President Cuckold (nee Donald) Trump Plays US Nazis Hilariously

It’s hilarious the way the Nazis got played by (((Cuckold Trump))), probably the most pro-Zionist and Judeophilic President we have ever had. They voted for Donald Hitler and instead they got (((Donald Ben Gurion))).

Hilarious! The Nazis got played! I can’t stop laughing about this. You Nazis fell for it! (((Trump))) is as Judaized as a Gentile gets, and you thought he was the Second Coming of God Adolph.

LOL @ Nazis. Suckers!


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12 responses to “President Cuckold (nee Donald) Trump Plays US Nazis Hilariously

  1. Escargot

    US “Alt-right” types in general knew he wasn’t full Nazi, they just didn’t know he was fully cucked. I think Richard Spencer is right that WN to Nazis and Antifas should stand together against a potential Nuclear War, stressing Syria is a Nuclear power.

  2. Magneto

    A lot of the alt-right isn’t anti-jewish or anti-israel. Rather they see Israel as the only civilized country in the Middle East. Aside from all the jewish banking bullshit and Mossad terrorism, at least the average Israeli is far more civilized than the average Palestinian.

    • Magneto

      Another point of consideration is that Trump knows that Jews control the political system in America and he is smart enough to play the game. If he hadn’t sucked up to the jews, he never would have gotten elected. Israel controls the American government, and so by supporting Israel he knew he would get elected.

  3. Magneto

    Also, what did Hitler do wrong?

    He was pro-socialism, pro-big government, anti-capitalist.

    The Holocaust never happened. I’ve done the research and I’ve found zero evidence to prove that the Holocaust ever happened. So since Hitler did not kill 6 million jews, then what exactly what so wrong with what he did?

    He tried to set his people free from the jewish-debt based banking system. Jews obviously didn’t like that and so they declared war against him.

    Not sure if you have also done research into the HoloHOAX but here are a couple of good places to start:

    The free 44 page eBook “Did Six Million Really Die?”

  4. Magneto

    What the fuck, I just told a girl on Instagram that “Short hair is not attractive” and she fucking flipped the fuck out on me. This is why young white men (and women) are going towards the far-right now. We are so fucking sick of these feminist pieces of shit and Marxists.

    Sounds like Robert is also pretty sick of them since the Alt-Left is also against feminism, against multiculturalism, and is race realist. I don’t really see any real difference between Alt-Right and Alt-Left except that Alt-Right believes in small or no government and capitalism, and Alt-Left believes in big government and socialism. And most of the alt-right guys are not fanatical in their economic points of views and would probably be willing to support socialism to some degree.

    So the 3 things both sides agree on:
    -anti feminism
    -anti immigration
    -race realism

    • Magneto

      One last point to consider is that for a lot of guys, the ONLY reason they support Trump is because Trump’s very existence triggers the living shit out of feminists and cultural Marxists.

      It’s not that they really give a shit about Trump or even support him. They just enjoy watching feminists and Marxists have a daily mental meltdown.

      It’s these feminist scumbags and cultural Marxists that have made life hell for Americans. Now Americans are having their revenge by supporting a politician who’s very existence is a TRIGGER to them.

      It’s as Robert said, Trump is actually a zionist puppet, so he is no friend to nationalists or anti-Marxists. But watching these feminists and cupcakes and snowflakes have their mental meltdowns for the next 4 years? PRICELESS.

    • rw95

      Aren’t you the guy who can’t get laid with Indian women, so you take out your impotent frustration here on Robert’s site?

  5. Pranav

    If i remember gay state girl said this to Sam when he was coming up with a spree of anti-Semitic canards. “He is playing with you nazis” LOL..

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