Major Religions Agree with the Mossad Motto: “By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War”

Actually the motto of (((Mossad))) is a mistranslation and actually means the Jewish version of the Muslim taqiya, which is also seen as strategic lying, although taqiya usually meant more to be silent and pretend to obey so as not to get killed or harmed. A better translation of the (((Mossad))) motto might be: By Way of Silence, Thou Shalt Do War. The silence is enforced at gunpoint, as in the Mafia’s Omerta. You talk and you die. Real simple. So you don’t talk.

Hinduism more than any other religion actually demands that wars be waged by deception and not only that, it demands that such wars should be waged as a proper manner of religious course. Boy, that’s one nasty pagan religion.

And the Muslims actually practice, “by way of deception, thou shalt do war” more than the Jews do, which is interesting because Muslims like to attack Jews for having this belief, but it’s actually a Muslim attitude that is apparently being projected onto their enemies, the Jews. Jihad is essentially to be waged by deception at all times. There is no other way to do jihad.

Even worse, both Hinduism and Islam say it is actually for rulers to tell the truth to the people, so a proper Hindu or Muslim must believe in the necessity of feeding the people nothing but lies.

Wow, downright (((Straussian))). Along with the execrable (((Leo Strauss))), it also sounds a lot like the out and out slimy (((Edward Bernays))), who could be seen not only as the father of propaganda but as the founder of the major news media, especially in the West, since what is peddled is generally propaganda and lies anyway as opposed to the truth. Might sneak a little Kojeve (yuck) in there, but only a small bit.

Common strain running through all this cringy stuff: It is essential that rulers must lie to the people at all times. This is in fact a virtue and actually the sin is to not do so.


Judith Mirville: May I make a rectification?

The Mossad’s motto is a Biblical quote that is not to be rendered as making war by was of deception, the word used is circumspection, silence, omerta if you want to make a really spiteful translation. This is exactly the same meaning as the Arabic word taqîya — tachbuloth in Hebrew — which is normally used for reverent meditative silence before God in divine contemplation and can also be used as the art not to talk compulsively of what you do and think about for the state too. But it has very little to do with deception in the sense of virtual reality creation.

The quote is Proverbs 24:6 (I leave you the choice among so many translations). Of course that doesn’t prevent Mossad and countless other Jewish agencies from having actually waged war through deception since long, long before Israel existed.

The Hindu sacred scriptures are far, far, far fuller of calls not only to wage war through deception but to to make your living and grow prosperous through deception (Maya) : the material universe was created out of a trick of jugglery by God and proper imitation of God is developing one’s trickster’s abilities.

The Islamic hadiths about war are also much more explicit than the Hebrew ones as to jihad being essentially deception. The two last religions, more than the Jewish one, condemn as a main vice the very urge to tell the truth to the general public, to whomever it doesn’t belong.


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3 responses to “Major Religions Agree with the Mossad Motto: “By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War”

  1. By a Way of Deception thou shall do War - Mossad Motto

    I wouldn’t believe what she is saying. Hysteria about radical islam is being used for many propaganda purposes by the Zionists.
    It’s mainly used to frighten westerners into supporting Israel’s aims.
    They want to make westerners fight against their enemies in the middle-east and then fool masses that they are fighting against “radicals” in Palestine.

    • You are right. In my remark I also made it very clear that the Mossad and the Zionists more generally are intent not only to make war but to manage the whole world by way of deception. My only point was as to the Biblical reference used by them as a motto for their secret service being mendacious : in the hadiths of Islam as well as in many hindu sacred scriptures one can find far more explicit justification for their conduct than even in the Talmud. The Talmud is not very kind toward strangers (though nearly all quotes of it translated as being against the non-Jews are actually against mythical enemy or accursed tribes or former Jewish communities having been declared heretic such as the Samaritans or the Canaanites or the Puthites) but devotes a very weeny and unessential part of its text to that topic (less than 0.2%, about ten pages over rows of encyclopedia-thick volumes), whereas more than 50% of Islamic textual references is about the kind of hostile treatment to reserve to enemies of the faith. But that does not prevent actual Jews who have but contempt for the Talmud (and all those who obey it too honestly) to behave rather in accordance with the principles of raw black magic.

  2. Greg Anthony

    I’ve studied the ArtaShastra I believe it’s called and KutaYuddha or war by deception is to be employed against those who do not follow the Dharma; while Dharma Yudda with rules such as single combat, none after sunset and no hitting in the back is followed among ‘Hindus’ or ‘Aryas’

    This is actually why they considered Alexander a savage because his mass wanton slaughter of civilians, was against their code of warfare at the time.
    This code seems to have been slowly abandoned in the face of islam, as it made no sense to follow the code when others didn’t.

    A form of Hindu liberalism as they forgot about KutaYuddha & only followed DharmYudda lol.

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