“Latest Updates from the Land of the Poo” by Magneto

I would like my own little bit here to Magneto’s excellent essay. I had a dream last night and this is what happened in the dream:

“DESIGNATED!” I said, laughing heartily. “A FUCKING WAGON WHEEL!” I added, pointing their flag as tears of mirth streaking down my cheeks.

“Fuck you!” Rajay scowled back. “We have a fucking space program! We’ll be a superpower by 2020!”

I howled even louder in laughter, just as an Indian might howl as his asshole was burned by the spicy curryshit he was taking while he squatted on his designated street.

“Surely you’re joking!,” I laughed. “You expect me to believe that you’ll be putting men on the moon when you don’t even know to put the poo in the loo?”

“You’ve mocked my country for the last time! We’ll show you!” Rajay screamed, walking away, his shoulders tensed, doubtless because he needed to go shit in the street for the eighth time that day.

Later, I was quietly asleep in my bed, when all of a sudden I was awoken by a sudden noise. It was a wooden-sounding rattling, one that I could have sworn that I could recognize, yet I didn’t until it was too late. My window shattered, a giant fucking wagon wheel came spinning through the scattered shards like a whirling dervish, castling flecks of accumulated poo, no doubt accumulated as it rolled down the designated shitting streets as it made its fateful way to me.

I screamed as the wagon wheel crunched into my torso, smashing my ribs and bursting my organs like the bloated corpses of dead children floating down the Ganges River. I think I soiled myself in that moment, but honestly I couldn’t tell, partly because I was in too much pain and partly because the smell was already too bad. As consciousness drifted away from me and darkness closed in, it was almost as if the scattered mounds of shit that had been flung across my room were moving – no – dancing. I could almost swear I  hear their voices of the shit piles as they jigged up and down.

“Take the poo to the loo…” They seemed to whisper. “Take the poo to the loo…”

Latest Updates from the Land of the Poo

by Magneto

It has been a while since I wrote anything, so I just wanted to mention three different incidents regarding Indians in the past few weeks that I found interesting.

The first incident is about an Indian woman named Shree Chauhan who verbally attacked Sean Spicer in public. She was calling him a fascist and her Twitter account is full of anti-White tweets saying “White supremacy is the root cause of all the problems in America”. Oh really, Shree? Well if you hate White people so much, why not just go back to India? At least White men don’t rape you, throw acid in your face, and stone you to death like Indian men do.

Here is a link to that incident:

Second incident is about an Indian airline that was flying from Delhi to Chicago. The airplane had 12 toilets, but 4 of the toilets had been disabled by the previous flight, full of Indians of course. By the time the plane was 2 or 3 hours away from Chicago, the remaining eight toilets had been completely destroyed, disabled, and made unusable by Indian’s idiotic toilet habits.

The 300 people on board had to literally hold their bladder and wait to pee until they landed in Chicago. But it’s their own stupid fault for not even knowing how to use a toilet, so I don’t feel any pity for them. How the hell can you afford to buy a plane ticket to America and yet be completely unaware of how to use a Western toilet? Indians constantly brag about how they are the richest people in America, and yet the retards can’t even use toilets?

Here is the link to that incident

The third incident is about a couple of Indian men who got shot in a bar by an ex-Navy Seal in Kansas. Witnesses reported that the Seal shouted “Go back to your country,” before shooting them both.

It is most likely that the two Indian men provoked the Seal and were engaging in the typical Indian braggart bullshit. They were probably saying “You White people are all stupid, and we Indians have all the good jobs.” So they provoked the guy, and he snapped and shot them. Maybe Indians will think twice before acting in such an arrogant fashion?

There’s even been news about how Indian parents are now refusing to send their children to college in America that blame Donald Trump for their behavior, saying that America is no longer safe for minorities now that Trump is in power.

Here is the link to that incident.

And the last thing I wanted to share is that I found a very humorous video on YouTube. It is a musical video called”Take the Poo to the Loo, and it is fully animated too.

The lyrics are especially hilarious, so I’m taking the liberty of posting them below:

First thing in the morning, what do I see?
A pile of shit staring at me.
I close my eyes, I step away.
No matter where I go, there’s no getting away.
Take your poo to the loo.
Take your poo to the loo.
Take your poo to the loo.
Take your poo to the loo.

Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, everywhere.
Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, next to you.
Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, where is that loo?

