, you can go to Thailand, plenty of ladyboys there.

      I am watching a lot of this ladyboy porn, jesus christ they are just so hot.

      they know how to suck cock, and how to make a man happy.

      • SomeRandomAsshole

        i’ve wondered sometimes if ass is better than pussy. I mean shemales are obviously much more likeable, much better looking, more intelligent and way easier to get along with than real women…but is the ass itself superior to pussy? I honestly don’t know. Its a tough question.

        • dandate3

          I think pussy is much better than ass, but its no trade off for a man who has come to know the true form of misogyny biologically inherent to men, that which is spoken of in the ancient scriptures and alluded to repeatedly by the great thinkers of yore..indeed it is holy to have many wives, concubines, and slaves when that becomes legal again.

        • Magneto

          How can I bring myself to engage in anal sex? There is a mental block, that is preventing me physically from doing it. Is anal sex really that great? It sounds disgusting, and wouldn’t the whole room start to stink like shit? And the ass is also super tight so there is a far higher chance of the condom breaking, and then you will be unprotected. Anal sex is very risky behavior.

          Much better to just get blowjobs from ladyboys, in my opinion.

        • dandate3

          It’s a lot of work, they have to clean themselves out with enemas for like 30 minutes, helluva lot of preparation, women are more convenient in this regard, lady boys are collectible status symbols.

        • Anal sex. Don’t you get shit all over your dick? I dated a woman recently. We talked about it, and she said I was going to get shit all over my dick, and I said, “Look just forget it, ok?”

        • It might be already clean. A lot of times, the anus is just empty. But if it’s not clean, you have to clean it out with water with some form of an enema. Then you should be ok.

        • Magneto

          Yeah, see that is disgusting. I don’t want my dick covered in bacteria and fecal matter. At least a vagina doesn’t have that problem. I don’t see what’s the big deal about anal sex, other than a bunch of degenerate white sluts want you to fuck them in the ass cause it gives them a greater orgasm.

      • I have heard that if you start going really fast, the whole room can indeed start to smell like changing a baby’s diaper. I only did it once and there were no problems except she made me go really slow. Yes there is far better chance of the condom breaking. You probably can even get HIV from a woman that way.

        • Magneto

          Yep, all in all anal sex isn’t worth it. If you want to fuck a hole, a vagina is much better in that regard. Now as for blowjobs, well ladyboys are the king, or rather QUEEN of that. Most normal women suck at blowjobs. Prostitutes on the other hand give pretty good BJs because they obviously have a lot of practice.

          Ladyboys on the other hand, obviously have a lot of experience sucking dick and BECAUSE THEY THEMSELVES HAVE A DICK, well they know how to really work your dick good.

          Another thing is watching the cumshot. It’s like watching a cumshot but with a female orgasm face. So it’s a very curious thing and quite arousing, actually. The key word here though is FEMININE. If it was a man, a masculine person cumming, I would be absolutely disgusted. But because there is a female face there, it makes it all worth it.

          So technically speaking this falls into the realm of heterosexuality, since it is the male attracted to the feminine. Homosexuality is when men are attracted to men or women attracted to women.

  8. dandate3

    Like owning eunuch slaves in the good ol days

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