Latest from Our Moron in Chief: Trust Has Already Forgotten Which Country He Shot Missiles at

Good God, just when you think it can’t get any worse, something new blows up. This clown is an international embarrassment. Pretty soon people all over the world will be making fun of us as much as they make fun of Hellholes like India with their wagon wheel flags and designated shitting streets. I feel so humiliated as an American. This president is…embarrassing.

He remembers the cake he ate better than the country he attacked. I say we call him President Pinhead.


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5 responses to “Latest from Our Moron in Chief: Trust Has Already Forgotten Which Country He Shot Missiles at

  1. It was a Chocolate cake. Come on, chocolate cake is mans greatest invention. And being president, he gets to enjoy the finest chocolate cake there is. Why be president and get to eat awesome chocolate cake if you can’t tell anyone abou it?

    And yes, they were probably heading towards Iraq, they just landed in Syria, but they were probably for a while heading in that general direction.

    But why do you assume that people will start making fun of Americans? What do you think we’ve been doing for the last 15 years? We started ages ago.

  2. And this is the best America can do for a leader? Seriously???

  3. Betty

    I wonder if he got president to eat free cake all day…

  4. Leonardo La Rosa

    To all smart and decent Americans: The world IS already making fun of your Moron in Chief. He’s a disgrace, a traitor and the most incompetent person even being NEAR the WH. And he’s IN it. Still can’t believe it.
    Get this idiotic traitor impeached a.s.a.p.

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