I step out on the street. What do I smell?
Shit that’s stinky to high hell.
I hold my breath, I step away.
But everywhere I go, there’s no getting away.

Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, everywhere.
Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, next to you.
Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, everywhere.
Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, where is that loo?

Shit, not shit, this shit, that shit.p
Let’s see now. Let me check.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.

Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, everywhere.
Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, next to you.
Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, everywhere.
Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, where is that loo?

Take The Poo To The Loo


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61 responses to ““Latest Updates from the Land of the Poo” by Magneto

  1. Halal Butchers of Lhasa

    Gau Rakshak (Defenders of Holy Cows) forced beef transporters to eat cow shit. Those 2 poor guys (Muslims or Dalits) were lucky not lynched right on the spot.

    • Magneto

      You could make the moral argument that they are transporting meat and that meat is murder so it was right to stop them. But they should punish people who eat chicken and fish too, not just beef.

  2. vid

    The reason is that lower caste people are supposed to clean the shit created by the vast majority. Because upper caste is just too ‘pure’ to clean its own shit. At home, it’s women’s job to clean the shit, not men’s. and on top of that, population explosion and barely educated people. But just bashing won’t help.

    • Magneto

      Why don’t they control their fucking population? I mean they are having like 5 kids per family even though they can barely afford to feed themselves

      • vid

        tell that to muslims and they will butcher you. When Indira Gandhi govt was making population control laws back in 70s, it was the western media who criticized her brutally. Like she didn’t know how Indians masses were supposed to be handled.

  3. Magneto

    LMAO! A fucking wagon wheel smashed through your window covered in poo

  4. Greg Anthony

    So automatically if Indians are shot it must be their fault, so basically you want to do a real holocaust ‘Hindus’

    Nice, I love it. I thought this blog was anti-racist and leftist

    • Guest posters do not have to conform to the views of the site. They represent only themselves. Anyway, we are Alternative Left, not real Left.

      • Magneto

        Yes, it is my greatest dream and passion to launch a crusades into India and wage a literal Holocaust of them. Of course our armies of white Aryan men will slaughter only the indian men, and will keep indian women alive as sex slaves for white men’s pleasure and entertainment.

        • vid

          I think you should see a doctor. Because your article just shows that all you have is hatred. Remember, western society did not just pop into its own, it is also based on past reformations and lessons that people learnt over time. India used to be a better place but things always change with time. The point is that there are too many people like you who just focus on the problem and not the solution. This is why India is going nowhere.

        • Greg Anthony

          As far as I know, the Aryan invaders were brown-skinned with sometimes light eyes as the double mutation required for the European phenotype, only occurred after the Aryan invaders into Europe mixed with European hunter-gatherers.

          I wouldn’t expect a pseudo-white nationalist to know facts though.

          The alternative left seems cool, it’s never sad well with me how right wing movements ignore the poor & less able just because. I mean they didn’t come into this world by themselves or do anything on their own. Humans are pack animals, and their individualist autism is selected against.

          I am a National Socialist I guess but not in the way that sounds.. lol.

        • Hey Lotus, you have to donate now as you are a regular. Minimum $10 and you comment for life! If that’s a hardship for you, email me and we will work something out, ok? I would hate for you to leave as I love your comments.


        • Beauregard

          “Yes, it is my greatest dream and passion to launch a crusades into India and wage a literal Holocaust of them. Of course our armies of white Aryan men will slaughter only the indian men, and will keep indian women alive as sex slaves for white men’s pleasure and entertainment.”

          As Greg said, already happened.

          Make TR@SH a guest poster. The quality of his work will IMMEDIATELY be on par with this guy, if not superior.

          I don’t get it…TR@SH can say some non-PC things about flyover people but race-war stuff against Indians is OK?

        • (((Bearegard)))

          Make TR@SH a guest poster. The quality of his work will IMMEDIATELY be on par with this guy, if not superior.

          I don’t get it…TR@SH can say some non-PC things about flyover people but race-war stuff against Indians is OK?

          Trash broke the Comments Rules. Twice. The second time was within 8 hours of a warning. Trash can only be a good boy for about 8 hours or so, then he’s bad again. This is pretty typical for a severe personality disorder. I have known Borderlines who could only be good for maybe 8 hours too.

          Magneto is not breaking the Comments Rules, and his posts are acceptable for the site. Remember we allow racism, sexism, homophobia, antisemitism on here. I don’t like it, but I will not ban on it.

        • TRASH Jr.

          I understand this, I was mainly referring to quality.

        • Beauregard

          So this guy paying you is your motivation?

          Personal distaste aside his posts are basically rants….not typical of other guest posters like Alpha, Phil, etc.

        • Beauregard

          I thought this was very relevant to your post on (((Political parties))).

          It’s especially funny because it’s based off of this:

        • Trash never applied to be a guest poster. He could not have done it anyway because it costs $20 and he’s too cheap to even give me $1 due to his mental condition.

          Guest posters don’t have to go by any rules really. There are no rules on content. If we approve their posts, they go on the site. And Magneto’s comments are not breaking rules either. And Magneto is not insanely annoying.

        • (((Beauregard))),

          Consequences for breaking rules on here are pretty damn severe. Trash broke a new rule about derailing right away, even after he got a warning. He appealed and it was granted with the caveat that he only post in Open Topic and nowhere else. He was a good boy for 8 GODDAMN HOURS, and then he was back in the regular posts doing his thing in total violation of the rules of his reinstatement. The guy simply cannot control himself. He’s out of control.

          Magneto breaks no rules on here on guest posts otherwise they would not even appear in the first place or he might get fired from his Guest Poster position. Furthermore, Magneto breaks no Comments Rules whatsoever. Magneto’s comment here about wanting to genocide Indians was obviously in jest. He’s not being serious. So that makes the comment even more allowable.

        • Pranav

          Robert, comments have slowed up without Trash. Maybe you can ask him not to post lengthy screeches as someone already pointed he has nuggets of sense in his voluminous comments. May be he can shorten his comments to give us just those nuggets but that involves some self-control.If I remember right he didn’t piss off lot of commenters like other banned comments except that brahmin SHI and chinese supremacist Creaders. Everyone here kinda miss his dark humour.

        • Pranav, I could care less if comments have slowed down. I have to read the comments you know, and I was spending half of my day reading Trash’s bullshit. Eventually I mostly just quit reading his graphomaniac stuff.

          I can’t figure out why you guys like him so much. Trash is one of the most annoying and unpleasant humans I ever met. I worry about you all who actually LIKE someone like that.

          Furthermore, Trash is incapable of following any sort of rules. You said bring him back but make new rules for him. LOL well that ain’t gonna work, homeboy. Any new rules will probably be immediately broken, I would bet within a day or two. Trash cannot control himself. He can only be a good boy for maybe 8 hours at a time. That is pretty typical for a severe Cluster B personality disorder. I have known a couple of Borderlines who could only be good girls for about 8 hours at a time. One was only good enough for her eight hours at work. Before and after, she let less the Monster of her Real Self.

        • Yee

          Trash doesn’t have NPD, he is as normal as anyone.

          I suppose you live and work alone, Robert, so you don’t realize telling stories and jokes and opinions over and over is everyone’s problem. You would have noticed this if you talked with the same people on a daily basis.

          I must have heard some same stories from my parents and grandparents perhaps for a hundred times, same thing with friends and colleagues.

          People simply don’t have that many new stories or jokes or opinions to tell. So, if you talk a lot to someone everyday, you’re bound to repeat them. And Trash is the most active commenter here, he talks a lot everyday, and you have less stuff you can talk about in open forums.

          He is not much different than my friends and colleagues and family members and even myself, only I don’t talk as much. If Trash has NPD, then almost everyone I’m close to has it too.

          Their stories might become boring after so many times, but that alone doesn’t make others hate them. I rather think people who do hate others for this are the ones have problems, or at the very least difficult to get along well with others, because they only notice what annoys them, not the better side of other people.

          I sincerely hope Trash doesn’t believe himself having mental problems. It’s sad to see normal people being “counseled” into mental cases, much like those teenage girls being counseled into mental cases of molestation victims.

        • Beauregard


          Look at this bombing in Syria. Who’s clamoring for war alongside the media. Flyover prole rednecks and wannabe Alpha “macho men” like Jason’s friends.

          Do they actually care about the alleged Chemical Weapons attack? No.

          They just want to kill demselves some Mooslims cuz they is Alphas, cuck.

          As TR@SH said, they think ISIS gunboats are going to raid Myrtle Beach any day. The ideology of these people is a CANCER ON THIS COUNTRY.
          Why can’t we talk about this? I understand he was ALWAYS talking about this/derailing threads, but it’s really important, and sadly “red pilled” types ignore this.

      • Lotus

        What is Alternative Left? What does that mean?

      • A brand new political movement that hardly anyone has heard of. It was originally a split from the Alternative Right, but it changed a lot afterwards and most of us are quite different from Alt Rightists in a lot of ways.


        • Greg Anthony

          A few questions:

          So as far as women’s rights when data has shown that overwhelmingly female happiness goes down with more sexual partners as does marital stability, with marriage being best for raising children, how do we deal with this problem?
          For genders how about Male Female and Other?

      • Yee, you do not know anything about Abnormal Psychology, whereas I have been studying it for almost 40 years now. I work in mental health and I have to diagnose people a lot. I even have to do differential diagnosis where I have to figure out which of two diagnoses a person has. Believe me these cases can be very confusing.

        • Magneto

          In your opinion, is being transgender a mental illness? I mean I am aware of the statistics, that gays/trans people have a far higher suicide rate than heterosexuals, which would seem to suggest that it is a mental disorder.

          But it’s kind of hard to think trans are mentally ill when you are looking at a fucking sexy ass Asian ladyboy who is far hotter than any real woman you’ve ever been with. To be honest, I hope trans continues to become more mainstream and more men do the transition into females. Fine with me, more food to choose from, in my opinion.

  5. Jason Y

    I’ve noticed that thing with alpha male Chinese also. They go to school in the US, but the act all snarky and claim Americans are lazy and deserve the hatchet of globalization.

    • Jason Y

      No better place than AsiaFinest Forum to see how many of them really feel. Note, the meanest posters are often Asian-Americans.

      • Magneto

        Then they snap because they can’t get white women and they go do an Elliot Rodgers.

        Asian men are at the bottom of the dating totem pole in America. Sad but true. Same with indian men.

        So they come here and make lots of money but they end up dateless and sexless, so what is the use of all their money?

        • Jason Y

          I don’t know. You got prostitution, realistic sex dolls, and also at some point money talks. So you must be referring to college students who are just at a stage – where they just aren’t making money at the present time.

        • Jason Y

          So the hate is NOT really about sex – but rather the fact they feel inferior as a human being, generally. Note, if that wasn’t the case, then they could just wait out about 3 years until they’re making the big bucks from their little nerdy professions they do.

        • Jason Y

          Realistic love doll on e-bay can be bought for between 500 and 1000 (the low end) usually.

    • Jason:

      I don’t know. You got prostitution, realistic sex dolls, and also at some point money talks. So you must be referring to college students who are just at a stage – where they just aren’t making money at the present time.

      LOL. I have never made a dime in my whole damn life, and I have been fucking beautiful women my whole life, even models. I can get girls down to 18 years old and models in their 20’s to this very day, and I am almost 60.

      But I have been a bad boy my whole life. Women can’t resist us thugs.

      But then the vast majority of men could not pull this off. I am doing the impossible, more or less. It’s not completely impossible but it might as well be because 98% of men cannot do this.

      You can get laid without money, but it sure is damn hard if you do not have Looks + Damn Good Game. For a lot of men, lack of money is definitely a death sentence as far as sex goes.

      • Magneto

        Lack of game is the real death sentence. Learning game is really a beautiful thing because it brings a sense of excitement and adventure to your life. There’s nothing more exciting and adventurous than seducing a random woman.

        Unfortunately some of us are married and so game doesn’t really have much value for us.

  6. TRASH Jr.

    A bitter flyover prole.
    Smoked too much weed in Junior High School. Went to College for one semester but was failed by an Indian professor.

    Couldn’t buy his car because the Indian Bank Branch manager wouldn’t give him a loan.

    White heroin addict females had no allure to young Magneto, so he managed to hitch a ride on some christian mission trip to India to fulfill his sexual fetish….

    condescending treatment by Indians has now catalyzed his dissent into madness.

    • TRASH Jr.

      couldn’t buy his 1969 Dodge Charger…to be more specific.

    • Magneto

      LMAO! You do realize it’s condescending bullshit from the “liberal” urban population like you that caused the rise of Trump? But fine, keep hating on us “flyover” people, us rednecks, and see how far that gets you. All you are doing is driving us further to the right, until one day we elect a fucking real fascist like Hitler.

      • Pranav

        I believe you are a second or third generation Indian American. You are not a pure white man as you claim. That is 100 percent sure.

      • Jason Y

        All you are doing is driving us further to the right, until one day we elect a fucking real fascist like Hitler.

        And that’s what you want right – or how about Mary Poppins or Mr. Rogers? 😆

  7. Jason Y

    High caste Indians are smart – on par with Jews or Northeast Asians. To say they couldn’t have a space program is misleading. Note, most of the negative stuff is directed against poor people in India, many with a low or average IQ.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly high caste Indians would be in a bar insulting a Navy Seal – because, even though they are from a poor nation, their particular group really is smart – but being smart turns certain people into arrogant pricks.

      • Jason Y

        It’s sort of like these white right-wing high IQ engineering major fuckers at local universities, snickering, mocking other students.

      • Beauregard

        Point is the guy who did it brought a lot of sympathy towards Indians- and they are a demographic with vastly greater power than rural Whites.

        Trumpenproletariat is not so much about NAMs as it is about an Elite African President, Indian doctors, Asian professors, etc.

        • Jason Y

          These high IQ boy types exist in all races and I met also some from Saudi Arabia. Possibly, they’re papa’s boys who are pampered and rich and they go around and make fun of people all the time – until they mock the wrong person.

  8. Beauregard

    the real “undecided” demographics are Coastal Whites. Rural Whites feel they built the country and that other Whites are giving away the fruits of their labor to immigrants.

    Notice how Trump was elected, but he’s not doing the Alt-right any favors? The civil service is against him. His close advisers- people with enough political expertise to get results for him all hate Bannon/ the flyover revolt.

    No, the guy who shot the Indians is not doing himself any favors. That sort of thing TERRIFIES Coastal Whites…really it could’ve been them (who knows if it was “elitist remarks” so much as their ethnicity)

  9. Beauregard

    As you well know, wealthy Whites despise the White underclass. They have always felt this way. Teh Jews did not brainwash them.

    I.E. in Roots Kunte’s Master that was a Doctor refers to slave catchers as “butchers”

    Some people were more secure with Sammy Davis on TV than Elvis.

    • Jason Y

      I.E. in Roots Kunte’s Master that was a Doctor refers to slave catchers as “butchers”

      It’s because they were butchers dude and white trash. Who are we kidding here? They sort of are like these 10 to 20 percent of Tennesseeans who are neo-KKK or like the enforcers of the Hindu caste system pushing around untouchables.

      Hey, I’ve got an elitist relative sort of like that. And admit he’s sheltered because of money – but he sure is hell a lot nicer than typical dick-wads who go around bullying people.

      Note, though, my elitist relative spent his time studying – not being a dick during his formative years.

  10. Beauregard

    “the brutal fucking truth” is that way rednecks have been voting/behaving is a Cancer on this Country.

    NAMs may be hell to live around, but they’re not rotting the fabric of the country.

    SJWs may be annoying as hell but they’re not rotting the fabric of this country.

    Indians/Asians/Jews may be obnoxious or striving but they are largely engaging in damage control against redneck bullshit.

    • Pranav

      I think you were heavily inspired by TRASH just like I was. Your commenting style almost resembles to TRASHs.

      • Beauregard

        You are correct 🙂 .

        I do not believe that we should approach rural Whites and just repeat a TR@SH monologue to ‘win them over’ but I think it is good to understand these people, the good AND bad.

        • Jason Y

          TRASH’s name is a comment on the true disgusting state of much of the population – the way they really are – though they don’t want to admit it.

          Everywhere, whatever race, people are engaging in the most despicable ways of life.

        • Beauregard

          I’ve lived with these people most of my life, and I could easily be mistaken for one of them.

          Therefore I don’t need to be lectured by someone like Rabbit, safe in a Blue state, about how Jews are to blame for all the problems of the region.

          TR@SH is 10,000% right on that front.

        • Beauregard

          Maybe not Rabbit…but someone like Ann Coulter, who talks of how Clint the Con “dindu nuffin” from her mansion in Palm Beach.

          It’s just ludicrous.

  11. Beauregard

    the willingness to repeat the Bush years is truly mind boggling.

    What’s even more insane is the fact that they feel superior to those of us trying to stop a repeat of history. We are “snowflakes” and “libtards”.

    It is simply the Dunning-Kruger effect. These people are not an ally of the dark enlightenment or social democracy. We can’t delude ourselves.

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